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    Busco profissional habituado a fazer mapas no Qgis. Vou precisar de aproximadamente 10 mapas no software através de shapefile e dados. Explico melhor no contato, mas e algo simples.

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    trabalho: redesenhar as áreas de uma fazenda ( em formato de poligonos) gerando Shapefile (qgis ou arcgis) a partir de um mapa em autocad.

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    Sou Engenheiro Ambiental e possuo um banco de dados (não organizado em BD) de informações geográficas, e gostaria de organizar essas informações em um BD. Em seguida gostaria de que elaborassem uma rotina em ArcPy, linguagem python em que trabalha o programa de geoprocessamento que uso ArcMap. Essa rotina basicamente pegaria um arquivo formato *.shp com informações de localização de um empreendimento e cruzaria com uma base de dados também em formato *.shp, para extrair informações desses arquivos. Por exemplo, através da localização de um empreendimento, cruzada com um *.shp de classificação de solos, eu consigo extrair que a classificação do s...

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    I need immediate help with ArcMap 10.8.1 for data visualization. The task involves converting a CSV file to a shapefile, and converting an ArcGIS portal item to a shapefile too. The theme of the map will depict crash data. The project requires: - Knowledge of data visualization in ArcMap 10.8.1 - Experience working with CSV and shapefile transformation - A refined ability to translate ArcGIS portal items to shapefile - Previous experience on mapping data related to crashes or similar themes Generally, you should possess a strong understanding of Geographical Information Systems, and more specifically, ArcMap software. If you are comfortable working with crash data, it would be highly regarded. Having relevant samples of previous GIS work ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced GIS specialist to assist me with ArcMap GIS. The task at hand is to create an XY event layer using an excel CSV file. Deliverables: - Creation of an XY event layer for spatial analysis. - The layer should be created using a Projected Coordinate System. - Please ensure that if there are null or missing values in the data, the entire record is ignored. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in ArcMap GIS is a must. - Ideally, you should be experienced in working with big data and excel CSV files. - A clear understanding of both geographic coordinate system and projected coordinate system is required. If you have worked on similar projects and you are confident that you can deliver this task at a high standard, I would like to hear from you.

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    I need immediate help with ArcMap 10.8.1 for data visualization. The task involves converting a CSV file to a shapefile, and converting an ArcGIS portal item to a shapefile too. The theme of the map will depict crash data. The project requires: - Knowledge of data visualization in ArcMap 10.8.1 - Experience working with CSV and shapefile transformation - A refined ability to translate ArcGIS portal items to shapefile - Previous experience on mapping data related to crashes or similar themes Generally, you should possess a strong understanding of Geographical Information Systems, and more specifically, ArcMap software. If you are comfortable working with crash data, it would be highly regarded. Having relevant samples of previous GIS work ...

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    ...succeed in this project. Any experience with data analysis techniques, including geocoding and overlay analysis, is a plus. Your skill in converting raw data into useful information will be at the core of this project. Precision and attention to detail are vital for the delivery of accurate results. In particular, I need a PYTHON developer to solve my problem. I have three datasets * Mexico shapefile - here you will find the shape file of Mexican municipality * 702825266707_s - here you will find perfiles_serieii where you define the condition to select the points I would like to overlay on the SOIL UNIT * SOTERLAC - here you find the soil units I would like to create optimal poppy suitability in terms of temperature, rain, and soil pH. To map these characteristics across...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional to aid in the creation of a map using ArcMap with the key intent being data visualization. Key Responsibilities: - Utilizing ArcMap for map creation - Designing maps focused on visualizing specific data Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in using ArcMap software - Noteworthy experience in map creation and spatial analysis - Has an excellent understanding of data visualization methods. Be ready to share work samples related to this project's requirements.

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    ...include shape files and gridded data. You will be tasked with mapping these layers along with ESRI data. Expertise in integrating various data sources into a single, coherent visual representation is crucial. • Data Format: The data files are in Shapefile format. You should have experience and proficiency in working with this type of file, ensuring accurate and effective mapping of the given data. Ideal skills for this project include advanced GIS mapping, the ability to interpret various datasets (including ESRI), and proficiency in working with Shapefile data formats. Experiences in projects involving population studies, land use, and deforestation would be advantageous....

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    Transformation of the file to csv format and shapefile of points.

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    GIS map making for academic research Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in GIS software and tools - Strong knowledge of cartography and map design principles - Ability to gather necessary data for the map - Experience in Land suitability Analysis and creating thematic maps for academic purposes - Attention to detail and ability to accurately represent data on the map I have all the required shapefile and Arc GIS data needed for suitability analysis, you just need to have to do Land suitability Analysis for Proposal of water Dam and suggest suitable areas for the proposals.

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    The malaria risk information layer has been downloaded, then transformed to shapefile to calculate the centroid coordinates and obtain the risk values. Finally it was converted to CSV

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me convert an Excel file into a GIS layer. The Excel file is in .xlsx format. I am not sure if I need any specific spatial references or projections for the GIS layer, as well as any specific attributes or fields. Skills and experience required: - Profici...fields. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in GIS software and tools - Knowledge of Excel file formats and conversion processes - Familiarity with different spatial references and projections in GIS - Ability to work with and manipulate attribute data in GIS layers The file contains Crash Data and is in New York State in Westchester County along NYS Route 9. After Crash Layers/Shapefile is created, would like a kernel density layer created based on crashes throughout the...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop an open source ArcGIS web app tool. I'm looking for help building an arcgis online application tool where any user can visit the online application and upload their address point data file (in excel format - the excel file will already have lat/long) using an easy drag and drop option as the primary way of importing the data. From there, ...and drop their excel file into the application and it will automate all the actions mentioned above and create a mapping visualization where the user can sort the data in the map by 1. technology Fiber, Cable, Copper, Licensed Fixed Wireless, etc. 2. Filter by Company Name or 3. Filter by Served, Underserved and/or Unserved status. The user should also have the option to download the data as a ...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can build an application in ArcGIS that automates the process of uploading an Excel file, integrating the user-provided data with an API and creating a mapping visualization that can be downloaded as a shapefile. Purpose of Mapping Visualization: - The main purpose of the mapping visualization is to create an easy to use drag and drop application that is automated for the user. Database: - The client already has a database where the Excel data would be uploaded. Map Interface Customization: - The client requires a highly customized map interface with unique features and design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in ArcGIS and experience in developing applications using it - Strong knowledge of database management and integratio...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can develop an ArcMap Python script to generate reports for assisting in marking class assignments. Purpose of the script: - The main purpose of the script is to generate reports based on the provided data. Level of complexity in the reports: - The reports should be basic, with summarized data. Format or layout of the reports: Specifically. Write a python script for version to evaluate a series of ArcMap 10.8.2 Desktop MXD files located in subdirectories to assist in evaluating student work. The following is required in an Adobe PDF file upon completion of the script name of the PDF file will be based upon the first 14 characters of the MXD file being evaluated and all PDF files will be stored in a new directory called "eva...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to assist me with downloading spatial data in the form of a shapefile database. The preferred file format for the database is .shp (Shapefile). There is no need for any additional data processing or visualization services. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in working with spatial data and shapefile databases - Proficiency in downloading and handling shapefile databases - Attention to detail to ensure accurate and complete data download I need download entire database (.shp) from all states (Acre, Amapá, Ceará...) and all provinces of which state. print instructions. difficulties (captcha)

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    I am looking for someone to help me with a quick task related to raster image masking with shapefile in geoserver application. The purpose of the task is to remove unwanted elements from the image. The final output format should be GeoTIFF, but there is no specific deadline for the task. I would be grateful if you could help me with this task. Hello! I have a small project where I am stuck with a functionality involving larger raster image masking as per the shapefile in a geoserver based setup. We are not able to apply SLD on the the NDVI masked layer. Please, contact me back if you have any relative experience and would like to take up this quick task on hourly basis. Thank you. I Shiva Rama K. Thank you.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me extract the land use layer from a custom web map. The ideal can...experience working with web mapping technologies and be familiar with extracting data from various sources. Web map link: Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in working with web mapping technologies such as Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, or Bing Maps - Experience extracting data and layers from web maps - Knowledge of different file formats, particularly GeoJSON and shapefile - Ability to work with different data formats and convert them to the desired output format - Strong problem-solving skills and ability to advise on specific requirements for the land use layer Please provide your past experience and any relevant projects in your proposal.

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    ...script that can extract text information from JPEG photos and integrate it within ArcMap. Requirements: - Ability to extract text information from JPEG photos - Familiarity with ArcMap and its integration capabilities - Strong programming skills to develop a custom application or script Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or Java - Experience with image processing and extraction techniques - Knowledge of ArcMap and its functionalities The desired outcome is to have a seamless integration of the extracted text information within ArcMap. This will allow for efficient and accurate analysis of the data. The extracted information should be incorporated into ArcMap in a format that is easily accessible and u...

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    ... Additionally, the website should allow the visualization and hiding of shapefiles through a selection menu in the sidebar. Other necessary functionalities include loading geotiff raster files, clicking on plotted objects to view a form with shapefile attributes, and zooming and moving the map in all directions. Google Maps image and raster geotiff must always be below properties, notices, and protection areas. Finally, the website should have a printing function that presents the contents viewed on the screen and their properties as with shapefile attributes. Please include in your proposal an estimated time and cost and examples of similar previous work that you have done. I am looking forward to working with you. The folders are: Property: '/properties/'...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a GIS map that will display water analysis data. I will provide the shapefiles for this project. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in GIS software and tools - Experience working with shapefiles and data sources - Ability to visualize data and create interactive web maps -show data on map -filter data -print data

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    Estimate PET for all India using gridded Temperature data. Perform the following exercises: (i) PET estimated for India (using shapefile for India) at the scale of the gridded temperature data using: a) Hargreaves method,

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    I need to use a list of points that connect with each other to create a shapefile to open it with ArcGIS / QGIS Requirements: - The contour lines (group of points) must be exactly the same in the shapefile as it is in Unity. - The export function must be able to work during runtime.

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    I have some shapefiles and I use R to process data in shapefiles by reading the dbf files from within in the shapefiles and generating graphs. Recently we have got shapefiles where data formatting and names of columns are different than we currently have. I need someone to edit our existinbg R code so that we get exactly the same output as we were from the old code using the new files. Please share your past experience of similar work. All Agency and Auto generated proposals will be rejected. Write "R" in the beggining our your cover letter so that I know you read the entire job description. Thank you

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    I am seeking technical assistance with getting started using downloads from The National Map (). The file types they offer for download are Shapefile, FileGDB, and Geo Package. My initial interest is simply to be able to download a data type, such as Structures, and understand the data that's available for three or four states. This a research project, not a production project. Simply being able to download the data and open it with some software where I can do basic SQL sorts and selections on ftype, fcode, and name is all I need in this initial stage. I DO NOT NEED TO GET INTO plotting points or boundaries on a map or to do GIS queries such as CONTAINS, etc. I just need help in selecting the right tool to open one of the file types that's available

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    GIS Mapping Encerrado left

    I'm looking for a freelancer to create a GIS mapping project with regional detail and deliver it in a GIS shapefile format. I need a map of the region with precise street level details, so that I can analyze the terrain and different features in the area. I understand that this may be a large task, and am willing to negotiate fair terms for a well-crafted deliverable.

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    I am looking for a skilled ArcMap developer who can help me correct the vertices in my polygon data. I am working specifically with polygon data and have a list of requirements for the corrected vertices that need to be met. The ideal candidate should have experience working with ArcMap 10.7 or later. Some of the key skills required for the job include: - Strong understanding of ArcMap tools and functionality - Experience working with polygon data - Ability to meet specific requirements for the corrected vertices - Attention to detail and ability to identify and correct errors in data If you have experience working with ArcMap and are confident in your ability to correct the vertices in polygon data, I would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of si...

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    28 ofertas geological knowledge is required. We are hoping to build the app in several stages, culminating in a user interface where people can upload pictures of rocks they see in the field. But for this initial phase, I am looking to create a simple location-based map that overlays GIS shapefiles onto the terrane. The user can then click a geological unit and display information filtered from the shapefile attribute table. The app should include interactive maps, images and videos to engage users. The level of geological information required is basic, with a focus on providing easy-to-understand content for users. The app should be user-friendly and designed for all ages and platforms, and have the ability to work without a cell signal and offline. We would likely continue the wo...

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    I want a maximum density map of Greater Sydney in the form of a PNG image that can...word document. It would constructed in two layers. The bottom layer would be a satellite image such as that on Google maps. The top layer would be a color coded map of median rentals at the level of Mesh Blocks, which are the smallest geographic areas defined for the Australian census. There are almost 61,000 Mesh Blocks in Greater Sydney. The attached Excel file contains the link to the shapefile, the lookup table for the median rents and the scheme for color coding. About 17,000 of the Mesh Blocks are non-residential and thus NA in respect of median rental. They would be transparent, such that the bottom layer shows trough. The Mesh Blocks in the top layer should be borderless, keeping the ima...

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    I am in need of a reliable freelancer to collect county tax parcel information with expertise in GIS mapping. The parcels should be delivered in shapefile format, and the freelancer should have past experience in delivering this type of work. This is a long-term project, with ongoing updating of the data needed. Successful freelancers should provide their past work as part of their project proposal to demonstrate their expertise. The is a long term job, and the data will need to be reliably and regularly updated. Thank you in advance for your interest and I look forward to working with you. I will want to see samples. Please contact me with questions. *** The collection of the tax parcel data from the internet is more important to me than the management of the data. ***

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    I need a console application written with C# to automate the process of exporting the ArcFM MapBook. Configurations should include all the needed parameters for the export process like stored display name, grid layer name...etc. ArcMap and ArcFM 10.8.1

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    I need script in vs code for python and i need requirement file as well. 1.i have a folder it have so many zip folder 2. the first step is to unzip all the folders 3. each folder has 5 different shapefile Trasse, Netzelemente, Pressbohrungen, Rohrnetzknoten, Spuelbohrungen. we create a new table named Trasse in the database and the coloums for this table we take coloums from the trasse shape file eg fid, geom, nutzung, bauweise, medien, baudatum, laenge_in_, device_nam, kw, and then we add two more coloums called file name, data_import(time stamp) the file name coloum we need to fill it with the folder name wich we unzipped and time as timestamp this process we fill the datatable with all the trasse data from each folder create another datatable called Netzelemente

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    Need a simple script that you can upload a shapefile and convert it to kml

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    Hola! estoy buscando de alguien que pueda desarrollar unos mapas (ya tengo los shapefiles y los indicadores), el detalles es que en el shapefile necesito unir las zonas geográficas, por ejemplo, unir paises en formas de regiones y así

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    I need some very basic code that will show me how to load a shape file using Vue.js and leaflet. I need the ability to click a button and select a shapefile zip file and have it displayed using in a vue 2.0 project. I cannot use Vue 3.0. Create a new Vue 2.0 project

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    Hello! I would like to have golf courses digitized using GIS. These polygons need to be topologically correct, classified into five fields and have enough vertices to look smooth when printed (digitized at a suitable scale). The five fields are “Tee Box”, “Fairway”, “Green”, “Sand” and “Water”. Don’t worry about creating a map, the polygon shapefile containing the 5 fields are all that is required. This should be delivered in an appropriate and consistent coordinate system (UTM). If able, you may use a remote sensing software and use some automated classification techniques to speed up the process while ensuring quality and accuracy are maintained. I personally have not had success doing this. To start, I’d...

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    ArcGIS ArcPy Fishnet Encerrado left

    I would like a python notebook that creates subgrids based on size and orientation of a known polygon feature grid system. Polygon lines need to match up. I can provide the shapefile for the known polygon feature. There will be 3 user inputs. 1. Polygon feature the template extent will be base on. 2. Sub-grids width. 3. Sub-grids height.

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    System I'm using is arcmap 10.8. Need help with a special tool that will offset point shapefile to nearest polyline at a specific azimuth ( for example east or west to nearest polyline) and search radius distance. Arcmap has a tool that will offset points but they are offset at random azimuth. This tool is called Near (Analysis) (Tool). I would need this tool to be able to move the points at nearest polyline at desired azimuth only and specified radius only. Also i would need to offset any points inside any polygon, at specific azimuth (east or west) and radius distance.

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    The project consists of image analysis by using Arcmap, knowledge of Arcmap and GIS is mandatory, including earth observation and related technology. Produce a map showing the flooded region using aerial optical images as well as space-borne SAR intensity and coherence images with the aid of a Geographic Information System (GIS) software - with strong understand of remote sensing

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    Short preview of routing app: Scope: Estimate Your Arrival Time, Route Planning (Plot, move and delete way-points with ease. Then the app will plan the best route based on the departure time, contour depths and boat settings). I can deliver the depths into the following formats: ASCII, XYZ, DTM/DEM as digital terrain models or contours as shapefile The web app technology stack will be chosen taken into consideration that there will be developed an iOS/Android app based on the webapp. Functionalities: - Find my location - Add points on the map in order to calculate the route on the sea (Plot, move and delete way-points with ease): a) Click the map to set your start position or use current location b) Click the map to set your end position - Plot route (add

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    I need few maps to be done on ArcMap Whole Continent of Africa they are around 7 maps 5 usd per map

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    Mapa Web (Mapbox) Encerrado left

    Estoy construyendo un mapa web con html y Mapbox Gl. Tengo un botón para importar una capa desde el computador de usuario, y necesito resolver las siguientes problemáticas: -Que el formato de importación sea kml, shapefile o geojson. -Que al importar la capa el mapa se centre en ella. -Tengo un menú para cambiar mapa base, y necesito que al cambiar mapa base la capa importada no desaparezca. Tengo el código del mapa escrito, y necesito resolver esos problemas.

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    - Create database with shapefile and associated information (relational database and geospatial database) - Integrate with website, retrieve and visualize the information on a map with possibility to enter additional data - Integration with back-end with remote sensing capabilities such as retrieve satellite imagery - Application of forestry and agriculture algorithms such as LULC/NDVI, including graphical and GIS visualization of results - Python - ArcPy - GeoTIFF files - React - React.JS - Leaflet - Chart Interface - RestAPI - PostGIS/mongoDB/PostgreSQL - Google Cloud/Google Earth Engine/Google Maps

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    ...from state – district – block – village (as per the Census of India official data) and also an option of manual input that can be filled by user. iii) Geo-coordinates, its accuracy and time stamp to be automatically fetched using onboard mobile GPS once “obtain location” is clicked which will include latitude, longitude, altitude/elevation, accuracy. # (For ease the POI would be Point type shapefile). iv) A unique ID of the POIs to be allotted in database for records only if the PoI is successfully submitted by the user (alphanumeric with a logic StDstBlk00001).# v) Maximum of two pictures from different angle. # (may require image compression at client end to ensure max limit upto 500 KB/pic) vi) Ownership of PoI being captured (may be Govt o...

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    help with arcmap Encerrado left

    Need someone to repair a shapefile

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    Take a data set in a CSV file format containing location coordinates and attribute data such as thickness values and/or a shapefile and create or update a DWG AutoCAD file containing the attribute data which can then be used to create annotated drawings in Civil3D (or other version) .

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    Hi, I have an QT based application that uses QT Map plugin to get map data from Google Maps. I need to overlay GeoTiff/Shapefiles over the Map plugin. Deliverable will be a sample QT project with File Input dialogue box in the UI. GeoTiff/Shapefile will be input from the File Dialogue box. These GeoTiff/Shapefiles should be displayed in the QT Map plugin along with option to hide either Google Maps layer or GeoTiff/Shapefile layer as per user input. QT version: 5.15.2 OS: Ubuntu 20.04

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    autocad work Encerrado left

    Project with about 140 trees that need to be added to a CAD layer along with their canopy spread and TPZ areas (essentially 2 circles around each point). Done to a scale. I can supply either a shapefile of the data points, canopy spreads and tpz areas or a spreadsheet with that data

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    I need counting of names and aliases (entities) in pdf documents . output is a python script Aliases need to be handled properly to avoid double count output is a altered dbf file for each document (arcgis shapefile) output is a text or excel database file for all documents test documents and original shapefile are supplied

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