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    Olá Victor, tudo bem? Achei seu perfil na plataforma TopCoder e, como pesquisador da área, eu gostaria de uma pequena ajuda. Meu nome é Luis Gustavo e sou aluno de mestrado em Ciência da Computação na PUC-RS. Em minha pesquisa, eu estou procurando entender o que motiva os membros da plataforma TopCoder a participar dos desafios de desenvolvimento de softw...

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    Olá Daniel, tudo bem? Achei seu perfil na plataforma TopCoder e, como pesquisador da área, eu gostaria de uma pequena ajuda. Meu nome é Luis Gustavo e sou aluno de mestrado em Ciência da Computação na PUC-RS. Em minha pesquisa, eu estou procurando entender o que motiva os membros da plataforma TopCoder a participar dos desafios de desenvolvimento de softw...

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    Plataforma simples, com as necessidades básicas para o funcionamento de um crowdsourcing. Cadastro de clientes, cadastro de designers, envios de projetos, seleção e pagamento.

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    Desenvolvimento de projecto de crowdsourcing em PHP e parceria com equipa interna da empresa que já trabalha no projecto, mas que necessita ser reforçada temporariamente.

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    Construção de sistema de coleta de dados (banco de dados) para educadores ambientais, que visa agregar dados de produtividade (indicadores de atendimento, atividades, projetos, campanhas, etc.) suas respectivas instituições e educadores para fins de avaliação quantitativa do ramo. O projeto em poucas palavras envolve entrada de dados em tempo real pelos u...

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    Projeto Acadêmico Encerrado left

    @emoreth, Sou professora da Universidade do Rio dos Sinos (UNISINOS) no RS, e gostaria da tua ajuda para um "projeto exploratório acadêmico" (: Na verdade estou estudando sobre iniciativas de Crowdsourcing na área de TI no Brasil e gostaria de saber qual a experiência de uso dos participantes, como você e das empresas que estão buscando por esse ...

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    Gostaria de encontrar fornecedores ou desenvolvedores de software para Crowdsourcing. A aplicação web deveria ter funcionalidades similares com as plataformas de crowdsourcing existentes (ex. freelancer, justanswer, etc). A intenção é desenvolver uma comunidade específica de crowsourcing e ir ao mercado o mais rápido possível. O ideal seria c...

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    desenvolvedor web Encerrado left

    Desenvolver uma plataforma de crowdsourcing integrada com o Facebook, Google Plus e Linkedin. Desejável conhecimento em J2EE, JSP, JSTL, etc.

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    Blogueiro Encerrado left

    Gostaríamos que fossem desenvolvidos textos sobre design, publicidade, crowdsourcing, estratégias e dicas para Pequenas e Médias Empresas para incluirmos no nosso blog colaborativo. O perfil dos leitores: Pequenas e médias empresas, ONGs, consultores e

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    We are in need of a leads generation expert. We secure monies on behalf of individuals or busineses. The task is to target these individuals or businesses seeking financing for their business or project. The strategy to reach these individuals will consist of scraping data from crowdsourcing websites. These targeted websites contain users that are looking for funding. Once the data has be...

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    Dear Market Research Guru's, ***THE BUDGET FOR THIS PROJECT IS STRICT WITH NO ROOM FOR PLAY*** I run Crown Business Group, a management consultancy and executive search company based in Canada. I'm now looking for two things: 1) A market research pro who has SUPERIOR investigative skills for **TWO** particular projects (see below) 2) A longer term relationship for further projects and...

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    Ask Watch a 30 minute video and create a 2-minute speaker’s reel and other short video snippets from it. Project Goal We would like John’s 30 minute speech boiled down into smaller punchy content pieces highlighting the most important aspects covered in the speech. We have marked minutes within the video that we think would make for good snippets. Timeline We would like to have two r...

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    build a website Encerrado left

    I need a simple website where people can upload content (pictures and images) for a not for profit project that is crowdsourcing these images- the organization needs to be able to securely download them as well.

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    The goal of this challenge is to demonstrate your animation skills by creating a (~10 to 20-second) animation from the provided fluid shifts storyboards that describes what happens to the human body and mind in space, to the general public without the need of using audio or text in the animation. The winning submission/animator will be assigned a $4000 USD task to create the remaining five animati...

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    Crowdsourcing Essay Encerrado left

    Hello everyone! i made a research of crowdsourcing and i would like to present it to my chief and my collegues, my intention is to introduce this model in our Firm and i need to write an article on the research i made, Unfortunately i am not so good in writing, so i am looking for someone is really good at it! I will post my research only to who will accept my work! Text me for more info

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    Hello, After several months of research, and planning, I have hit a breakthrough with my business idea. We are pushing forward. In order to manage my time, I am freelancing and crowdsourcing some parts. I need a high-quality barebones business framework to impress my potential investors. Finishing the formal business plan has been a drag on my time. I can provide most of the content needed, eith...

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    81cents is a platform that helps women and underrepresented minorities through touch conversations by crowdsourcing intel from professionals in the same fields. We're looking for a virtual assistant to complete projects that are anticipated to require approximately 10 hours per week (with the possibility to increase hours and responsibilities!). will be to run searches on LinkedIn, using fi...

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    I need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built. It needs the features: Addressbook Matching, P2P Messaging (w/ RumbleUp), Donations, Gamification, Canvassing Full-featured walk-books and canvassing, Interactive Newsfeed, Push Notifications, Lobbying, Trivia & Puzzles, In-app Live Chat Connect, Events Allow people to RSVP to an event, send calendar invites (GPS check-in) Social...

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    The main idea is to make a plan using ppt to show how can I startup an Online School for people who cannot afford education to provide them with very basic level education with the motive to make the world educated. Crowdsourcing/Crowdfunding is preferred as the source of money. I need to show how internet technology can be integrated into my plan. The provided template must be used. There is also...

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    The goal of this challenge is to develop a graphic to represent a critical landing technology being developed at NASA: navigation Doppler lidar (NDL). NDL is used to determine precise vehicle velocity and position. The graphic should include the Earth, Moon, and Mars as part of the graphic and NDL’s use of three laser beams to determine the landing craft’s position and velocity. The gr...

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    Project Description: Open Assembly is a future of work crowdsourcing consulting company that has a ‘Collective’ consulting group which consists of both enterprise companies and crowdsourcing platforms. We would like help designing a one page marketing and/or sales sheet to send to prospective business customers or new clients about the ‘Open Assembly Collective’ in PDF for...

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    Build a website Encerrado left

    build a global crowdsourcing marketplace website for university , which allows potential employers to post jobs that university student freelancers can then bid to complete.

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    We are wanting to set up a crowd sourcing campaign for purchasing a building for a youth gym for a safe place for them to hang out and work out in a safe place during the summer and after school. We would like to set up a special sporting event and provide tickets to anyone who donates to our cause. I have other ideas as well. I am hoping to have this run on social media and on the internet and a...

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    The goal is the develop the MVP for my crowdsourcing platform, this includes pages that allows edits of existing data. Must set up the databases Must allow connection to gather indexed data from databases Must allow users editing the entries on the website, and updating the databases with these edits The UI on this MVP needs to be in Arabic The databases must be able to handle the Arabic entri...

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    Description The goal of this challenge is to develop a graphic to represent NASA’s new research project entitled, ‘3D Printing Heat Shields’. The product should graphically convey the key themes of a heat shield that protects a spacecraft from the heat of hypersonic flight and the 3D printing of the material. The graphic will be used in multiple ways internally at NASA, but will...

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    A rewards-based online crowdsourcing platform designed to help people who are in default on their assets that have equity, or they may be upside down (owing more than the asset is worth) such as homes, cars and/or boats, etc. These particular asset owners will be on the verge of not only losing their property but also losing their equity position, thus ruining their credit history and putting them...

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    Crowdsourcing is currently requiring individuals who's willing to work remotely. And applicant must be able to work independently from home and the rate is $25/hour. Applicant must have a good understanding of English and able to complete task activities 100%. Interested should send there bid in for more info. candidate from TX, CA is bonus plus

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    I'm trying to sketch out a sample webpage look that will illustrate how a crowdsourcing campaign might be executed. Basically I want the background to be a bunch of wanted posters that look like the ones they used to have in the old west. the photos of the people in the posters will be exxon executives. I'll send you their photos. It doesn't have to be perfectly done but I just...

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    Animated/Static Logo Encerrado left

    Company Name: Colectiv AI (Amplified Intelligence) Business Operation: Crowdsourcing of opinions from people Related topics/ideas: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Swarm Intelligence. The project requires delivery of UHD source files and output of the logo.

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    We are building smart marketplace for crowd sourcing ai/agi experts. The participants teams include agi/ai experts, domain expert, sales executive and marketing executing . The site includes 12 menus including Landing page, Home, About,Competition,Projects, Data Sets, Learn, Host Competition, Blog,Contact,Jobs. The marketplace will be like [fazer login para ver a URL] and [fazer login para ver...

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    we pitch our idea, and value proposition, but we need someone to help us re-phrase it nicely, and find us a new way to pitch it to be more attractive to people, we need someone who's good with English business and understand how to use the power of words to best explain us and to make it like a story where audience will understand it quickly and nicely, we need the WOW factor when we tell who...

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    I need specific information to be crowdsourced from mulitple discord servers and outputted by a discord bot into a single server.

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    We are developing crowdsourcing website as below. Functions : login, chat, post, sort Backend : Firebase Framework : AngularJS Design: using paid template Summary of order Development term : 1 month Deliverable : source code Budget : $300 The website is already developed, but there are some problem about design and function(chat and sort). I need experienced engineer to check and revise the pro...

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    In search of a genuine expert capable and skilled in developing and directing a crowdfunding and crowdsourced go to market strategy. Why crowdfunding? Singular purpose, accelerated market entry and exit. Key business goal: Create an exit strategy for a business development effort that has been in the making for four years accumulating saleable inventory. Business sector: California bout...

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    Hello, I have an idea and I have to verify if this can be my future business. So I need an idea of the real costs. I'm considering to produce an app based on crowdsourcing for a specific niche. It is based on putting in contact people by crowdsourcing match and connecting them by videochat for a consultation. This is NOT an adult service. The best rated professional/ closest to the client ...

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    Graduate Tracer Encerrado left

    A mobile and web application for graduate tracing using crowdsourcing and social media listening

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    Tasks to do: 1. selection of a crowdsourcing portal in Germany 2. planning the project stages 3. writing materials in English 4. translation into German 5. coordination of implementation Crwodfunding is to be carried out on one of the German collection or crowdfunding portals eg [fazer login para ver a URL], addressed to German or Austrian or possibly Swiss donors.

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    Adding tags to words Encerrado left

    words to add to each word below without the period. Voice talent. Voice actor. Voice. Voiceover. Voice over. Voice-over. American Voiceover, American Voice. American Voice over. American VO. FOR EXAMPLE: The first word is Friendly. I need you to make it: Friendly Voice Talent, Friendly Voice Actor. Friendly Voice. Friendly Voiceover, Friendly Voice Over, Friendly Voice-Over, Friendly Americ...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for E-commerce Marketplace Encerrado left

    Hello, We are developing an online marketplace with the name Mercheon where the premise is multivendor global marketplace. That means you can sign up from anywhere in the world and start selling to the world. The concept relies a lot on the power of individuals and people and relies on crowdsourcing. The website relies more on shops rather than products with the general thought of a mall, where y...

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    Gaming expert needed Encerrado left

    I'm looking for somebody with a background and experience building multi-player games. This could be any type of game: social game, 3D graphics, internet, console, etc. You should have experience devising different gaming scenarios and understand multiplayer gaming mechanics. You need not have a development/ programming background but that helps. Plus if you've worked on any crowdsour...

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    Market research Encerrado left

    I'm looking for somebody who has experience doing market sizing and creating go-to market strategy for a software startup. The things you will have to do are: - Identify the size of the market, both top-down and bottom-up (TAM/TOM/SOM) - go to market strategies - identify initial target customers (outbound) and inbound marketing techniques - Competitive analysis You will be expected to write...

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    ** Sorry for the ruined contest name! This was my first attempt and it will never happen again! ** Summary: - Draw an icon for my new game project (fantasy / RPG) - The icon is going to represent a mage rod, which is capable of casting elemental magic spells - The icon should be 32x32 or 48x48 pixels - As a side note, I will test for myself whether this website is accessible to blind users ...

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    I would like a website/app that tracks stock prices in complete realtime while listing them in order from Gainer/Losers by percentages *split screen preferably - gainers on left and losers on right*. Also, I would like this app to have a crowdsourcing feature so people can rate news articles if they determine the articles will affect stocks in positively or negatively.

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    Hello, I am making a crowdsourcing app for students in India. This app needs a design where it should make the paying process straightforward and should have categories to segregate the projects based on the field they come under. I am looking at a minimalist design of the project page with pictures of the project and another for the creator of the project.

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    I need to write and implement the baseline algorithm in the attached paper "Efficient and Load Balancing Strategy for Task Scheduling in Spatial Crowdsourcing" using java. then run it using dataset SCAWQ please add the comments for each step in the code.

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    I am looking for 3 developers to work with us. About the crowdsourcing type, it needs to be adaptive. In a sense you are asking what part of the opportunity is going to be tapped. If there is copetetivnes to facilitate excelence then the job is to adress stress, and so on. Concerning the type used on a particular market that depends on a crowd-sourcing-type-success-rate. If there is a possibility...

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    Trophy icon Company Holiday Card (Digital) Encerrado left

    SUMMARY We would like a digital holiday card designed for us to send to current and future clients, wishing them a happy holiday and a positive future. We would like you as the freelancer to get creative as to what the message in the card will say based off of what our company mission is (see below). AUDIENCE We will be sending the Holiday Card to business leaders; Fortune 500-1000 executives to ...

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    We're looking for someone that has experience with project managing market research or virtual focus groups, virtual ethnography, social listening projects, or ideation projects. We need someone who has availability on an ongoing basis to support ad-hoc projects that we sell as a consulting firm. Responsibilities will include: - Scoping the project with a consulting team for ideation or ...

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    Mozilla's Open Innovation team runs a series of challenges and crowdsourcing projects (design, algorithms, innovation, product, etc) throughout the year. We created this micro-site to host these: [fazer login para ver a URL] We aren't happy with the design and would like to refresh it. This competition is to redesign this micro-site.

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    I want a discord bot for my server which gives answer for trivia games. It would be a crowdsourcing bot

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