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Flyer Design

In the attachments you will find the front and back design for the flyer and a mockup design for the flyer. Regards, Rishabh Gupta

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  • WorXpace
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 9 anos atrás

    We like the idea abut we don't like the red colour. Chan you adjust it to something else that fits in with the logo please?

    • 9 anos atrás
    1. rishi269
      • 9 anos atrás

      Ya the red color can be changed to fit in with the logo. I kept the background colors minimal as u mentioned before in the public clarification board that you need something that we can run off on our colour laser printer and something that works with a white background on double sided A4 paper.

      • 9 anos atrás