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    Site para recolha de dados, desenvolvido numa das linguagens PHP / Perl / Pyton / Joomla / html5 / Novos produtos Criação de um site de raiz, devidamente personalizado e intuitivo, em que: Site / apps, que seja montra dos produtos marca Farmacare, em que tenha o acesso personalizado do utilizador através de login registado na plataforma. O utilizador irá ter ...

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    Criar um Site Encerrado left

    Site para recolha de dados, desenvolvido numa das linguagens PHP / Perl / Pyton / Joomla / html5 / Criação de um site de raiz, devidamente personalizado e intuitivo, em que: Site / apps, que seja montra dos produtos marca Farmacare, em que tenha o acesso personalizado do utilizador através de login registado na plataforma. O utilizador irá ter acesso a ...

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    We have built a reporting software in Java / javascript. We are looking to integrate SAP to our Software. Require following help from someone who can provide the following: 1) You must have a SAP ECC or Hana server and provide access to a database where we can access to all tables like BSEG, BKPF etc 2) Our application is built on Java. We will be using Microsoft JDBC driver. 3) We will need the...

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    Two projects 1., SQL server, web services and windows services. 2. C# clickonce deployment, web services, windows services and SQL server.

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    I am working with SQL SERVER EXPRESS. I need to automated exporting new records when they get added to a specific table. which are new leads from our website. Import to another server for the company data access. I know SQL EXPRESS has no SQL Server Agent. so will need to utilize batch files and SQLEXPRESS, Windows Task Scheduler, PowerShell cmdlets..? Google searching has be exhausting. ...

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    Simple SQL Statement needed for Classic ASP routine There are two nearly identical databases DBOrig and DBCopy Both databases (which happen to be on different IP addresses but within the same network) contain the same table definition/structure for the table TEST I need a simple SQL statement or two that will copy all the records from [fazer login para ver a URL] to DBCOPY.test. Ideally, it ...

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    programming in .net Encerrado left

    SESSION 1 Write a Windows Form App (.NET Framework) that: Uses Windows Forms to make a graphical interface Uses the Graphics object to graphically display a liquid filling a bucket Uses a Timer control to display the bucket contents as it fills Uses a TrackBar control to adjust the flow-rate of the liquid by setting the Interval of the Timer control Uses the ColorDialog control to be able to sele...

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    I'm trying to read and write to my local sqlexpress from ubot. I've connected to sqlexpress many times from ODBC with no problems, but I can't get ubot to connect. Only if you have worked with UBOT and connected it to SQL Server Database - others please do not bid!!! My Goal is to be able to connect to my database. ONLY EXPERIENCE PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE IT CAN BID. Please Provide ...

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    Repair a website/app Encerrado left

    Hi, We have already a working website/app combination the website works good, but after moving host the app that is setup as a subdomain doesn't work. The website is WordPress and the app is net.asp. the data base with the app used to be sqlexpress and now on the hosting server it is MySQL so I don't know if it a connection problem or not. I just need some help to get it all working aga...

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    Build and sign c# WPF application with Azure DevOps, with a certificate stored in Azure Key Vault, published to be installed with ClickOnce.

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    We currently already have an existing software built in .Net 4.6 which works with SQL Express Server 2014. The application is installed using Visual Studio Setup project msi installer, however the requirement is to change our installation to use ClickOnce and also change to from SQL Server Express to SQL LocalDB. We want to use ClickOnce + LocalDb to achieve the following: 1. Automatic updates of...

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    ASP.NET Core + Blazor server knowledge needed for online tutorial and walk through. Task: To create simple demo application with the following requirements: 1) Global exception handling recorded to SQL 2) Simple CRUD editors using EF to SQLExpress backend 3) CRUD form Validation 4) CRUD Dropdown boxes populated from SQL tables 5) Example CRUD pages and CRUD modal forms 6) Grid display of data wit...

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    I want a project template (Example) , All I want are 1) 2 examples project with sample form (May be 2 or 3 controls include) . 2) add 1st project to 2st project to access any class , function or form of 1st project. 3) Let update each project by Clickonce independently. 4) Documentation explain how to do step by step. My company have main project which is ...

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    I need someone to replace EF/EF Core in my hobby project with Dapper. My project uses multithreading to simulate website traffic and SQL Server express for API. Currently I need better handling of the threads. The project freezes since all threads are used. This is a long term project, and I only want someone who has worked with Winform and Sql Server Express before. Your job will be to update th...

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    Need a Bill of material application to use with existing data, open to any languageframework. Connected to a MS SQLexpress DB via username/password (not windows authentication). Should have a config file to specify the server, database, user and password Two DB tables 3 forms: Start page Add new material edit existing material 3 reports, should have the ability to make formatting changes to the...

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    Hi, I need a betfair api expert developer. Please only call with do you know the betfair api. I need: - Windows Form,, SQLExpress - Form with Account balance Rules for Bet (Field for Market (ex: Soccer), Odds Max (ex: 1.04), Time Min (ex: 78 min), Bet Value (ex: $4)). Apply button. This system have get the rules and every 10 seconds analyze the market to bet. Ex with rules (Soccer, 1.0...

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    I need help on creating shell for my MVVM prism project and it will be deployed using ClickOnce Deployment.

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    I have setup an SQL Server on a Windows 10 PC. I was previously able to connect to it from another PC on the local network as well as offsite via VPN. I have since encountered issues connecting, and need troubleshooting help. I tried to redo the setup again from scratch, and it now does not work at all. Issues are potentially relating to SSPI, active directory, kerberos, integrated security. I ...

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    I need to host the site .Net Core .net core web mvc aplication sqlexpress

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C# .NET. This software will serve as e classroom where student can learn from assigned lectures by teacher. Teacher can also create lecture in form of text/voice Basic Functionality includes: Teacher Login Student Login Register Evaluation Create Lesson Assign Lesson Quiz Suggested Backend...

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    Additional notes: ========================== Have a sql exception: "ErrorNumber ErrorMessage 13609 JSON text is not properly formatted. Unexpected character 's' is found at position 0." In my sql: INSERT INTO WEBSCRAPE_TEMP (CASEPACK,CATEGORY,COST,DESCRIPTION,description2,itemno,page_url,pk_size,style,upc,upc_variant,variant,vendor,page_title) SELECT * FROM OPENJSON((selec...

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    Looking for talented resource who can help us distribute a Windows desktop Outlook addin via installer. Description: We've developed a VSTO based Outlook Addin that installs and runs on Outlook for Desktop on Windows. We're facing issues with distribution. The users see a blue screen (Windows SmartScreen Filter) warning whenever they try to install it. We've tried making the ...

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    Hello I need a working project where it’s possible to CRUD using database and Retrofit. Database name: StudentsDB The database table name: Student The columns in Student should be: Id (primary) Description (string) Age (int) Smoker (boolean) ShoeSize (double) Height (float) Need the project done today - payment through paypal :) Thanks!

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    web scraping Encerrado left

    I want to move below stock data to mssql sqlexpress edition every 5 minutes [fazer login para ver a URL]

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    A Microsoft SQL Server Express should be run under Debian Stretch V9 linux. the mssql server express is running and up. the problem i can not connect with the sqlcmd to the server there is an error: sqlcmd -S localhostsqlexpress,1433 -U sa -P password Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server : TCP Provider: Error code 0x2746. Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Serve...

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    .NET CI/CD Pipeline Encerrado left

    We have a number of desktop applications and services in .NET Framework and Core, stored in BitBucket Cloud, deployed on-prem and AWS (majority on-prem). We need a build server(s) set up, and a CI/CD pipeline for dev, test and prod environments (ClickOnce for desktop). We have experimented with BitBucket Pipelines, Jenkins, and Octopus Deploy, but aren't locked into any particular tech besi...

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    I created a backup of databases from an instance using [fazer login para ver a URL] As far as I can tell the backup ran smoothly. The script I sued was this: sqlcmd -E -S .COMPAC -d master -Q "EXECUTE [fazer login para ver a URL] @Databases = 'USER_DATABASES', @Directory = N'C:backup', @BackupType = 'FULL'" -b -o C:Log[fazer login para ver a URL] Now ...

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    Hello this project is URGENT! I would like to publish a Application. I am using ClickOnce in Visual Studio 2017. Need an Expert who has experience publishing applications for users.

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    URGENT...need asap! Expert in VB.Net and ClickOnce publishing. I have application completed. I need an expert with ClickOnce experience to help with publishing.

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    1. The program will follow XML stream where a query will be made. 2. The query interval must be able to be determined 3. The program must work as a service (and I want to test it on command prompt or other way) 4. XML is situated in a path or address like [fazer login para ver a URL] (it can also be on a different pc like / xxxxxxxxcurrent .) But it always has to be in the same ...

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    I have a windows application which i use to deploy with dotnet click once application deployment and publishing procedure. The problem is i need to install sqlserver separately with a specific instance name and then i have to create database and the separately i have to install application then it start working , i want all these steps to be done in a single installation which allows instance name...

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    I have a old system running on Microsoft SQL server express version on my lacal server in office. I need to get a copy of that database made and have it installed on my new online Microsoft server also having SQLexpress installed After having the data moved, I would need to have the following work made. So steps are. 1. Move database from old server to new 2. Create IPhone app a. Create view suppl...

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    We need the best of the best programmers. For a large important project we need a USB that can synchronize with a cloud server. Everything must be possible from 1 usb without a user having to do difficult actions. Performing a Clickonce installation to make it work is just a maximum. Are there any programmers who can do this for us? Please contact us as soon as possible. We need 100+ USB We ...

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    We recently replaced ClickOnce with [fazer login para ver a URL] ([fazer login para ver a URL]) to install/update our Windows Form application. It is working fine except that during the update process (downloading and installing new version), the user is not seeing any feedback. I need a windows form splash screen to show with a progress bar during the update process. Here is a link to get you ...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    We need to develop a dashboard system for our existing WebApp

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    Visual Studio 2008, SQLExpress 2005 C# windows application need TextBox to Sql Table add row routine. Something is not quite right with my code. Can use Team View to work directly off target system. I will have additional work in the near future to make the project more robust.

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    Our windows desktop application written in C# uses ClickOnce technology to deploy (install and update) itself. We want to migrate to Squirrel ([fazer login para ver a URL]). Here are our requirements: 1. We need to ability to deploy to a test repository and to a production repository. 2. Our code is signed using certificate from COMODO. 3. User will always get the latest when executing E...

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    Hire a PHP Developer Encerrado left

    Small enhancements for a small PHP application with SQLExpress backend

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    This is a micro project. I need to create and bind a single drop down list to a SQLExpress database. Need to populate Db data based on item select in list. This is an ASP.Net MVC Project created using Visual Studio 2017. Application will be provided

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    Design a Logo Encerrado left

    hello to all... i want to design a logo for a software company named "clickonce infotech"... and slogan is "logic with looks"... logo should contain mouse pointer... logo should looks like software related... logo should be creative and professional..

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    I am looking someone to teach me how to publish a winform application as ClickOnce. Should be able to publish it on the web so that users can click a link on a url and it will install on local computer and each time program starts it will check for updates. The task requires that you teach me how to do this. I have extensive experience programming but I have never used Publish Clic...

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    Write some Software Encerrado left

    This is a simple enough project for an experienced programmer. I have a database structure that needs Add New/Edit/Delete features for each of the table entity coded in C#. Some of the tables are related and would need Master-Detail like entry form. There would also be 5-6 reports that need to be generated periodically from these tables. I would prefer the data to be hosted on the server and use ...

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    Hi there, I'm offering my clients an add-in for outlook 2013/2016 (built with the latest VSTO). The add-in works great on regular pcs and such, but it doesn't work properly for people using Terminal Server. It's old, yes, but my clients need it to work there. I'm looking for a software developer / architect who can use my binaries to build an .MSI installer (not ClickOnce...

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    We have an application that our employees use to work. We wish to automate the work that they do without having to interface with the client. This is why we are looking to reverse engineer this application, we want to know whether we can create applications that interface directly with the server. Essentially we would develop a second client without a GUI and interactable through an API or CLI. T...

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    I have a wpf application that I am trying to use to launch another clickonce application using webbrowser control.  It works perfectly in Windows 7, but fails to download manifest in Windows 10.  How can this be fixed in Win 10? OPERATION PROGRESS STATUS  * [5/20/2017 1:53:33 PM] : Activation of C:UsersadmAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheIE9OR5CR2T[fazer login pa...

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    I have a report in crystal report with password protected SQLexpress 2008 back end and want to load this report in 2008, but the report should not prompt for entering user name and password on run time. Project will award to those who have similar experience and can demonstrate a sample work.

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    Write some Software Encerrado left

    Hi We need a very simple microsoft ClickOnce application (coded in c#). I will share details with bidders Jorg

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    El proyecto consiste de dos partes:<br />1) Aplicación Mobile<br />2) WebService<br /><br />1) Desarrollo de una aplicación móvil q lea un código de barras, y a partir de este obtenga el precio del producto mediante la llamada a un WebService.<br />Aplicación Android, preferentemente desarrollada con Cordova/PhoeGap<br />2) Des...

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