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    Trophy icon Logo for Website & Polo Shirts 1 hora left

    I need a logo for a Golf School that teaches the game of golf to both Junior and Adult players at a high performance level. Those looking to play college golf, tour, or at a high ammeter golf level. Students will get a polo shirt, in which the logo can be printed with raised text or logo. Attached is an image for one group. Not looking to duplicate it, looking for something unique but needs to be able to placed as a logo on polo as well as website. CP are the initials, must have something designed into the logo that when someone looks at it they can easily tell its related to golf. Form, Fit and Function, Here attached they used the M to imply ball flight. Can use any shape outside border, circle etc.....should not look like a male fraternity badge, but so...

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    ...for which you have to find the manufacturers. Approximately 30-40 product name we shall provide and for each category you must research( using your digital knowledge )at least 20 companies . You must add these companies in a document with email address and head office location , website link and company name. Some of the product names are listed below. 1)Voltmeter,voltage measuring devices 2)Ammeter, current measuring devices 3)Power meter 4)Impedance measuring devices 5)Resistance measuring devices, ohmmeters 6)Measuring instruments for electrostatic fields 7)Measuring instruments for electromagnetic fields 8)Insulation measuring devices 9)LCR meters 10)Capacitance measuring devices, capacitance meters 11)Fault recorders, electric network analyzers 12)Signal generators, functio...

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    I require an engineer to provide tutoring to staff on calibration of measuring instruments such as ammeters and voltmeters

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    ...instruments. I want to design STM32 based Voltmeter and Ammeter. It uses very few components that why very cost-effective. This type of voltmeter and ammeter is already available online but has major limitations like one point of voltmeter and ammeter is common. I want that to be independent so that I can measure voltages and currents independently. I will need a PCB design preferable single-sided, circuit diagram, STM32 code, how can I program them to replicate and range adjustments with software or hardware for both Voltmeter and Ammeter independently. I have a piece of basic knowledge of programming with Arduino but never ever work on STM32. The model of the product is DSN - VC288. Voltmeter range is 0 - 100V and Ammeter range 0 - 10 A...

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    Arduino engineer Encerrado left

    Im doing an ammeter project on tinkercad. I need to measure current between two points from 0-200 mA. I need to rewrite a short code - 90 lines ASAP! I can pay. Im dropping the code and the circuit. This should be easy fix for an arduino expert!

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    Hello i need make dc buck converter with tl494 or tl594 feedback control need make by mcu also need volt ammeter embendet for more detail pls contact with me pls do not bit from india or pakistan

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    Hello i need dc buck module i already build one with pwm,need help for feedback etc also need volt ammeter code for mcu or arduino for more detail pls contact with me Pls do not bid from india or Pakistan

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    Ethics project Encerrado left

    The Project Paper consists of a written case, which each team of students will present to the class during one of the last two weeks of the semester. The project paper is about developing the skills of moral reasoning and decision making by analyzing the assigned case, identifying the ethical issues and dilemmas, and making reasoned ethical decisions to resolve them. The class will assigned a case study with questions to be addressed from different ethical perspectives. IMPORTANT PRELIMINARY INFORMATION ON WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO • Number of words : 2000-2500 • Must be typed • Due: Second week on third week of November, 2018 • YOU MUST NOT USE EMAIL FOR SENDING THE REPORT IT MUST BE PRINTED AND SUIBMITTED ON THE DUE DATE • LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL...

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    i need volt ammeter like DSN-VC288 for detail contact with me do not bid from india and pakistan please

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    Hello i need volt ammeter by using atmega8 MCU and plug want control Lm358 opamp output by 2 push button you can see on pictures,for more detail please contact with me Do not bid from Pakistan or india

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    Hello i have a smps circuit which is can changeable voltage with analog pot,i want remove analog pot and make control with button control,and i need panel meter with is can see show with 7 segment voltage and current for more detail please contact with me Do not give bid from Pakistan or india

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    i need make dc step down module input 24-36v 10A,output 1.5v to 5.0v 25-30A voltage must be ajustable 1.5 to 5.0 by push button need digital segment current and ammeter for more detail please contact with me pls do not give bid from Pakistan or india

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    Meausuring meter Encerrado left

    Hi i'm saqib . I need a specific program for an volt+ammeter to run i already got a circuit but i need the inside program in controller that its running on. I m uploading the picture of the circuit. It's dimension 62×59mm. 7 segment display

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    Digital Ammeter Encerrado left

    I'm creating a digital ammeter using the Arduino Nano, a magnetic hall sensor, a ferrite toroid and the Maker Focus 12c 128x32 mini oled display. I need a code written that will use the before mentioned hardware so I can create m y own ammeter. I needs to range from 0 to 400 amps.

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    ...away . The maximum voltage is 199.99 VDC and current 69.99 ADC The system operates in noisy electrical environment We need to know if you can do this and what the cost of doing it including the remote transducer…. At this stage there is no other signals going . We prefer if the high voltage is not going to the display.

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    We are working on a custom design Smart WiFi Plug. The hardware and firmware are ready to use. We need to test it. We require skilled Embedded specialist who can do the testing. What we provide: 1. Smart Plug electronic board. 2. Firmware. Scope of Work: 1. You are required to download the firmware to the board. This requires to solder some wires to the flash pins on the board. 2. After downloading the firmware, you are required to put the Plug in real test. You need to loaded with some external load and measure the current consumption using ammeter and compare it to the built-in current sensor readings.

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    Need to create, drag and drop web based simulator to create circuits with four components, 1- Bulb 2- Ammeter 3-Wires 4- Battery A person will drag and drop objects in panel to create circuits components have some conditions.

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    We need developer who can design a web based electrical circuit application, consisting on four components will be used in parallel and series connection in 4 and 3 steps accordingly. 1- Bulb 2- Ammeter 3- Battery 4- Wires It is likely to be , only with four components, one board and steps to proceed with answers. Steps will provided once above work is understood.

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    Hi, I am electrical engineering graduate student. I am working on a college project. I am here to get a hardware developed for the final project of the product development class. Project Requirements: 1. A small hardware within the board size of 4cm x 4cm 2. ATMEL microprocessor with additional memory (Not the must, but best to have something with price constraint and open source resources) 3. I2C and SPI ports for connecting sensors. 4. Inbuilt BLE Antenna and Wifi Antenna (or you can attach some workable modules) 5. Battery powered prototype (any good battery spec within the size limit should be fine) 6. USB port for coding programs and recharging the battery 7. 2-3 sample buttons on the device 8. Test LEDs before each port and buttons 9. Basic firmware and boo...

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    I would like to make a digital AC Voltmeter ( 80-200 Volt) & ammeter ( 0-30 Amp - Using 1:1000 Amp CT) using PIC16F914 & code using CCS Compiler. I need the transformer less design due to limited space constrains . I Want to use the Custom LCD to Display that with 2 Back lights led . It should fit on a circular board of 1.71" dia. the meter should be powered from the source it is measuring (AC Input) i.e PIC Cannot be powered saperately.

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    Design project Encerrado left

    Hey, I'm looking for someone to make me a flyer. It's very simple but of course my attempt was very ammeter. I work with a health and nutrition company and we have a really good cleanse that's super effective but very simple, convenient and easy to adapt into your lifestyle. It's a mix of intermittent fasting and plant based health supplements. Most people have a New Years resolution to loose weight, feel healthier, or have more energy which is all the benefits they get plus HEAPS more and its a very natural way to do it. I'd like to have a flyer (maybe A3 size so I can print 2 per page as we don't have a printer so getting it done at office works can be really expensive when you print a lot). Something we can hand out to people on the street, near the ...

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    ...program for a (Model No:VAC1100A) Vac1300a Multifunction Wireless Bi-directional Ammeter Capacity Volt Watt system will be connected to a 165F Super Capacitor would like to know if this device you can reprogram to be able to have a GUI I purchase the system,If project is not possible please suggest better equipment for this program required to complete project Links to device: Regards Hollo Matlala Good Day I would like to enquire how much will it cost for you to create a GUI(Graphic User Interface) web based or a program for a (Model http://No:VAC1100A) Vac1300a Multifunction Wireless Bi-directional Ammeter Capacity Volt Watt system will be connected to a 165F Super Capacitor

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    Write some Software Encerrado left

    Good Day I would like to enquire how much will it cost for you to create a GUI(Graphic User Interface) web based or a program for a (Model http://No:VAC1100A) Vac1300a Multifunction Wireless Bi-directional Ammeter Capacity Volt Watt system will be connected to a 165F Super Capacitor would like to know if this device you can reprogram to be able to have a GUI I purchase the system,If project is not possible please suggest better equipment for this program required to complete project Links to device: Regards Hollo Matlala DIRECTOR: Research & Development 4th Element Group (PTY) LTD Reg.: No: 2013/100185/07 Fax : +27 (0) 86 551 0506 Mobile : +27 (0) 71 135 8214 E-mail(General) :@gmail

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    ...POE board and by an 8 ohm variable pot hold the voltage down to near 52. The owner of the faulty PSU's has over 1000 in his warehouse and may not be prepared to bother with the above solution, even if it works but will then be in the market for a replacement 52VDC regulated PSU. If he opts for a total safe replacement then my scheme is still viable, for by adding a cheap voltmeter and a cheap ammeter we have a cheap variable bench power supply of about 0 to 60 VDC at 1.85 amps. Depending on the loss across the 783, or whatever regulator is selected. Cheap if the owner will sell the faulty PSU's for peanuts. Apart from the wandering DC output they are fine. I have a test rig set up to test a prototype with an 8 port SOE and eight cameras, but I need a regulator prot...

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    my project is simple, I need a diagram for a 3 phase 3 wire load measurement. the equipment will be 2 wattmeters, 1 or 2 current transformers, 1 ammeter,and 1 voltmeter.

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    I need a Combined meter contains a Digital Voltmeter(999.9VDC), Digital Ammeter(999.9Ampere), Digital watt meter(999kV), Digital programmable timer(9999sec) and a Watt Hour meter (9999W/h) which should show and store the accumulated value for the time timer count/s and also re settable.

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    Hello Please do not give bid from india or pakistan automaticly i will decline your bid currently i am using B0505S-1W this module but it is a little expensive ,please check this part and understand what i need,make sure this module not like ordinary power supply like LM317 etc i need isolated&float power supply for led ammeter i already build on picture that circuit but does not work it is supply current 1Ma very low for ammeter,i need at least 10Ma it is must be small can be using inductor coil or some ic for more detail please contact with me

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    Hello Please do not give bid from india or pakistan automaticly i will decline your bid i need isolated&float power supply for led ammeter i already build on picture that circuit but does not work it is supply current 1Ma very low for ammeter,i need at least 10Ma it is must be small can be using inductor coil or some ic for more detail please contact with me

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    Hello Please do not bid from india and Pakistan, i need digital LED voltmeter and ammeter,you can seach online YB27VA already have a lot of picture and example circuit,i need same size one,i do not know which ic is using it but for ic we must check first it is avaible on market also for prices for more detail please contact with me

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    Design me a Product Encerrado left

    Looking for specialist in embedded systems design in New Delhi/India who could help design Micro-controller based digital electrical panel meters. - Voltmeter 0-500V ac - Ammeter 0-8000A ac with CT ratio calibration - AC Frequency meter (Hz) - Digital Power Factor (PF) meter - Digital AVF meter - Three Phase (three display) Voltmeter and Ammeter - Multi-function meters (V, A, HZ, kW, kVAR, kWh, PF etc) Looking for total solution including Components Selection, PCB design, Embedded Software et al. Prior experience in design of the above instruments is preferred.

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    ...currently very plain and looks ammeter as i created within minutes. I am looking for someone to design my pages on social media to make it look more appealing so potentially graphic design my page. Eventually i am looking for someone to generate leads from social media that would be interested in what i do. They would be interested in the business and/or being a customer to the products. generally the post would be inspirational and showing the audience ways of potentially earning a extra income and also ways they can lead healthy lifestyle using our products. I am looking for someone who takes direction really well and also someone who can work independently and literally run the whole project with little interference from myself. Ideally a successfu...

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    Install a 3d model viewer to my ktools website. This viewer would work much like the video viewer currently in use. I am selling 3d printed figurine...texture in .jpg. to my ktools website. Customer goes to my ktools website and sees their 3d model displayed by the 3d model viewer. The customer is then given the option to purchase a 3d printed figurine in various sizes and prices. Ktools was chosen because of the contributor and member capabilities. All functions should stay intact. I have done some ammeter research and found some leads that may be helpful to this project: jsc3d, GLC-Player Viewer, open3mod and GitHub renga-pcr/3d viewer. I am not a developer so I don't know if any of these are applicable. Please advise if you have any input or question...

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    Design me a Product Encerrado left

    Ground Monitoring System: Using: Arduino, applicable shields, battery source, and other products Design: A device that accurately reads voltage, current, and surface temperature and records the data to an SD card for future review Code: Code will need to work without tweaking and frequency of the recordings should be able to be changed. Range 1 second to 1 hour. Other Specifics: - Lower voltage and current reading accuracy not as crucial but need to be able to read 0-1000V and 0-1000 Amps. - Ammeter must be able to wrap around 1 cm to 13 cm cable. I would be interested to hear from you if you have some insight on this project or can do this.

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    It's a program that simulates an electric circuit board test, that already has: -Shunts -Power Supply -Fuses -Resistances So what the job consists is in adding the following elements to the project: -Voltmeter, -Ammeter -Switches This elements have to be fully functional, and operating in conjunction all together, presenting the values based on the circuit created. Elements have to be drawn on the table with the respective graphic presentation. The ammeter and the voltmeter have to present the respective measure based on the rest of the circuit. For questions and details contact me.

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    I am manufacturing ammeter and voltmeter, want to sell overseas.

    $1026 - $2051
    $1026 - $2051
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    we like to develop in-house SMPS and compact voltmeter and Ammeter.

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    Ammeter for iPhone Encerrado left

    Hello, I want to have a very simple iPhone app to understand whether an amperage that iPhone receives while charging from different sources is different (computer, car...). The app should have one simple screen with changing number if the ampreage is changing during a charge. The number not neccesery should be an amperage itself (as it might be difficult to measure). For example, number 1000 can be chosen as a default amperage from computer USB, 0 - from another source. Everything else will be somewhere else based on this scale

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    This project is for a variable power supply circuit design which can be controlled with a standard micro-controller capable of communication over GPIO, PWM, ADC, I2C, SPI, or UART. The particular communication type is up to the winning bidder, but we would suggest GPI or I2C. The unit must be as small as possible (aiming for the size of a thin A5 book) and capable of giving variable output on up to 6 channels. Each channel must be able to be controlled separately using digital pots and provide between 3.3v and 16v output up to 3A. I would suggest the use of the LM2596 or equivalent high efficiency, low heat output variable controller. The unit will receive power from a 14.4v-16v power source and must be able to run all 6 channels off this power source. In order ...

    $195 - $585
    $195 - $585
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    instru design Encerrado left

    This assignment is about Design of conventional multi range voltmeter and ammeter, the specification of the design is in the file attached. Please refer to the file to view the assignment.

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    We have an existing PIC18F258 microcontroller and need to add a high voltage voltmeter and ammeter inputs. We are looking for a company or individual to design the circuitry. The voltmeter must be able to accurately measure up to 400v. The ammeter must measure between 0 and 30 amps of current at 30 kHz AC, ideally through a current transformer (though we would be open to other methods so long as it is electrically isolated.) Requirements voltage sensing circuitry must measure from 0 – 400 VDC voltage sensing circuitry must have an accuracy / resolution of no less than 350 mV across the entire voltage range. voltage sensing circuitry must maintain the accuracy across a temperature range of at least -40C to 80C voltage sensing circuitry must have a sp...

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