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    I need a talented speech writer who specializes in creating light-hearted but meaningful anecdotes. This is for my Navy commissioning ceremony. It will be a ceremony celebrating my promotion to commissioned officer rank of Chief Warrant Officer from Chief Petty Officer. Key requirements: - Incorporate the valuable lessons learned during my service period. - Articulate gratitude towards my spouse and family for their invaluable support. Ideal skills: - Previous experience in military-themed writing. - Great sense of humor. - Ability to convey serious topics with appropriate lighthearted touches. Your expertise in marrying humor with heartfelt appreciation is greatly desired. Let's promote not just a career but a journey of service, growth and gratitude.

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    I'm seeking assistance to prepare an appeal focused on ineffective counsel during my trial in New Jersey. Based on my experience, I believe there are several factors that warrant exploration: -Ineffective Counsel: Proven through a lack of communication, inadequate preparation, and failure to investigate evidence. -Prevented Testimony: I was dissuaded from taking a stand despite my informed desire to do so. -Dishonest Representation: My lawyer's actions misled me, contributing to an unfair trial. I'm looking for a professional with experience in legal consultancy, specifically in the area of appellate practice. An understanding of New Jersey state laws and court procedures is vital. Any experience with ineffective counsel claims or similar appeal cases would be benef...

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    ...Violation:** The cornerstone of the motion will be to illustrate a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches. - **Lack of Probable Cause:** Demonstrating that the search was initiated without probable cause is essential for the motion's success. - **Insufficiency of Evidence:** Arguing that the evidence obtained does not justify the invasive search conducted without a warrant. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Legal Expertise in Privacy Rights:** Proficiency in the nuances of privacy law and Fourth Amendment rights. - **Experience with Drone Law:** Familiarity with the legal precedents and regulations surrounding drone searches. - **Strong Research and Writing Skills:** Ability to craft a persuasive and legally sound motion, bo...

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    ...well as a staff admin area for us to be able to limit how many backups they may keep at a time and how many automated backups they can have per server/client. We're wanting a one-click installer made for ModPacks and of course plugins and different server versions for the game eg Minecraft Pterodactyl with Databases and customisation ● Game Server-ready installed Pterodactyl panel ? ● Minecraft Bukkit/Spigot/Paper/Purpur/BungeeCord/Waterfall/Palworld egg installed ? ● Eggs for other games PLEASE INCLUDE PORTFOLIO IN YOUR BID Need a full design and development for a game server hosting company. The size and content of the site will be comparable to ggservers.com. Must include a matching WHMCS theme/integration and a matching Pterodactyl Panel theme. Site must be fully resp...

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    I am seeking a talented developer with experience in to create a...when picking up a ‘bonus’ blob. • Score & Sound Effects o Play a special sound for milestone achievements and add relevant bonus scoring. • Ability to change the difficulty of the game o Could be as simple as having two difficulty options that change the number of lives available, or as creative as having an increased speed of movement. Note: Simply following the above ideas does not necessarily warrant a good mark for creativity. Often it depends on how difficult it is to implement your ideas. 10. Code You must produce clean, well-written code. This encompasses indentation, meaningful naming of functions & variables. The code must be well commented on, including the functionality and h...

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    I'm seeking a qualified freelancer to assist me with filing my personal income tax return. My financial situation encompasses both investment documents and foreign income or assets that warrant close attention during the filing process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge of personal income tax laws and processes - Familiarity in handling investments and foreign income during tax filing - Proven track record of successful personal tax return filing - Great attention to detail Please note, I do not need help with deductions or credits. I am primarily concerned with successfully filing a return that correctly takes into account my investments and foreign assets. If you are a meticulous and seasoned tax professional, I welcome your bid for this project.

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    I'm in need of a skilled Python developer to assist with several tasks: apu integration you'll be in charge of unit testing. Warrant the efficiency of the overall application by focusing on: - Individual functions - Modules or classes For unit testing, has competency in the following frameworks or libraries is necessary: - pytest - unittest - mock 2 files with less than 50lines puthon code need unit tests

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    I'm in need of a structural engineer to complete the calculations needed for a building warrant completion certificate. specifically on stairs and racking calculations and I already have the necessary architectural plans. The calculations do need to comply with Scottish building regulations. The structure ( new build house is completed but paperwork is required for Building regs. look forward to you submitting your calculations and any supporting documentation to help me get my building warrant application approved.

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    I have a Magnetic Motor Patent No US 8,058,755 B2 You can view my motor on the internet under Hoogerhyde Motors LLC I have been wo...under Hoogerhyde Motors LLC I have been working with G.V,S,U, with Charlie Standridge: Joseph Graczyk: Arnold (ARM) Boezaart This is what G,V,S,U, say is the next move should be, I need to develop an SBIR grant. This is what G.V.S.U. said about my motor, ,As we discussed. the project to this point has sufficiently demonstrated the concept of an improvement in electromagnets for motors to warrant the further work on a full prototype In other words. the electromagnets transfer the energy input to the output more efficiently and efficiently than in currant motors, which must be demonstrated on a clock design prototype. Thus , SBIR funds a...

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    ...designing a grease trap that will still allow smoke to enter the smoke heater or a different sort of air conditioning system that can run while the smoke heater is on. I work for HR at this manufacturing plant. I am asking for this help to improve working conditions for the employees. My quote for this project is based on if I need to pay for this out of my own pocket. A really good design could warrant more pay from the company itself....

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    My business is in need of quality control for our new web and Android app. I need assistance with testing the app’s functionality to ensure a smooth user experience. While I have a general idea of the functions that need to be tested, I am open to suggestions from the freelancer about what areas may warrant additional testing. The timeline for this project is 3-4 weeks. I am looking for a reliable and highly skilled freelancer to help me achieve the highest level of quality control for our new web and Android app.

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    I am filing a motion to squash a search warrant due to lack of probable cause and am representing myself. My understanding of the legal process involved in filing this motion is somewhat familiar. I’m looking to hire an experienced legal professional who is knowledgeable on filing motions to squash search warrants so that I can successfully appeal them and protect my rights. If you possess the necessary qualifications and have experience in this field, please do contact me so we can discuss further details. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    Drawing amendment Encerrado left

    I need a cad designer to help amend existing drawing/plan for a building warrant amendment. It's very straightforward, removing a bathroom layout which we did not go ahead with & replacing the space with a wardrobe / cupboard. Can send the previous drawings to use as template for simplicity.

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    ...Wiles Road directly from the City of Coral Springs itself to validate what I provided is accurate. By doing either or both of these, my entire complaint will be validated. I would be happy to pay a fee for the work to be performed. It should be apparent that I have been thorough in my research. I have significantly more information than I provided here, but what is here I think at least would warrant additional examination and proves my claims of non-compliance with FBC. I remain grateful for your time and consideration of everybody’s health. If you need further details or have additional questions, please feel free to call me or reply to this email. Thanks in advance for looking into this issue! Shane ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a CAD drawing of an aluminum heat sink for an R/C car project. Drawing will need to be professional and ready for prototyping and manufacturing. Requirements: - The freelancer should have experience in CAD drawing and design for manufacturing purposes in China. - The dimensions and specifications fo...manufacturing processes and materials - Knowledge of China Manufactuing processes and requirements - Attention to detail This project is ideal for someone who has experience in designing small, detailed aluminum parts and is familiar with the manufacturing process in China. The CAD drawing and design will be used for prototyping, manufacturing. Successful completion and seamless process of project will warrant additional projects in th...

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    Convert PSD to HTML Encerrado left

    ...displaying different information when clicked. e) Product Page with Multiple Locations: Almost identical to the previous page, but with an additional text section below the bold product title. Additionally, a tooltip should be implemented, and when the user clicks "Ver más" ("View more"), specific information will be displayed. This will only appear when the user's selection is large enough to warrant this effect, as explained in the PDF with the design sketches. f) Create a draft page similar to the one seen in "BBDD PERSONALIZADAS," where there will be a picture on the right. Create the same page but with the picture on the left. g) Store Page (TIENDA): Essentially duplicating the table layout from the Individual Category Page. The fre...

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    Building warrant drawings required in Scotland.

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    ...travel a precarious road that often resulted in one-step-forward and then a regression into the darkness again. What I would seek had become indeed a war…not just a battle. There were narrow windows for me to see a future without chemical dependency, and I was fortunate to finally latch onto a desired long-term sobriety. And for it to be sustained, it must be a sobriety that continues to warrant daily consciousness without the associative stigma of being a recovering addict. It must bring together, and not separate, minds that are wired differently; yet, they have a common interest with a final goal. That in the end, the addict’s recovery becomes society’s recovery; one rooted in compassion and clinical interventions, which would again place human lives in...

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    My name is Tara Higgins-Reed. I have a warrant for violation of probation. I was originally charged with child endangerment for testing positive for meth while pregnant, even though my child was born with no meth in his system, and was born healthy and active. My court-appointed attorney made no defense on my part, couldn’t remember talking to me from one time to the next, and even fist-bumped the DA, Mr. Byrd after my “trial.” I was told Mr. Byrd was making an example of me. My defense was an absolute farce. I was sentenced to a year in Safe-P and served 6 months, and then 3 months in a half-way house. After aproximately two years on probation, my PO, Tracey Edwards, revoked my probation when a meth pipe was found in my bedroom. I have since ...

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    I am looking to have research completed with the following objective outcomes? 1. Seed product that have Pharma applications (Seed that can be grown in dirt) 2. Seed product for vitamin and nutritional applications 3. The selected seed products that that are "grow-able" in USA as well as Africa ...outcomes? 1. Seed product that have Pharma applications (Seed that can be grown in dirt) 2. Seed product for vitamin and nutritional applications 3. The selected seed products that that are "grow-able" in USA as well as Africa Asia. To give you a quick example, red ginger is a big international product for my company. Thus, any curative, homeopathic or nutritional seed variety selected would warrant research. Is this something you could help with or would be inter...

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    1 on 1 Dating App Encerrado left

    A niche dating app where users are removed from the stack when they match with another user. They are unable to match or message other users unless they unmatch their current match. The intent of this app is to solve the choice paralysis issues that plagues current dating app users. Idea will ...user. They are unable to match or message other users unless they unmatch their current match. The intent of this app is to solve the choice paralysis issues that plagues current dating app users. Idea will be marketed on the fact that humans are scientifically proven as unable to multitask and thus a prospective romance despite not requiring our full commitment at the begining, should at least warrant our full attention while we consider whether to develop the relationship further or to...

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    Generating text file for all the orders and invoices. when a product has warrant selected, the product listed 2 times. one with warranty and another one without warranty. 1. fix the duplicate lines of product when warranty selected 2. we want to take this file and have a separate controller, it should be called whenever we want for debugging purpose when we pass a increment id, in the query string, it should generate order and invoice file for that increment id alone

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    I would like a painting of my parents for their 57th wedding anniversary. My father was in the United States Navy. He started from the bottom as an E1 Seaman Apprentice and retired 33 years later as a Chief Warrant Officer. Unfortunately, my father and mother never had a formal picture taken of them while he was wearing his dress white uniform. I heard them speaking quietly to each other some time ago that they wish they had gotten a picture taken when he was in uniform. Well, I think that a painting would be even better. I have attached a couple of pictures but if more or needed I will send them. My mother is 5 ft 3 inches ( 1.6002) in height and of Puerto Rican descent and my father is 6ft 7 inches ( 2.007 meters) and of Scottish/German descent.

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    ...situation, so we want to find a capable web tech who can assist us with this. We would like them to use Wix as our platform, and redesign our existing website, rather than start from scratch. We are unsure of what web technologies they should use, but the possibilities include WordPress, HTML/CSS, and Shopify. The pay offered is the donations from our site members once the site is usable enough to warrant requesting it from users. We need experienced web techs who know how to create a beautiful website using the latest technologies and aesthetic trends. This person must also be reliable, friendly, and able to respond quickly and clearly to our queries. If you possess the necessary skill and knowledge, then I invite you to make a bid on this project. Thanks for your time and con...

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    Trophy icon Logo design Encerrado left

    ...associated with the logo design are the following (look up the definition of moxie for more information): Creativity Logical/Analytical Curiosity Dependability It is not a MUST that the logo needs to explain exactly what we do, as id like to stay as technology and marketing agnostic as possible when it comes down to it. We are looking for original artwork. If you submit a logo for the contest, you warrant that all the designs and content are original artwork. All rights to the winning logo and all designs shall pass to me upon the selection of a contest winner. The freelancer will provide all original artwork and files (ex., Illustrator, vector, PSD files) upon the selection of a contest winner. Company Name: Momentum Digital Potential Colors: (Feel free to utilize black,...

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    Solicito personas para trabajar las siguientes areas de desarrollo para nuestro proyecto. - developer [desarrollador de codigos en software de papermc, plugins de spigotMC, bukkit, entre otros.] - Builder [creador de estructuras y mapas] conocimiento en worldedit y worldguard. Actualmente estamos alojados en servidor host de , contamos con discord en desarrollo y pagina web +foro. Medios de pago por cada proyecto.

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    Provide architectural design, plans drawings etc for the redevelopment of a dilapidated property last lived in around 1974. property is grade 3 listed and is locate in Shetland, Scotland. Planning & building warrants will therefore need to be as per...(for existing dwelling only) as a guide. however I require a review of these to get the best possible use of phase 1 upon completion and minimum alterations for incorporation of phase 2 - phase 1 and 2 are to be submitted as a single planning and building warrant application. unless advised to separate. - price to be provided for design work only and design work and submissions - no onsite support is required I would like architectural services to do the design work and provide drawings and documentation for Planning and Build...

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    ...extension. Design will also need to include septic tank installation as there is no foul drainage onsite (previously to sea). Detailed site measurements and scaled paper floor plans and elevations have previously been created and can be used (for existing dwelling only) I would like architectural service to do the design work and provide drawings and documentation for Planning and Building Warrant. I will submit and manage the process. ...

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    ...latest version. Requirements - Proven experience as a Minecraft Plugin Developer or Mod Developer. - Strong knowledge of Java and experience with Minecraft modding APIs, such as Forge or Fabric. - Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills. - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines. - Good communication skills and ability to work in a team environment. - Experience working with Spigot, Bukkit, or other Minecraft server platforms is a plus. We offer competitive compensation based on the complexity of the project, with ample opportunities for growth and development within the company. Currently, we have 30+ projects unclaimed and ready to be worked on, so there is plenty of work to go around. If you're interested in joining our team, please add LiamS#6812 on Di...

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    I have a flat in Edinburgh that I would like to build a new bathroom and move a kitchen. I understand this requires a building warrant .I am looking for someone to take me through the process and apply for it on my behalf. I am happy to provide measurements etc if required.

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    We have the text/references/links/image/stats done. We need someone to create the article and get it published ASAP. If you are an experienced Wiki Editor that has the power to immediately publish the article after completion. The article is about a public figure in Norway with enough relevancy to warrant a Wikipedia article. She is a client of our agency.

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    ...design, and I need a commercial, visual and electronic identity for it, it reflects my work in design on social media . The identity is inclusive of / 1-commercial and visual identity . 2-electronic identity . Commercial and visual identity / 1-the modboard file . 2-full prints of the commercial identity : Integrated A4 paper Correspondence Papers Business card Volder Circumstance Invoice Arrest warrant A notebook by Official seal Employment contract Greeting card Agenda and calendar . 3. headquarters sign Electronic identity / 1-the logo of the architectural design is integrated , and it must be with measurements that suit the social media avatars . 3-empty posts for publications , so that I can fill them with publishable texts in social media . 4-symbolic highlights, such...

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    Нужен Разработчик в среде Bukkit API для сервера MInecraft больше информаци и в лс

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    Building warrant in place. I need planning permission for inerior changes.

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    Hello, I'm planning to remove partialy a wall between kitchen and livingroom in my house. I'd like to know how much would cost me a proffessional visit to tell if my wall is load bearing or non-load bearing to make sure if it need a building warrant. Regards Tomek

    $25 - $309
    $25 - $309
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    PCAP analysis Encerrado left

    ...your project and subsequent findings. Remember that your final report should present your results and findings in a way you would present them to a jury, with appropriate explanations, a jury member would be expected to understand when presented in a clear and straightforward manner. Scenario On December 19th, your unit received authorization from a judge to execute a wiretap intercept search warrant for communication between two persons suspected of planning a large-scale chemical attack on a large gathering somewhere in the world during New Year’s Eve festivities. Your packet capture of their communication reveals that a .zip file named was downloaded with the following SHA-1 checksum: 5a503bc382e7d3212668b1d49ac0919b642d7f14 You examined the contents of the file and ...

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    I am looking for someone to help me prepare social media posts to LinkedIn and Twitter for various professional-related developments. I run out of time and don't feel entirely confident in preparing them, but yet I consistently have developments that warrant promoting via LinkedIn and Twitter. So, I would like to hire someone who can help me prepare the content and maybe some graphics for posts. We could work on an ongoing basis and pay per post preparation.

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    ...publish it, although I have connections with a publisher or two where I might be able to get it published myself. it will need to be a book based on a true story but with names places and some details changed so as to not identify some people. The true story includes accusations of murder rape, and other abuse, a family fleeing the country being pursued by there relatives and the law, international warrant for the arrest of the main characters daddy, escaping capture and finally finding freedom from it all, and going on to now, many years later we have been living exactly the thing that we then told the man that God sent to our rescue, that we wanted. I know that ours is a thriller of a story, I lived it, and when I tell people they are rooted to there seats, and I know that t...

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    Stock Warrant Issue Encerrado left

    Need to file a case in Small Claims Court

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    Oldshoremore Hostle Encerrado left

    I have planning. Just need a building warrant

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    I have planning. Just need a building warrant

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    ...article and why you chose those particular keywords. (We want to understand your understanding on using keywords). Article must be 100% original. We will check not only for plagiarism but for similarity to existing top ranking documents. (article should be similar to these but not duplicate, ie. not same content in different words, but different enough for readers to learn something new and to warrant readers' continued interest.) From the written article, create 2 engaging posts for social media sites (FB, Twitter etc. You can choose which 2). These will have backlinks to main article (for the purposes of promoting the article on social media). Good English skills, engaging tone, originality, firm grasp of subject matter, are all essential. Priority will be given to t...

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    I have made alterations to my garage and erected fencing to the front part of my home. I was advised at the time I didn't need any permissions or warrants, which I have since learnt was incorrect. I please need these to be put in place now.

    $297 - $892
    $297 - $892
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    I need journalist Encerrado left

    My father has a restaurant in Baltimore County, he being evicted. We have a really bad lease agreement against to us. Buy one hand land wants us pay our rent on time and the on the other hand she keep caused us troubles damaged customer our business. The landlord is 100% legal of her action by the rent law, however we would like to expose what she did to warrant future small business owner. Please contact me if you are interested of this topic. [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin]

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    ...and/or protected by copyright. Any personal information in this email must be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). If you have received this email by mistake, please notify us as soon as possible and permanently delete the email. Any confidentiality or privilege is not waived or lost because this email has been sent to you by mistake. We use virus checking software but we cannot warrant that this email is error or virus free....

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    Hi we are looking to get structural engineers drawings for building warrant purposes, foundation drawings and if possible ser certificate for 2 x new build bungalows near Aberdeen Scotland. We do need this very quickly if possible in the next couple of weeks.

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    I have a criminal case where I am defending someone after a search warrant was conducted. The search appears to be valid but there are not returns on any search warrant nor any way to verify what was returned as there is no inventory to any search warrant. This would be a Missouri State case.

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