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    Trata-se de de uma placa de dois lados que já temos desenvolvida como prototipo e desejamos realizar ajustes e novas impressoes. Possui processador atmel2560, 24 bornes, RTC, ethernet e sd card. Temos arquivo de impressão e fotolitos. Necessário fazer novo projeto PCB em formato Gerber com pequenos ajustes de conexão (basicamente definição de ligação entre bornes e portas digitais e analógicas.

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    Preciso de um projeto de uma placa, para copiar dados de um leitor de smart card e gravr em um banco de dados.<br />mais informações entre em contato comigo.<br /><br />melhores esplicação entre em contato via cha.

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    desenvolvimento para smartcard

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    Estou desenvolvendo um site para assinar documentos em PDF utilizando leitor SmartCard com certificado modelo A3. Preciso de algum desenvolvedor experiente para criar essa etapa do projeto.

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    We have a pcb deisng with firmware that works quite well, we would like to add a couple of features (additional input contact and ntc reading) and so a redesign and a firmware change is required. We need a development company with a lot of experience with pcb design and atmel platform. No prototype needed, we will take care of that. Please begin you bid with atmel, to be sure you read the above. Otherwise your bid will not be considered. Many thanks

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    I am looking for a professional Atmel firmware engineer with experience in Zigbee protocol. Our custom board is designed to send data over Zigbee. The other parts are working great. We just have an issue in Zigbee communication. It is mainly related with the Zigbee message packet. I can provide with the existing Atmel source code. The task is to review the existing project and resolve the Zigbee communication issue. Only apply if you have experience with Zigbee. To prove that you are serious, please start your proposal with a word "zigbee".

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    Solve the null reference issues in the source code. Below is the attached file for the exact issue. We have been building on the Javacard platform since the past 3 years. Keywords - jcop3, nxp, smartcard, javacard

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    A cyclic buffer working with DMA to send and receive from an UART (SERCOM). Seperate buffer for sending and receiving. Working on the SAM4L8-XPRO board and for the SAM4C Series. Written in C, fully bare metal (no intermediate libraries). Wrapping of buffer handled with DMA interrupts. Handling buffer boundaries (no override of input / output area). Functions to grab buffer In and Out position. And to specify the amount of data to be send (mainly end-pointer or count of characters). Additionaly UART setup routine (only Baudrate). For the project I provide additional specification as PDF as attached.

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    Guten Tag, können Sie eine bestehende Software für einen ATMEL Chip ändern?

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    We are looking for electrical and electronics engineers with good experience in following areas: • Embedded C Programming. • VHDL/Verilog, LabVIEW/ Multisim/PSPICE • Network Simulator NS2/NS3 • Microcontroller like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, FPGA, AVR, PIC and STM32. • IDEs like Keil MDK V5, ATmel studio and MPLab XC8. • PLCs / SCADA • PCB Designing-Proteus, Eagle. • IOT Technologies like Ethernet, GSM GPRS. • HTTP Restful APIs connection for IOT Communications. Feel free to place your bid and mention your areas of expertise in your proposal. we highly encourage new freelancers to apply for this post.

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    Guten Tag, für ein bestehendes Projekt suche ich einen C Programmierer um einige Änderungen vorzunehmen. Ich glaube es ist in C geschrieben :-) Chip: ATXMEGA128A4U-MH Hier ein Auszug aus der main.c /** * file * * brief PS2-101 Ps - application entry point * */ /* * Include header files for all drivers that have been imported from * Atmel Software Framework (ASF). */ #include <asf.h> #include "as3911.h" #include "as3911_com.h" #include "as3911_interrupt.h" #include "iso14443a.h" #include "clock.h" #include "ic.h" #include "uart.h" #include "delay_wrapper.h" #include "sorex_hal/Communication/Rfid.h" #include "utils/debug.h" #include "utils/reschedule....

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    The project is to add the circuit into existing PCB. The circuit is offered. The designer will update the schematic and PCB. And if you know about firmware development for ATXMEGA128AiU and Atmel studio 7, it is preferred.

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    We would like to have developer, who can develop atmel or arduino devices which have 6 I/O and data output need in CSV format. Which can be communicate thre BT or Wifi to server or app.

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    The project is about programming an operational flow in an ATmega128 Atmel Micro-Controller. Application is controlled via a Nextion Touch Display. As per input on display, complete operation is to be executed to turn ON/OFF the peripherals. Number of Peripherals to be controlled: Digital Output: 17 (ON/OFF or HIGH/LOW) Digital Input: 07 (HIGH/LOW) Analog Input: 04 Nextion Touch Display GUI & Atmel128 Arduino IDE code is implemented. Freelancer just need to implement process level flow program. Request to freelancer to ask for more operation level details if interested.

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    Atmel ASF ADC Driver Encerrado left

    Need an example written for a SAML22 processor using ASF4 which allows for a multiple-input 12bit ADC reading. It is simple for anybody who knows Atmel products. Need to be able to read and convert a set of ADC inputs. Must have experience with AMM and SAM processors.

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    Assistance needed in porting code written for a PIC18F26K to a more modern model (that is in stock). Program is about 400 lines of C, I suspect the model number may need to be changed and a few pins remapped, but otherwise the code is usable. Currently using 1 A/D, TX/RX for serial and 4 GPIO pins. The code is doing battery management. If it is less time the code could be ported to Atmel or Arduino if decided, it is not doing a whole lot. Bonus points if you are familiar with Raspberry Pi. This project sends data via serial to the Pi and that also needs some updates. Can discuss that further after this is completed.

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    Urgente Secreto ADC
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    The task consist to create a bootloader for the SAMD21E17A Microcontroller based on the Microsoft/Adafruit UF2 Bootloader. It needs to be compatible with Arduino for uploading the code, customer requirement. The bootloader has been compiled, however there is no way to communicate with Arduino IDE. Variants were based on TAU and Trinket m0, no luck. It will be probably an easy fix, but I am stuck with it. Looks like some linker script or BOSSA configuration is wrong. I will share my code with you if you need it. Required skills/equipment: - linux/unix environment - C language - Development board with SAMD21E18 or E17 (not a must)

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    Description : Android device needs to use the certificate located on the SmartCard to authenticate using HTTPS proctocol. The certificate can be accessed from the PKI Applet using PKSC#11 API. The certificate is loaded in the slot / token structure on the PKI Applet and is protected with a PIN. The Smart Card is inserted into the P/SAM reader of the Android device. Requirements : - use the certificate from the PKI Applet on the Smart Card to establish SSL/TLS connection on Android - the solution for extracting the certificate used to authenticate needs to be APDU based (ISO/IEC 7816-4 standard) - deliver a test application where the given certificate is used to successfully authenticate with the given test url The needed Smart Card will be provided (based on J2D081), as well as th...

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    I am looking for electrical engineers to work for me on long term basis. I need engineers in different domains of electrical engineering. • Embedded C Programming. • VHDL/Verilog, LABView/ Multisim/PSPICE • Network Simulator NS2/NS3 • Microcontroller like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, FPGA, AVR, PIC and STM32. • IDEs like Keil MDK V5, ATmel studio and MPLab XC8. • PLCs / SCADA • PCB Designing-Proteus, Eagle. • IOT Technologies like Ethernet, GSM GPRS. • HTTP Restful APIs connection for IOT Communications.

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    We will keep on purchasing the products from ATMEL&Cypress in San Jose of CA, every month. We need the candidate with the products experience sales,purchasing,or R&D and better to live in the city . We have head office in Shanghai and representative office in VA,USA now and we are prepering to build up one chip technology company for the automotive industry.

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    We are one high-tech company headquatered in Shanghai city,CHINA, with business of automotive industry grade chip's IDM supplier design,tapeout,foundry,packaging, test,sales and international trade. We are active to seek some purchasi...chip's IDM supplier design,tapeout,foundry,packaging, test,sales and international trade. We are active to seek some purchasing managers for automotive chip in the countries and regions for chip manafacturers,especially in USA,Japan, Europe. For one purchasing manager for every chip manafacturer incl. TI(in DALAS),Diodes(in Dalas),Freescale(in Austin),ONSEMI and MICROCHIP( both in AZ),ATMEL and Cypress (both in San Jose of CA)Allegro(in NH,or MA),RENESAS (in Japan)ST (in Italy and French),Infineon (in Germany),TSMC(in Taiwan of ...

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    you just need to know how to do the pwm and adc code in c programming using atmel studio to link to servo motor, h bridge, sensor (pin) and the calculation to be completed in a few day

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    I am looking for an embedded system engineer who can help in bringing up an ATMEL based 32-bit ARM development/evaluation board who has experience in U-Boot, BSPs, JTAG, device drivers and utilities needed for bringing up a board.

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    Hi, We are looking for technical writers to write on different projects designed using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC, Atmel etc. Thanks.

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    ...iOS and Android that can interact with a bluetooth (Android and IOS) or USB (Android only) smartcard reader (ISO7861 compliant). The project will be executed in different phases. Phase 1: basic setup of the app (no interaction with a real SmartCardreader, only a mock of the reader) Phase 2: connectivity between the app and a BLE SmartCard reader on Android Phase 3: connectivity between the app and a BLE SmartCard reader on iOS Phase 4: connectivity between the app and a USB SmartCard reader on Android Note that the BLE device currently used is the ACSR3901SU. The details for phase 1 are described in attachment. For phase 1, we do not require that you have an experience with SmartCard readers interaction with IOS/Android apps, however...

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    ...The most important tool in the WDK is the SignTool. It is used for signing and potentially verifying drivers. Microsoft advises against using a certificate file (PFX) for signature purposes; instead, it recommends importing the certificate into the operating system’s certificate store and then performing the signature process. Additionally, an EV CS certificate is delivered on a USB token or smartcard rather than a PFX file." "Kernel-Mode Code Signing Requirements during Development and Test 64-bit versions of Windows starting with Windows Vista The kernel-mode code signing policy requires that a kernel-mode driver be test-signed and that test-signing is enabled. A test signature can be a WHQL test signature or generated in-house by a test certificate. Drivers mu...

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    TARGET CPU: ATSAM4S4B-AU A The purpose is to upgrade the target CPU using the SAM-BA protocol. You create a PC (Window) GUI and provide the source. The GUI is for confirming the completion of the work. I plan to reprogram using that source. You must have an ATSAM4S4B-AU or a board ...that source. You must have an ATSAM4S4B-AU or a board similar to the ATSAM4S. I do not provide H/W. Reference: Note) Only C must be used. You must not use C++.

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    Buen día. *ATENCIÓN* Aplica solo si eres un programador con experiencia. Buen día, estoy desarrollando varios proyectos que requieren de mucha programación. Necesitamos alguien con conocimientos en C/C++, NodeJS, Python, PHP, Javascript, HTML, .NET. La idea es conseguir un desarrollador que trabaje con la raspberry pi y otras SBC, con experiencia en microcontroladores espressif o atmel, que sepa trabajar con linux y sus diferentes distribuciones. La idea es hacer por el momento un solo proyecto.

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    My company is in the middle of the CE certification process for my Arduino based project in order to sell my product as an appliance but the certification lab is asking me for some software requirements. These software requirements are checkings and measurements that the microprocessor shall do (in this case the ATMega 328P), like for example check the frequency of the cloc... The two documents attached explain the following: - UNE-EN : Those are the fault/error conditions that the software shall evaluate - AVR998_ Guide to IEC60730 Class B Compliance with AVR Microcontrollers. Introduction. Features. AVR 8-bit : this is a guide about how to do it for Atmel microprocessors

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    Proiectul trebuie realizat practic , componentele sunt cumparate .Este vorba de un senzor ultrasonic de distanta HC-SR04 care comunica cu microcontrolerul ATmega328p pe care il contine placa arduino uno .Am incarcat un pdf cu componentele cumparate .Codul trebuie scris in Microchip Studio 7 (atmel) .

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    Elevator with c code using atmel stiudio, atmega32 , simulide

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    SE: Secure Element chip which is used to control e-ink display and payment COS: COS is chip on the system which is integrated with payment system and do data interaction We need a specialist to work on those with the company

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    I need someone to write a part of a firmware to integrate it in my main project for any microcontroller(PIC microchip or Atmel or in arduino IDE) to be able to receive serial data and publish them on a channel on the Webserver MQTT and the opposite (receive/subscribe data from a channel on Webserver MQTT) . Serial Data baud rate:9600 Serial Data Type : String[200]

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    Eclipse IDE framework and GNU compilers

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    Looking for help to make Altium schematic on base of Atmel ATSAMD21, IR transcever and receiver, when piezo disc triggered sends signal to receiver to close or open contacts, basically this some sort sensor for hobby CNC machine, traceiver should have compact battery option and all parts should be available to buy

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    I'm working reading a smartcard with NFC, i need some help with a wrapper methods and some support. We have Ksenc, Ksmac, and SSC and we need send and receiver secure message. The project is in JAVA, so the input is APDU, ksenc, ksmac and SSC and the result must be a encrypted APDU, and we need a method for decrypt APDU. Please consider time for ask questions about topic ( smart card).

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    I need a developer who can quickly implement this feature for us on ETH.

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    We need to convert 200 lines of C# code to Delphi. These procedures use PCSC libraries to access smartcard reader. I can send full C# project code and Delphi PCSC units on request.

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    Hi, We are looking for multiple writers to write on technical topics. ** The writer must have practical experience with microcontrollers i.e. Arduino, PIC, Atmel etc. ** Please mention at the start, on which platform, you would like to write. We will provide order in bulk so looking for low prices. Thanks.

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    ...detected from MPU 6050 and play audio tracks from MKRZero's onboard SD Card. Audio tracks need to play for: 1.) at least 1 track and, 2.) keep playing track after track while motion is detected only stop playing when motion is no longer above threshold, at which point, MKRZero returns to sleep. (if possible make the threshold for "motion" easy to change) Needs to be written for Arduino IDE or Atmel Studio 7. Below are some simple examples to help (if needed) - Simple audio player MKRZero: (This is how I wired up speaker, so code may just need copied) - Read SD Card MKRZero: - SAM example

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    We are a small manufacturing company producing unique and hand-made sound instruments, i.e. analog synthesizers. Our brand name is "Club Of The Knobs - Modular Analog Synthesizer" Some of our modules need Atmel chips to control functions on the boards. We need them programmed again since we have lost the previous versions. We therefore know the exact requirements for the chips and can provide the circuit schematic for the electronic environment. We are looking for someone who also knows electronics and can make the connection between the digital and the analogue.

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    I'm looking to do two things. 1) To create a msc bootloader for the device that a user can interact with and 2) To set up a basic project file where I can interact with the onboard IO and components (accelerometor, buzzer, vibration motor, and move files back and forth from hidden to visible msc memory). background information: There is a 2MB flash memory chip which displays 1MB to ...all the building blocks to begin building a device program. many, if not all of these requests are already premade libraries. Critical: this bootloader code must be open source incase anything on the hardware side changes and needs updating. project and bootloader code must be open source and delivered in full with no compiled custom libraries. Microcontroller, Electronics, C Programming, At...

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    Existing AVR project needs update to 1: recognize FAT32 2:Ignore "System Volume Information" folder. Completed project will include .hex programming file and return of all updated AVR programs. There are a number of variations of the 'same' program that need to be updated. I may only have the .hex version of some of these.

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    Small PID with Pt100, Pt1000, Thermocouple or 4~20mA (1~5V) input. Single output with Choice of proportional (PWM) or On/Off Output. 2 x 4-digit LED displays + ancillary LEDs, simple 3-button menu with basic PID settings only. Other more complex projects to follow - pending cooperation on this project. Must show an understanding of what is required and track record on working with PIC and/or Atmel.

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    AVR development Encerrado left

    I (Electrical Engineer) work for a small company that makes Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers and I've got some 8 bit AVR programming work that I'm simply stretched too thin to do myself. I just got the go ahead to outsource it. We've got a mainboard and a daughterboard each running an AVR128DB-64...Have a small touchscreen display. That display is used in another released product so we have code to steal for that. Have a couple SPI and USART peripherals, boards talk to each other with i2c, some ancient parallel stuff too. Nothing about this is too hard, but we would like to have someone do it well, clean, documented, portable, etc. We have a preference that development be done with Atmel/Microchip Studio and avr gcc. If you're interested, I can get you a...

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    Requirement : Firmware Developer Experienced with Atmega128 MCU, Knows C/C++/Assembly Language, Comfortable with Atmel Studio Environment Scope of Work : 1. BLDC Equipment Controller with Process Counter (Forward & Reverse) and Validation with OK, NG Signals. Count, record, display and data transfer of validated industrial process** on the basis of motor run time. This system will be used for monitoring, validating and recording industrial processes**. 2. Benefits – Industrial processes Error-Proofing 3. The controller receives and sends Froward and Reverse command to the attached equipment. The controller also counts time between forward run and trip signal, which system compares with stored Hight Time and Low Time. Detailed SOW will be shared after discussion.

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