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    I need help fix my code in bash [login to view URL] I use several AWK and several xargs (parallel processes) and several api calls via commands. I need help - clean my code and make it more efficient and readable - making sure the output is well structured into columns and using colors for better visibility. - error handling Also need

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    In our project we are used olsr protocol as we no that this protocol not only maintain Routing table and neighbor table but also Topology table this Topology table...each and every time. In our project we mainly concentrate on how to enhance network lifetime and how to overcome overhead. Software requirements: Tools:ns2.35 Langauges:c++,tcl,awk script

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    Expert knowledge of Unix scripts with awk, sed etc. Detailed requirements and current code attached

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    Expert knowledge of Unix scripts with awk, sed etc. Can you advise how you would approach this please? All current code will be provided as well as a screenshare if needed Description of the Request is attached ([login to view URL]) Current code is attached ([login to view URL])

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    ...have a root VPS in contabo. I see in Mail Delivery Report in WHM that somebody has added a malware script to send spam emmail from my mailserver. I run command in putty : # awk '$3 ~ /^cwd/{print $3}' /var/log/exim_mainlog | sort | uniq -c | sed "s|^ *||g" | sort -nr and I see this log: 104 cwd=/var/spool/exim 7 cwd=/usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot

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    We are looking for someone who understands AWS S3 and AWS Lambda, to migrate an existing solution written in Bash to NodeJS. The code in Bash ...the command 'dig' to run DNS queries and retrieve/upload files to an S3 bucket depending on the output of the main application. The original Bash script heavily relies on awk and grep, with minimal regex.

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    ...MAILADDR=**** DIR="/root/scripts" CURRENT_DATE=$(date +%Y-%m-%d); # We now prunning backups older than 60 days aws ec2 describe-snapshots | grep `date +%Y-%m-%d --date '60 days ago'` | awk {'print $2'} > $DIR/[login to view URL] LIST=`cat $DIR/[login to view URL] | wc -l` if [ $LIST -eq "0" ]; then echo "No snapshots older than 60 day...

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    First and foremost I need a programmers with some exp...for speed. 3, update chinaDNS files so that chinese apps are bypassed on my router. I'm using: wget -O- '[login to view URL]' | awk -F| '/CN|ipv4/ { printf("%s/%dn", $4, 32-log($5)/log(2)) }' > /etc/[login to view URL] but I get a stalled error.

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    Develop a customised 'model' for recognising jewellery features in images. I need someone to train a model using either of the following: - AWK Rekognition - Clarifai ([login to view URL]) - Imagga ([login to view URL]) - OpenCV I need to get quite involved in the training of the 'model' so a simple front-end will

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    31 ofertas and re-run this script and ensure that it works and does not break if 're-running'? brew install mysql export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql/bin PATH=$(printf "%s" "$PATH" | awk -v RS=':' '!a[$1] { if (NR > 1) printf RS; printf $1 }') echo $PATH brew install python sudo easy_install pip sudo easy_install tornado python -c "impor...

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    I need pe -ef output in single row and should not go to second line , foe example for command output is overlapping and going to second line ps -ef |awk '{print $9} how it can came in single line . Price will not go more than 5 dollar .

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    ...pairs, I want to ignore any that do not come immediately after <gamecode></gamecode> I am using regular expressions and bash/AWK but I am too rusty and its taking me too long. This is a 10 minute job for someone familiar with SED/AWK. Regular expressions etc....

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    We have a number of files in Open Document spreadsheet format in a folder. I want a simple script (probably Python, bash, AWK etc script would also do.) to find if a named file (argument to the script) if any of the items in column A exist in column A in any of the other files in the folder. If there are display the filename and line numbers. The text

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    linux install MC Encerrado left

    ...install... /usr/bin/install -c checking whether build environment is sane... yes checking for gawk... no checking for mawk... no checking for nawk... no checking for awk... awk checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... no checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles... no checking build system type... x86_64-unknown-linux

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    There are 260 users in [login to view URL] Write a script in perl or bash that will parse the text from users.txt. the script will find all the Login's that are defined in the variables and perform the following steps: 1. output the username to another text file ([login to view URL]) 2. replace the value of the password to a random 8 character alphanumeric. 3. output the new password...

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    ...WhatsApp, James Franco, "How are you" 30/05/17, 17.09.22, Facebook, James Franco, "Some time tomorrow" This should be handled by a command line script using split or ced / awk etc. This should allow me to copy and paste contents of both files in something like excel so I can sort by 1) data and then by 2) time to get a collated view of message history

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    Hello everybody! I need someone who is able to program using the awk programing language to extract the informations needed from a data More details will be discussed later the conversation

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    Need freelancer with experience in Graylog streams, query API, dashboards Experience in exporting using bash scripts and tools like awk we have a basic setup and need to 1 - configure the system, install exciting scripts and configure some dashboards and over time we will need 2 - scripts improvements 3 - collect more statistic

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    Hi, I have around 7L Web pages which needs to be crawled with multiple strings using 'awk', 'grep' commands and it needs to retrieve the data. I need a Script for this in Linux. Please reach out to me for any further discussions/clarifications.

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    ... Here is the RRD command that I use to enter Data into the rrd files snmpget -Oqv -v 2c -c xxxxxx $1 .{10,11,16,17}.2 | sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/n/ /g' | awk '{print "N:"$1":"$2":"$3":"$4}') Here is the current graophing command that I use /usr/bin/rrdtool graph /var/www/html/ogmagraph/$FILEB --color BACK#...

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    It a training project. Needed for training students for 2 weeks train...for each day. At the end of the training test paper should be provided. The training material should contain all of the topics required to cover Architecture, Shell scripting, AWK command etc as per any standard Unix book. Please send me what topics will you be covering and rates.

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    Need a one liner command string to collect all recipient addresses (not specific) from postfix defe...the queue mail ID's using a specific email adderess, I need the recipient email and based on wildcard "anything" (not specific) - I dont need the mail ID mailq | tail +2 | awk 'BEGIN { RS = "" } /$/ { print $1 }' | tr -d '*!'...

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    Script should use the base utilities like, awk, print, cat, zgrep, grep, gzip, ssh. How should script work : - Input the list of the servers where i like to search ( connect via ssh ) - input the message ID, email, destination or any other info for what i would like to search for. - path for logs, example /var/log/maillog.* - specific date

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    Looking for a shell scripti...coding shell scripts ksh / bash. The job involves tasks with complicated logic involving in parsing files in sed awk. The job also involves running jobs and loading data to Oracle database. 5+ years of Unix/Linux shell scripting with sed awk 2+ years Oracle database 2+ years Python 2+ Years Ansible (good to have)

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    I have data in a fixed length format - [login to view URL] containing a sample is appended. My existing SED & AWK commands were working well in transforming this into a format that I could import to my database. However a change in the OS has meant that I now need to use a new javascript database manager (the database I use is Frontbase which is free from www

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    KML Generator Tool Encerrado left

    ...for generating the Kml File. Sample kml is attached FYR along with that source file is also. [[login to view URL]] ➤ cat [login to view URL] | awk -F ';' '{print $0,"|",NF-1}' | head Latitude Longitude MCC MNC ServingCell Measurement | 0 --- | 0 24514977 54688329 424 03

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    ...| egrep -v "^[[:blank:]]*#|^[[:blank:]]*$" | awk '{ print $2 }' | sed "s//{0,}[ t]{0,}$//g" | sort -u | egrep -w $dir` [ -z "$check_missing_shares" ] && { return } local shares_and_options=`cat $filename | egrep -v "^[[:blank:]]*#|^[[:blank:]]*$" | awk '{ print $2&q...

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    ...follows: • Output File structure should be Athlete, Trial_time (include full datetimestamp), track, time • "trialtime" should include date (e.g. "20160601 02:00:00") (take (awk?) the date from the file name and append the Trialtime) • The file should be sorted on athlete, then datetime (trial time) • The file should be filtered - only include ...

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    Need someone to teach me borne shell scripting and to patch my Solaris system or Redhat Linux 6.5 .Need to get hands on patching and scripting ,subversion commands ,AWK,SED .Need atleast hands on these each..Should be an experienced unix administrator who can teach me in 2-3 hours remotely with examples--urgent

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    Please convert this bash code to Powershell with proper commenting, describing the program. #!/bin/bash scriptPID=$$ myarr=($(ps -ef | grep [login to view URL] | grep -v grep |awk '{print $2}')) if [ ${#myarr[@]} -gt 1 ] then for i in "${myarr[@]}" do echo "outside $i" if [ "$i" -ne "$scriptPID" ] then echo "inside $i ...

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    Write some Software Encerrado left

    ...convert this bash code to Powershell with proper commenting, describing the program. #!/bin/bash scriptPID=$$ myarr=($(ps -ef | grep [login to view URL] | grep -v grep |awk '{print $2}')) if [ ${#myarr[@]} -gt 1 ] then for i in "${myarr[@]}" do echo "outside $i" if [ "$i" -ne "$scriptPID" ] then echo &q...

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    script to run in RedHat that accepts stin before passing it to stout perhaps using a BASH scrip, AWK or SED the input will be a file with pages of text (132 columns & 66 lines) example of use from a command line in RedHat: cat /test/[login to view URL] | YourScript | lp -d printername Script needs to: If "Y" found at line 16, col 14 exit and output nothing

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    ..."5 files". Been trying to get the result of "5" via "set NUMFILES =" using UNIX utilities for DOS such as grep and awk. Perhaps there is another way to do it. What I tried was: set NUMFILES=unzip -l [login to view URL] | grep files | awk '{print $2}' Do you have a way to get number of files in a zip file to a variable looki...

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    Text parsing in bash Encerrado left

    Got text extracted from spreadsheet; need to extract specific columns and find right delimiter. Job for someone very familar with text parsing via sed, awk, grep, cut etc...Estimated task duration -> 1-3 hours. Job need to be done right now...

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    linux bash Encerrado left

    i am reading pdf file on deb via lesspipe; need to fileter out some columns but need to identify the correct delimiter for awk or cut

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    Need AWK command line to round all values in the 2nd column of a semicolon seperated CSV to 2 numbers. Input: 13322196;4536;0;815121014238 13411354;207;0;815121011190 13411397;81;0;658175340065 13412305;16,8700000;0;815121013828 13412400;184,95;0;815121015624 13412401;110,7;0;815121015631 13412499;132,75;0;815121013880 13412884;25,875;0;815121013767

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    Update awk command to capture lines in other log formats. The current command: tail -15000 logname | awk -v d1="$(date --date="-50 min" "+%b %_d %H:%M")" -v d2="$(date "+%b %_d %H:%M")" '$0 > d1 && $0 < d2 || $0 ~ d2' Works for many logs (one that start with a date stamp like: Feb 10 05:03:38 ). But...

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    It's simple project. Should be complete in hours. Looking for some C++ code to perform data parsing (which we have been doing in shell and awk). We can go for python too, but will prefer C++. Will share the details over chat

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    ...have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root [root@localhost ~]# mkdir -p /root/[login to view URL] You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root [root@localhost ~]# rpm -Vv ca-certificates | awk '$1!="........." && $2!="d" {system("mv -v " $NF " /root/[login to view URL]")}' # yum check-update ca-certificates; (($?==100)) && yum...

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    ... Etc • Proficiencies of domain information utilities, such as NSF, DNS/Bind, Active Directory, LDAP & IP tables etc. • Know how to use essential Unix utilities like grep, awk, sed, wc, pipes and redirects • Proficient knowledge of LSOF and listening ports correlation, NFS, LDAP, TCP/IP , DNS/BIND & TCP/IP Utilities & Mapping Sockets to Process ID

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    ... Etc • Proficiencies of domain information utilities, such as NSF, DNS/Bind, Active Directory, LDAP & IP tables etc. • Know how to use essential Unix utilities like grep, awk, sed, wc, pipes and redirects • Proficient knowledge of LSOF and listening ports correlation, NFS, LDAP, TCP/IP , DNS/BIND & TCP/IP Utilities & Mapping Sockets to Process ID

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    ...flattened c. Flatted JSON needs to be converted to CSV 2. It is XML file with few lines of unstructured data (No XML tags but free text) a. You can use python or sed /awk to parse the file b. Convert the XML tags and the free text to structured format in CSV Will share the sample files to the short listed developers. The project needs to be

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    ...486678152 -34 Wifi Extra What i need to do is send the output of the Tshark command direct to a local MySQL database. I have read that this should be possible via a pipe and "awk" command ?? See this post - [login to view URL] The RPI has MySQL server installed and running locally with a

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    <p><strong>Perfil</strong></p><p>Buscamos desarrolladores Linux, Unix para un proyecto interesante</p><p><strong>Requisitos Minimos</strong></p><ul> <li>Shellcript (awk y SQL+ como plus adicional) con Oracle (PLSQL)</li> <li>Ciclo Formativo Grado Superior - Informática</li> <li>Expe...

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    ...en [login to view URL] requisitos, se precisa experiencia colaborando en proyectos con:- Manejo en entornos LINUX/UNIX- BBDD, preferiblemente Oracle con conocimientos en PL/SQL- Scripting (ksh, awk, perl,...)- Java Estándar- Dispuesto a realizar guardias- Nivel avanzado de InglésRequisitos Deseables: producto HP DRAGON o HP eIUM.-...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Encerrado left

    COMPANY NAME: MiTrendZ We sell health and personal care items. I would like a logo that shows that but at the same time not to much because if we decide to se...personal care items. I would like a logo that shows that but at the same time not to much because if we decide to sell products in other categories we don't want the logo to be awk awkward.

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    Write a simple shell script which 1. read input of tcpdump 2. using only source, destination, and packet size ...logger ####[login to view URL] while read a b src d destA f; do leng=$(echo $f| sed s/.*length //) dest=$(echo $destA | sed s/:// ) echo $src>$dest $leng done ###[login to view URL] awk '{arr[$1$2]+=$3} END {for (i in arr) {print i, arr[i]}}'

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    Hi All, I have some script programming to be done. Its a basic scripting where you have to do experiments with the directories (like opening, counting number of files, list of messages that are sent ). You need to have the documentation created for easy understanding and must follow my guidelines. Thanks!

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