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    Here is what I need. Must work on Win2000/XP. GUI is required. Would prefer C++ I need a program where I input a text file of domains name (one per line). The program then simply queries dns of that domain, and sees if that domain has any MX servers registered to it. If it does, the program will then output the domain name of each mx server to a text file, as well as the original domain ...

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    what i need is a vb6 code to create a internet explorer toolbar. please bid only if you know it and if you are a vb programmer. the source code is required who that show a demo version has the best chance to win this bid. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that...

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    I have a site that I want to upload multiple files to. An example is Yahoo Pictures or other sites that allow multiple file uploads with a javasript or ActiveX component. The user has to browse through their computer and select which to upload. In your offer, please let me know what language you'd use. I'd be happy to offer you future work as well as there will be more than enoug...

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    I want to create a simple site which lists information about programs on the internet. It will be similar, but different to [fazer login para ver a URL] and will focus on all aspects of "get-paid" programs on the internet. There will be 2 sections, an Admin section which is password protected, and the main site. The main site will contain information about the "get-paid&qu...

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    Enhance an exsisting Visual Basic 6.0 task bar reminder agent to use pop up messenger windows, and allow the user to comunicate through the product to selected contact residing in local access database using exsisting instant messenger protocols (MSN, YAHOO, AOL, IRQ), emails and cell phone calls. Send text, file or image content through these services dependant on user selection request. See atta...

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    We have an auction site (PHP) which we have made many customisations to. However on testing, some little niggles have come up, these include :- Buy it Now option which is not working properly, it simply takes the auction back to the start as if nothing has happened. Feedback system has been removed but a new person bidding still has an (0) next to their username. Most emails are automatically g...

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    Hi all! For this bid any of the following programming languages/toolkits can be used : - Delphi - C# - dot net framework - Pyhton - TCL/TK - Java Please download the attached zip file which contains the documentation and examples of what I need. Please BID! Peter ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work do...

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    I would like to add a yahoo news feed script and weather script to the following site. the weather script should allow the users to search for the weather by using their zip code. [fazer login para ver a URL] Rod

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    I want a simple program that I can enter in a search word and the program will go to [fazer login para ver a URL] and perform a search for my words. I want a listing of all of the groups yahoo groups returns. For each of these records I want the number of members in the group, the link to the group and the moderators email address. I want to be able to save this data once retreived to a comma d...

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    Desk Top Application Encerrado left

    I want a desktop application developed that will allow the end user to hide all open web browsers, chat screens, & activate the mute feature turning off all computer noise. This will be accomplished by pressing of a hot key combination end user can choose. Application will hide All open windows, but when hot key combination is used it will also open One web browser window of end users choice...

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    Need help from an SQL Coder/DB expert for 1 hour or so. I am trying to move a database from one machine to another. I have moved the mdf/log files to the NEW server under database name 'tibcodb'and attached the database. The NEW database has a user 'tibco' that owns most tables. I have created new SQL Login 'tibco' on new database that has same name as user o...

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    SEO For my WebSite Encerrado left

    I would like for my page <[fazer login para ver a URL]>, to be optimized for the main search engines (Yahoo, AltaVista, Google, AllTheWeb, etc.). Looking to get on the first or second page of results for one/all of the following keywords: Online Shopping Mall, Online Mall, Online Outlet. Will accept bids up to $100 if you have proven good results for other clients. ## Deliverables 1) Comp...

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    Forum posting Encerrado left

    Hi all, I am looking for coders to submit posts to two of my client new forums. The first forum is for web developers so we will need topics around PHP mainly, apache, php tools...etc. The second forum is for SEO so we will need topics around SEO (search engines, google, msn, yahoo, directories, submissions...etc). I will provide the selected coder with the list of topics under each forum. I might...

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    Hi, we're in the need of a quick solution for a script what does have the following features: - protected backend (admin area) for adding/editing/deleting a bet containing the fields: date, name of bidder, stake and amount. - frontend for displaying all existing data including a sort feature (name/amount/date) and page navigation. Conditions: - Scripts must be efficiently written in PHP ...

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    JSP Module/Java Bean Encerrado left

    <h4>Help!</h4> <p>I am coding my first "real" JSP module with mySQL. It is just a small part of a web-based application. I need someone available via Yahoo IM to help me work through design questions this Saturday 10p.m.-1a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). I will post code and you will critique it. I also need direction on how to implement DVC with this project. To ...

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    Email client Encerrado left

    I need a custom email client written in Delphi. supporting: SMTP POP IMAP Web Mail - Yahoo mail, [fazer login para ver a URL] attachments. Send emails. Receive emails from multiple sources or accounts, including web based email. You can suggest 3rd party libraries to use. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of al...

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    qmail and webmail Encerrado left

    **Qmail and Webmail **Running on linux and apache Should also be able to do POP3 and IMAP through standard email client and authenticated smtp ??" with username and password. Webmail Plugin a)Similar to Yahoo we want to use a free plugin tool to give web-mail facilities completely managed and branded as for our company. b)Also offer branded webmail for different domains ??&...

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    Hello Coders! I have a site: [fazer login para ver a URL] I would like to turn the site into an Internet directory with each site in the directory having been reviewed by a dog, or at least the perspective of a dog. Each day a new site review, of a cool site, will be shown ??" a spot got. For this to work, I need some nice software that will ease the creation of the directory. I would like a ...

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    PHP score fetcher Encerrado left

    Create a spider/bot class using PHP to fetch the schedules and scores from [fazer login para ver a URL] then save them to a database. 1. Create a user interface where the admin will choose a league and the spider will fetch the game schedules for the entire season. If the game has been played already, then the spider will update that game record with the correct score. **GAMES** g_id i...

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    REVERSE ENGINEERING Encerrado left

    -Windows Based Application -Winsock/Multithreaded Application -Error Handling -Project Support -Instructions -Changes on Demand (if something is not done proper) -Create a near and understandable GUI/Interface Note: I have a list of projects that I need done for 2004 *You Must Provide Detailed Information on Past Projects as Well as Evidence/ScreenShots/Samples/Examples* *Basically...

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    YAHOO CHESS!!! Encerrado left

    Hello!! I need to somebody make "Yahoo Chess" <[fazer login para ver a URL]> (chess) My needs - program to looks completly same like yahoo!! - Installation on my unix server (remote offcourse, ssh access) - Support for 1 months that is writeen in java! best regards! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in ...

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    1.1 ActiveX Audio Chat Component: An ActiveX Audio Chat component operating in a Web browser that transmit audio through a computer microphone or the auxiliary input. The Audio Chat should have the following functionalities: · Talk Button · Hands Free Check Box · Mute Check Box · Volume Control · Audio Levels Indicators" · Audio Chat Timer...

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    I need search engine optimization for my new dating site. I want to have high rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN and all others big search engines to get more traffic. Google is using new techniques to rank pages since half November and I need someone who has a lot of experience in optimizing sites and can show me some results. You must posses good SEO skills – submission techniques, creation...

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    I need a Linux and Window C++ Internet Traffic Snifffing Program. The functions needed are Port forwarding to a Internet gateway Capturing all Internet Traffic Decoding http, https, ftp, pop, smtp, imap, irc, aol chat, msn chat, yahoo chat, and icq chat and other Internet Traffic Administration can use a browser to control the setting for the program. Administrator ca...

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    I need a multiplayer (up to 4 players) card game created either using Java or Flash. The rules/specs for the card game will be described to the winning bidder acceptance of their bid. Ppl from around the world must be able to register/login to the website and then be able to play the game. Generally this game has the same functionalities of Spade or Hearts card games. (Sample of these...

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    I was wondering about a program i recently saw. it was an auto program to play several games from [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1] the site where you can download the programs and use them is [fazer login para ver a URL] i was wondering if you could program for me these types of programs but for other games from other websites playbuddy already has an auto program for yahoo for the game collapse,...

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    Quality control / Bug Checking / Bug Fixes on I recently had a RAC programmer convert my site and make some changes. He did a good job, but I would like to have someone review his work, check for efficiency and look for bugs in the coding. He’s also been too busy with other projects to do some other changes for me, so I would like the new coder to finish the projects belo...

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    My problem is simple: I need to extract text from (1) Click on "Patents: Search" on the left-hand side of the screen. (2) Click on "Issued Patents: Quick Search". (3) For Term 1, type in "4000000" and for Field 1, select "Patent Number". (4) Click on "Search". (5) About 2 screens down, is a heading "Foreign Pa...

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    I need a program (plug-in or similar for MS Internet Explorer) that allows for drag and drop uploading of a single file, multiple files or a folder containing any number of files from the user's local desktop onto a webserver. Transfer of files shall be done over port 80, posting data as when uploading using a standard file upload web form. The program shall be initiated by a user d...

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    Online Stores Encerrado left

    Exactly like [fazer login para ver a URL] this is the first project The store should have the following feature: - each user can get a trial of 15 days for example - each user can customize his own store from choosing the number of products ( sub products ) and for men and women and sections for example. - There shall be a search for the stores by category and also sub category and also...

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    We have a hotel related website [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1]. We are looking for someone with good knowledge of major search engines to optimize our pages and submit to major search engines and obtain positions within top 10-15 with about 10 keywords. Please indicate whether repeat submission is required to maintain ranking and what the ongoing cost will be. Also, indicate timeframe for ...

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    Only professonals are required for this job. It's not only submission I require, I have already submitted to some of the major engines and have already optimized some of the site pages. So I need someone who can guarantee top 20 position in yahoo, google, altavista, [fazer login para ver a URL], [fazer login para ver a URL], [fazer login para ver a URL], msn for any of the following 3 keyword...

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    I need a programmer that can make SS Links ([fazer login para ver a URL]) list results like google or yahoo in 10 by 10 listings... My problem is that SSlinks displays all links of a category or search result in one page, instead of allowing the webmaster to put the number of listings that wants in each page, for example 10 or 15. If you search SSLinks in google or others you can find many sites t...

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    I am building an online ordering system for a pizza restaurant. I decided to use a shopping cart built by CandyPress to get started. You can download the frontend for free at [fazer login para ver a URL] and view a demo of both the front and backend. It is written in ASP. I will provide access to the backend administration part and also let potential coders view the current work I have completed. ...

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    WEB SERVICE Encerrado left

    I have a quick project for someone who is a savy coder and proficient with xml and soap connections using php objects. I wann create a bunch of interfaces for various web services. I will modify these for my own puposes at a later date but for now all i want is connectivity and the ability to succesfully call a method and get the appropriate response. I will give you a top 15 list of webservice mu...

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    The Return Email Processor (REP) program has two main functions, 1.) parsing through returned emails and tagging the associated records on a spreadsheet to indicate the mail for that record had been returned and 2.) performing Yahoo searches for an email format and prompting the user for an email format to apply the record based upon the Yahoo search results. See attached for a detailed descriptio...

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    75921 XML to PHP Encerrado left

    I need a script that can read an Yahoo Store XML file and create static html pages from it that match the general apperance of Not the design of BEWILD but the layout I will be using my own design like I have on [fazer login para ver a URL] but will be changing it a little so I need to be able to edit the template file that makes these pages. The script will make category pages, and pr...

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    We need CHM help files created for two programs. One program is a small PC-based application that has no help documentation. There are approx. 15 screens of help that are needed for this small PC-based application. Another application is a web-based application which already has a CHM help file, but it needs updating. This application has approximately 40 screens. No screen shots have been taken o...

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    Midpoint on Map Encerrado left

    This application is to locate an address between two other addresses. Can imagine it being used by two businesspeople who wish to set up a meeting approximately 1/2 way between their individual offices. The idea is that the application will take their two addresses, find the midpoint, and then return a list of restaurants and hotels that are nearby that midpoint so that the businesspeopl...

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    Hi all, Recently I consolidated our web service websites to the one site. Basically an ASP script reads what URL was entered and places the correct graphics, content, tags, etc to match the URL. I resell domain names, promotion and hosting services under my branded name. I was a web designer/developer myself, however, it is very difficult for me to find the time to promote the following websites;...

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    Need simple flash that conveys the concept of "global networking". Maybe you would use a network drawing or a map in the background. This is for a banner flash similar to what you find when you go to elance and click on elance online. See how the text there floats in and there's a dude on the right reading somethign? Very simple flash. 5 x 1.5 inches. Attached is a cool HP ban...

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    I need a web-based conference room scheduling application with the following features: 1. Authentication with email address and password 2. Ability to change email and password 3. Profile information on each user (first name, middle name, last name, telephone number, mobile number). First name and last name are required. 4. Ability to add new conference rooms to the system 5. Administrator a...

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    Redesign the look and feel of this store with an eye towards beauty and SEO. [fazer login para ver a URL] thanks 1. look and feel i like [fazer login para ver a URL] Additional stuff 2. A form for people to email the page to others as on this page. [fazer login para ver a URL] 3. A live chat setup 4. Contact by various messengers aol msn yahoo icq etc 5. A setup where affiliates can post their lin...

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    I currently have an installation of Invision Power Board (IPB; [fazer login para ver a URL] ) on my website. I utilize it to provide support for my software product, QTExtender ( <[fazer login para ver a URL]> ). As it stands now, the users of the forum can subscribe to a given topic or thread and are emailed whenever someone replies to a given subject. Utilizing the IPB module int...

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    Need a yahoo chat bot. That works basically like a client, It must go into rooms send a few msgs of text then enter the next room on your list. Also I would like to be able to respond if disconnected by yahoo, by joining another already made account. That way the bot is never stopping. Also I want to be able to set time limits to any length from seconds to minutes. Also I want the option that...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    Interested in finding someone that can create some web site templates and variations in color scheme to each. The templates will draw certain items from an MS Access database. I will provide some samples of what I'm generally looking for. The general concept will be similar to: [fazer login para ver a URL] The templates should utilize stylesheets, includes etc to make their m...

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    Search Engine Guru Encerrado left

    Exclusively 4 very smart fellows! We have about 12 Titles of books to sell. (2 Million Copies have been printed) We have a rough site at the address noted below available for your preview. It is being redesigned. We need a search engine guru. Google, yahoo, Google adwords, overture etc. We also need to build an affiliate program. thank u 4 reading & bidding! [fazer login para ver a URL] ## D...

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    Existing scripts hgyah and hgdmoz search the Yahoo and Dmoz directories respectively for domain names that are listed in those directories and which are expired and email them out to [fazer login para ver a URL] For this bid, the objective is to modify the existing hgdmoz Perl script to use Dmoz RDF for search instead of accessing the [fazer login para ver a URL] website directly (as currently co...

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    i need some quote for my website to be top 5 in yahoo and google. and how much does it cost with all SEO. and also if possible to be top 5 in 4 month. my website about communication and my target is phone card and prepaid phone card. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installa...

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