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My idea would be to create an environment ancient old quarter with silhouette of an old man, unable to play an instrument. The picture is not pejorative. In the reflection of the mirror will the image of a young man in shades and light, almost white, playing an instrument, which can be a violin. The message is to make the reader take the opportunity for youth to learn and be able to play an instrument while there is time available. Remarks: The picture is very detailed, full of clichés, for example, a shirt time college hanging a picture with an old girlfriend, cassettes and vinyl records. The part of the young man with the violin will illuminate and color with a light. In the links below is some of my work:

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Inscrição nº12

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  • Fiddlerman
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    Your link is not working for me.
    It's a great idea but we are not trying to convince people to play. We are advertising in a "Strings Magazine" in which most that read already play. We are trying to get players, teachers, students to visit our site and make purchases. Most of all, violin purchases.

    • 4 anos atrás