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    3000 usernames list Encerrado left

    I would like you to build a database with 3000 Twitter usernames. This will correspond to the CEOs of the 50 largest firms and 50 most popular politicians (100 accounts), of the 30 largest countries by GDP. I will pass this list to a data retriever to collect all historical data from these accounts

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    We have been having trouble with getting our VPS set up properly with Geoserver to work as a service. It's running, but there always seems to be a few things missing that we are unable to handle afterwards. We will therefore *require* the following items to be installed/set up on a fresh VPS: * CentOS Web Panel (or other server management interface) * SSL via Let's Encrypt * Tomcat for ...

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    Project for RamziTRA Encerrado left

    Hi Ramzitra, I think you could possibly scrape some APIs or Links aswell as create a script. So basically xbox or [fazer login para ver a URL] generates usernames also known as XUIDs these usernames can be changed meaning they become available to other people to claim onto their accounts/profiles. There is programs/tools circulating that stop this by happening. Basically if a user such as e.g Chi...

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    Hi fedevg777, I think you could possibly scrape some APIs or Links aswell as create a script. So basically xbox or [fazer login para ver a URL] generates usernames also known as XUIDs these usernames can be changed meaning they become available to other people to claim onto their accounts/profiles. There is programs/tools circulating that stop this by happening. Basically if a user such as e.g Ch...

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    Note : These tools/programs exist I have seen them in action. Note : This program DOES NOT NEED A GUI TO FUNCTION AND CAN FUNCTION PERFECTLY FINE AS A SCRIPT IN PYTHON ( i have seen this ). Note : There is some backend API or links that need to be involved in this script, i do not have them but they are out there as people have them. On xbox every user is assigned a username, example."Flying...

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    Email List Separator Encerrado left

    I am looking for a program that can organize an email list in this fashion. There is a list of 1 million emails that is randomized. What I need done is to re-sort the email list in specified domain batches. In example if I specified "10" it would grab the first 10 emails for all the domain(s) in the file then any excess emails would be saved in a specified output file. Also having a loop...

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    I am a freelance social media data analyst. I need a trusted companion who can assist me in capturing likes, comments and retweets of influencer profiles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you do well in this project, there is an opportunity to work together on more projects in the future. You need to have a profile on all three these platforms and have a good understanding of the metrics. Y...

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    I'm having a problem verifying my WordPress website so that I can set up Google Analytics. I'll pay $20 once my website has been verified and Google Analytics has been linked to Google Search Console. I own the website. I'll provide all usernames and passwords. See the attached screenshots. My website is hosted by GoDaddy. I received the following message. "Verification f...

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    I'm looking to have a tool built like [fazer login para ver a URL] I'd want it to run off our Wordpress site (i.e. able to enter the info from our domain) but the actual work should be done on an Amazon instance so as not to bog down our site servers. The big difference that I'm looking for between what I want to build vs what's there is that I don't want to really moni...

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    Project for Fouad S. Encerrado left

    Hi Fouad S., I would like to offer you my project. You can see the details below: Milestones for new Project: Development of web api according to followings: 1) 5 (+ optional 1) Methods will be developed 2) Creation and Modification Dates: logic from our given procedures 3) Individual usernames and passwords for each method (I can give same for all later) 4) The names wispartInsert...

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    I need an auto commenter app created for insta. Or if you have one. Nust be able to upload a list of usernames and it posts comments under a specific insta post. Must be able to set time and duration

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    We want you to add 10.000 members to our telegram group. We already have a list with telegram usernames in .txt, you just need add them to our group. We have a telegram group not a channel! You should already have experience in this area and you have to be careful that our group get not banned. If the work is done well we have follow orders, total goal is 120.000 - 200.000 members in our group...

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    5 ofertas

    Hey I'm Andrew. I'm after a mine craft Username changer for mojangs game. These are otherwise known as Mine craft Username sniper. This is effectively a program which can change the name in an extremely quick time to beat the other snipers which offer this service. The names are rather valuable and as such fall into the wrong hands, something I wish to prevent. It would need to be a sim...

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    Hi I would like to hire those who is ready to work and show the work. Who knows to work with telegram extraction of usernames and names in telegram groups and adding them to our group. More details will be sent related to the project once i got the right person. Thanks

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    3 ofertas

    Hi I would need to update the sign up process on a modeling agency website as right now it is buggy and also asks too much info. [fazer login para ver a URL] database is in php, mySQL Sign up has 3 steps, I am providing you with screencaps. For step 1 (capture [fazer login para ver a URL]) I need you to remove info located in (1), province, city, address and zip code. This info will be transfe...

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    57 ofertas

    I'm looking to have a tool built like [fazer login para ver a URL] I'd want it to run off our Wordpress site (i.e. able to enter the info from our domain) but the actual work should be done on an Amazon instance so as not to bog down our site servers. The big difference that I'm looking for between what I want to build vs what's there is that I don't want to really moni...

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    I need a webpage to with an input box to enter an array of instagram links (up to 5,000) Before being allowed to submit the links, a script should 1) check if the user is following a set of usernames (I want to have the ability to hardcode and change this) 2) if already followed, to allow user to post an array of instagram links otherwise, returns error message to ask user to follow me/set of u...

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    8 ofertas

    Hello Everyone I have a very simple project related to hashing and it needs to be done in C++. You are implementing a server which must keep track of all users that are currently logged in. Specifically, you need to maintain a dictionary mapping IP addresses (keys) to usernames (values). When a new connection is made, you need to quickly determine whether that IP address is already tied to a spe...

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    Update [fazer login para ver a URL] 1. Update web pages with content. The content will be sent to you over the next t few days. 2 in admin panel. Allow admin to restrict the number of tickets people can buy per competition. Example, flexibility to set maximum number of tickets all individual usernames can purchase per individual competition. So, car competition, 5 tickets max per username. Bag ...

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    Hey everybody, i need a small Script written in node.js that generate full automaticly Steam Accounts ([fazer login para ver a URL]) Difficults in this Script: • Auto solve reCaptcha • Generate fake eMail Inbox to confirm the Account • Generate random Username • Generate random Password What i need too: • Variable to set how many Accounts the script have to generate &bu...

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    Hi, I have multiple PMTA Servers. I need to create a SSO server so that the users can login with multiple usernames but it would authenticate one server and relay the mails to the multiple PMTA servers

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    10 ofertas

    News: Using Search Engines as Penetration Testing Tools Source: [fazer login para ver a URL] (Links to an external site.) Search engines are a treasure trove of valuable sensitive information, which hackers can use for their cyber-attacks. Good news: so can penetration testers. From a penetration tester’s point of view, all search engines can be largely divided into pen test-spe...

    $15 (Avg Bid)
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    1 ofertas

    Hi all I need a script that scrapes a users profile picture, bio, and posts (including captions) and adds them to another account. without getting banned. So you need to have experience making scripts that mass automate Instagram, you need to have experience and understand Instagram footprints. The script will take a list of usernames to copy from, and a list of accounts to copy to. If you are s...

    $137 (Avg Bid)
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    11 ofertas

    This scripe can scrape username from any reference group and it will be responsible to add a bunch of usernames into telegram groups automatically.

    $88 (Avg Bid)
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    10 ofertas

    Hi all, I have a list of scraped Instagram users, i need you to go through the list and find the users who match these criteria: 1. MUST VERY IMPORTANT: US account 2. MUST be a personal account and not a personal account 3. MUST have more than 10 posts If it matches the criteria then add them to an excel sheet in one column and in the other column put in M if the account is Male or F if the acc...

    $370 (Avg Bid)
    $370 Média
    33 ofertas

    I currently have a matrix in excel that is used to create custom usernames depending on different formatting guides. Once these are generated, they are checked against an existing database of usernames to check if these usernames are already taken. I need this to be migrated to SQL database, and am looking for someone who can do this.

    $110 (Avg Bid)
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    17 ofertas

    I have a need to develop a patient portal for reports and radiology images with a flexible front end to enable my clients to whitelable for their clients. I will provide an HL7 when the report is verified to be distributed. This report will need to create a patient record in the portal if this does not already exist based on PatientID. Once created. it will hold the reports and accession numbers f...

    $801 (Avg Bid)
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    33 ofertas

    I have a list of 10000 telegram usernames. You need to add this user to my telegram group. -Manually add users to the group -NO need of any bots of scripts.

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    32 ofertas

    We're looking for someone to write a script for Google Sheets. This is what we need the script to do: Input a "Mother" Google Folder where we will create child folders Let us select a column of usernames from a Google Sheet (column will have a header) Let us select a column to put links in the same Google sheet Create folders (check for duplicates) named each individual username i...

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    Hey I am trying to reach 350 IG influencer accounts via FB marketing either on IG and OR FB. I only have their 1. IG usernames 2. IG account ID which don’t match FB app user ID and or Facebook page IDs oddly are they are different. What I really need is their official FB emails or FB app user ID and or Facebook page IDs. Is there anyone to find the info I am looking for?

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    I am looking for a python programmer that can code me an Instagram bot, that comments automatically new posts from specific pages (I can set the usernames) or random pages. It also must follow specific pages with certain criteria and follow back people that follow me. It also must unfollow people that are not following me. Similar to this: [fazer login para ver a URL]

    $177 (Avg Bid)
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    22 ofertas

    Very simple task where you get a list of usernames on Instagram and need to add the persons first name to the excel file. Write "I am ready" in the first line of your proposal to get started.

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    Web scraping Encerrado left

    Hi, I need a web scraping on a specific Facebook group of 5000 members to approach like minded people I dont need all the data , just names(not usernames)

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    41 ofertas
    Make 60 IG accounts Encerrado left

    I'll need 60 accounts made for instagram. The accounts need to have emails that come with them, cannot be [fazer login para ver a URL] or [fazer login para ver a URL] (preferably reddiffmail) or something that allows free use of POP/IMAP (not protonmail as they charge $ to use their POP/IMAP server) The accounts will be need to be made with a good looking bio in which I will provide to yo...

    $47 (Avg Bid)
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    5 ofertas

    Hello. I am looking for ebay account holders with positive selling history. Your job will be to post my items and once the item is sold, I'll be shipping the item via USPS. I shall provide all the images and description of items. I am looking for other account holders because my eBay acc has selling limit of 6000 USD per month and I need people to expand my business. Each product usually sel...

    $157 (Avg Bid)
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    10 ofertas

    I need a freelancer to: 1. Automatically pull data from Instagram (using an API?) and sync it into my Knack database app. This automatic syncing should be performed once daily. The data it will pull is: 1. Number of Followers 2. Business Email Address 3. Bio 4. Engagement Rate on the last 9 posts [Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments) / Followers] 5. Any other data points that can be grabbed. I...

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    5 ofertas

    Build a real-time text editor in AngularJs + Node/MongoDB + [fazer login para ver a URL] Users should be able to login using username. The logged in usernames should be shown to everyone who's on a page. Users should be able to comment, collaborate (i.e. like Google Docs) and track changes. Please mention the WYSIWYG editor that you'll be using for this.

    $177 (Avg Bid)
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    7 ofertas

    a desktop application that: 1. Check a list of instagram usernames and show which ones are available and which not (multithreaded) 2. You login to an Instagram account and choose a username to monitor, as soon as it's available, it changes to it. Also you can choose the target username from the Checker (step 1) 3. Possibility to use proxy 4. Very fast checking and changing username <=1ms 5...

    $500 (Avg Bid)
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    Hey, I’m looking to have a front end for a pwa. The pwa will require a splash screen, which I can get made and sent to you. The pwa will be to connect influencers and businesses. App will need to hold usernames and passwords of people / businesses. If you are interested I can explain more in detail Thanks Rohan Jain

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    Security Testing Encerrado left

    We need to develop a testing environment for a Ruby on Rails-react project. It needs to make sure all dependencies are up to date and intact. Any security vulnerabilities would be unacceptable and be checked upon our top engineers. If there are any insecure environments in the code, we will need to know. Since information is an important part of our project we will need to thoroughly analyze and d...

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    I have a program that is coded in c# and I need a new Login system that is working I need it so I can manage client access to the program so I can give them access and block people from using it. I also need it so its only 1 person that can log in on 1 pc. So the user can not send it and give their username and password it also need HWID lock so it cant be shared with usernames and passwords ...

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    23 ofertas

    I want a program where I can login to instagram with it and enter a list of usernames and leave the program running. When one of those usernames becomes available change my username to it and stop the program. (MUST BE VERY FAST TAKING USERNAMES).

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    I will give you sheet of usernames and Provide you My TG url and you have to add members using invite option in TG group , need 100k+ members in various group ping only YOU CAN DO IT..

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    7 ofertas

    Key Aim: to make our own network on Twitter to make particular posts have greater virility and visibility on Twitter. Job 1: Creation of networks Twitter network profiles: Creation of 150 Twitter profiles - all usernames, accociate emails provided to us in a spreadsheet All with 50 followers All with 50 of their own posts about metal, music and metal culture All follow and are followed by ext...

    $557 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a personal portfolio website. This website was built from 'Sam Martin' WordPress theme only through a visual composer without HTML/CSS coding. Recently, more accurately after WordPress 5.2 to 5.2.1 upgrade, my site stopped working. I got an email "Since WordPress 5.2 there is a built-in feature that detects when a plugin or theme causes a fatal error on your site". Sin...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    MVP build for a functional front end of a social media/dating app. Requirements similar to Instagram/tinder. Swiping, API integration, building captcha with puzzle, profiles, creating events, chats, searching usernames, favorites.. etc

    $833 (Avg Bid)
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    28 ofertas

    Greetings, freelancers! We have an app we would like to connect to our blog. We would like to use the login, forgot pass, change pass form from app only. Merging sessions: when user logs in or logs out of app, they must be also logged in and logged out of WP blog and the proper session and cookie handled. IDs, avatars and usernames must be the same as on app, so when they comment on blog to show ...

    $212 (Avg Bid)
    $212 Média
    25 ofertas

    I need some help understanding the mathematics behind unique ID’s...I am looking to create 2 sets of unique ID tables that will combine to create a unique ID. The ID’s can contain Upper and Lower case letters and 0-9 numbers. Therefore, 26+26+10=62options per position. 5 positions =62x62x62x62x62 etc etc .....but if I have 2 ID’s that come together to create and maintain unique...

    $30 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    1 ofertas

    i want to build an interactive classified website and build mobile apps (android and IOS) for the same website . apps must sync with website and vise versa. example of the website i want to build is adforest wordpress classified theme that comes with both apps, and also have an admin channel. And also you can check [fazer login para ver a URL] for my users to register is to MUST use mobile phone...

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    PLEASE READ FULLY BEFORE APPLYING. I have described ALL that is needed, so minimal questions should be needed when we contact each other. This is a project with LIVE ADULT NUDITY (naked, etc.) content -- please do not contact if you are not comfortable. The site already exists and broadcasting is already functional through angularjs and PHP Laravel. Updates can be made in any language. We need MOD...

    $562 (Avg Bid)
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