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    O freelancer deverá conhecer as linguagens = C / vhdl / verilog e já ter trabalhado com FPGA / ASIC Portar e otimizar um código que já tenho pronto em "c" para vhdl ou verilog esse código gera uma string de 14 / 15 dígitos, será usado uma placa fpga xillinx spartan 6 ( a empresa xillinx disponibiliza todo o ambiente necessário ). converter a string em Sha256 usando placa asic depois de convertido em sha256 compara com um sha256 informado no inicio do processo, se igual finaliza, se não reinicia o processo. Deverá ser usado a Raspberry Pi 3 para termos uma interface ( teclado e monitor ) para inserir o código inicial

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    Hi We are a start-up English online courses Academy in Egypt, and we are looking for a remote VA/Data entry person who is willing to grow with us (hopefully, the project can develop into a long-term project). The salary and budget are very tight, because we are just starting out. But we hope that the budget will increase in the future, once the business become up and running. I am searching for a remote VA and Data entry professional, who can help me promote my English Academy on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok). The VA tasks will be as follows: 1. Create weekly 10 posts (Images) (about English-Learning content) on Canva. You can use AI to find ideas. These 10 posts will be used to share them on social media across the week. (2 posts per day x 5 days a week) 2. Cre...

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    I am looking for a tutor who can teach physics to someone in their first year of engineering college. I prefer the tutor to be from Egypt and speak Arabic. The tutor must have a college degree in physics or a similar area. Here's what I need in a tutor: *Really good at understanding and explaining physics, especially the parts important for engineering. *Has experience teaching one person or a few people at a time. *Can speak and explain things clearly

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    I'm looking for a seasoned firmware developer to create firmware for an MCU controller board. We are actually designing a PCB board using an ASIC chip. We have to add a MCU to access the ASIC chip, so we need firmware.

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    I'm experiencing a critical issue with my WordPress website and the "WPML String Translation" plugin. After deactivating the plugin due to an error, all custom posts have disappeared, and it also impacted the function of my subdomain website. The specific tasks the successful applicant will handle are: * Investigate the root cau...handling similar plugin errors In your application, share how your experience and skills equip you to tackle these issues. Be as specific as possible to aid my selection process. To be honest, this is an urgent issue, but we are facing difficulties in processing payments in dollars in Egyptian banks - Please wait a little before receiving your money - You must arrange a credit card from outside Egypt for payment. Do you agree with tha...

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    I am searching for a talented videographer and editor based in Egypt to join me in a long-term project focused mainly on brand promotions. Key Responsibilities: - Videography, with a strong capacity in lighting setup - Video editing, transforming raw footage into compelling promotional content - Bringing creativity to direction and overall story of the videos Ideal Candidate: - Must be located in Egypt - Needs to have a robust and diverse portfolio demonstrating previous work Please include examples of your past work related to brand promotion videos in your application for consideration. This exciting opportunity awaits a creative and passionate individual ready to make a long-term commitment.

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    I am seeking an experienced professional to elevate the online presence of my tour company, specifically catering to cultural and historical tours in Egypt. The goal is to list our tours on TripAdvisor, Expedia, and , thus allowing tourists to discover and reserve tours with us easily. Please submit proposals detailing your approach, from ensuring accurate and compelling listings to maximizing visibility among the target audience. Demonstrable experience in digital marketing or advertising within the travel/tourism industry will strengthen your application. Let's make Egypt's cultural and historical wonders accessible to more global travelers together! IDEAL SKILLS: - Digital marketing/advertising - Experience in the travel industry - Knowledge of TripAdvisor, Expedia,...

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    ASIC Bitcoin Miner PCB Board Electronics Design 1- component sourcing & block diagram 2- schematic design 3- PCB layout design and component placement 4- Routing and Design Verification 5- Documentation to use the board and Production data ( Gerber, NC drill, Pick and place and Bill of Material etc.)

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    I am seeking expertise in Arabic affiliate marketing, specifically someone who can enhance our content marketing strategy. Although the target countries were left unspecified, proficiency in the Arabic language is a must. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and manage an effective content marketing strategy. - Monitor and analyze performance, ROI and KPIs. - Sugge...application: - Experience in a similar role. - Examples of past work and successes. - Proposals for this specific project, based on the information given. The main focus here is on content marketing, therefore, knowledge and experience in this particular strategy is crucial. If you can also provide insights on improving our strategies for other Arabic-speaking countries outside Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt, that would b...

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    تصميم ثري دي لفيلا وأوت دور لفيلا ٢٨٠ م دورين وروف مع الجنينة الخلفية والمدخل الأمامي يشمل التصميم ثري دي وتو دي وshop drawings and presentation المطلوب مصري او مصرية مقيم في مصر لسهولة التواصل Only Egyptian lives in Egypt Please, for better communication

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    We are in the early stages of creating an AI-powered call center service tailored for businesses in Egypt, such as restaurants and car dealerships. Our goal is to leverage GPT-4 integrated with AI text-to-speech and speech-to-text models to provide seamless, efficient, and cost-effective customer service solutions. We are seeking an experienced developer to help us create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that demonstrates the feasibility and potential of this service. Requirements: - Expertise in AI and Machine Learning: Proficiency in working with GPT-4 or similar models, with a focus on natural language processing and understanding. Experience with speech-to-text and text-to-speech technologies is essential. - Software Development Skills: Strong background in software development,...

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    ...facilities in Dubai. **Requirements:** - Robust knowledge in steam and hot water system maintenance, crucial for our daily operations. - Ability to comission the system, later service and maintain boilers within the hospitality sector, focusing on the demands and standards of hotels and resorts. - Must be located in or willing to travel to Dubai if required travelling to different countries like Oman, Egypt, Saudi is required. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record of comissioning, maintaining and repairing boiler systems, with specific experience in steam and hot water systems. - Familiarity with the hospitality industry's unique needs and requirements is highly advantageous. - Strong problem-solving abilities, capable of diagnosing and rectifying boiler i...

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    We are currently seeking a highly skilled and experienced developer to build a social media application for a social club in egypt with integrated live streaming functionality. In this role, you will have the opportunity to showcase your expertise in front-end and back-end development, as well as your knowledge of social media APIs and live streaming technologies. As a developer on this project, your primary responsibility will be to build a robust and user-friendly application that allows users to create profiles, connect with friends, post updates, share media content, and most importantly, stream live videos. This application will revolutionize the way people engage with social media platforms and provide a seamless and immersive live streaming experience. To be successful in ...

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    I am embarking on an exciting journey to establish a medium-sized dive center in Hurghada, Egypy, aiming to welcome both beginner and experienced divers. To ensure the success of this venture, I am seeking professional assistance in several critical areas. Here's a quick rundown of what I'm looking for: - **Business Planning**: Strategic advice to create a robust business model tailored to the diving industry. Experience in financial projections and market analysis is essential. - **Licensing and Permits**: Guidance through the process of obtaining all necessary local and national permissions to operate legally and safely. - **Recruiting and Hiring**: Support in identifying and hiring a team of passionate and qualified diving instructors and staff. Knowledge of the local employm...

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    I am Yousef, from Egypt, seeking a freelancer proficient in authoring health-related articles. As an instigator of health knowledge through content, your expertise will be indispensable. Specifically, you will be tasked with: - Generating engaging and insightful content primarily centred on health and wellness. - Ensuring that the articles are unique, free from plagiarism and well-researched. - Providing high-quality articles as soon as possible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience as a content writer, preferably within the health sector. - Excellent command of the English language. - Ability to consistently meet deadlines. Engage, inform and inspire with your words. Let's change the landscape of health content – one article at a time!

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    I want an experienced programmer who has previously dealt with a bot to book automatic appointments and fill them automatically. I want to book appointments for Almaviva Egypt, and I want the bot to be fast and faster than humans.

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    I'm in need of a Fintech expert to help me assess potential markets in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and Egypt. Your task will include but not be limited to: Identify language/cultural, structural, and legal barriers to assessing the markets — the local tax system, regulations, legislation, and everything that impacts Payment Service Fintechs' operations Identify possible payment partners — gateway, processing, and payment logistics nuances of the country Analyze the market/economy strengths and weaknesses, market size, customer profile and behavior, competition level (major players, competitive landscape, strength of the competition, and the strategies they’re using), and so on Create a market entry strategy and a go-to-market...

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    ...capture the voice of a knowledgeable professor, who is capable of fusing reality with fiction in a satirical and entertaining manner and doesn't take themselves too seriously. Ideal Skills: • Plenty of knowledge and high enthusiasm for Taylor Swift, her career and her music. • Strong knowledge and understanding of different historical eras including, but not limited to, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, biblical times, Renaissance, Elizabethan England, Victorian London, the roaring 20s, WW2, swinging 60s, and the freedom-loving 70s. Knowledge of political, social, and economic issues of each era is a must. • Proficient in speculative fan fiction writing and able to seamlessly blend real and fictional elements. • Exceptional creativity and innovative approa...

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    I'm in need of a Fresh Freelancer ASP.Net MVC developer to assist in creating a web application. The key functions of the project will include: having asic experience in .net mvc,

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    I'm in need of an Egyptian lawyer specializing in all facets of civil law, particularly property law. As the client, I require appropriate counsel on an issue I'm currently facing pertaining to this field. - Ideal Experience: Proven track record in dealing with property law matters, and extensive knowledge on the jurisdiction in Egypt is crucial. - Desired Skills: Excellent communication skills, attention to detail, adept at legal research and preparation of legal documents. - Additional Requirements: Understanding the complexity of the situation, providing me with potential outcomes and strategies to handle the issue will be key. A thorough understanding of Egyptian Property Law is fundamental. Maintain confidentiality and professionalism throughout the process.

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    I require a freelancer to help map out spatiotemporal tourist behaviours and hotspots in Egypt, utilizing both Flickr and Twitter's location-based photo-sharing services from 1/23 to 12/23. The scope of the project entails: - Extraction of both user demographic data and geo-tagged photo data from these platforms. - Proficiency in handling APIs, data scraping, and geo-tagged data from both Flickr and Twitter are prerequisite skills. - Experience in demographics and behavioural analysis is desirable. - The finalized data gathered needs to be presented in an interactive map. Skills in data visualization and mapping tools are crucial. In summary, the freelancer needs aptitude in data mining, data visualization, behavioral analysis and proficiency in handling social media tools. ...

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    I'm seeking an individual adept in social media analysis to conduct a comprehensive geo-tagging analysis in Egypt from January to December 2023. This project will be focusing on four major platforms; Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Instagram. Data collected will be broad and include location data, user demographics, engagements (likes, comments, shares) and a thorough hashtag analysis. Key Objectives: - Identify popular tourist destinations - Track user sentiment towards specific locations - Analyze social media user behavior The ideal candidate for this project would have a strong track record in social media data analysis and interpretation, with a deep understanding of geo-tagging systems and practices. Proficiency in utilizing advanced tools and software for data extracti...

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    I need a skilled graphic designer to create an eye-catching logo for my real estate company based in Hurghada, Egypt. The logo should encapsulate the essence of our modern and minimalistic brand identity and complement the aesthetic of our target market of upscale property buyers. Key requirements: - Color Palette: Primarily green, reflecting growth and prosperity. - Style: A modern and minimalist design that conveys elegance and simplicity. - Symbol: Incorporate a property-related symbol that is easily identifiable and relates to the real estate industry. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in graphic design, specifically in creating logos. - An understanding of real estate branding. - Proficiency in design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Sketch. - Creative thinking with at...

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    Project Title: Logo Design for a New Construction Company in Egypt has name HBC or HBG so logo for both until i decide which name i will decide. Preferred Color Scheme: - Open to suggestions for the color scheme Design Elements: - Open to suggestions for design elements and symbols - No specific design elements or symbols in mind - Would appreciate assistance in refining any rough ideas Logo Style: - No preference for abstract, text-based, or illustrative style Ideal Skills and Experience: - Logo design experience - Knowledge of construction industry and relevant design trends - Creativity and ability to provide suggestions and refine ideas - Strong communication skills to understand client's vision and preferences

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    Seeking an adept legal assistant with extensive knowledge and experience in navigating ASIC regulations and negotiating terms and conditions. I require assistance in creating private funding contracts that are intended for securing investment funds and outlining the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. Fee: $50aud ... 1 WE WILL ALLOW 3 HOURS to complete this task. 2. Personal Guarantee to complete the task to our fullest satisfaction. 3. You must also Guarantee UNLIMITED REVISIONS to protect us from UNSCRUPULOUS Contractors. Key tasks include: - Ensuring compliance with ASIC regulations - Negotiating terms and conditions to best fit our goals - Addressing specific requirements in the contracts, such as confidentiality provisions, dispute resolution me...

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    Seeking an adept legal assistant with extensive knowledge and experience in navigating ASIC regulations and negotiating terms and conditions. I require assistance in creating private funding contracts that are intended for securing investment funds and outlining the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. Key tasks include: - Ensuring compliance with ASIC regulations - Negotiating terms and conditions to best fit our goals - Addressing specific requirements in the contracts, such as confidentiality provisions, dispute resolution mechanisms, and termination clauses Ideal candidates must have prior experience with finance-related contracts and ASIC compliance. Proficient negotiation skills and attention to detail are crucial for this role. Finally, must ...

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    I am in need of a skilled application tester, ideally located in Egypt, who is proficient in Arabic and has experience in functional, performance, and localization testing. Key Requirements: - Testing on both iOS and Android platforms - Focus on evaluating specific features such as: • Login and Registration • Push Notifications • In-app Purchases • Interface Fluency • Loading Speed The ideal candidate has a strong understanding of mobile applications and extensive expertise in the various methods of application testing. Fluency in Arabic is crucial, as the app is developed in this language.

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    I'm seeking an expert in DSSAT (the Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer) who can help me predict crop yields, specifically for cereal crops. Primary Responsibilities: - Agricultural data analysis to inform crop yield prediction. - Using DSSAT models, in particular...Experience And Skills: - Proficient in agricultural data analytics. - Prior proven experience working with DSSAT is a must. - Thorough understanding of cereal crops. - Strong knowledge of the Egypt's geographic characteristics and impact on agricultural yields. This project requires deep expertise in the DSSAT decision support system and a keen understanding of conditions for cereal crops in Egypt. This is a challenging opportunity that will yield considerable professional benefit to speci...

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    We are a dynamic tech company preparing for an expansion into the MENA and Gulf regions, and we are eager to begin assembling a high-performing team. If you are a passionate recruiter with a deep understanding of the MENA job market, we invite you to explore a potential partnership with us. In this role, you will work closely with our team to identify and fill sales positions across Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, UAE, and KSA. Your expertise in recruitment will be pivotal in sourcing, screening, and selecting top-tier talent for our growing organization. Your responsibilities will also include building and maintaining a robust talent pipeline and nurturing relationships with potential candidates. Staying informed about market trends and competitor hiring practices in the MENA region will be...

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    I'm looking for an individual with strong social media expertise to moderate a restaurant Facebook, Instagram and TikTok accounts. Your responsibilities will include: - Monitoring content media expertise to moderate a restaurant Facebook, Instagram and TikTok accounts. Your responsibilities will include: - Monitoring content and replying to every customer query. - Engaging with my audience by replying to the comments and direct messages across all three platforms. Language: Arabic and English - Respond to every query on a timely manner. * The restaurant is located in Egypt. The ideal candidate will have a background in social media moderation, fast response times and a keen eye for inappropriate content. Please have demonstrated success with previously man...

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    As the lead of a skilled copywriting team from Egypt, I specialize in crafting compelling sales copy for technology-related projects. We are equally proficient in online marketing, assuring you of comprehensive service for your campaign's success. - Specific Skills: Our top skills include copywriting with a focus on sales copy. Two team members are speedy writers. We assure you of dedicated service, ready to put in 10 hours daily for your business. - Area of Expertise: We possess particular expertise in creating persuasive sales copy. Backed with empirical knowledge and experienced intuition, we craft copy that resonates with prospective customers, compelling them to act. - Industry Experience: We are deeply acquainted with the technology industry, where we've previo...

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    Hello, I am looking for in Instagram and website management from Egypt. Your primary responsibilities would include: - Instagram Engagement: In order to boost our brand image and reach, I need someone who knows the ins and outs of Instagram and can strategically increase our account's engagement rates. With your help, I look forward to seeing a significant rise in the quality and quantity of meaningful interactions on our platform. - Website Updating: Apart from managing Instagram, I require a skilled hand at updating the content on our website regularly. An ability to present our latest products, news, and offerings in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner would be highly valuable. The ideal freelancer for this project should be skilled in social media management...

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    Searching for a talented photographer to capture the essence of Suez, Egypt through vibrant pictures. Here is what I need: - Variety of scenes showcasing famous landmarks, historical sites, and natural parks of Suez, Egypt. - Exceptional attention to detail, light, and composition to bring out the beauty and uniqueness of these places. Skills and Experience: - Deep knowledge of photography techniques and equipment. - Previous experience in landscape, architecture, and cultural photography is a must. - Good understanding of Suez, Egypt, or willingness to research and familiarize with the area. -Punctuality is key as I need the project completed as soon as possible. Join me on this artistic venture to capture Suez like never before!

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    As a growing business, I am in need of a proficient security engineer who can secure both our Email and Network systems from potential hacking threats. Intimate knowledge of Microsof...for our email system. The applicant should possess: - Proven experience in email and network security - Expertise in securing Microsoft Office 365 systems - Familiarity with server systems In addition to securing the systems, the chosen professional should be willing to provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure our systems remain secure. Potential freelancers should be based in Egypt. This is an opportunity to provide critical support to a dedicated team, maintain our cybersecurity infrastructure, and help us operate effectively and securely. Project budget is negotiable based upon...

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    I need a seasoned marketing expert who can help me increase tourism towards Egypt within my company. I'm currently using Instagram as a promotional tool and would much prefer if we could explore expanding this platform. You will be creating strategies to maximise our reach and engagement on Instagram, ideally by leveraging our existing content mainly comprising of inspirational tourist destination images of Egypt. • Identifying optimal posting times and tailoring content to target demographics. • Devising innovative social media tactics to attract tourists chiefly from Instagram. • Successful candidates should have a strong portfolio of previously successful Instagram marketing campaigns, especially in the tourism sector. • In-depth knowledge of Inst...

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    ...implement a 2D convolution for the following image processing applications: edge detection and object recognition. • Core Requirements: - An extensive understanding of 2D Convolution and its application in edge detection and object recognition - Strong proficiency in Verilog programming language • Device specifications: - The 2D convolution algorithm needs to be coded specifically for an ASIC/FPGA device. Prior experience with designing for this platform is essential. This project demands precision, an in-depth understanding of image processing and excellent problem-solving skills. A proficiency in Verilog can significantly boost the effectiveness of the development process. Hence, expertise in Verilog is one of the key attributes I’m looking for. Look...

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    Taxif LLC is a multi-country transport company and we are looking for a management and process expert to redesign our company and conceive the different departments we could have within our entity, Our company has a call center comprising 58 agents, including 4 team leaders, and we operate in 6 countries: Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Zimbabwe, Your mission, To draw up an organization chart for our call center and the various departments that can be attached to our managing director as well as functions linked to each of them, including production, human resources, IT, marketing, advertising and finance/legal departments. Before engaging in the final project, a first draft must be applied and checked by our team. For more information, please...

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    I am looking for a talented designer who can create a wireframe for a landing page that will promote my product/service. I am open to any design style and would like the page to be responsive and adjust to different screen sizes. REQ: Need to build wireframe design for Wedding Banquet based on EGYPT theme Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in creating landing page wireframes - Strong design skills with the ability to create visually appealing and engaging designs - Knowledge of responsive design principles and the ability to create designs that work well on different screen sizes

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    I am seeking researchers in Cairo, Egypt to conduct market research for a retail audit. The ideal candidate should have good communication skills. You will have to own and android mobile device to be eligible for this project. You will visit 20 supermarkets in the city of Cairo, Egypt and the payment for this project is €140 Specific requirements for the project include: - Conducting a retail audits in Cairo, Egypt - Collecting data on an app - Must have an android device Skills and experience needed for this project: - Strong analytical skills - Excellent communication skills - Ability to finish the project by a specific deadline -Flexible schedule Requirements: Android Mobile Device Please get in contact if you are interested in this proj...

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    PLEASE NOTE: MAX BUDGET FOR THIS TASK IS 150$ AUD .DONT ASK FOR MORE!!!!! I M LOOKING FOR A FREELANCER TO INTEGRATE A MULTI-STEP FORM TO MY EXISTING WORDPRESS WEBISTE I WILL REQUIRE... 1. Frontend Development 2. JS validations for fields 3. PHP to handle backend 4. APIs to autofill 5. Mail function to collect all an... 4. APIs to autofill 5. Mail function to collect all and send over to your mail My webiste FORM NEEDS TO LOOK EXACTLY AS PER LINK BELOW Fields need to be as described in the spredsheet attached. Few fields need API’s to ASIC website register (I have an account) and

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    I am looking for a virtual assistant to provide sales and customer business. The ideal candidate should have the following skills and experience: This will be a full time job Tasks: - Providing sales support, including lead generation and follow-up - Assisting with customer support, responding to inquiries and resolving issues Workload: - The expected daily workload is 4-8 hours Skills and Experience: MUST BE ABLE TO WRITE IN ARABIC MUST BE LOCATED IN EGYPT - Specific skills and experience are necessary for this position - Experience in sales or customer support roles is preferred - Strong communication and problem-solving skills are required If you are organized, detail-oriented, and have a passion for providing excellent customer service, please apply for this...

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    I am urgently seeking an SEO specialist to enhance the online visibility of my cryptocurrency website. As an experienced professional in this field I Just need one hour consultation send me your best price since i have tight budget and need the service before 5 pm 1/9 egypt time

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    I have an urgent project that involves checking the directorship details through the Egypt National Business Registry. The objective of this project is to: - Provide accurate data for businesses - Identify potential fraud - Enhance transparency in business operations I'm looking for an expert who can effectively and quickly navigate through the Registry and verify the employment details - specifically directorship credentials - based on given Names and ID numbers. Your role will cover: - Verifying the accuracy of director information - Identifying any potential conflicts of interest - Ensuring compliance with legal requirements The ideal candidate will have experience with similar tasks and be well-versed in Egyptian business laws and regulations, with top-notch attention t...

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    ...profile along with any other aesthetic requirements to deliver a professional and entrepreneurial persona. I'm a construction engineer by education, a Hydraulic Frac Engineer by profession, an operations & projects manager by experience, an entrepreneur & business owner by upbringing & "life". I was born and raised in Dubai worked in multiple cities in multiple countries: US: Tulsa, OKC, NYC Egypt: Cairo, Eastern Desert, Western Desert Australia: Sydney, Brisbane, Perth Currently in Abu Dhabi working for ADNOC Onshore (National Oil Company as a Senior Engineer) There are two reasons behind updating my resume and linkedin profile: 1) I have been in a new role since 2019 where i've done multiple roles that i've not yet updated 2) I'm app...

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    ...join our dynamic team. We are embarking on the development of a cutting-edge ASIC miner for Bitcoin, and we are looking for a skilled professional to lead the design and implementation of the SHA-256 mining software. Position Overview: As an ASIC Miner Software Engineer specializing in SHA-256 mining, you will play a crucial role in developing the software that drives our next-generation Bitcoin mining hardware. The successful candidate will have a deep understanding of cryptographic algorithms, particularly SHA-256, and possess expertise in low-level programming for efficient mining operations. Responsibilities: 1. Algorithm Design and Optimization: - Collaborate with hardware engineers to understand the ASIC architecture and design mining algorithms optimize...

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    I require a talented and experienced UI/UX designer to create a professional portfolio website for me as a web developer (ONLY ONE PAGE WITH MULTI SECTIONS). I'm in need of a site that will effectively showcase my skills and experience. Unfortunately, I did not specify the sections I wish to be featured prominently, therefore I rely on your expertise to guide the project to success. You are...project must be completed within a month. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Proven UI/UX design experience - Strong understanding of the principles of design - Familiarity with web development - Excellent communication and collaboration skills - Previous work on professional portfolio websites will be advantageous. YOU MUST PROVIDE SHOWCASE FOR YOUR PREVIOUS WORK YOU MUST BE FR...

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    I'm seeking an expert in pre-employment vetting, more specifically in company record checks in Egypt. My focus lies primarily on the verification of company ownership and shareholder information. The task at hand demands: - Extensive experience in conducting company record checks. - Proven record of accurate shareholder information retrieval. - Proficiency in corporate legalities in Egypt, particularly surrounding shareholder identities. To be successful in this assignment, you should have a deep understanding of Egyptian corporate record systems and legal structures. Your task will be to concisely verify the identity of the shareholders. Any related academic qualification or formal training in the field will be highly advantageous.

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    I am seeking a freelancer who can expertly integrate both Paypal and Wise payment systems for my project. The main aim is to streamline the process of withdrawing profits from TikTok and other freelance platforms for individuals based in Egypt. If you have an in-depth working knowledge of these payment processes and a rich experience in freelance platforms, then you're exactly what I'm looking for. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven past work in a related field - Extensive experience with Paypal and Wise integration - Understanding of Egyptian regulations regarding online transactions To apply, impress me with details of how you've previously resolved similar challenges. Highlight your expertise in integrating payment systems on freelance platforms. Showcase pas...

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    I need an expert freelancer to integrate an Egyptian bank to my existing WooCommerce website. The tasks needed include: - Integrating the bank's payment gateway to my site. - Enabling real-time transaction updates to maintain a streamlined process. The ideal candidate should have solid experience in WordPress and WooCommerce platform, a strong understanding of payment gateway integration, and a grasp of transaction updates in real-time. Familiarity with Egyptian banks will be a significant plus. Sound knowledge about maintaining secure and efficient transaction processes is essential. Proven success record of similar projects is greatly appreciated. I look forward to witness a boost in the efficiency of financial operations on my website once these features are in place.

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    I'm in need of a creative and skilled designer who can replicate the essence of Ancient Egypt and Islamic history in my attached frame. Interested freelancers should ideally be familiar with the specific elements and symbols from these historical periods including but not limited to Islamic architecture, calligraphy and elements from Ancient Egypt. Knowledge in historical contemporary design is also a plus. However, the style or elements from it were not particularly specified. Your understanding and artistic interpretation of these aspects will play a key role in the execution of the design. Looking forward to authentic and thoughtful designs worthy of history.

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