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Promoting by all Telecom Engineers

A group of telecommunication Engineers in Chittagong are gathering to share and promote their knowledge in Here they crowded to promote Freelancer as Freedom in earning. What is freelancer, its history to how can we earn through the site is discussing here. We broadly deliberate the great benefits, free market place, contest, why should we choose freelancer, important tricks for new freelancer, how to deal with a project, withdrawing money, Tycoon talk- the large online business forum and each and every steps. Our theme is "All Telecommunication Engineers". The short seminar is arranged by a telecom Engineer, delivered by a telecom Engineer, attended by a group of telecom Engineers and also here submitted by a telecom Engineer. We all are a part of and we devote our time in freelancing. Although we do a good job in a leading Telecommunication company, we love to work here. Wish may bring more crowds to work and got better than the best.

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