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    I'm developing an Educative Web platform. Hi, i'm Aron, i'm 25. I have 4 years experience in Java programming. We will work together on a very interesting project. We...project. We will focuse on the best practices and top standardisation You will work remotely on a clean virtual windows instalation via Remote Desktop Connection You need to know very well Java, Gradle/Gradle Wrapper, Launch4J, Jenkins & SVN You will use Netbeans IDE & Gradle Wrapper My tasks are: GRADLE tasks: - standardisation project - donwnload local library - compilation - clean - run - customizated packaging as a fatjar(with libraries)/nativ with Launch4J/as a service : icon in apps - ***obfuscation code/executabile (i'm not sure yet) - versioning: inte...

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    Need to compile data data from various business sales websites into a single document and keep track of various Financial Services Companies available for sale. The applicant should also be able to work independently to find new sources of data and leads. Test Task is Attached

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    Hi bahadir, I want a compilation video of khabib nurmagomedov wins in ufc with no copyright strike.

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    I need someone with artistic skills to design and illustrate the front and back covers for a paperback book (poetry compilation - love poems written by a teenager with no obscene language). Proposed book size is 8 inches x 5 inches. I also need at least 13 full color illustrations for the book. Illustrations vary in sizes the largest being 4 inches x 4 inches. I have some ideas for most of the illustrations but would need some creative input as well. The illustrations will revolve around a female character named River. River's details will be shown but all other persons captured in the scenes will either be silhouettes or have very little detail. The artist will be expected to design the character (River) and generate scenes based on an existing narrative. As part of the quotat...

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    Compile list of all countries in the world, Compile states for all countries, Compile year end population for all states in all countries (2010 to 2021), Land mass (area) per state per country, GDP per state per country 2010 to date. Sample data collation template attached

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    Getting compilation error in latest Xcode 13.1 after adding upgrading project from Xcode 12.5.1.

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    Prerequisite for work: (things you must have) 1. Raspberry Pi 4 (preferably compute module w. IO evaluation kit) 2. Knowledge of gStreamer compilation from source 3. Knowledge of Qt5 OS compilation from source Deliverables: A system image that can be burned to SD CARD or eMMC. Using the latest “Raspberry Pi Full 32bit” operating system you shall: 1. Update and upgrade the OS Subcomponents needed (among others): • gpiod, gpio-dev, build-essential 2. Install Qt 5.9.5 on the system with all possible packages – especially gstreamer and multimedia plugins such as qtquick2videosink etc. 3. Install latest possible gStreamer with the available plugins such as base, good etc. And from the plugins-good you need to compile a change in the “gstv4l1src.c&...

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    ...communication to use ZeroTier's. But then again, I may be completely wrong. That's why I need you help. So the Jellyfin client would connect to a local IP in my personal computer through ZeroTier's network. For my users, installing ZeroTier One tho it's an easy and normal installation, may result challenging. There are a few other characteristics I would like this project to have: 1. I want the compilation code to be based in an .env for me to fill up variables such as ZeroTier's network ID, Jellyfin's server IP, Jellyfin username and password, and Title of the application, so I can build it customized for the user. 2. The purpose of the username and password is because I want to be able to do different libraries for different people, but these pe...

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    Aircraft data base Encerrado left

    ...airplanes and we need to call out incidents caused be individuals flying in a particular period and specific airplane. Every crew fly every 14 days I need to have say N91JS data gathers shown in a graph degree of safety issue such as low high etc what type of incident was it such as high speed below 10 thousand feet how many times for that crew etc. In all we need a detail data break down and compilation for the las 6 months. I need to be able to do this or have the data so that I can repopulate for future incidents etc. On the files ive sent is a demo of the files I get. I need to be able to have the excel and add and or delete aircraft from the template that you will build for me. On the file you can see the aircrafts for example aircraft 1 registration is 5IKR second is 1JS e...

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    Trophy icon Ninja Academy Compilation Video Encerrado left

    What I provide: - I have about 60 video clips of various length (from few seconds to 1 minute) - I provide also 2 company logos and 1 company drawing (Ninja) representing our activity What I am looking for:: - Video compilation of highlights (best of actions) - Duration: 1 minute - Quality: as best as possible - Soundtrack must be usable for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram advertising - Style: Action movie New - extra notes - If possible, try to not include video which I did not provide - If possible, try not to distort the videos too much (For exemple: super wide characters or super slim characters) - No need to include plenty of text, if possible let the video tell the story All the video files are accessible on this google drive:

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    Topper Packaging LLC Encerrado left

    We are looking for a business management app of our own, that combines some f...line item # 2. Part number; 3. description of item; 4. price for item; 5 subtotal for that line item and then it shows total and tax at the bottom. In addition I add pertinent notes to the customer such as: Per industry standard there is a possibility of a 10% underage or overage of the quantity specified on the purchase order. 7. GENERAL PRICING SHEETS - just like the pricing sheets but a compilation of all the stock items purchased from me. I make general pricing sheets for specific customers as well if they regularly order a huge variety of items from me (e.g. S&S Numerical) Apps & Software used for Day to Day operations; Quotient used for quotes to customers, and supplier item price l...

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    Moin, I have a very lucrative job for you! I have a project: For this project we are now looking for customers (sales). For this task I had imagined that you might want to take it over. Few facts: - Software compilation unique - In comparison we are cheap - No competition - Giant market: 15,000 companies ONLY in Hamburg, 540,000 throughout Germany. - Every craftsman company + property management with its own craftsmen can use the software. - Advantage for the customers of the software = time and thus money savings. Location-independent management of the staff. (Employee in Hamburg and boss on Mallorca.) What does it bring you? - A premium for EVERY contract concluded = € 300-1000 - Depending on what we design as an offer. Make me an offer! So if you would like to take over the...

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    I have a C++ project that builds and runs perfectly using makefiles on Ubuntu18.04 and 20.04. I want to start using an Code::Blocks IDE to build, and more importantly, debug the project. I have already added all the C++ files by observing what files are built by the makefile. I am now getting some compilation errors related to headers which I cannot work out how to do. I should point out these are not beginner level issues to fix and I do have experience with C (not C++). As an example I am getting the following error in error pfont has not been declared searching for pfont i hpp files gives me 5 slightly different header files called in 5 different folders No doubt someone experienced with GNU makefiles can work out what is supposed to happen. I can provide to the full

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    Need to build a BLE central device application to communicate with an existing peripheral device to read the data from it. The compilation is to be performed using Segger Embedded Studio.

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    Video Editor Encerrado left

    Required a Video Editor Who can help in post video editing and compilation. Add subtitles. And similar work. Like This -

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    This is a project requiring 4 graphic images (mock-ups for digital products.) Detailed instructions below. Only candidates who submit demo reels will be considered (do not message directly.) This is an Season One (original graphic mock-up/audio interview) 3)Masterclass Slideshow (original graphic/mock-up: visual graphic images of the Reverse Podcast tutorial) 4) Invitation to Funnel Pod(Squad) (existing graphic/mock-up: focus on "exclusivity" of invitation) 5) Superstar Digital Workbook (original graphic/Mock up: workbook for the Reverse Podcast Masterclass) 5) The Offer Stack: (Compilation of all mock-ups) a)The Reverse Podcast b) 7 Mistakes That Cost Me Money in Season One c) Invitation to Funnel Pod(Squad) d) Masterclass Slideshow e) Supersta...

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    Hello, I'm looking for a talented script writer for a compilation video on my youtube channel Things I'm looking for in a script - Introduction to the video, commentary over each video in compilation with a sense of humor if possible, outro video is on a compilation of cool cops

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    I want someone to find video of 6-8 clips of different golf shots and then edit them together into one 30-60 second clip which I can use on my website and as a facebook ad.

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    We have a c# Windows Desktop application that works fine in our development server but throws an error when Publishing and installing on the user computer/server. The problem arose when adding MS Access database storage feature. Disabling this feature the software works fine. We need the application to be able to work in any Windows environment (up to Windows 7)

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    I am working in partnership with a group out of Eastern Europe and I need to produce A short promotional video about myself, accomplishments, and expertise. This will be sent via social media and YouTube to promote the event and get people excited about Training with me. The promotional video should be high energy, full of excitement, and hype people. I envision the video being a compilation of pictures of me listing my accomplishments audio clips of things I’ve said and even video clips over high energy music.

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    CUDA programing Encerrado left

    I need an implementation of CLAHE in C++/CUDA. It needs to be able to handle 16-bit grayscale images, and support up to 1024 histogram bins. I would simply use the opencv , but the contrib modules were not included in the opencv compilation (and, while I wish I could simply recompile with them, it is not an option, and it is not on my system). OpenCV is otherwise installed (4.3.0) and WITH CUDA bindings (just not the contrib modules). If there was a way to compile the (or include it along with necessary dependencies in my code), that would work great. Otherwise, if I could locate a c++/cuda implementation with the necessary parameters ... Thanks!

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    1 min video: background soft tone voice - background music , it will go on for whole video speaker will be speaking and it will be pre recorded pictures will be provided which will need to be synced with the speaker and that picture should come in spotlight when the speaker mentions that keyword.

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    ...tokens after some time if the teacher dissapears, it´s meant to be simple and secure, in this stage it´s not desirable to add extra complexity. Also I need to do a simple React or HTLM frontend for the project, no design required, only functionality and security. All the project must have at least 5 unit tests, 2 swc vulnerability tests, at least 1 inherited library or interface, and be of easy compilation Most of all I need guidance and help, so we can build this together, hence I have only one month to present this...

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    Programming iPhone and Android application It is a photo and video montage and photography app The application is built with beautiful designs and elegant designs The advantages of other montage and photography applications are taken and added to our application, for example Take the free and paid filters and features of the picsart app and add them in the photo design section And taking the advantages of the b612 application from filters, features, and emojis, and adding them

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    We need support for checking some compilation problems likely due to some libraries misalignment. The same application code is perfectly compiled on one board, however changing boards errors like this "narrowing conversion of '134217788' from 'int' to 'uint8_t {aka unsigned char}' inside { } [-Wnarrowing]" arise.

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    directory on the side Compilation should be done in the 'threads' directioy. The Pintos reference material can be found in: -cis345s/pub/ .pdf Task I: Efficient Alarm Clock In Pintos. threads may, call this function to put themsehes to sleep /•• •This function suspends execution of the call, thread until time hasadvanced by at least x timer ticks. Unless the system is otherwise idle, the thread need not wake up after exactly x ticks. Just put it on the ready queue after they have waited for the right number of ticks. The argument to timer_sleep() is expressed in timer ticks. not in milliseconds or any anotherunit . There are TIMER_FREP timer ticks per second where TIMER_FREQ is a constant defined in devices/timer .h (spoiler: .t's 100 ticks per second)...

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    Compilation for PH and HK as per Skype chat

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    Need a video creator Encerrado left

    I want you to create video like shot on i-phone meme complilation with an eye catching thumbnail - the video length should be of 2 min - links from where the clips used for compilation are also required - everyday 1 video is required - i will pay you Rs500- Rs1000 (INR) on a monthly basis - for reference you can search shot on i phone meme on YouTube to get the background audio

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    It is about getting a build for all OpenWrt compatible devices by integrating a custom CoovaChilli version. Coovachilli modification is already done. It would just be the build for all supported devices on the OpenWrt page.

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    Video Editor Needed Encerrado left

    Video Editor needed to edit compilation videos of a Makeup Artist aligning with her Current Instagram Pattern. There are around 8-10 Slow Motion Video which needs to be elegantly shown in the Video

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    Data Compilation Encerrado left

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can help me transfer the images and the column "CTN Size" into the excel sheet. Thank you.

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    Hello, I need an expert which knows AWS and Ubuntu-server to help me to install Snort3 on that EC2. Having many issues to compile Snort3 and have no more ideas how to solve. The major issue is this: ``` [ 82%] Linking CXX executable snort collect2: fatal error: ld terminated with signal 9 [Killed] compilation terminated. make[2]: *** [src/CMakeFiles/:1705: src/snort] Error 1 make[2]: *** Deleting file 'src/snort' make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:2999: src/CMakeFiles/] Error 2 make: *** [Makefile:152: all] Error 2 ``` I tried many times and have no idea how to fix the above error. If you are an expert in this things I'll give you access via team viwer to fix the issue thanks

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    ...As a video editor you create a high CTR videos that are used for marketing our products on facebook. You are aware of what triggers buyers, satisfies them and how to trigger their pain points. You are one of the most important people in our company. Responsibilities: Every day you need to attain 40 delivery points. Deliverables: - Video / Remake = 10 Points - 2 points scrllstopper - 5 for compilation Quota = 40 points / day 30 Winning Video's Per Month - Focus on 1 product |- All videos that you makre are for current winners that are being sold (not testing) Result: The result of your work is to lower the Cost Per Click of our ads on facebook to hit our Target metric of the applicable target country. The result is that our products can be scaled and the team you ar...

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    I'd like to have a setup with complete read-write BLE interface to the nRF-DK board from RPi. RPi should use python bluepy module. I have an RPi 400 on which the setup would be tested upon completion. Testing should show LED patterns for write to nRF-DK and Switches/ADC for read from nRF-DK to RPi. nRF SDK v10 and s130 softcore with armgcc compilation is preferred. Please quote only if you are willing to receive payment on satisfactory test outcome. No phased payments.

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    I would like you to complete a C++ project that is broken down into 4 Parts which are timed. The Topics that you should be proficient in are; C++ Building Blocks Compilation and Execution Fundamental Types Pointers, References and Arrays Classes and Scoped Enumerations Inheritance and Inclusion Polymorphism Templates Compositions, Aggregations and Associations Expressions Functions Error Handling PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE NOT PROFICIENT IN THE LISTED TOPICS.

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    merical audit for a journal and poster presentation

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    1. Le courriel de confirmation de nouvelle commande n'est pas assez concis, peu importe le nombre d'items commandés, je dois toujours imprimer 2 pages, je voudrais ajuster le formulaire pour que tout s'imprime sur 1 seule page. 2. Je cherche un moyen pour faire la compilation des items vendus sur plusieurs commandes clients. 3. Nos boutiques sont toutes privés et sont spécialisées pour des programmes d'uniformes vestimentaires pour les employés. Je dois entrer un grand nombre de profils d'employés et le faire un a un demande un temps fou, existe-t-il un moyen d'importer une liste excel et créer plus dizaines et parfois centaines d'employés facilement?

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    Looking to create a video for a crowdfunding Campaign, the video will be a compilation of real life (although low quality) footage and generic footage to get the point across and show the objective of the campaign, voice and music for the video is already done.

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    Hi Ajaykumar Narshibhai P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I need help with compilation of the app in IOS

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    Looking forward to short a 60 second short video. Need to edit and add background music.

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    Core Skills Understanding of CI-CD and DevOps concepts and principles Experience in build and deployment of app technologies like JAVA, .NET Build and compilation experience with MAVEN-MS Build Source control management - GIT Experience in Containerization , AKS and AKVs Build and release pipeline creation experience in Azure DevOps Extensive scripting experience in PowerShell. Soft skills Ability to Communicate and present , good team player Ability to individually contribute when needed Understands Agile principles and way of working Good to have Azure infra basic administration understanding of VPN, VPC, SG etc Azure artifacts and Azure Board administration

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    Looking into hiring someone that can write me a script for a compilation video that contains 10-30 sec clips compiled to 8 mins.. Aiming for a talented script writer that can add a hint of humor, explaining the scenario in each video, a voiceover would be a plus! Video is on "car flame throwers (exhaust backfires, pops and bangs) LINK to video

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    Looking to get a compilation video from clips on tiktok & instagram with a script and voiceover. A video on "funny car guy moments" with a description of what's going on each video looking for a video with 10-20 sec clips compiled into roughly 10mins

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    I would like a professional compilation highlight video for soccer.

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    I manage a small food facility and we receive weekly orders mainly by email on excel files. some ...weekly orders mainly by email on excel files. some of them are only text messages, I am searching a way to automatize the compilation of those files, for now I need to copy each order and add the totals to another file to have the total quantity of each product needed for the week. I know there are better ways to make this orders compilation automatically, so here I am looking for you, excel specialist ! I can provide you with the file customers use to send their orders, also with the kind of files and compilations I need in the end Ultimately I want to develop a website with interactive catalog so each customer can login and make weekly orders, but sor now excel files comp...

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    FPGA using LabsLand Encerrado left

    ...that ID in assignID.v is your 8 digit ID number. This particular file must be used for your Verilog code to solve the above counter problem. Complete the modules CounterSkipReverse, StateToCountSequence and CompleteCounter. The file assignID.v must not be shared with, or shown to anyone else. Do not delete lines in this file since this may invalidate your answer during a preliminary automatic compilation, marking, plagiarism and collusion checking phase. Manual marking and checking will be also used after this. Question 2 In your assignID.v file complete the testbench module AssignmentTestBench that enables ModelSim to check the correct functionality of your HDL design. Ensure that you test every transition from every valid state of your circuit. Since we have a reset action, we...

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    Scrape a directory Encerrado left

    I need 50 blog contact names and direct contact emails from a compilation list. In a google sheet preferably. Here: $20

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    • Users have expressed an interest in a review service or general assistance with the compilation of their CV. • Services around this idea are i) the compilation and ii) the reviewing of a CV AND the cover letter by peers & friends AND by professional recruiting experts. • The scope of this project is the review service of a CV by friends and experts. Out of the scope is the reviewing of a cover letter, but this should be included as soon as we have integrated a cover letter. Out of the scope for now is the service for compiling a CV from scratch. • The idea is to offer the review service by friends “for free” in a very simple version. There is a more user friendly and advanced version for the review by a friend, which should be part o...

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    SNMP project Encerrado left

    In order to develop a MIB, for training purpose, I need someone who is able to provide 03 labs with those inquiry, you need to prepare a document with step by step implementation Development of a MIB Practical work: conversion to C and compilation in the SNMP agent, lab: addition of OIDs monitoring the temperature of the processor, lab:addition of OIDs monitoring the number of threads of a JEE server

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    Video editor needed to produce an employee video montage to be featured on company careers page for a startup. Will have a compilation of assets to work with and storyboard, including employee video footage, imagery, text pop-ups, animation, about 3 minutes long.

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    Artigos da Comunidade dos Principais compilation