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blue llama / new banner 2/2

For the colours just have a overall look. Was a bit challangeing working with warm different colours on a "cold" background. 2 exemples of smaller "@" and the line "of contact" / "contact" Last exemple is there just to show a continuos rainbow colour (gradient) rather then plain colour per word/line. Thought I bring this up, who knows... Let me know what you think, I, personaly would remove the "@" - gave me hardtime :) Keep in touch. Catalin.

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  • phildegruchy
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 8 anos atrás

    Hi Catalin,

    I think there is too much text... my fault. Can we just go for "a single point of contact to a world of talent". I might request a fourth banner from you as a separate project when we've sorted these ones..

    - Can we retire the @ symbol and replace with an filled image of Jersey Perhaps as the "o" of contact or anywhere you think it will work. Jersey is where my company and clients are based.

    - Can this sentence be spread over four lines, perhaps like the below but change if needed:

    a single point
    of contact
    to a world
    of talent

    - If it is easier for you we can revert to a black background as I don't think these colours work too well. You can reuse some of the colours from the other slides if you wish.


    • 8 anos atrás