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    ...Carlos|29/11/2017| 136,25 | sim [item]|3257| marcos Tendoss|22/12/2017| 36,25 | nao TESTE NO SEU SMARTPHONE PARA VOCÊ VER COMO ELE ESTÁ COM MAL RESOLUÇÃO. _______________________________________________ I have a js code, which looks for txt file for reading. It comes in this format: [item] | SNo | name | maturity | value | Settled? I need 3 changes: 1 - Allow this to stay in mobile resolution (tablet and smartphone) 2 - Create an elegant design that does not demonstrate a static screen, but rather interactive (shades of blue with gray is preferable). 3 - Allow in the field, "Removed?" I can mark yes (paid) or not (paid) and save this in txt for future reading. And allow to add the column of values giving a total for examp...

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    EN - Excessive use of HTTP server with only 2 users, necessary identification and problem resolution. PTBR - Uso excessivo do servidor http com apenas 2 usuários, necessario identificação e resolução do problema.

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    Solve 30 exercises resolution Book Operations Research 8th ed. HAMDY A. TAHA.

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    Projetar um pôster que tenha como tema o Homer Simpson e Cerveja (será peça de decoração de casa). Preciso da imagem em alta resolução para impressão. Prazo entrega: 48 horas. Design a poster that has Homer Simpson and Beer as theme (will home decor piece). I need the image in high resolution for printing. Delivery term: 48 hours

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    Preciso gerar os desenhos anexados em formato vetor (Corel, Photoshop). Somente as palavras e desenhos. I need to generate the attached images in high resolution (vector) images (Corel, Photoshop).

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    ...obrigada desde já. Renata Barros _____________________________________________ Dear, Dear, AutHomação company realize Residential Automation Projects and Eletronic Security. The company is starting now and we need the visual identity to reflect an image of seriousness, commitment and quality, but also of modernity that are pillars of the company we are building. we have the logo in high resolution Our customers are demanding people with the design and realize the small details, sometimes we treat directly with the project's architects. We need the media that we will use in day to day business, such as folders, letterhead of the proposed company, card, etc. We Look forward to receiving your budgets you soon! Renata Barros...

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    We h...the model; 5 - Attach all objects (plane included); 6 - Create an illumination spot (skylight 0,5 and a mr Area Omni) in order to cast a shadow in the plane; 7 - Set it to Editable Edit Polly and Unwrap UVW; 8 - Select all polygons then: >Open UVW Editor> Mapping> Flatten Mapping. The spaccing must be set to 0.0 ; 9 - Move it to Channel 2; 10 - Render CompleteMap to Texture in channel 2, resolution 768x768; 11 - Export the CompleteMap to .png, open it on Photoshop and add transparency 100% in the plane and 40% to the shadow casted on the plane; 12 - Export the Model to .obj (don't forget to export map and check the FLIP YZ AXIS box); 13 - Put the .png with the transparency, the .obj and the .mtl. We can do $250,00 for this first 50 products. Files wi...

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    ...feitas conversões de forma automática de PDF para SWF, pois, caso contrário, não funcionarão na aplicação utilizada para a disponibilização das publicações em meio digital; ------------------ Generate files in flash, the .swf extension, all pages of certain publications using the following criteria: - The PDF file must be exported to JPG format, with 553px (width) x 674px (height) and resolution of 120 dpi; - The generated .JPG file must be imported into Adobe Flash software with dimensions of 370px (width) x 450px (height); - The procedures described in the above item must be made for each page of publications, generating one file for each page; - Automatic PDF form conversions may be mad...

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    I need a scheduling system time, in the same style of ZocDoc, however it is not for use by doctors, is scheduling another service. This system will have a functioning basically like this: The user chooses a schedule and the client receives the schedule that was marked (if there is no conflict of schedule, ie, the user can mark only schedules available) The system must be multi-client, and each will have a control panel with basic settings and where you will receive requests for schedule to be marked to accept, the system sends the response to the User. Depth description: 1. registration of users 2. Customer base 3. marking schedules system 4. sending notification to users and customers If you have knowledge in mobile development is a plus, this is just an mvp, ...

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    7 ofertas the Format button. Format, must present a series of shapes and sizes of prints, where the user can select the format that the images should be printed, and then click the print button. Is Print function, you must send in your images higher resolution for an email or FTP for print and check out in the credits of the user. some messages like: Your images will be printed at the highest resolution possible. You can only send X images at a time. If you choose, for a larger format than Y x Z, the impression can be with low resolution. Alerts if you do not have enough credits. Fins for credit values if you are with low credit. I would like to have available for IOS and Android. This project would be the first step, then we will take other steps ...

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    Banner design Encerrado left

    Hello, I am back! I would like you to design a beautiful banner inspired in the "Draft" file. The banner design must have a good resolution, because it will be used for a 10cm X 20cm banner, and also for a 100cm X 200 cm banner. The text contained in the banner is: "Pra que esperar sair o gabarito? Descubra se você passou pelo JusApp!, o mais moderno fórum multiplataforma dos concurseiros, com navegação adaptada a quaisquer smartphones, e aplicativos exclusivos para iOS e Android! EXPERIMENTE!"

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    PortoSeguro.c Encerrado left

    Totally unique images taken from a mobile device, and thus giving effects and changing the resolution. Imagens totalmente originais tirada a partir de um dispositivo movel e assim dando efeitos e alterando a resoluçao.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me design a circuit that can read an angle from a CJMCU-103 or similar sensor and display it as only one illuminated LED in a strip of 41 LED's. The circuit should have the following features: Sensor: CJMCU-103 or similar 360 degree sensor. Resolution: The desired resolution for the angle measurement should be adjustable via a trimpot. Alternatively if it is done using an arduino or something similar, we need the ability to set a resolution as our row of LED's will be along side a scale that shows the mm of tilt on the length of the device. LED's: A row of 41 individual LED's in Varying colours (green, yellow and red) Calibration: A second trimpot for adjusting the "zero point" once it is installe...

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    Trophy icon Billboard Design Contest 2 dias left

    Are you a budding designer, artist, or creative enthusiast? Here's your chance to showcase your talent on a grand scale! We are excited to announce a unique opportunity for you to design an eye-catching and impactful billboard. Theme: Conflict in Gaza Submission Guidelines: Originality: Your work must be original and not infringe on any copyrights. Size: 400px x 1400px at 72 DPI resolution Format: Submit your design in a high-resolution JPEG, PNG, or PDF format. Text: What did the children of Gaza do to you? Background/Theme: Children crying Text at bottom: (on one side) and THIS AD IS PAID FOR BY AMERICAN MUSLIMS FOR PALESTINE (other side)

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    Seeking an experienced eBay seller to help me resell my electronics pr...electronics products - Excellent customer service and communication skills - Familiarity with eBay listing and selling processes - Ability to effectively market and promote products to maximize sales Responsibilities: - List and sell 1-10 electronics products on eBay - Provide accurate and detailed product descriptions and images - Handle customer inquiries and ensure prompt and satisfactory resolution - Manage inventory and shipping processes - Monitor market trends and adjust pricing strategies accordingly If you are a reliable and experienced eBay seller with a passion for electronics, I would love to hear from you. This is a great opportunity to earn additional income by reselling high-quality electronics...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can create a composite image by combining two photos. The purpose of this project is to create a visually...Therefore, the ideal candidate should have experience and expertise in photo editing and be able to accurately execute the desired effects. The final image should have a high resolution suitable for print. This means that the freelancer should have the necessary skills to ensure that the image will maintain its quality and clarity when printed. Overall, the ideal candidate for this project should have the following skills and experience: - Proficiency in photo editing software - Ability to create seamless composite images - Knowledge of various effects and techniques in photo editing - Experience working with high-resolution ...

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    I am looking freelance AI specialist proficient in training a custom Stable Diffusion model using Dreambooth or Kohya. The project involves implementing a personalized model for enhanced image manipulation. Experience in AI, Dreambooth or Kohya, and creating Stable Diffusion models is crucial. If you have the expertise in these areas, let's collaborate to create innovative and advanced image manipulation solutions. Contact for further project details.

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    ...simplicity in conveying healthcare information. - Incorporate the hospital logo discreetly but visibly. --- Submission Format: 1. Text Content: - Provide concise and clear text for each content type. - Include any specific hashtags or handles to be used. 2. Visual Elements: - Suggest visuals or themes for each content type. - Specify any image or video requirements (e.g., high-resolution images, royalty-free videos). 3. Dimension Guidelines: - Clearly outline the dimensions for each content type. 4. Additional Notes: - Any additional information or preferences for the content. - All templates should be adjustable in CANVA! --- Timeline: 5 working days Contact Information: Provide contact details for further clarification or discussion. Contact me on inf...

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    iOS VPN Client -- 2 6 dias left

    Hey there, iOS App Developers! We're on the lookout for a skilled developer to develop a VPN client, you can customize and modify an open-source VPN iOS client based on xray-core(v2ray-core). Our a...After users enter the IP and domain, click "Confirm." The program should then send an HTTPS GET request to the specified domain using the entered IP. For example, if the IP is and the domain is , the request should be: Include the header field header-X=xyz in the request. Note that does not have public domain name resolution services. the compiled software to TestFlight and then notify us. If we verify the demo successfully, we will prioritize contacting you to confirm the details of our collaboration.

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    I'm looking for a customer executive to provide comprehensive order processing services, who is ava...responsible for accepting orders from customers, ensuring orders are complete and accurate, processing payments, and confirming delivery. The role also involves answering customer inquiries quickly and accurately, maintaining customer relations, and in general offering quality customer service. The customer executive should have strong knowledge of order processing procedures and prompt problem resolution techniques. The ability to create accurate and detailed records of customer orders is also highly desirable. This role is part-time, and applicants from all backgrounds are welcome to apply. We look forward to meeting the person who will take on this exciting opportunity and...

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    ...healthy lifestyle, dietitian expertise, healthy product development, and diet programs. The color #2E8B57 should be a dominant feature, representing our brand's commitment to health and vitality. The logo should be visually impactful, embodying our brand's spirit in promoting health and wellness. We value creativity, originality, and meticulous attention to detail. Submission Guidelines: High-resolution logo design. A brief explanation of the design, highlighting its alignment with HealthiTechs' core values and focus areas. The design should be adaptable and versatile for a variety of uses. We look forward to your unique and thoughtful designs that bring the essence of HealthiTechs to life, reflecting our core values and commitment to health and nutrition....

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    I am looking for a skilled photo editor who specializes in photo manipulation. The project involves editing 1 photo to achieve specific edits and manipulations. Specific edits needed: - Object replacement: we need to replace the long nails with short and clean nails (without nailpolish). - Improve the resolution of the meter Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in photo editing software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) - Strong attention to detail - Experience with color correction and background removal techniques - Ability to seamlessly remove objects from photos - Knowledge of photo manipulation techniques Please provide examples of previous photo manipulation work when applying for this project.

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    Content Sales Manager 6 dias left

    ...implement effective sales strategies to drive revenue growth. Drive high sales performance by monitoring and optimizing the performance of chatter agents. Supervision and Training: Supervise a team of chatter agents, providing guidance and support to ensure exceptional performance. Implement training programs to enhance the skills and capabilities of chatter agents. Issue Identification and Resolution: Meticulously identify issues within the team and the platform, developing effective solutions to improve overall performance. Address customer concerns and queries promptly, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Quality Assurance: Conduct regular quality assurance assessments to ensure that content and sales caption adheres to platform guidelines and standards. Im...

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    Support required for azure 6 dias left

    ...Experience in troubleshooting and resolving Azure-related issues - Proficient in optimizing and tuning Azure performance - Familiarity with Azure environment setup and management Project Description: We are seeking a skilled Azure support specialist to assist us with our Azure environment. The ideal candidate will have experience in infrastructure setup and configuration, troubleshooting and issue resolution, as well as optimization and performance tuning. Responsibilities: - Set up and configure the Azure environment according to our requirements - Troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise during the Azure implementation - Optimize and tune the Azure performance to ensure optimal functionality - Provide guidance and support to our team regarding Azure best practices a...

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    Project Description: Social media picture advertising an upcoming performance on Instagram - I am looking for a talented graphic designer who can create a modern and eye-catching picture to promote an upcoming event. - The main message that needs to be conveyed through the picture is the event details, including the date, time, venue, and ...for this project should have experience in graphic design, particularly in creating social media content. - They should have a good understanding of Instagram's design guidelines and be able to create visually appealing content that stands out on the platform. - Experience in designing promotional materials for events and performances would be a plus. - The final deliverable should be a high-resolution picture file that can be easily share...

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    ...Experience: - Proven experience in logo design, with a strong portfolio showcasing modern and visually appealing designs. - Proficiency in graphic design software and tools. - A keen eye for detail and ability to create a unique and memorable logo. - Understanding of branding principles and ability to create a logo that aligns with the company's values and target audience. Deliverables: - A high-resolution logo file in various formats (e.g., PNG, JPEG) suitable for both print and digital use. - Clear and concise communication throughout the design process, with timely revisions and updates based on feedback. Timeline and Budget: - The project should be completed within [insert timeframe]. - The budget for this project is [insert budget amount], but I am open to discussing ...

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    ...Description: I am looking for a skilled writer who can help me create a letter of response to a business partner. The purpose of the letter is to address a business conflict and find a resolution. Skills and Experience: - Excellent writing skills with the ability to convey an assertive and direct tone - Experience in business communication and conflict resolution - Understanding of professional etiquette and business etiquette - Strong attention to detail and ability to articulate thoughts clearly - Familiarity with the business partner's industry and background The ideal candidate should be able to understand the context of the conflict and craft a letter that effectively addresses the issue while maintaining a professional tone. The letter...

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    Hello, I'm looking for a graphic designer to make me some posters of men's muscle cars. We are looking for sleek, minimalistic, upscale posters. I attached some inspiration under this post, please review it. Please do not repeat these images and please use cars that have high resolution and are vintage. For the blocks that would contain words you can leave them blank, i will fill them in myself.

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    Title: Creative/Art Office Space Vinyl Banner Design the real estate industry Design Preferences: - The client has specified specific color preferences, which will be provided upon hiring. The designer should incorporate these colors into the banner design. - The design should exude creativity, professionalism, and uniqueness, reflecting the intended target audience of artists, designers, and creative professionals. Deliverables: - A high-resolution digital design file compatible with vinyl printing - The design in a format that can be easily scaled to fit the specified dimensions Budget: - The client has not provided a specific budget range for this project. Freelancers are encouraged to submit their competitive proposals based on their experience and expertise. If...

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    t-shirt cartoon 6 dias left

    ... Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in graphic design, with a portfolio showcasing previous cartoon designs. - Experience in creating minimalistic and modern designs that are suitable for kids. - Ability to work with specific color schemes and bring them to life in the design. - Creativity and an understanding of what appeals to children in terms of visuals. Deliverables: - A high-resolution digital file of the cartoon design that can be printed on t-shirts. Deadline: - The project has a flexible deadline, but timely delivery is preferred. Budget: - The client has not specified a budget range. Freelancers are encouraged to provide their rates or ask for further details during the proposal stage. If you are a talented graphic designer with experience in creating mini...

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    I am looking for a developer to create a conflict of interest policy for my company using either PowerApps or SharePoint online. The task needs to be completed within 5 days. Requirements: - Experience developing conflict of interest policies using PowerApps or SharePoint online. - Ability to incorporate specific features and functionalities as per my detailed list. - Strong understanding of company policies and compliance. - Effective communication and prompt response to complete the task ASAP. If you are interested in this project, please contact me with your availability and relevant experience.

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    ...YouTube studio scene using Blender. The goal is to achieve a highly realistic rendering with attention to detail, proper lighting, shadows, and denoising. Project Requirements: Realistic Design: Create a simple room with a large window overlooking a wide landscape and buildings. The viewpoint should emulate a high-floor setting, ensuring a breathtaking view. High-Resolution Rendering: The project must be rendered in very high resolution for a crisp and detailed final result. Proper Lighting: Implement realistic and well-balanced lighting to enhance the overall atmosphere. Pay special attention to shadows casting and ensure they contribute to the authenticity of the scene. Denoising: Apply denoising techniques for a clean and polished final output. Fancy Furniture: I...

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    Trophy icon 3 x 4 Sticker for Advertisement 5 dias left

    I am looking for a designer to create a 3 x 4 inch sticker for brand awareness. I have a detailed idea for the design and theme. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating eye-catching and...awareness materials - Ability to bring my detailed idea to life - Attention to detail to ensure the sticker is visually appealing and professional-looking If you have a portfolio showcasing your previous sticker designs or brand awareness materials, please include it in your proposal. I am open to suggestions and collaboration throughout the design process. The final deliverable should be a high-resolution file that can be easily printed and used for advertisement purposes. We would like just logo and phone numbers and these items in bullet points Retaining wall, concrete, Fences,...

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    Hi ITYPE Designs, We are a belgian dance competition with a New York theme. We organise around 10 events per year. A short preview can be found on youtube: we need 7 roll-up banners ...our events for different stands: Food, Coffee and sweets, Drinks, Entrance Dancers, Entrance visitors, Merchandise, Bonnenbar. We prefer a design aligned with our current banners, the theme is New York. If you have better ideas that is also possible. I will upload our current banners in this project. size 120cm x 200cm Plano format with 3 mm margin around the image for cutting CMYK Minimal resolution van 150dpi Minimal 8pt font For deep blacks, please use C50%, M40%, Y40% en K100% We need a high res pdf file for printing

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    Volunteer 5 dias left hosted by Tennis Premiere league. This includes but is not limited to: 1. **Event Management:** - Assist in the planning and execution of on-site activities. - Coordinate logistics to ensure the smooth flow of the event. 2. **Team Support:** - Collaborate with team members to ensure efficient communication. - Provide support to players, officials, and attendees. 3. **Problem Resolution:** - Address any issues or concerns that may arise during the event. **Skills and Qualifications:** We are looking for volunteers with the following skills and qualifications: - **Event Management:** Prior experience in managing events or a strong willingness to learn. - **Communication:** Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. - **Problem-Solving:** Ability to ha...

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    $7 - $18
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    Logo Recreation with High Resolution, PNG and Adobe Files I am looking for a skilled designer to recreate a specific logo design that I will provide. I am flexible with colors and open to suggestions for the color scheme. I would also like the logo to be provided in different formats, including high resolution, PNG, and Adobe files. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in logo design and recreation - Strong proficiency in Adobe software - Attention to detail to ensure high resolution and quality output - Ability to work with different color schemes and provide suggestions if needed

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    I am seeking a skilled photo editor to remove the background of a landscape photo for personal presentation purposes. The ideal candidate should have experience in accurately and seamlessly removing backgrounds from photos. The photo should be edited in a way that editor to remove the background of a landscape photo for personal presentation purposes. The ideal candidate should have experience in accurately and seamlessly removing backgrounds from photos. The photo should be edited in a way that allows for the subject to be the main focus while maintaining a professional and polished appearance. The final edited photo should be delivered in a high-resolution format suitable for both web and print use. This project requires attention to detail and the ability to meet tight ...

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    Hello, I'm looking to have a custom poster made of my brother's Audi A3, something in the style of a classic muscle car poster, a reference image is attached. I'd like to copy the 2-angle layout of the example image with the same overhead text placement, except using the Audi rings or "Audi" in the br...poster I can frame in an A2(420x594mm) frame. I'd like the background to be a flat color with just some shading around the car to give it depth. I've attached 5 images of his car, I'd like for the poster to be recognizable as his car, though it is mostly stock, the suspension is lowered a bit, so maybe exaggerating the lowered suspension might make it more distinct. If possible I'd need high resolution digitals or a physical copy shipped t...

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    Hi there, we are looking for a photographer for a maternity photo shoot that is required in the mid of Jan 24. We are based in Glenwood - 2768. Only high resolution final digital photos are needed after needful editing. Please suggest. Location: Outdoor Theme: No specific theme Time frame: Flexible Skills and experience: - Experienced photographer with a portfolio of outdoor maternity shoots - Ability to capture natural and candid moments - Knowledge of outdoor lighting and composition - Familiarity with posing and directing pregnant subjects - Attention to detail in editing and retouching photos - Ability to deliver high-quality images within the agreed upon time frame

    $20 - $164
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    ...elements such as teeth, toothbrushes, dental instruments, or related imagery. Modern and Timeless: The design should be modern yet timeless, making it suitable for long-term use. Color Palette: Feel free to use a dental-inspired color palette, including shades of blue, white, and gray, but don't limit your creativity. Requirements: The logo should be delivered in a vector format (AI, EPS) and high-resolution PNG and JPG formats. Include both a full-color version and a black-and-white version. Ensure the design is unique and not a copy of any existing logos. Prize: We are offering a prize of $80 to the winning designer. In addition to the prize money, the winning designer will receive recognition and exposure in the dental community as the creator of The MAG Dental Academy&...

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    1. we need to make it high resolution for 1 meter x 1 meter (1000 mm x 1000 mm). this may mean more than one copies of the patern in the same square meter. 2. The other thing we need to do is make all 4 sides match, so when they are placed side by side on the wall the pattern continues, does not matter which way they are placed. every side matches every side

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    Hi Pasha C., we have worked together in 2021. The project was (Cinema 4D - 5 Seconds Cloth Animation). I hope that you still have the original file with you because I need another render for the animation in a different 9:16 ratio and 1080x1920 px resolution. Please let me know if you still have the original file and are interested.

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    ...the ethical dilemma in this case? As a human service worker, how is Karen’s case an ethical dilemma for you? Who or what is creating the problem, you, the client, the legal system or the funding source? Apply the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals. Which Ethical Standards apply to this case? What course(s) of action are indicated by the Ethical Standards and may help lead to a resolution of the problem? Determine the nature and dimensions of the dilemma. Consider the moral principles of autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence, justice, and fidelity and veracity. Which principles apply to this situation? Which principle(s) takes priority for you in this case? What course(s) of action might you take? What might be the consequences of your actions? What are the i...

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    Thumbnail 5 dias left

    Proj...Requirements: - Create a custom image thumbnail for a blog post - Use the client's specific image as a reference for the design - Ensure the thumbnail is visually engaging and captures the essence of the blog post - Optimize the thumbnail for web use, ensuring it is of appropriate dimensions and file size - Provide the final thumbnail in a high-resolution format suitable for both web and print use Deliverables: - Custom image thumbnail in a high-resolution format (e.g. JPG, PNG) - Source files used to create the thumbnail (e.g. PSD, AI) Please note that the project requires the use of the client's specific image and adherence to their vision. The ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with the client is crucial to ensure their satisfaction with ...

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    Fix my crashed magento2 site 5 dias left

    -we accidentally deleted a secondary website from the admin panel that had no use. -we ran setup upgrade from cPanel -right now site shows only this when loading Fatal error: Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: Con...error: Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: Constant name is expected. I am looking for a Magento2 expert to fix my crashed site. The site is currently completely down and I am receiving error messages when I try to access it. Unfortunately, I do not have a backup of the site. Requirements: - Experience with Magento2 and troubleshooting site crashes - Knowledge of error message analysis and resolution - Ability to restore and recover the site without a functional backup If you have the skills and experience to fix my crashed Magento2 site, please bid on this project. ...

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    I am looking for a React developer who can troubleshoot and fix an issue with my react router code. The front end code was downloaded from GitHub written by another developer. Specifically, the page is not rendering correctly and I need someone to identify and resolve the problem. Ideal skills and experience for this job would include: - Proficiency in React and React ...the page is not rendering correctly and I need someone to identify and resolve the problem. Ideal skills and experience for this job would include: - Proficiency in React and React Router - Experience troubleshooting and debugging code - Strong problem-solving skills Once the issue is resolved, I have specific requirements for the outcome. The desired timeline for the troubleshooting and resolution is within...

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    Looking for a freelancer to create a whimsical Christmas card from a photo of a dog. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience creating whimsical designs or illustrations - Proficiency in graphic design software - Str...Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience creating whimsical designs or illustrations - Proficiency in graphic design software - Strong attention to detail and creativity Requirements: - Transform a provided photo into a whimsical Christmas card design - Incorporate elements such as holiday-themed illustrations, playful fonts, and vibrant colors - Deliver the final design in a high-resolution digital format Application: - Please include examples of past work showcasing whimsical designs or illustrations Timeline: - The project needs to be compl...

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    image quality 5 dias left

    ...requirements. The ideal candidate should have expertise in image editing and manipulation, with a strong understanding of high-resolution image processing techniques. Desired Image Quality: - The desired image quality should be high resolution to ensure optimal print quality. - the printed label will be 80mm x 55mm Purpose of the Images: - The images will be used for print purposes, such as brochures, magazines, and posters. Desired Image Format: - The images should be saved in JPEG format, as it is the preferred format for print images. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. - Familiarity with high-resolution image processing techniques. - Knowledge of color correction and image enhancement. - Atten...

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    13 ofertas, online course content front page, email sig and maybe written docs. You can cut down the white space around the logo. I just need it crisp and clean. You can also provide details for an additional one as well same as first but with underneath it. I also need it asap please. Thank you. Requirements: - The existing logo is in PNG format. - The final logo should have a resolution of 300 DPI. - The final logo should be in JPEG format. - The logo should be sharp and clear on a transparent background. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. - Experience in logo design and editing. - Attention to detail and ability to produce high-quality work. - Ability to work with transparent backgrounds and maintain image sharpness. If you are confident

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