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    Simple CRUD. I want to make a change to this world. It is not about money so I need developer who love what they are doing instead of just making money. What money is for actually? Think about that first. Take a look at your wallet and think. People posting a project they can tag location or picture as feature image: Illustration: if you have idea -> find and gather people who are willing to r...

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    I need someone to draw orion spaceship by using 3ds max in 3 days

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    want the budget to be from £20-£90(sorry i'm a student) You are to build a simple 2D game in OpenGL by using the Free glut library, already provided to you in the first tutorial. The game scenario consists of a 'spaceship' in the centre of the screen. The ‘asteroids’ appear at the start of the game and the spaceship can turn freely about its axis by and fir...

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    Hi, I'm a singer/songwriter working on a video. I'm looking for someone who can create a short animation (about 30 seconds long). It would be an animation of me in outter space, coming down to planet earth in a spaceship. There would be very minimal text. Once I arrive on planet earth someone hands me an oxygen cannula so that I can breathe. I put on the oxygen cannula on my face, smile,...

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    Trophy icon Design me a logo and business card Encerrado left

    I need a logo designed for the company 'AeroParagon LLC' and would also like a business card design plus png/vector files for the logo. Would prefer a blue/black, black/white, or blue/white logo with a flight theme but definitely open to other ideas. Would prefer that commercial airliners be left out of logo in favor for more triangular or spaceship looking craft. Business cards ...

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    Its a sci-fi short [fazer login para ver a URL] a 3d element designer to make a spaceship.

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    I will attach the pic of him .. about few hours left for the spaceship alone into the space for 8 days in International Space Station ..

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    Create 3D Models Encerrado left

    I need a 3D modeler to "convert" 2D spaceships to 3D. More details: I have 13 images of spaceships from a top down perspective that I created using GIMP. I need a 3D model created for each spaceship. Of course, since the source is 2D, the missing information will be interpreted and implemented by the 3D artist. Even more details: - the spaceships have a wedge shaped body, and so th...

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    You drew my spaceship control room a few years ago. Could you design another room that it just scientific looking? I would like a shelf that has a few jars on it that have the ABCs in one, numbers in one, Color balls in one, shapes in one, seasons like snowflake and leafs in one, and a mystery jar with ? in one. I'd like it kind of like the control room but like a science lab on a space ship...

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    Trophy icon Book cover design Encerrado left

    I would like to replace my sci-fi book's old cover with the new one. Contest will require to provide the sample cover image with dummy title, slogan and author name. I will provide the winner with proper book info. Along with final cover, the winner will also need to provide 3D cover and paperback images. Book description: The young astrophysicist Alan Norton was the first to discover that ...

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    Trophy icon Fun Flying Fish Character Graphic! Encerrado left

    I’m looking for a fun graphical character to put on a small racing sailboat. The name of the boat is Malolo - which means “flying fish” in Hawaiian/Polynesian, so I’d like a simple image of a flying fish character to give some added personality and “attitude” to my boat. The boat is a “foiling” boat, which means that when it moves, it will rise a...

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    Trophy icon Crozzword Puzzle Clues Encerrado left

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to help me create Crossword Puzzle games for a project I'm working on. Each game is only 5 clues, they don't actually need to fit in a grid or anything. I am searching for a person to work long term on this and provide me hundreds of puzzles in the future. Creating a contest to make 5 puzzles (i.e. 25 clues in 5 games). Top entries will be chosen to work...

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    I am looking for a talented freelancer to bring my creative video animation visualization to life for my website. We are launching an online smoke shop and are in the pre-launch stage of the store. I'm looking to create a fun animation about our fictional company comic start up story featuring our character 'Lil Astro' the Faded Alien. The video will describe how the business came i...

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    Hello there, just wanted to see how much a project like this would cost as I have no idea, basically what I want is a three minute, 3D animation to go along with the attached song (the attached file is only a preview). The animation would consist of a squadron of spaceships all defending a planet from increasingly large alien attacks, all while the focus is on one spaceship in particular, as each ...

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    Hi, Gevorg I'm Looking for a 3D rendering artist for a Sci-Fi Short Film. I graduated high school 53 days ago and I'm in need of a person like you. I need an alien and a spaceship. If you can message me back, my email is josh@[fazer login para ver a URL] Thanks and have a great day!

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    Our company is building an interactive survey site and is looking for someone to help us build out the backend! There are 4 others helping out now, 2 people helping with frontend and 2 people helping with backend. We're now looking to bring on another person to work remotely with the current backend developers + front end devs! This is a long term job - there will be a lot more work to go! W...

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    We are a small team of developers building a space-themed iOS game. We are looking for a graphics designer with experience creating 2D artwork. Your job will include creating spaceship models for both user and enemy-controlled ships, various bullet models, powerup models, icons for in-game currency, and a space-themed background. An example of the base playership has been provided to serve as an e...

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    Hello! I need a logo for an LGBTQ group that I am organizing in the Houston area. It is called "LIFT Houston - LDS LGBTQ and Allies." I would like something that has some rainbow colors in it, since it is an LGBTQ group. I am trying to find a way to incorporate the word LIFT with something local to the Houston area. Had the thought of a space shuttle (because of NASA in Houston, Texas) &...

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    Hell, I want to create game galaxy attack like this link: [fazer login para ver a URL] Now I want to create 12 spaceships and 20 enemies in game like screenshot I attach. Requrie: Design separate item of spaceship and skill like original game Price denpend on quality of design!

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    Sci-fi Spaceship Encerrado left

    Looking for a space ship concept. Please see the attached image for the style I'm looking for. I would like as much detail as possible I would also like to see it from multiple angles exactly like the attached image. The craft I would like drawn is a Battleship, I can provide additional images for reference on the style and quality I'm looking for. Please do not bid unless you have pr...

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    Project with VisualStudio Objective Implement a solar system using textures from [fazer login para ver a URL] Feel free to load geometry (spaceships, satellites, UFOs) from other sources. Higher grades Points are awarded for: • Milkyway skybox • loading multiple (different) geometries (spaceships etc) • rotation of planets, both around their axes and around the sun • hierarchic...

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    My username is MurderForHire in an online game called Star Citizen I want an original small circular logo that can be used as an Avi and potentially as an Emblem on the side of a "spaceship". Less is more unless its not, I want the logo to impress and be memorable while retaining my username. I have attached some examples of my previous ideas but im not a designer.

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    I would like some perspective drawings of spaceships and some structures. These would need to look human made but futuristic enough for advance technology. They dont need to be in colour but shading will help I need around 12 spaceships and 12 buildings. I happy to start with 1 ship and one building. Let's say a cruiser spaceship and a crystal mine building. Cruiser is fitted with Impulse ...

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    I’m looking for a design for the “shop” page and “game” page for a children app. See the photo for the theme of the pages (this was something I tried to put together) I was thinking maybe the inside of a spaceship or something for the background, but if you have a creative idea definitely go for it!

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    We need a spaceship concept art to modelate it in 3d. It will be use in a live action video. We're looking for 3 views, front and up in line art and one perspective view in color. The style for the concept is Stranger Things, Netflix serie

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    Trophy icon 2D characters for a scifi game. Encerrado left

    Hi. I am programming a game, and have used mostly placeholder graphics thus far. It would be nice to get some real character design for the game. BTW. It is enough to do "the Captain" and one advisor of your choosing for this project., Not all 4 advisors. More explanation below. I like the semirealistic, slight cartoonish look. Or at least that is how I describe the look I`m a...

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    Hi. I am making a game and need a better design for my spaceship "the Generation Ship". I mocked up a sprite that works ok, but for inspiration too work more on this project I`d like to get som input from designers. If I like the style of what I see, there might be more work coming. I`ve included the sprite I now use. It`s 1440 X 1110 pixels. It needs to be a png. The sprite is called...

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    Trophy icon Build me a logo for my company Encerrado left

    #Diplomacy #SocialNetworks #E-Communications #PublicRelations #Politics #StartUpCompany My company name is DiploConn. My business focuses on providing e-communications services to foreign government entities, targeting specific populations. I would like a circular logo, with three colours (the ones in the French flag, red, white, and blue). Or maybe one or two more, but only if it is necessa...

    $89 (Avg Bid)
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    CGI UFO/spaceship required for a short sci fi action film for under £50, does anyone have any 3d models or spaceships/UFO models they can animate into live action footage?

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    I need a print ready rendering of a spaceship. Maybe three different styles.

    $91 (Avg Bid)
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    Employee conference Encerrado left

    I need a cover for a program book. Basic ideas are florida.. hispanic.. galleon.. spaceship

    $83 (Avg Bid)
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    35 ofertas

    This is one of the crazier dreams I had a few years back, and I’d really like a piece of art portraying it because it was incredibly vivid. I was fixated on an idle tornado made of gold in my neighbor’s yard. This neighbor’s yard was somehow turned into a field (his yard is fairly big already), and I was standing off at a not-too-safe distance. After a few moments, the gold torna...

    $137 (Avg Bid)
    $137 Média
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    So my name is Abba Ibrahim Ciroma I am 17 years old going to be 18 on the 13th of April. I’m currently studying animation and visual effects and I have an idea on a cartoon which is very unique. It’s about an alien you crashed into earth in his spaceship so he turned out to be half ghost and half alien which means he doesn’t have legs anymore so his mission is to get back to his ...

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    Trophy icon design logo - MARS Encerrado left

    Name M.A.R.S.” (Modest And Rich Style). He came up with the acronym after googling “What is most searched phrases/keywords on the internet” and finding out that it was Mars. Concept 1: Spaceship (like the one in the pic attached) with M.A.R.S. on Flag Concept 2: Mars Planet with M.A.R.S. across like Uranus Rings Concept 3: Alien with M.A.R.S. under name You can choose which ...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for someone really talented for this one as it is a bit complex for my CD art..... So what I want is a futuristic photo of me walking down stairs from a spaceship hovering over a the White House courtyard lawn ......I'm walking down from a spaceship on a white pearl stairway with pure gold bannister or side rails and the pearls steps have black music notes designed into a pattern. My ...

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    future electronics Encerrado left

    future electronic is ufo spaceship game

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    Hi I need to get a simple yet nice and clear slogan for my new born website [fazer login para ver a URL] also I need the same design to be used in the powermator facebook profile picture. my requirement is explained in the attached photo. * I need to have "POWERMATOR" written in a nice clear modern font. *I need the first letter P to be looking like the symbol in the attached photo. T...

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    Trophy icon I need a website logo design Encerrado left

    I have started a website that sells adult based products - adult toys, novelties, lingerie etc. The company is based in Australia. The name is Adult Planet. I need a logo designed. My ideas are based off the 'Planet Hollywood" or another attached. A globe, with our name 'Adult Planet' across the front. I also have an idea of a flying spaceship, however it is a dildo, possibly ...

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    The basic concept of the video is that it is a short Skype call from your wife and child just calling to check in. This will be used in a sci-fi VR experience and the background will either need to look like the actors are calling from a spaceship or done with a green screen. Actors must be native English speaking. We need the video next week if possible.

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    We´re looking someone to model a basic 3D spaceship, we´re gonna texture and animate it, to use it in a music video, so we need a good modeling. We don´t have the final design, so we´re open to design options.

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    Trophy icon Spaceship 3D-modeling for a new Game Encerrado left

    A spacecraft model is to be created for a PC Game (Viper Attack). This model will then serve as Enemy in the game *. From the submissions can several "winning", so ultimately I need several models. It's a top down-scrolling arcade game. To illustrate I have here a little in-game video: [fazer login para ver a URL] There are almost no limits to creativity, it should only be tak...

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    I need some science fiction writing for a game. The game is about a crew of a spaceship. They are: Commander, Weapons Officer, Engineer, Medic, Scientist. The spaceship is traveling in hostile environment and crew members are performing various tasks like shooting enemy ships, repairing broken hull, researching alien life form, researching alien tech., treating crew member who have gotten sick or ...

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    I need a TOP view And a SIDE view Imagine the result a BluePrint for building the SpaceShip 1 Spaceship (based on [fazer login para ver a URL]) 3 Aliens (like Galaga) Please See the attached Spaceship Design, and poster Cosmic Force

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    Video Animation Encerrado left

    So however the video comes out, the idea behind it is “we need each other” as long as that message is conveyed that’s all that matters Ideally, a spaceship or whatever crashes in to the land from the sky. Next thing you know a girl

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    B Method Project Encerrado left

    develop a B specification of a very simple version of the old Spaceship & Asteroids arcade game, by using the B tools Atelier B & ProB only

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    Hello I have an idea for a unique website concept - Its NOT a game though....however after telling a friend about the idea..he showed me the unity asset store and that's exactly what I need - So I am looking for a skilled unity developer to create the basic concept for the site . The theme for the site is Space....which will contain Planets , asteroids , moons , stars etc [fazer login para...

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    Description: Looking for something bold, graphic, and unique that stands out; going for something very cool and possibly comic book like and science fiction based; Would like an alien/spaceship included (very traditional/recognizable shapes for these objects), possibly with the aliens “zapping” the word ZAP in some way with the laser rays visibly going from the aliens/spaceship to and ...

    $58 (Avg Bid)
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    The Illustration we would like created is for a game we are developing. The illustration will show a spaceship flying through an asteroid field shooting up aliens, alien space ships, alien bosses in spaceships and blowing up asteroids. We will provide you with the 2d graphics we are using in the game. You will need to take these 2d graphics and make 3d models of them and then do paint over and a...

    $233 (Avg Bid)
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    B METHOD project Encerrado left

    develop a B specification of a very simple version of the old Spaceship & Asteroids arcade game, by using the B tools Atelier B & ProB only

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    3D Model a SpaceShip Encerrado left

    Need a 3D Model created in Cinema 4D of this spacecraft. Please give turnaround time, looking to get completed by end of day today. Thank you. Please send estimate and cost and how fast you can return this model. Ready to start immediately.

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