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Recycling Wheelie Bins

Each bins have recycling facts about the kind of recyclable material it is meant for. The facts that I've picked to use for my designs are those that are most likely to move people to actually make the extra effort to recycle. My designs are, as you can see, a one coloured design. This is simply to make the message as clear, simple & straightforward as possible. Because of that, it will be suitable for any coloured bins (as you can see in my entry). These one coloured designs will also help keep printing cost down. Looking forward for your feedback. Thank you for this great opportunity.

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  • telura
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 10 anos atrás

    Excellent work! We like the effort you've put into thinking about 1) the cost of printing the design on sticker and 2) the smart use of interesting facts to illustrate the material that's accepted in each bin. By the way, all our bins are green. Some of the bins are 240l (the one you used to illustrate your design). Some others are 1000l (mostly used for plastic bottles and carboard/paper)

    • 10 anos atrás