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    ...There are 5 questions in the MIS. I am quite worried I will not get this dome in time, its just getting too complicated for me. I know you have to write the data from the invoice i think, to a .txt file and then get the MIS to read from the file. I don't think it would take that long for anyone who knows what there doing, but I have spent about 7

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    Quickbooks Invoice Encerrado left

    ...with combo boxes and be able to add new invoices for existing customers. Must integrate remotely with Quickbooks 2003 on server with some login on app. Would like automatic invoice number generation with first 2 initials of logged on user. ## Deliverables Will need compiled [fazer login para ver a URL] with all needed runtimes and components that was tested and will

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    3 ofertas[fazer login para ver a URL]> to download the database because its too big to put here. The relationship is[fazer login para ver a URL] One customer may have more than one invoice. That would be a case where it double shipped. This report should show the list of invoices where I either lost money or did not make enough money. I need an explaination of

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    PayPal Payment Page Encerrado left

    ...paypal I need a page to be added to my website and that maintains the look and feel of the site([fazer login para ver a URL]). The customer should be able to enter there invoice number & the amount of the invoice. PayPal has a tool that spits out code that is very close to what I need but I would rather have something specific for my sites needs. Super Clean code is

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    Invoice Program Encerrado left

    I am an importer of Tropical Fish. I buy from different countries. I want a program to create a simple single page Invoice summary for each customer. I have Zipped 3 Word doc's that explain everything I want and will post them as attachments. GARY SMITH ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    Shareware Directory Encerrado left

    ...integrate with eSellerate, RegNow and other shareware registration services. It should be possible to add new services from the Admin panel in the future ... I also need to automate all features as much as possible, like the dialy padfile polling, and other things ... To limit manual work as much as possible ... If you bid on this project you must

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    ...polyphonics and additional mobile phone content site. I will recruit affiliates who will be able to sell mobile phone content using templates from my site. I will require an invoice system so that the users can check how much mobile phone content they have sold. The idea being I take a proportion of each sale. The site must be fully automated and must

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    ...purchases and generates a unique customer reference/invoice number. - Consumer confirms details, and clicks the PAY NOW button The consumer is linked to the National Secure Internet Payment Service Gateway, which displays a button “Click here?? that has to be selected to continue with the transaction. The Invoice and Merchant Details are then transferred to

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    Quiz/Test Creater Encerrado left

    I need to automate the process of making quiz/tests Basically the program will ask the following questions the the user: How many questions are in this test? How many choices per question? Is this a multiple choice, true or false or fill in the blank? Then it would give the user a form to fill in the question and answers. It would then generate the

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    Invoice Encerrado left

    Program: [fazer login para ver a URL] & [fazer login para ver a URL] Requirements: [fazer login para ver a URL] Displays an invoice of several items. It should contain item id number (key field), item name, quantity, price, and total cost on each line for the quantity and item cost. Use 2 classes. The first class Inv contains the item data and methods to get and set the item ...

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    VB/SQL to QuickBooks Encerrado left

    ...payments from the Customers (patients) could be for different Physician. So, the payments should go to the different physicians (Needs to create as a Class) 4- When a new invoice for a customer create in the VB application, it should also create in QuickBooks. 5- When a payment for that customer is enter in Vb application, it should create a payment

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    ...a new Windows XP based application and to convert the old information from the existing database into the new application. Most people know how a library works. This will automate a lot of a library adminitrative funtions. It will track patron and library asset information. It will check out, return, renew and hold assets for patrons. It will track

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    automate querystring from a asp site...replicate on local form all parameters present there ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in

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    Excel template Encerrado left

    Re-create an Excel invoice from an existing printout. I have a printed copy only of the existing invoice, but I need an electronic version with check boxes. I don't know Excel well enough to do it myself. Easy project. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    Automate Web Form Filling out from HTML form imput data. Desired Example.. Web surfer fills out a web form hosted on my Linux server and selects which offers he wants to try. Program automatically fills out forms on web sites of selected offers. Iniitallly there will be six offers to be filled out. An example of a typical offer is at:

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    I would like to use Excel to print invoices. To make it easier I would like to enter a 2-7 alpha numeric code on the invoice worksheet which would then be matched with a product list on another worksheet in the same workbook and then place the procduct description and and price in the correct cells. I am running Office 98 and Windows 98 Thanks

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    Hosting Encerrado left

    Dear Coders, I have developed a web site for hosting all I need now is accepting credit card payments and automate my web site, 1- when someone Enters there is only one option to purchase after payment if it was successful through ibill or you can suggest me the best way, 2-one for Hosting which included a free domain name for .com,.net

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    5 ofertas copy protection. This is not about Warez. This is about legit games, bought from legit sources, to which I have a legit license for each copy of. I am merely trying to automate a process here. With that out of the way: I own a couple game centers in Colorado, where I have a total of 60 machines that run computer games. I own legit copies of every

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    $100 - $150
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    ...placed on a form, with a SQL macro to pull a specific record from the underlying table when the button is clicked. This is to view an invoice for the record being displayed on the form. It is working and will display my invoice (the report is in very rough form right now), but (1) the totals are wrong. I believe there is a problem with my query and I can't

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    week 4 homework Encerrado left

    ...for Inv that sorts all the items in order of itemName. The method should be named sortByName(). The instruction for implementing this method is given below. 4) Modify your Invoice class to invoke the sortByName method before invoking the print method. A sort routine is shown in the text in Figure 8-20: The sortStrings() method. This sort routine should

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    ...values, a single workbook should suffice, where each worksheet contains only records stamped with a unique mountpoint value. Once the workbooks have been created, I need to automate the creation of PivotTables for each worksheet. For the shared workbook, the PivotTable layout should be as follows: Data = Bytes Rows = Fecha Columns = blank For the

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    phpnuke module Encerrado left the thankyou page address spoecified for each item. I need the thankyou page to display the sales information from the return url to the customer so they can print as an invoice receipt. I also need to be able to have instructions displayed on the thank you page required for customers to finalise their purchase which is also gained from the url,

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    Invoice Search Encerrado left

    ...completed the item needs to be selected and added to a different list from which an invoice/quote/dealer order will be created. The program is required to print copies of the invoice/quote/dealer order and save it to a file. A copy of the spreadsheet and desired invoice/quote/dealer order layout and apperance is avaliable. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    Got the script on the last job and it's not what I want, so now I have an absolut...attached is the exact code from my site. While making a change like this may seem simple, I don't have just a single website to work on and update each day and am trying to automate as much as possible. I hope this description gives a better example of what I need.

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    1 ofertas is now. The idea is to allow those who have lost pets to upload jpeg files with descriptions for a fee. I have entered the sample information manually, but would like to automate the process. From the "payment" screen, the user will need to be able to upload their photo and description, pay for the listing, and immediately be able to have their pet's

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    ... create my work orders, and create Packing lists for (their) customers. I need a section to allow me to collect their assigned order number and qty sent out so that I can Invoice my customer. Reliability & backup of the database on a regular basis are mandatory. I can do it manually if needed, but why not let the machine do it if it's not too difficult

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    Java Program Encerrado left

    ...custAddress, and custPhonenumber when instantiated. It should also have the print method, that print on the screen the Inv attributes as well as the 10 items that it holds. The Invoice class should instantiate Inv, which would in turn instantiate its items. It should then invoke the print method. This assignment is due in the assignment newsroom buy Wednesday

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    E-Invoice Encerrado left

    E-Invoice project. I would like to automate the invoicing proces with the following functions : * Select (or enter manualy) the addressee (by Customer nr.) * Easy Invoice customization * Keep all invoices stored in database * Print / Mail button * User Custumer ID + password printed on the invoice for weblogin (overview of all invoices) * Easy overview

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    Invoice webpage Encerrado left

    ...private checkout page where they enter their address etc and payment option. At this point paying via Paypal or Nochex instantly or via postal methods. After they have paid an invoice is generated with a barcode located on it (mainly for the postal methods). This wants to be the auction ID from Ebay. They can then print that and send the page with a cheque

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    ...yourself first before bidding and noting that you just debug an existing system and make it really run! It must have **user login and can print forms for inventory, sales and invoice like Inventory Power**. Pls use **Data Report** for the print forms and NOT Crystal Report. The data should be stored in MS Access MDB as it is now. I just require stand-alone

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    ASP Editor! Encerrado left

    ...connection to a database. Other functions found in common html editors like createing a form and a table. If at all possible I would like the ability to have it automate a script like add info to a database and it would connect to the specified database and you could choose the table and what info you would like added. I woudl also like

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    To automate our existing business we need an online auctioning system for auctioning industrial/commercial construction contracts. Unlike EBay, this is not a consumer oriented system, but entirely a selling site like [fazer login para ver a URL] and consists only reverse-auctions. We expect the transactions to occur in approximate real-time. Our auction site consists of

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    ...php script to take commands from a url, update some .ini files, one with no extention and create a directory in the path I can easly change on the machine. I need to automate the adding and deleting of FTP users to our FTP server.. This sever uses all .ini files for the users name and password, dir location, permissions, meg space allowed and so

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    We want to fully automate the whole office based in lahore pakistan. Nothing is special about the project. We want our whole process to be automate and want to hget rid of manual enteries. It will involve scanning documents, data entry, reports generations, etc provided in details at the stage of requirenments gathering. Bids are required for this,

    $5000 - $25000
    $5000 - $25000
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    PHP/MySQL Weblog Encerrado left on a date to see the blogs from that date. I have the blog layout designed and it can be viewed at: [fazer login para ver a URL] All I need is someone to automate it with the features found at <[fazer login para ver a URL]>... Here is a breakdown of what the links should do: 1) Log-In (Allows user to log in to post

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    WORKING ASSETS Encerrado left

    ...orders, then link those work orders to an invoice to be billed when work order is turned in by employees and will also allow me to track payment upon receipt of paymentand alert me to past due invoices. schedualing tool should allow me to link schedual to work orders or payments work order number and invoice numbers should match. Program should also

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    ...The user could not perform action #1,#2, and #3. Meanwhile, the administrator could have all the features. Once the user logon, the person's sales id must be displayed. An invoice which could be printed out to the customer once a booking is made to a car. Able to create a new Id/logon for new users. A sales summary must be able to be shown, total daily

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    ...would need a database, i.e. MySql) The second half of the application would manage customers and their orders, tracking its progress and fullfillment from order to paid invoice. prefered technologies include, but not limited to a PHP/Mysql Mix. (prefer open source technologies for both financial and adaptabilty reasons) The Use of established

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    Hello, I need a programmer to create a software that can save and automate filling out web forms. This software will need to be able to store user information, and automatically fill out most of the forms for different websites. (Ie, name, e-mail address, age, income, etc) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    ...It is MUCH harder to do master-detail pages than simple one file pages 5 tables : 1) invoice, 2) details, 3) payments 4) customers 5) products 15 screens: ============ (4) screens for for cust- list, find , full screen edit, and full screen add (4) screens for invoice- list, find , full screen edit, and full screen add (4) screens for product - list,

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    ...done through cPanel. or if you have other suggestions..? The most important thing about this is: AUTOMATION. I do not want to do stuff manually when a possibility exist to automate it. I'd prefer to pay for develompent than doing weird things manually. To start working you will receive all detailled informations about the systems to integrate (you can

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    14 ofertas compatible with Quicken, Outlook, and Eudora to help automate my small business. What I'm looking for is when an email order comes in, it is processed by Outlook (customers contact info is dumped into contacts and email address into address book), dumped into Quicken to create an invoice and into monthly revenues, and the customer receives an

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    import databases from dbf format to mysql on remoteserver supplied by buyer 1) invoice 400,000 -20 fields 2) details ~ 1,000,000 -15 fields 3) payments- 400,000- 12 fields 4) products- 4,000 15 fields 1) create mysql db to handle above 2) import recs above with translation provided for field names 3) write reusable code pref in php to import above from

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    ...10 of a product delivered when the order was for 20 items... The user will be able to see all previous orders ( with the invoice amount - which will include GST of 10% ) as a printable invoice with an allocated invoice number. And they will also see which user made the previous order . That's it ... ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    perl help Encerrado left> which is an online order form processer. I want to add 3 more form fields to the form itself and have those fields included in the log file and invoice. Also it would be very handy if I could setup a simple admin page that just stored the individual invoices and allowed me to delete them as I fulfilled the orders. Thank

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    Document Management Encerrado left

    ...department. Further, each file has a hyperlink to a Word document which contains information about the file, and the procedures for operations for the file. Specs: 1. Automate the procedures for functions in the master document of the workbook. The selection might be from a template which is activated by a key combination. a. Move a file name

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    Enclosed is 2 pages. One page has a list of names. Another one is the invoice. What is needed is when clicking on the name, it needs to print the page and close the window automatically. I already have it bring up the page in another window. I also have it print automatically. However, I cannot get it to close automatically. The purpose of this is so

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    ...compagnies * contacts * invoice with products * a serial key verification forms * this programs will also have the ability to generate templated email and send it ( templated mean reserve tag can be inserted in the email i can change like name, link... ) it will also have to generate a word document ( invoice, i will provide the template

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    ...program/script that takes supplied data and using that supplied data create an IFF file(or other suitable method) that will create a new customer, create a new invoice, and then memorize a new invoice. The data comes from the following page: [fazer login para ver a URL] and can be supplied to your program

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    Subscription site Encerrado left

    I want a program developed that I can use to automate the creation and management of a subscription web site. I don’t know anything about programming or web design so don't know what size of project this would be so the maximum bid is open to suggestions. I’ve looked at some programs that are currently available and like various aspects of

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