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    I have created a podcast called "Cicada Madness!" I need someone to spread this news like wildfire. Reaching out to individual reporters, cicada interest groups, etc... This is timely and relevant to the emergence of Brood X. Someone who is savvy and knows how to pitch and optimize the visibility of this podcast so it gets talked about and reported on. It's a fun project!

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    Translation from a English text to Germany, eg: “- Honey Bees are social insects,” which means that they live together in large well-organized family groups. Features such as: - Communication; Complex nest building; -------------- The phenomenon called as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), Is characterized by the sudden — overnight in some cases — loss of the vast majority o...

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    Just A Though Encerrado left

    You can brood and cry with the pillows on your face anytime your heart can't seem to endure the pain that has been haunting you. But today, I want you to find another way to lift your head up high. I want you to look for another reason to smile and to laugh. Spoil your heart with reasons to be happy. You deserve it.

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    The front of our T-shirt will just have our company logo and the back of the T-shirt will have the following. I want one side of the back of the shirt to look like the hog barns with a fence of a pen with a feeder and a watering cup. Two pigs standing at the fence like bellied up to the bar looking over at a bunch of small chickens under our Brooder that looks like the saw dust covered dance flo...

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    The Title of this book is "Our Father Forsaken" with the subtitle of "The Abandonment of the God of the Old and New Testaments". We would like to see two options/versions of this book cover: # 1 option: The Bible tattered, destroyed, and abandoned on the side of the road. # 2 option: A brood of vipers (snakes) encircling and attacking the Bible. Clarification: -Please have ...

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    A small fashion label in Uganda intends to develop flyers to get people into their retail shop. Check their style on [fazer login para ver a URL] For the flyer we were thinking about a book mark shape with ratio 1:5. We can use 1/5th for the logo, 2x 1/5th for photos and 2/5 th for the details Possibly we include 2 photos. Feel free to select which photos fit together with the theme. The foll...

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    Quick graphic / data visualization of data table. Font selection and use of colors to show that more funding raised will mean more scientific tests can be run. GERMAN LAB TESTS Funding Ladder 1. Syrups $6,900 2. Glyphosate $7,800 3. Neonicotinoids $8,900 4. Antibiotics $16,100 5. Alkaloids $17,600 6. Ameri...

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    Dodge Game. Encerrado left

    Dodge Game. Name : DodgeGameYE Build a simple dodge game . Class diagram is attached .(you can add & improve as you desire , but check it with my first). I need it on c# app win 8.1 and above.( example project is attached ). Simple menu to choose between 2 difficulty level . Player ( presented by image attached) need to shot enemy ,comes from top of the canvas , he can move left &...

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    We need a database to assist with the maintinance of an insect farm Fators to track are Bins Need to be able to create bin types Uniques ID for each bin with barcode Active Bin Flag Species - common name and Latin names - Life cycle length in days - Multistage life cycle (Y/N) - if yes how many and ...

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    Design a conceptual honey bee hive. I need an illustration of a conceptual design for a honeybee hive with a conceptual water feeding system. This study will look at various aspects of current honey bee hives and compare them to prototypes. The objective is to determine if changes to the physical size, materials, and finish of honey bee hives will result in better honey production, and if the...

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    Ontwerp een Logo Encerrado left

    Hallo! Ik heb een logootje nodig voor een project wat ik heb opgezet voor yoga op basisscholen. Het heet 'The happy kid project'. Met een spannend verhaal als leidraad leren ze spelenderwijs yoga én de 5 menselijke waarden toe te passen in hun dagelijks leven. Dit zijn: Liefde, Waarheid, Vrede, Geweldloosheid, Goed Gedrag (een ander helpen, 'act of kindness'). Door d...

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    Dear All,I am finding a woocommerce developer who can quickly fix my small task described below: Category listing : [fazer login para ver a URL] Product details page: [fazer login para ver a URL] You can see the product options: Brood and Butter at the product view page Task1:We need also these product options to category listing page instead of select [fazer login para ver a URL] we can...

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    Doe wat Excel Werk Encerrado left

    Ik doe onderzoek naar voedselzekerheid in de wereld. Voor een rapport wil ik graag een aantal mooie grafieken/infographics die de cijfers die ik gebruik wat overzichtelijker maken. Ik heb geen ruwe datasets of excelbestanden. Het gaat om de visualisatie van dit soort stukjes tekst: "Een gemiddelde vleeseter stoot 40 procent meer broeikasgassen uit dan een vegetariër. Als je puur plant...

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    Logo + Posters Encerrado left

    1. The logo - Some suggestions are that the "W" be in the shape of a wave. Or the words inside a " Also, take into account we are a small group of Islands, the Channel Islands. The Islands are also known as an offshore tax haven, so the logo has to look classy to attract advertisers. 2. I need a poster done quickly to advertise a couple of jobs. The poster is to advertise ...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    Vile Gamers Encerrado left

    This will be a gaming download website. Users can submit maps,mods,scripts,ect. There will be a .psd made all I need done is coding. Most of this will be self explanitory with the psd. Here are the reqs. 1. Login 2. User Control Panel 3. Database for the files 4. Multiple catagories and sub catagories able to be made by admins. 5. forums which are linked to the user accounts on the main ...

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    I have a table that includes vairious information. I need to add the ability to upload multiple images to each record in the database table. I want the finished project to look similar to this Telerik Example: [fazer login para ver a URL] Keep in mind each record can have multiple images uploaded to it. I would think we would need a FK to the images. Like the example I would like a thumbna...

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    Basically, I was going to see if anyone out there thinks they could make a modification for starcraft + brood war to increase the resolution. I've searched for a long time and it seems no one has found a way to make this possible. Personally, I already assume this would make it so you could see more of the map, and that's more or less what I would like. If anyone thinks they could tackle...

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    This project involves the creation of a competitive gaming ladder for the real time strategy game: StarCraft:Brood War. Currently played online on [fazer login para ver a URL] servers, the ladder would serve as a ranking service for those subscribed to the ladder. The ladder itself will be integrated into an already existing site, [fazer login para ver a URL], so that people can be logged into the...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    Please do not bid unless you have direct experience with the following. Need to modify & add data to a php/mysql site. This is a noah's classifieds site. I need to take the attached excel file/list and place it in/on the mysql db. The header row will be the title of the fields. Each row in the excel spreadsheet will be on the site. The admin portion of the website must be able to control ...

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    I will supply topics and a selection of keywords for each article. I would like well written copy, with keywords and keyword phrases in logical places, making the text flow in a natural manner. The articles must be original text, never before posted on the Internet in any form or portion, the MAXIMUM pay is $2.00 U.S. per article, and all rights will belong to me. Must be grammatically correct Eng...

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    Ok, we want to make a Battlenet Private server for starcraft brood war. The files are already existing (and is named PvPGN) and only need to be edited according to some specification that are attached. Please read it C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y. Also, take a look to the codes to edit. Estimation: around $200 - $250 Thanks.

    $20 - $100
    $20 - $100
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    Ok, we need a [fazer login para ver a URL] Private server for Starcraft: Brood War which can be found here: [fazer login para ver a URL] Please see the attached file. Thanks.

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
    4 ofertas

    Ok, we need a [fazer login para ver a URL] private server (PvPGN) for **Brood War** which can be found here: <[fazer login para ver a URL]> Also, loader if needed: [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1]**. **This is an existing open source software but we need it to be modified according to our needs so it does what we need and it can interact with our website. I attached a file (a word docu...

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    *** Update *** Because the C++ Programer (the one who is making us the private server) delayed the job 2 times (1 month in all) and did nothing, this bid will be delayed until we found a real C++ Programer. Sorry for the inconvenience. *** Update *** We are currently building up a Ladder System for the Brood War Players on a [fazer login para ver a URL] Private Server. We got the web...

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    Introduction: Ant colonies are composed of thousands of individuals that carry out their assigned tasks. The combined individual behaviors of all the ants brings about the emergence of a self-organized system: the colony itself. Each ant only lives for about one year, except for the queen, which can live for 20 years or more. The colony can survive as long as the queen still lives, meaning the col...

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