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    I need a website, preferably on Wordpress, that is able to upload files to CSV and insert as a post on the website. There are 41 million lines. Be able to divide this file into 41 parts, so it is possible to upload a file with 1 million lines that must be inserted in a website with a minimum of 24 hours or a minimum of 700 lines per minute in the background. Each row has 33 columns that must be loaded in pre-applied information on the website that take into account or the header of each column. ------- The pre-established information in relation to the header of the CSV file would be like this, because it is in Portuguese / Brazil, it should be exactly like this: CNPJ: cnpj CNPJ (sem ponto): cnpj_sem_ponto Tipo: matriz_filial Razão Social: razao_social Nome Fantasia: nome_fa...

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    Micro project, just the frontend with a single and react.js included. I need to add the React Data Grid plugin () but without JSX because it will be added to an already completed project. The datagrid can only have columns id, name, value. I need this 4 events below: 1) an external button with the add row function (row). 2) an external button with the remove row selected. 3) an external button to change background color row by id. 4) always sort order "name column" ASC

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    ...(I am a lawyer), with forms and codes to fill in some fields (case number, name of the municipality, responsible person, title and identification number of the person in charge). The work is composed of two parts: a) I need these fields to be imported into an independent Excel file by pressing a button on the form, in order to compose a database, one data in each column. b) Part of these Excel columns (proc. number, name of the municipality, name of the person in charge, title of the person responsible and identification number of the person in charge, name of another person, identification), in turn, automatically compose a combination box or a form of automatic completion of the same form for use in an upcoming use; that is, when you fill out the form again, if you select the m...

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    ...lojas virtuais segmentadas pela tecnologia utilizada para o seu desenvolvimento, não requer nenhum conhecimento prévio ou tecnico. Antes do início dos trabalhos um treinamento será oferecido. English: Hello, I'm looking for a professional who can help us create lists for prospecting new clients. Lists must be created in an Excel file that will be available with their respective columns to be filled out. They should be lists of online stores segmented by the technology used for their development. It does not require any prior experience or technical knowledge. Before the beginning of the work, a training will be provided....

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    ...source of my site is not very cool, but nothing that open the file path and edit a line in css 3º The slider just below the introduction of the site, it is not full in the container, I would like it to occupy all the space 4º In the area of ​​"plans" in make your plan I would like to clear the accountant because it is not going out the way I would like 5th In the testimonial area, I would like 2 columns with 4 messages, the name of the person, and the city where she lives, to be made visible to the visitors. 6º In the "FAQ" section, I would like each item to turn a link so that the answer appears just below the question 7º create or add a chat to people people of the site can talk to each other, being open source, only people who are n...

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    PrestaShop - Update Prices / Quantities Page product / supplier include a field quantity Page product / price include margin field Page product / price sale = lowest price supplier x margin (default 10%) Page product / quantity = sum of amounts from suppliers Front-office page product the "last update" (date / time) Prestashop - update prices / quantities via csv / Xls, csv with 3 columns (ref. Supplier, price, quantity) Import xls / csv, and replace the differences

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    I have 149 pages like the one attached, and I need them in columns at excel, like this: Example 1: Babylõn, -õnis, subs. pr. f. Babilônia, an- tiga capital da Caldéia, e depois dos impérios assirio e babilônio; estava si• tuada às margens do rio Eufrates (Cic Div. 1, 47). Column 1 : Babylõn Column 2 : -õnis .... Column 10 : antiga capital da Caldéia , e depois dos impérios assirio e babilônio; estava situada às margens do rio Eufrates (Cic. Div. 1, 47) Explanation: Column from 1 to 9 – What begins with bold style (each column separated for comma) Column 10 ahead - What is after the initial part that is in bold style.

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    ...document that I've designed and transforming it into a more polished and professional template for note-taking. Key elements that need to be incorporated into the template include: - Header and footer: While I haven't specified how I want these elements to be designed, creativity in making them appealing yet functional would be greatly appreciated. - Tables and columns: The template should contain well-structured tables and columns to facilitate ease of note-taking. - Styling options: A variety of styling options should be included to make the template visually appealing and user-friendly. -Proper text "behavior": I need for the text to appear in the proper place when it's being entered -Date picker and/or automatic date entry -Age calculation...

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    I need a freelancer with proficiency in data collection and Excel to handle a minor task for me. The project is straightforward, with only 28 rows of data that need to be collected. I'll need the following information included in each row: - 12 columns of data - Each row will contain Text, Dates, Phone numbers, Links, etc. - Other miscellaneous data related to my project requirements that need to be captured. The ideal candidate for this position is skilled in Excel, organized, and pays great attention to detail. Prior experience in data mining will be a huge plus.

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    ...title="Buy Vol Label") ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// LINES mov_avg = ma_function(volume, i_length) plot(i_ma_line ? mov_avg : na, style=plot.style_line, linewidth=2, color=(#000000, 0), title="MA Line") ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// SCALING // Plot high line to scale down the columns scaling_value = mov_avg * i_scaling_factor plot(i_scaling ? scaling_value : na, title="limit", color=(#00ffaa, 100))...

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    I'm looking for an expert with a keen attention to detail to manually extract particular data from a web page twice per day. The task involves gathering a 2x30 simple chart from the site. This chart consists of two columns - one representing the date and time, and the second representing a series of numbers. Once this data is extracted, it will need to be organized into an Excel spreadsheet and promptly emailed to me following each extraction. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in data collection and entry - Familiarity with Excel spreadsheets - Exceptional attention to detail - Ability to work without supervision - Punctuality to ensure data sets are sent promptly after extraction. The success of this project relies greatly on accuracy, timeliness, and observance of i...

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    112 ofertas looking for an expert in MS Excel to develop a special MS Excel Macro which can be integrated to MS Excel environment, in order to generate an output file. This tool will allow us to transform a specific Input file into another Output file. • Input: catalog_product_option-YYYY-MM-DD • Output: The 2 files are attached, with a color mapping to recognize the columns in scope. In summary, we need to be capable to issue an export file in a specific format (see attached picture “”): • Specific Orders of the column (Green) • Suppress the duplicated values for some line items, on 3 fields. The macro allows to: • Generate the Output in a separate spreadsheet (which captures only the required fields and re-arrange them) • Optional: Enable t...

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    31 ofertas system that will speed up our workflow. I am a general IT and live video production person who lacks the development knowledge to pick a platform and put the development out to bid. Here is a preview of the development objectives if it helps you decide if this is something you want to talk about. Steps: 1-Generate a table where each file requests exists as a row of data and the columns contain supporting information entered in advance as well as empty fields to be populated later. . 2-User interface to drag submitted files onto a field within each file request which would rename it and file it in a pre-designated folder structure. It would update the record to show the file was submitted. It would update the record each time a replacement file was submitted. 3-S...

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    I'm in need of a data handling professional who is well-versed in organizing Excel files. I have a spreadsheet that houses data from multiple sources but the columns are misaligned. Your task will be to: - Correctly align the columns - Merge any duplicate records Ideal freelancer would have: - A strong background in Excel - Experience in data cleaning - Proven track record of handling large datasets - A keen eye for detail to spot and fix misalignments Your expert handling of this task will ensure that my data becomes easier to manage and understand, aiding in my professional decisions. Apply if you're willing to provide a sure fix to my Excel misery!

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    I am in need of a Google Sheets expert that can help me in matching multiple columns using exact match criteria. The primary aim is to integrate data accurately. Ideal skills required for this task are: - In-depth knowledge of Google Sheets. - Experience in data cleaning, manipulation and integration. - Proficiency in managing large datasets. - Good understanding of exact matching techniques. Your main responsibility will be to: - Find exact matches between columns in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. - Deliver an integrated dataset with correctly matched columns. - Ensure data accuracy and integrity post-integration. Movies you to be fast, meticulous, and skilled. You need to have a proven track record in dealing with similar Google Sheets tasks, and be able to deli...

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    54 ofertas will create an optimized cities table and a weather forecast web application using React, TypeScript. Core Requirements: Display Cities in a table: Show all cities in a table format with infinite scroll (use this api to get the city data: ). The table should have columns city name, country, timezone etc. Implement search as you type for this table. Utilize an autocomplete feature to suggest possible locations as users type. Implement filter and sorting for each column Clicking on the city name, should take to to the weather page for this city Right clicking on the city name and opening in the new tab should also open the weather page for the city but in the new

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    I need a multi-column PDF document to be converted into an Excel table. The layout is moderately complex. Here are some additional details: - **Task**: The primary purpose of this conversion is data entry. As such, the Excel table must be an accurate representation of the information in the PDF. - **Layout**: The PDF contains multiple columns of text which need to be correctly mapped to the appropriate cells in the Excel spreadsheet. - **Verification**: After the conversion, manual review and correction are required to ensure that the data has been accurately transcribed. Ideal skills and competencies for this project include: - **Strong attention to detail**: Given the manual verification needed, an eye for detail is crucial. - **Excel proficiency**: A good understanding of Exce...

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    I have a very simple three js project in a website that I want to be worked on. I will supply a google sheet with 8 co-ordinates per shape, the co-ordinates are given as (X,Y,Z) The first co ordinate is made up of 3 columns named (1X), (1Y) and (1Z) they have a number in the column for shape 1 you must use those 3 numbers to generate the first co-ordinate. Then repeat for (2X), (2Y) AND (2Z) up to the final cordinate (8X), (8Y) and (8Z). Each shape is given along the same row in the google sheet, and has a hexcode colour. The shape should be filled with the hexcode colour in the hexcode colour column. If new rows are added to the google sheet the three js project should add more shapes to the display.

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    I have a very simple three js project in a website that I want to be worked on. I will supply a google sheet with 8 co-ordinates per shape, the co-ordinates are given as (X,Y,Z) The first co ordinate is made up of 3 columns named (1X), (1Y) and (1Z) they have a number in the column for shape 1 you must use those 3 numbers to generate the first co-ordinate. Then repeat for (2X), (2Y) AND (2Z) up to the final cordinate (8X), (8Y) and (8Z). Each shape is given along the same row in the google sheet, and has a hexcode colour. The shape should be filled with the hexcode colour in the hexcode colour column. If new rows are added to the google sheet the three js project should add more shapes to the display.

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    I want to create a form using google forms where: - the answers are exported into google sheets (this is done by default), each answer in...form using google forms where: - the answers are exported into google sheets (this is done by default), each answer in a row. - the answers are exported into google sheets, but I want each answer in a new tab, and in a column (instead of in a row). The tab will have one column with the questions, one column with the answers, and one columns where I will make comments. - the answers are exported into google docs, in a chart. (for instance a chart with 3 columns, where the 1st column are the questions, the second the answers, and the third is empty and I will write comments once the answers are there.) Each answer has to be added in a new...

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    I am in search of a highly-skilled MS Excel expert who can help me organize my small business through meticulous data entry and intelligent formulas. The ideal candidate will be skilled in: - Invoice creation - Payment receipt tracking - Maintaining project-wise details The work will involve managing an Excel sheet with less than 100 columns and rows. When creating invoices and payment receipts, you'll need to manage data fields such as: - Customer Name - Service/Product - Amount - Invoice Number - Date - Tax - Customer Address - Payment Method - Invoice Due Date Expertise in Excel's calculation and analysis functions will be especially valuable for this job. This opportunity is perfect for those with a knack for data organization and attention to detail.

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can help in entering text data from PDF files and images. There are 60 rows of text, I need to add columns that contain the details from PDF files. This needs to be done now immediately. I will provide an example.

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    I'm in need of an Excel professional who can assist with a small project. This project requires a high level of proficiency with importing data into Excel and working with texts. Your task will primarily involve: - Creating an excel sheet with less than 10 columns and rows - Making sure the sheet is well-organized for data importing - Importing a specific set of text data into the sheet Ideal candidates would have a strong grasp of Excel and experience with data importing particularly. Familiarity with text data and efficient organization of smaller Excel sheets is a must. Your knack for making sense out of data will make you the perfect fit for this project.

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    I'm currently in need of an expert in Google Sheets proficient in utilizing the Vlookup formula to match and compare data between two columns in a simple table with rows and columns. Key Tasks: • Apply Vlookup to compare and match data • Simplify and present result in an understandable format • Assure accuracy of matched results Ideal skills and experience: • Proven experience with Google Sheets • Strong understanding of the Vlookup formula • Exceptional attention to detail • Ability to deliver accurate results promptly. Please present examples of similar work in Google Sheets applying the Vlookup formula.

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    I'm seeking assistance with a data cleanup project using MS Excel. - The task involves deleting specific rows and columns from spreadsheets. - The data to be removed should meet particular criteria, which I'll provide. - For rows, the criteria will be either empty cells or certain values. - As for columns, the criteria will be the same. No urgent deadline, so you can work at your convenience. Ideal skills for this job include: - Advanced proficiency in MS Excel - Strong understanding of data handling - Attention to detail - Experience in data cleansing in Excel Looking forward to working with a skilled and efficient Excel freelancer.

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    I'm seeking an experienced freelancer with expertise in Excel and data management. My project involves merging 5 sheets into one and matching up all of the data lines to be merged. Key Responsibilities: - Keeping the same layout as the source documents during the merging process. - Merging data from different documents in new columns in one sheet. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in MS Excel and data manipulation. - Experience in creating and managing complex spreadsheets. - Attention to detail. Please provide examples of previous similar work in your proposal.

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    ...n;answer1;answer1correct;answer2;answer2correct;answer3;answer3correct;answer4;answer4correct. - Purpose: The purpose of this project, namely, is to make the data compatible with a specific system. - Assistance Required: Depending on the case, some data entries may need reformatting prior to transformation, ensuring they are structured correctly. - Data Type: The 'question' and 'answer' columns contain mixed data, both textual and numerical. Ideal Candidate Skills & Experience: - Experience in data manipulation and transformation using Excel and CSV formats. - Proficiency in data cleaning and standard standards application. - Attention to detail to ensure entries are formatted correctly. All Question has 2 - 4 answers with multiple right answe...

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    I have a set of printed documents that need to be converted into an excel file. The data primarily consists of text, and the excel sheet has 1-5 columns. Key Responsibilities: - Inputting data from printed documents accurately and efficiently into the excel sheet - Ensuring that the text data is correctly organized within the specified columns Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in typing and data entry - Experience with Excel or other spreadsheet software - Attention to detail and accuracy to prevent errors - Ability to handle and convert printed documents to digital format Your work will be essential in transforming this printed data into a digital, easily accessible and analyzable format.

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    ...calendar month. Key Requirements: - Long-term issuer-level credit ratings from Moody's and/or Fitch (my LSEG subscription doesn't include S&P). - As at the end of each month from 2003-01-31 to 2023-12-31. Refinitiv returns rating changes, so where a rating is unchanged (i.e., not reported in a particular month) forward-filled from the most recent rating change event. - Formatted with the following columns: TICKER, COMMON NAME, CUSIP, MOODY's RATING, FITCH RATING, DATE (YYYY-MM-DD). Returning N/A if the firm is not rated by a particular rating agency. - Exported to CSV. - Provided as a code block that I can paste in Jupyter Notebook and run using my local Refinitiv access and API key. I'm available over email for any clarifications or testing. Ideall...

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    I am looking for a Google App Script specialist to design a dependent dropdown list on Google Sheets. Your responsibility will be coding an application that enables: - Cross-referencing of data through the dropdown list - This feature should specifically be applicable to certain columns only Please make sure to link the dropdown list to column headers labeled 'Customer Name' and 'Project Name'. An ideal freelancer for this role will have experience in working with Google App Scripts and Excel, or other equivalents, and is meticulous and detail-oriented. Proficiency in managing and organizing data is equally important.

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    6 ofertas modify my spreadsheet. The tasks include: 1. Quartering: Split my dataset into four sections (Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4). 2. Data Removal: Erase specific rows or columns as per provided instructions. The ideal person for the job is quick, efficient, and meticulous, with a keen eye for detail. The ability to understand and work efficiently with large datasets is a must. Proficiency in Excel is expected and prior experience with similar projects would be highly advantageous. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF JOB: On the attached spreadsheet: Remove all of the accounts that are exempt from work comp (column R shows who is exempt) Remove all columns except for Business name, address, city, state zip. Then I want it broken into 4 separate spreadsheets based on Work Comp x-dates. Q1 (Jan...

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    I m looking for someone who cn help me to design an architectural college for UG and pg.I have already made some plans but all got rejected by faculty.I want everything from basic to rendered views. Weather consideration: cold And dry DELIVERABLES: Rendered site plan including landscaping 4 rendered elevation 3 rendered section Rendered detailed floor plans with columns, furniture door , window etc. Design concept 10-15 site 3d Lumion rendered views 4-5 rendered interior views Anyone who had already made this type of project can directly send me their existing project I can pay a fair amount for that...

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    I'm in need of a talented individual who is intimately familiar with Hubspot and Stripe for CRM integration. Your main task will be to coalesce these two systems to streamline my payment processing and manage customer subscriptions. - The main target is to import our current excel spreadsheet correctly into Hubspot (about 20 columns) with each field correctly displayed. (see attached sample). - To have each stripe payment correctly updating the right client, so we know if one is late on his subscription payment or not. Here's what I'm looking for: - Proficiency in both Hubspot and Stripe platforms - Proven expertise in CRM integration - Ability to optimize processes for ease and efficiency Your expertise in this field will directly enhance my team's workflo...

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    I am looking for someone experienced in data entry, who can accurately transfer text, numbers, and dates from paper documents into an Excel file. The file contains less than 100 columns and rows, so attention to detail is essential. - Data Type: Text, Numbers, and Dates - Source: Paper Documents - Excel Capacity: Less than 100 rows and columns Ideal skills would be a fast typing speed, proficiency in Microsoft Excel, and previous experience in data entry from paper documents. Knowledge on handling and digitizing paper documents would be a significant advantage. Candidates who can ensure accuracy and efficiency in managing and formatting data are preferred.

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    ...operations. I require a Python utility program to parse Talend jobs and determine source and target column details. Key Requirements: * Parse XML files - The Talend mapping file will be supplied in XML format. We're in need of someone fluent with Python's XML parsing libraries. * Extract information - The utility must be able to extract critical information including source and target table columns, as well as source and target databases. * Dynamic Output format - The extracted information must be formatted in CSV or potentially other formats. It should be flexibly designed as we will use this data to load into a database. * Database expertise - An understanding of database interactions and structure are vital. This project will require both a keen eye for detail and...

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    I am on the hunt for someone highly skilled using excel...these matched results into another CSV file. It's vital for this task that duplicate entries from the CSV files are kept intact - they must not be removed or merged. Prior experience in data matching and a strong understanding of CSV files is highly desirable. Please ensure you can: - Handle large CSV files - Apply exact match criteria - Combine values of a column to replicate a formula - 16 columns of data combining to output a pre determined formula - match the formula across entries on another spreadsheet - 800 rows Let's maximize data accuracy and efficiency together. output formula should be as so - a:[‘number of options’]:{option values separated by ‘;’ } then inputted and matched...

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    I'm seeking a skilled structural engineer to design a commercial building primarily using steel. The project involves the creation and optimization of a complete building structure. - Purpose & Materials: The goal is to expertly craft an architectural desig...RESTURENT HAVING EXISTING 1 FLOOR ON RCC PILLARS AND BRICKWORK, SLAB THICKNESS 150 MM . 2ND FLOOR OF MS TO BE CONSTRUCTED (PHOTOS ATTACHED FOR REFERENCE) HEIGHT OF STRUCTURE will be : 20 FT THERE WILL NOT BE ANY SUPPORTS IN BETWEEN. LOAD : DL + LL OF 100 PERSONS DETAILS REQUIRED: 1. STRUCTURAL DRAWINGS NO OF MS PILLARS. (MAYBE I SECTION OR SQUARE PIPES) Brief details of element-Columns NO OF BEAMS TO CARRY DL+LL Where to place so that structure can carry the mentioned load MS SLAB/SU...

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    excell file 1 dia left

    I need to import data from multiple files that have roughly the same products in them, but it needs to show me in alphabetical order the product name in the first column and the best prices from each client in the next columns (from largest to smallest). Probably i need macros and i can`t figure them out

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    I'm looking for a savvy designer to customize my Xero invoice templates, specifically focusing on line item layout and formatting. The ideal freelancer should possess strong design skills with experience in Xero invoicing. I need an invoice template built exactly as per a sketch I'll provide. Divide your attention equally towards these elements: - Changing the sequence and width of columns - Adjusting text alignment within line items - Detailing the logo placement - Creating a unique header and footer design - Incorporating my specific color scheme and branding elements Detailed instructions will be available in the sketch. Prior experience with creating Xero templates is a must as I am looking for a prompt, efficient service.

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    I am in need of a Tekla structure expert with solid experience in modeling precast elements and creating fabrication drawings. Key Tasks: - Precast Element Modeling: The freelancer should be able to accurately model precast beams, columns, and slabs - Fabrication Drawings: The freelancer should be able to create detailed and accurate fabrication drawings based on the models Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Tekla Structures - Experience with precast elements modeling and fabrication drawings - Excellent attention to detail Please note that the level of detail for the precast elements in the modeling and fabrication drawings will be discussed in further detail with the selected freelancer. more information will dicuss though chat

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    ...angles - Indicating which materials is being used The parameters to consider when designing: - Cost effective to build - Using natural material - No wood - Single family 1, 2, and 3 story homes - Indoor/outdoor connection, with covered terraces - Influences from the following regions: * Paris * Greece *Jerusalem Design Elements: - Muted Colors - Wrought iron accents - Unique arches - Columns As the ideal candidate for this job, you have a strong portfolio of previous architectural rendering work that showcases your ability to create realistic renderings. You also have the skill to capture the details and feel of the supplied images, translating them into accurate and high-quality renderings. Skills and Experience: - Experience in architectural rendering - Profi...

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    I want a Power Automate workspace delivered that will ingest multiple images, convert the area specified on the image to columns in Excel. Sample files can be provided

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    I'm looking for a Python expert who can automate the conversion of specific data from a CSV file into a Word document. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python - Experience with CSV manipulation - Understanding of document formatting in Word The goal is to streamline the process of c...Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python - Experience with CSV manipulation - Understanding of document formatting in Word The goal is to streamline the process of creating reports from the data in the CSV file. The freelancer will need to develop a Python script that can extract and appropriately format the necessary information into a Word document. The specifications for which columns to include and how the data should be presented will be provided in a later stage ...

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    ...Tasks Your task will be to used multiple linear regression to determine the factors which contribution to Political Awareness (variable: Pol). As always, imagine this analysis will be generating a report that will be presented to a client. Q1: Reduce Dimensionality 1.1. Apply the Missing Value Filter to remove appropriate columns of data. 1.2. Apply the Low Variance Filter to remove appropriate columns of data. 1.3 Apply the High Correlation Filter to remove appropriate columns of data. Q2: Variable transform 2.1 any variables that are required to conduct the regression analysis, e.g. categorical variables to dummies. Q3: Outliers 3.1. Create boxplots of all relevant variables (i.e. numeric, non-binary) to determine outliers. 3.2. Comment on any outliers you ...

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    Excel based job need Encerrado left

    As a busy professional, I'm on the lookout for an Excel pro who can assist in organizing my dataset of less than 1,000 rows. The data is moderately complex, with multiple columns of various types. The ideal freelancer will: - Have experience with Data Entry and Organization. This includes swiftly inputting data and structuring it for optimal accessibility and productivity. - Possess Data Analysis and Reporting Skills. I'm keen on meaningful insights from the data and require straightforward, compelling reports. - Excel proficiency is a must, with strong attention to detail, and ability to handle moderate complexity data. By bringing your advanced Excel management and analysis skills, you'll be delivering order to chaos, and helping drive more informed business decis...

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    ...Company name, Contact name, Contact email; Contact phone number; Company website, Gender, Position, Email What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Past work How would you like the database to be organized? Name, Position, Gender, Company, URL, Email, Phone, Notes Project Objective: To create an organized and detailed database, which includes the following columns: Name, Position, Gender, Company, URL, Email, Phone, and notes. Requirements: 1)Research Skills: Ability to conduct thorough online research to find accurate contact information for HR representatives, recruiters, and hiring managers within the specified companies. 2)Attention to Detail: Ensure all data is entered accurately and matches the format provided in the example. 3)Con...

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    I need an Excel file created with text, numbers, and formulas. The data should be organized using rows and columns, across 6-10 tabs/sheets, and include pivot tables. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Advanced Excel knowledge - Experience in creating organized and visually appealing Excel files - Proficiency with pivot tables and formulas - Attention to detail and ability to follow specific instructions If you have experience with similar projects and can deliver a well-organized Excel file with the specified features, I'd like to hear from you.

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    I require a detailed dataset for historical indian options contract for the past 5 years. Specifically, I need for all combinations of following of last 5 years: columns: time, open, high, low, close, volume, open interest (also possibly vwap, iv and pcr) instruments : midcpnifty, finnifty, banknifty, nifty, sensex, bankex option type : ce, pe expiries: weekly, monthly duration: full from start of contract date to last date granularity: minute level eg. Nifty 10th APR 22500 CE. I'm particularly interested in: - Detailed data at minute level - Gathering information for all weekly and monthly expiries. The format for delivering this data should be CSV files for each option contract's each day seperately segregated. For the data sources, I can find this data available ...

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    I am in need of a professional to convert a text-only PDF document into an Excel file. The converted document should not just be a direct replication, but should include some modifications to the formatting. The tasks are as follow: - Convert the text-only PDF to Excel. - Reorganize some data sections in the converted file. - Add or delete certain rows or columns as required. Proven experience in data organization, data entry and advanced knowledge of Excel is ideal for this project. Attention to detail is crucial as the final output needs to maintain content accuracy while adjusting the original format.

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