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    Gostaria de um projeto de PCB com os seguintes componentes: ESP8266 AD8232 MPU 6050 MicroSD DS 1820 Se possível utilizando o software open source Fritzing

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    Need 2 small artworks for Web ADs 20 horas left

    I need 2 Artworks: 1 for MPU - 300 (w) x 250 (h) PIXELS 1 728 (w) x 90 (h) PIXELS

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    I am making a project using Flutter / Dart to run on Raspberry Pi using Flutter-pi. I am using dart_periphery package ([fazer login para ver a URL]) to access the GPIOs, SPI and I2C bus of the raspberry pi 3B. Now, i need to connect an accelerometer MPU 6050 to the I2C bus of the raspberry pi. I need someone who has experience with Flutter / Dart to port the MPU 6050 library written in C language ...

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    I would like to create a car parking sensor for vehicle detection on LoRa network using a magnetometer + radar sensor. Features: 1) Auto calibration 2) Battery level status report I already have: Magnetometer MPU-9250 Radar HB100 Radar CDM324 I was thinking to use the ATMEGA 328P chip. I am open for a better idea or any improvements. The goal is to have low power consumption and avoid ...

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    Trophy icon Create Display Ads Encerrado left

    Hi ladies and Gentleman We are looking for a selection of display ads, to promote our website [fazer login para ver a URL] Below are the sizes required. MPU AD (desktop, tablet, mobile): 300px (w) x 250px (h) BILLBOARD AD (desktop, tablet): 970px (w) x 250px (h) SKYSCRAPER AD (desktop only): 120px (w) x 600px (h) MOBILE STICKY BANNER AD (mobile only): 320px (w) x 50px (h) here is a link to o...

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    I need to reproduce the schematic first and then the pcb that is no longer manufactured i only have the photo of the pcb that like to copy its a pcb to control a 1-axis Brushless Gimbal, with imu invensense mpu.6050, usb to uart bridge, microchip atmega328p-mu to work with simpleBGC firmwares. No shmatic avaliable

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    Hi I'm Torey, I make and develop FiveM Servers , GMod Servers, Minecraft Servers here in near future maybe youll see me do some rust and other game servers but for now i can make you all those three Me and my team over discord have been developing a server since mid 2019 it is 2021 and due to covid some of you may see why i made one :) this FiveM server is all you need to get started has...

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    Based on Mega 2560 I will read out Yaw, Pitch and roll from several (6) MPU6050 to get the topology of a surface. The measurement is not time critical. The active MPU should be select by ADO == LOW, all other should be ADO=HIGH. I2C communication is preferred. Roll, pitch and yaw of each sensor will change by each measurement. After each measurement I will change the position and will receive new ...

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    We are trying to create some prototype PCB boards. They are HAT boards that sit above various versions of the Raspberry pi boards. The boards only have a few circuits on them a w5500 ethernet chip and a MPU 6050 Gyroscope chip and they need to connect to certain RPI pins . We have an existing design that works and we'd like to make a few modifications. The deliverables for this project will b...

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    Labview and MPU-6050 Encerrado left

    Need some help with LabView I am using an IMU (3-axis accelermoeter and 3-axis gyro) to eventually get position data.

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    Es ist ein experimentales Windturbine Hobbyprojekt. Eine erste Sketchversion liegt vor. Es gibt aber Probleme mit Darstellung der Strom und Spannungswerte, weil keine feste Drehzahl, Spannung und Stromstärke vom 3 Phasengenerator geliefert wird. Die angezeigten Diagrammlinien schwanken über den Messbereich und sind somit unbrauchbar. Im Idealfall sollen die Amplituden über z.B. eine...

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    C Codes for MSP432 Encerrado left

    Main component of the MSP432 will be connected to the following components: MSP 6050 (sensor to measure the activity status of the user), pulse sensor (to measure the heart beat of the user) and a bluetooth receiver to transmit to the output peripheral. Need C codes to start off the project for the MSP432 using code composer for this project.

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    Hello there! We are a plushie company, and we would like to start advertising on Google Ads. We need someone to design an ad for us with our various plushies. We are currently having an halloween sale on our whole store and free shipping for all orders. You can inspire yourselves from our website [fazer login para ver a URL] and I will also provide some pictures in the attached files(but i highl...

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    Hello there, I am trying to develop a project to secure my personal boat. What i want : 1- Receiving data from MPU-6050 3 Axis Gyro With Accelerometer Sensor Module with Arduino with Complementary Filter. 2- To record these data in MongoDB every 10 second 3- To show the x, y, z gyro and accelerometer data of the boat by pulling this data from the mongodb in 10 seconds on a boat floating on the se...

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    Hello there, I am trying to develop a project to secure my personal boat. What i want : 1- Receiving data from MPU-6050 3 Axis Gyro With Accelerometer Sensor Module with Arduino with Complementary Filter. Sample Video: [fazer login para ver a URL] 2- To record these data in MongoDB every 10 second 3- To show the x, y, z gyro and accelerometer data of the boat by pulling this data from the mongod...

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    We need to change an Arduino nano servo gimbal range from -90 to 90 to full 360 degrees rotation. Our mounting platform of the gimbal can rotate 360 degrees to all axes but only clockwise. We use MPU 6050 accelerometer (we can replace it if it is required). Attached is the current program we use as the base of the update we require. Due to the problem, we might face with the servos ...

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    I'm looking for a sensor that can be zero in any position and be able to accurately give feedback as you approach the same angle and when you're on it (one axis). An LED on each side of your Set position (torn position) The middle LED stays solid when back on the same angle the one above and below flash slowly at first and flash faster as you get closer. possibly use the gyroscope, inc...

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    I'm working on product development for my startup and require 30 accelerometers in order to track a lot of precise movement. For the prototype I am using the MPU-6050 on the GY-521 breakout board, but realized that the SDA/SCL pull-up resistors are far too low. I'm wiring the boards in parallel, so the resistor values need to be 30x higher. The attached JPG shows which resistors I'm...

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    I'm looking for a custom board designer/ PCB/Embedded Engineer who can understand my requirement to design RPI zero form factor board using NXP IMX6

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    alarm for scooter Encerrado left

    PLS READ ALL MY MAX PRICE IS 20 EURO I WANT SOMEONE RESPONSIVE TO MESSAGES Please i want someone from same time-zone UTC +2 BRUSSELS Materials used hc-05 arduino nano GY-521 Module MPU-6050 Arduino mp3 player module DFPLAYER code that i want is in the [fazer login para ver a URL]

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    PLS READ ALL MY MAX PRICE IS 15 EURO Please i want someone from same time-zone UTC +2 BRUSSELS Materials used hc-05 arduino nano GY-521 Module MPU-6050 Arduino mp3 player module DFPLAYER I want a code that will connect to my phone via bluetooth with name Mihai Scooter and password 2306 Max phones that can be stored in memory are 2 phones And if for example i try to a tird phone the arduino wil...

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    Arduino mega design with MPU 6050, 3D visualization of speed and position from mpu 6050 accelermeter and gyroscope, temperature sensors

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    The goal is simple, I need an Arduino Code developer who can read the 6axis Gyroscope data from MPU-6050 and then send it to the computer where it can be read by SteamVR. SteamVR is where most games for VR are, they have a wide range of a available hardware that is compatible. I understand I’ll need setup on my computers side, for this you’ll guide me through installing whatever is r...

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    i got the project controls working without wireless internet control, and gave up learning code. android controlled rc car via LTE internet. using esp8266 and easycap to send to windows desktop. the rc car is a modified traxxas slash 4x4 with a pair of 3 cell lipo batteries for extra capacity. programming language does not matter as long as criteria are met. also does not have to be visually stun...

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    Hi there, I'm creating a fun little project with my son using raspberry PI. I need a program to do motion capture using data from 5 gyro/accelerometer sensors (MPU-6050 3-Axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer Module - i2c) and show on the screen as a simple 'stickman' following our movements. These sensors will be located as: - 2 on the each arm (4 in total) - 1 on the head It has ...

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    Tools needed: Arduino UNO ( Mega 2560) MPU 6050 sensor Magnetometer GY 271 I need code for measuring movement of MPU sensor based in Dead Reckoning method. The data or dots that describe sensor movement, should be shown graphically through Java or any other programming language. These three dimensional dots of the sensor should be joinned graphically through a line so we can see the sensor route...

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    Custom Trading Bot Encerrado left

    I have a request if I am able to get a small bot made just on this market? [fazer login para ver a URL] Function of this bot would be creating a buy order at a price and amount. Once this order has processed it would then sell at a price and amount. Once this order has processed it repeats this whole cycle again. Also, adding a few more cycles of same as above with another prices and amounts se...

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    Need an experienced nrf embedded programmer to make a fix. I have a custom board nrf52832 with one button and MPU9250. When button is pressed pin_flag never changed. the value returned is always the same regardless. It is an easy fix if you are experienced. Several answers have been posted online on Nordic website. Functionality: 1) When button is not pressed, display LEDs as it is doing. 2) whe...

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    We need a basic foundation for a Bluetooth communication between a PC and a probable device with a nRF52832 chip. We use nRF52 DK from Nordic Semiconductors to start with. Flowing need to be established on nRF52 (PCA10040): * RFCOMM protocol because it has save packet deliver. * FreeRTOS need to be setup to run with BT stack. * I2S DMA for both send and receive. * SPI DMA for both send and receiv...

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    This project is about getting sensor MPU 6050 stable values through Arduino board and visualize then in Python with some libraries. The main idea is that the calibration can be instantaneous done by Python command(tx) and that the angles begin at 0°, whatever position the sensor is in. (Like in MultiWii code for drones). Arduino Script: Read from sensor: Pitch, roll and Yaw (Using Quaternion...

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    Trophy icon GIF FOR OUR FESTIVAL Encerrado left


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    Deliverables are: Altium project files (Schematic, lib and PCB) and then optionally covert them to Autodesk Eagle I think the description below provides full project descriptions, therefore please take some time to study and provide a firm bid, and avoid placeholder bids. ST Micro has an MCU board with published schematics/pcb in Altium project (Nucleo stm32F303RE, 64pin). A PDF form of schemati...

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    Designing two separate items to go on a website ([fazer login para ver a URL]) advertising our local business. We will provide you with our logo to incorporate and an explanation of the services we offer. MPU 585 pixels wide x 411 pixels high. For this creative we require 2 separate jpeg frames. Standard banner advert - animated gif Either Homage banner spec is - 329 pixels wide x 142 pixels ...

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    Discrete 3D wireless orientation sensors will be affixed to the backs of each hand (commonly of a golfer). Measuring using the device under specified conditions will commonly result in differing 3D orientations of the sensors/hands at various points of a swing, which should be recorded even if a "real-time" analysis is available. The core of the software analysis needs to visualize eac...

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    ARM GPIO INTERFACE Encerrado left

    Need an embedded developer with hardware and software experience to port code to a new platform and interface cape. The original code is based on the ARM Cortex M3 MPU. Need to port it to an ARM Cortex-M7 platform. Need to add some software and hardware options to the new card.

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    We need to develop a data analysing and visualization telemetry system for monitoring combustion in furnace/boiler with various sensors whose data will be monitoring to a local screen. Additionally all raw data will be transmitted to a web server using either ethernet cable connection, wifi, or GSM choise. On the web server raw data will be stored, formulated and visualized. Customer or admin wil...

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    STM32F103 project with OLED, ADC, MPU (accel), RFM95W (lora), GPS (uart) and ESP (wifi). Based on HAL and C, written in STM32CubeIDE. I'm beginner with STM32. Some parts of my project work fine, but I need help with some troubles (eg. uart via DMA)...

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    DELIVERABLES: Please prepare based on the below task: SCOPING DOC TIMING PLAN QUESTIONS / FLAGS THAT NEED TO BE ASKED BASED ON ANY UNKNOWNS - LIST 5 TIPS FOR DISPLAY ADVERTISING IF YOU WERE TO SIT DOWN WITH CREATIVE TEAM AND HELP SHAPE THE IDEA —————— Task 1. DIGITAL DISPLAY Scope out the following job, list any caveats that you would normally need to con...

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    Digital Display Encerrado left

    DELIVERABLES: Please prepare based on the below task: SCOPING DOC TIMING PLAN QUESTIONS / FLAGS THAT NEED TO BE ASKED BASED ON ANY UNKNOWNS - LIST 5 TIPS FOR DISPLAY ADVERTISING IF YOU WERE TO SIT DOWN WITH CREATIVE TEAM AND HELP SHAPE THE IDEA —————— Task 1. DIGITAL DISPLAY Scope out the following job, list any caveats that you would normally need to con...

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    MEMS Arduino coding Encerrado left

    I have a MEMS component for vibration measurement, MPU-6050 sensor (pic 1), which I want to use as a single-axis vibbration sensor. I have also got the interface for arduino coding, namely UNO R3 CH340G MEGA328P Chip 16Mhz ATMEGA328P-AU, (pic 2). Mission: 1. Code one sensor for picking up vibration for futher processing and analysis. 2. Coding for 4 sensors used in a specified configuration so tha...

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    We need a new GIF banner for advertisement on website. Task requires you to create the graphic idea with me providing the message and company logo. Chosen will get specifications and logo to complete the task.

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    Hi im looking for someone who can write an ardiuno mega program that uses a img/mpu accelerator, ultrasonic sensor and your choice of GPS to make a rc plane auto pilot. the auto pilot will take in data through the GPS and cross-reference it with the accelerator to output servo motions to control a plane in a strait line. I would also like it to have a way point option where GPS positions can be im...

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    Accelerometer Based on ESP8266 and GY-521 module (MPU-6050) --> Measure acceleration on X,Y,Z - Configure full scale range (+- 2g,+- 4g,+- 8g,+- 16g) via MQTT command - Configure MPU-6050 filter via MQTT command - Select MPU-6050 Sample rate via MQTT command --> Stream Accelerometer data via MQTT to Mosquitto broker (current version) - Activate streaming on fulfillment of a condition...

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    I would like 3 variations of an advert. Leaderboard (728x90), Mobile leaderboard (320x50) and MPU (300x250). It can be GIF/JPG/PNG or HTML5. It'll have a 3 loop maximum. GIF/JPEG/PNG is a 40kb max and HTML5 is 150k max. I'll provide scanned art work that will need to be animated. The idea is a series of hurdles appearing on a race track. Each will represent something that is an obstacle...

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    We need to have small keyrings/watchsize/wearable IoT devices with various functionality to track and connect to both bluetooth and wifi. Especially BLE is of interest. Optionally to NB-IoT, LTE-M and LoRa Must have long standbytime, so understanding the concept of programming for ultralow power consumption is a must. You have to show, real experience and understand how to program use the Arduin...

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    I'm looking for a graphic designer to help me with a project I am doing to allow local communities and neighbourhoods to easily offset their carbon and plastic footprints, and live better lives with more sustainable product choices. I'm looking for: - A logo to be designed (in various sizes to look good in different formats and low and high res). So far we are thinking something based ...

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    Integrate 4 analogue proximity sensors (BAW M12ME-UAC35C-S04G) via ADS1115 ADC 4 Channel 16 bit I2C and 3 MPU-6050 with the Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 board. To measure distance and angles. Readings to be published via MQTT using WIFI connection. Requirements: 1. BOM 2. Electrical Drawing 3. Arduino sketch - to manage reading from the sensor and publish information using MQTT 4. Calibration proce...

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    I have to make a tracking project using the following: (I will be using 3.3 V battery and also the device can be charged 12 V from the car) - Only hardware ESP32-WROOM-32 SIM868 MPU-6050

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    Project for Ciro L. Encerrado left

    Hi Ciro, My name is Tjorben Eberle. I would like an estimate from you. There is a Git project that I would like to have self-programmed. [fazer login para ver a URL] I would like to know how much a new construction/optimization of the software would cost and how long this would take. If I have a value, we can talk about extras (if necessary other sensors and/or BLE support, user managment). If y...

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    We have created 5 wearable devices that has wifi, 9 axis accelerometer and gyroscope and Gps we are looking for expert who can give consultation in resolving calibration issue in accelerometer. Devices are giving different readings when all are in same position. Also, we are looking for C programmer who can help us in investigating memory issue. Components used are - wemos d1 mini, MPU-9250 an...

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