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    We are creating a platform for the student to resolve issues online. Quizz format. The questions are evidence from military academies. Brand Name: QCMILITAR Colors: Green (mandatory), Black, White, Gray QCMILITAR was born from the idea of ​​creating a portal for auxiliary candidates who are studying for military competitions in the Navy, Air Force, Army, Police and Security Forces. There are se...

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    u programador para executar um softaware testador de usuario e usuario e senha.<br />especie de brutus forces.<br />onde eu carrego uma lista de usuarios e uma sequencias de possivel senhas.<br />e o programa testa as senhas automaticamente separando as que deram ok<br />a dificuldade maior e que o site possui captcha,<br />tem que quebrar o captcha para automatizar

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    Two Forces clash for control of an island. choose units, place them in formations and counter the enemy forces until one mainbase is destroyed, for further informations: starcraft 2 direct strike commander. fanatsy + Industrial revolution Unity playfab chat via emoticons level units via cards for tuther informations: clash royale create unique designs for unity assets, please apply with portfolio ...

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    Design a knee brace and do stress and ztrain analsys. knee brace designing with exact dimension, analsys after applying different forces, stress strain daigrams. we will provide basic structure and desired properties of the material needed then we want its 3d model with exact geometrical dimensions. we want force and motion analsys on solidworks or ansys. we want stress strain displacement g...

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    based on the design diagram, axial forces need to be calculated and also the deflection point and a graphical solution also needs to be presented

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    Video Script: (Temporary voiceover supplied in files for you to work with for timing) Oxidative stress is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in your body, which may lead to cell and tissue damage. Scientific evidence strongly suggests that oxidative stress contributes to your aging process, inflammation in your body and a range of chronic health conditions. Now, Free radicals are high...

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    Flying at supersonic speed is also human's dream in civil aviation. Passengers are willing to pay a lot more money to enjoy the luxury that Concord has created. There are numerous development over the years to create another profitable supersonic passenger jet. This project will look into the cost of building such an aircraft, selling price and profitability in today's world. i want th...

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    A web application that forces users to share the link to at least three people on WhatsApp before downloading my course.

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    CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT POSITION Is life looking a little wacky right now? Wondering how to take that next awesome step? If you are personable, energetic, and passionate about helping people, come join our forces! You won't even have to leave your home for this position. All the fun with none of the germs - what more could you wish for? We are looking for a charming, well-spoken, and detail-o...

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    COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS PLAN EXPERT – Must have 10 YEARS PLUS EXPERIENCE. We are looking for someone with extensive knowledge, experience, and the ability in providing us with an outstanding and comprehensive business plan with a great deal of creditworthiness. The business plan and must be able to stand any scrutiny from banks or any lender giving the current market and environment. The bu...

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    URGENTLY required - illustrator who can help us funk up our messaging which has got a little static and not exciting. We have great products and exciting visuals - but somehow w just seem to have images on a page that are not cohesive and fail to engage the reader - This will be an ongoing project, but the first task is to create a simple but effective invitation to go to European prospects and c...

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    Looking for someone with theoretical experience in structural analysis and integrity (Static 2D straight, Cantilever and cornered beams and trusses 2D using unit load method to calculate deflection) and strength of materials (calculating forces of all 3 directions (x,y,z) and bending moments and finding normal forces, torsion, and transverse forces and in the end using stress tensor (matrix) to f...

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    Looking for engineering background people with theoretical knowledge in fields -Electromagnetics theory -Fields and energies in simple planar, cylindrical, and spherical geometries -Fields within conducting, anisotropic, and plasma media -Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, transmission lines, and resonators -Electric and magnetic forces on charges, wires, and media -Electric and magn...

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    I have a BigCommerce ecom website hosted at The built-in blog in BigCommerce is not very good, but it would allow us to have our blog located at [fazer login para ver a URL] Instead, we use WordPress, as it is obviously much better, but that forces us to host WordPress on a subdomain [fazer login para ver a URL], where we don't achieve the same SEO results as if it were [faze...

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    Hi, My Name is Jonathan, I am working with a start up company in Ireland called Natural Forces. We are a company looking to develop energy projects in partnership with local communities. We have a draft website live at the moment [fazer login para ver a URL] I am looking for assistance to update and improve this website over the next few weeks. I am keen to ensure the text is consistent acr...

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    Select a material, skins thicknesses and standard cross-section dimensions to produce a 1.5 minimum margin of safety. • Build an excel sheet for the analytical solution based on the beam theory that can obtain wing stresses, margin of safety, member forces, beam deformations. • Solve the same wing using ANSYS workbench. • Compare between the analytical and finite element solutions i...

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    Select a material, skins thicknesses and standard cross-section dimensions to produce a 1.5 minimum margin of safety. • Build an excel sheet for the analytical solution based on the beam theory that can obtain wing stresses, margin of safety, member forces, beam deformations. • Solve the same wing using ANSYS workbench. • Compare between the analytical and finite element solutions i...

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    Looking for our next sales superstar We are a web development and design agency seeking a sales superpower to join forces with us for a very healthy commission basis on all sales brought in. Looking for a long term associate to actually list on our website and act as an inside team member to project manage your accounts. We have over 500 satisfied client testimonials from completed projects, we...

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    Idea in which a part of humanity leaves the system to start somewhere new from scratch(whats the reason for this?). The focus is still on the military part so there need to be challenges and conflicts that will have to be solved. Do not submit plots for just one book but an overall idea for at least 5+ books, not outlines for book 1,2,etc. but overall ideas like the examples. The story takes plac...

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    I'm trying to automate adding data from an R data table into a 'Work Order' form on [fazer login para ver a URL] using Rselenium and R/ Rstudio. The Loc8 platform (and others similar to it) forces users to manually input the data -- Simply put: I want to use webdriving automation to fill in the blanks on the screen. I have several Work Orders that I must load on a daily basis, so a...

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    Need someone who can write scripts in Hindi for a defence based youtube channel on Indian Defence Forces, topics will be like : Skikh Regiment, Rajputana Regiment, or Any operation of Indian Army.

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    PROBLEM: You are a Manufacturing Engineer in the “Fast Machining-FM Factory”. You have the responsibility of manufacturing apart that can be manufactured on a turning machine and should have at least following specifications(as given individually). The factory will build a new shop in order to manufacture this part only. Find/calculate the followings according to your given individual ...

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    I need tutor of aerodynamic now please help me in some concept

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    I am somebody who has lots of ideas and I have strong general technical knowledge but I am looking for assistance to create a prototype. This prototype will help me to see whether or not my idea actually works. My project is to create a new kind of bicycle that would be maintenance-free. The person I am looking for to help me needs to have knowledge in mechanical engineering with skills in hydraul...

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    Aerodynamic study of a F1 front wing Background Front and rear wings in motorsports are used to increase downforce and reduce drag of the vehicle. The latter is achieved by directing the airflow around the main vehicle body avoiding creation of stagnation points and airflow detachments. However, their main use is to increase downforce for increased vehicle driving stability at high speeds. Most wi...

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    I need some graphic design work for a t-shirt for our company. This shirt design must portray pro freedom & pro USA. We want the front to read "Don't be a Maskhole!" (a Maskhole is someone he forces others to wear a mask) our customers don't like being forced to wear masks, so the design must cater to that thought. we want our logo on one of the sleeves and something patrio...

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    Strategic Management Encerrado left

    Analyze PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces, VRIO, SWOT/TOWS model

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    - Give accurate and timely counsel to executives in a variety of legal topics (labor law, partnerships, international ventures, corporate finance etc.) - Collaborate with management to devise efficient defense strategies, which include legal, regulatory and public opinion considerations - Specify internal governance policies and regularly monitor compliance - Research and evaluate different risk f...

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    Need help with Aerodynamic CAD report on very urgent basis. further details will be provided to the chosen candidates. Thanks

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    I need a banner that increases traffic and forces conversions.

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    Solve moments and forces

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    Chemistry Tutor Encerrado left

    Assist in the following topics: Atoms & Molecules: Atomic Symbols/Nuclear Symbols (protons, neutrons, electrons) Chemical nomenclature Mass Percent Empirical & Molecular Formulas Atomic Structure Electron configurations for atoms & ions (exceptions of Cu & Cr) Wavelength, Frequency and Energy Bohr’s model of the Atom 1ˢᵗ vs. 2ⁿᵈ Ionization Energy Periodic Trends Photoe...

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    Need someone with extensive knowledge in different business models and theories, such as the Porter and Kramer Shared Value model, five forces, etc.

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    i want change a part to electromagnet to provide extra pulling forces to attract the hook. Please check the picture upload, the blue colour rod is the rod i want to make it to electromagnet.

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    Need done in 3 days or less. by 12/13/2020. identify a product or service that has been recently launched. It will be to your benefit to select a product or service that has been on the market for at least six months otherwise information will be difficult to obtain. Information for completing your project can be obtained from library sources, company publish sources, and interviews with distri...

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    A bit of network programming in c#. Goal: Implement 4 player multiplayer for Galaxy Forces VR *Current status of project - Unity and C# is used. - Game is single player and in a mature state. - [fazer login para ver a URL] library is used to setup port forwarding with UPnP. - [fazer login para ver a URL] will contain the new code, and contains a first (broken) version. - PHP database is used in th...

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    Bonjour, suite à l'ouverture récente de ma boutique en ligne autour des produits sous licence pour enfants, j'aurais besoin d'une personne compétente dans le copywritting afin d'établir mes fiches produits. Je dispose de 65 produits en ligne avec des fiches produit déjà existantes que je souhaite améliorer dans le but d'au...

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    We need MCQs for Mechanical engineering. There should be no plagiarism. Covering topics like these: Knowledge of different material types, Designing process and automating the production, Grasp of solid and liquid mechanics and thermal science, 2D Drawing Comprehension Materials Science Mechanisms, Forces, and Functionality Parts Manufacturing Process Capabilities

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    Design of hummingbird wing and simulate the aerodynamic flow of the wing. I got your profile from rodi.

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    At the center of many of our ethical investigations into business is the claim that economic growth is a "good" thing for society. Though the claim can take many forms several people have held that market forces will generate market based solutions that, in turn, will provide a sufficient mechanism for protecting "social goods", thereby obviating the need for either Government...

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    The project is about determining a maximum load that can be applied to an airfoil. The project also features an analytical approach done on paper but I have already completed that portion. Help with the software would be extremely helpful.

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    Mitchell Johnson Encerrado left

    At the center of many of our ethical investigations into business is the claim that economic growth is a "good" thing for society. Though the claim can take many forms several people have held that market forces will generate market based solutions that, in turn, will provide a sufficient mechanism for protecting "social goods", thereby obviating the need for either Government...

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    Project aim to research the cutting-edge technology and its implication of applying a hybrid-electric propulsion system in a small aircraft. Objectives • To evaluate the progression and technology of present hybrid aircraft • To carry out background research and literature review • To design the architecture of a hybrid-electric propulsion system • To analysis the aerodynami...

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    To build a program that plots forces and shear + bending moment diagrams for simple determinate structures. Lets choose the structure to be a simply supported beam with a uniform distributed load throughout the whole beam with a value of w, and length L The program should work for anyone who wants to input his data into my program with the same structure required questions.

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    SimScale CFD Encerrado left

    I need a CFD simulation on this small airfoil preferably on SimScale

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    ACCA OBU RAP -- 2 Encerrado left

    7,000 ~ 7,500 word Research Analysis Project with a complete list of citations/references (APA). Paper has to be original. Must include analysis and evaluation of the business and financial performance of an organization. Business analysis includes SWOT Analysis, PESTEL Analysis, and etc (for example PORTER five forces). Financial Analysis includes trend analysis, ratio analysis(Comparison wit...

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    I will be implementing this on vivado 2019, with using the zynq xc7z020-1clg400c chip Stopwatch with Start, Stop, Increment, and Clear Functionality Create a four-digit stopwatch on your Blackboard, using the seven-segment display as an output device. The stopwatch should count from 0.000 to 9.999 seconds and then roll over, with the count value updating exactly once per millisecond. The stopwatc...

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