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    7,650 credit database php trabalhos encontrados, preços em USD develop a custom software that is extremely similar to the software found at [login to view URL] This software must be able to run on ASP with an Access database (also functional with MSSQL or mySQL). Hosting Provider must be able to custom configure hosting plans and additional services. Hosting provider should be able to install

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    ...add them to a mysql database together with the buyers details so we can access the database and process all the registrations and payments manually. 2)Automatic registration of domain name and credit card clearance. 3)Option to automatically create a web site on the server with several price/selections available, size, asp, php, cgi etc. Ideally this

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    Web Design Encerrado left a shopping basket(with delete and amend quantity facilities) there will at this stage be no on line credit card facilities but orders will be added to a database and an email confirmation sent to buyer and supplier. There will also be a database storing email addresses of customers requesting further information/newsletters. This last type of site

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    credit account Encerrado left

    ...dependant store customer has exceeded the credit limit on a charge a [login to view URL] each customer the following facts are available. a)account number b)balance at the beginning of the month c)Total of all Item charges by this customer this month d)total of all credit applied to this customer account this month e)allowed credit limit. The program should input as

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    2 ofertas many credit the user has by storing it in a mysql database. The script will need work closely with the scripts i have already created. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Linux/php 4.x/mysql

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    17 ofertas[login to view URL] sellers are required to enter a valid credit card. The following files are used: sell/[login to view URL] sell/[login to view URL] includes/[login to view URL] We have a new version of our site at: [login to view URL] We would like this new version to require sellers to enter a valid credit card like the current site at So we

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    I want to sell FLASH TEMPLATES throughout my site, but it just takes too long to make buttons and images for each one, so i need a database...- The project involves a simple data base system, where I can plug all the pics, data, price, info, and a few buttoms with certain features. the buttons for each Product will be VIEW and BUY. When a user clicks

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    There is an error in the credit card verification script (the script is not connected to any external verification system, it's just a simple Perl script-based credit card validity check) - this error tells whoever is filling out the credit card information and tries to submit that their credit card is expired (even though it is not). This needs to

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    ...up the membership database and payment system using PayPal. ## Deliverables Application for charging video chats: - a web-based application - be able to launch a Netmeeting session (ActiveX control?) - be able to authenticate chat sessions, to verify performers' and clients' identities - to frequently communicate with database for information on

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    I need a reverse auction website, with scripts written in Perl (preferred) or PHP, with a MySQL backend. See the complete description below: ## Deliverables The website will be a broker between BUYERS of a 'custom' PRODUCT and SELLERS of the product. A 'custom product' is a product with certain properties specified by a buyer. The website should

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    ...send SMS messages. Interfacing into [login to view URL] (details for system given). And send sms messages setting the originator, message (160 chars) etc etc. When they send an sms, 1 credit is decuted from there total. When they run out of credits there is NO WAY too send any sms messages without buying more credits. So basically they musn't be able too send a

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    3 ofertas to search them by the vendor, or do a keyword search. So when putting the products in the database there should be categories. From the admin section it must have the ability to have different prices for EACH account. Also there has to have a credit card processing thing in this as well. It must be able to have the shopping cart section where they

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    Credit Utility Encerrado left

    I need a modified app that is similar to my Billing utility. i will give samples later. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform windows ME and XP

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    ...have some variations that differ from this site. I am looking for these basic features: 1. Buyers and Sellers sections. Buyers need to pay a monthly fee in order to bid. Their credit card is billed every at the end of every month. 2. Roughly 15 different categories for buyers and sellers to post and bid on projects. Each category has it's own sub set of

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    databases..users database, shopping cart database. tables in users.. user table with usernames, passwords and other sign up information. Users table table made of their usernames that contain their leads they have purchased from shopping cart. tables in shopping cart.. All leads. and a table with leads that have been purchased my specified amount of

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    I need a Perl set of scripts. Which runs on ActivePerl (WinNT). It should allow the users to signup for an account (database can be mySQL but i need to install it) and then be able to login to the account via my website. They then can purchase "credits", when they select what amount of credits too purchase, the script loads a [login to view URL] page (they

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    I need a PHP Shopping Cart that can interface with Paypal's SUBSCRIPTION system as I need to bill people on a per month basis. Here's the scenario: 1) Someone purchases a X number of licenses (ie. 10)using the shopping cart. 2) Paypal accepts credit card 3) We send the person that bought the 10 licenses a confirmation e-mail with 10 TEMPORARY login

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    ...ensuring that credit card orders do indeed get processed as a credit card and do not get missed. We would like an application which would allow us to manually enter the invoice and sales information from our sales records when the order is generated, and then allow us to enter similar information about the same invoice number at the time the credit card transmittal

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    Credit Card Solution Encerrado left

    ... I am a web designer based in the USA and has moved to India. I am planning to expand my business throughout UK & India. Can anyone tell me if I can accept payments through credit card or I shall be happy with a merchant account solution. I prefer accepting payments in UK Pounds and/or Indian Rupees and pay your consulting fees in same currency. Please

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    Credit System Encerrado left

    As we've discuussed before... Perl Credit System to send messages through the [login to view URL] smsc gateway. Will need database, user accounts with secure passwords, intergration with sms-wap, deducting and ability to purchase credits for my users. The same details as "Perl Credit System" in open work. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working

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    Perl Credit System Encerrado left

    I need a "credit" system for my website... As in the webmaster (me) can add credits in whatever way to a user's account. Which can be created "empty". The user then "buy's" credits off me and i then add credits to that person's account. They then use the credits to send sms messages using a [login to view URL] service. Also, the users needs to se...

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    web site creation Encerrado left

    ...upgrades. Probable long term business relationship. Stages include 1. Begining page with member sign in, quik tour, trial membership for x days and member sign up with access to credit card payment and check payment process with auto validation. 2. Chat client. 3. Member area to upload information from form and picture to be recalled by other members thru

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    Create a 7 page website with back-end support for processing credit card transactions through [login to view URL], and storing and retrieving the data in encrypted form to/from a remote database. The site has two parts, one oriented to travelers and the other to hosts. 1) Two pages to accept payment information from the traveler, process our fee through authorize

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    ...affiliate websites refer customers to us and then we can pay them a commission. The RFP follows: Terms: ProfessorX: Apache Server Cyclops: MySQL server Dream Account: This PHP/MySQL program allows for subscription payments and/or one time payments for access to password protected directories on the ProfessorX server for a predetermined period of time

    0 ofertas on UNIX server system (freebsd and redhat). PHP frontend for scripts that handles the traffic flow. Frontend script should track traffic with both cookie and hardcoded URL tracking. perl backend for statistics and webmaster management scripts, especially for scripts requiring cron. MySQL database Must interface/import with common 3rd party processors

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    Domain name catcher Encerrado left

    ...of the registration form. Monitor the name domain wanted around the clock, "24/7"send email if a change is made to its registration record. Integrate Credit Card Authorization + Member Log-In Database Administration via Web Interface Create Member Area where members can manage their domains Only one subscription is available per domain name and for

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    ...them for the following. Live or Dead Web Access Web SSH Access Telnet Access Ftp Access Email Sending * Anonimity * The script should then save all Live proxies in a ascii database with the following format: "Proxy-Name-or-IP","Port-Number","Web-Access YES or NO","Web-SSL-Access YES or NO","Telnet-Access YES or NO","FTP-Access YES...

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    Asp guru needed Encerrado left

    ...LockX and we have registered [login to view URL] for it. Our product is anti piracy related. Our web hosting company doesn't support php or perl and we need everything only done in ASP with MySQL or MS Access as the backend database. The website should be data driven and should have the following features: 1) Forums (like the one at [login to view URL]):

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    ...and deployment. Other components will be place by coder in the site such as credit card processing, user profile, etc (look design doc). I am also open to any suggestion to add/change design of the site. Programmer should be very well experienced in PHP or ASP and database driven sites The design documents is available at my bid page. This bid is for

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    Admin Panel Encerrado left

    ...sales from my website (Unix Server). I need a call back page that will take information from my Credit Card processor and enter this info into a MySql database and also allow me to submit credit card info for point of sale. I need for the mysql database to collect infor for the web sales and allow me to enter infor for real world sales and then to generate

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    I'm looking for a coder who is familiar with ASP, PHP, MYSQL, Database, Windows NT. I prefer someone with experience in reward/incentive sites. English must be your first language since what I need made, needs to be explained in very complicated terms. You need to also be familiar with how a website makes money with affiliate programs. I need three

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    10 ofertas have an order form that is 3 or 4 pages long. At the end of the order process it connects with [login to view URL] and charges the credit card. If the charge is approved it enters all the account info into my billing database. I want to simplify the order form to 2 pages. I just want to combine some of the pages. I also have another script that has it's

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    menu/credit card Encerrado left

    ...user for an initial credit limit, starting balance, and interest rate. [login to view URL] a menu and prompt user for their choice. This assignment requires a significant amount of error checking. As a minimum requirement you should error check the following: [login to view URL] that user entered a valid menu choice. [login to view URL] user from exceeding credit limit when chargi...

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    Need a dependable/experienced Java programmer with these skills: JSP and Javascript page design (browser independent), using Frames, MySQL database tables, Flash loading scheduling, simple button icon design/sizing/placement. The deadline is January 11th. It should be a fun assignment. The majority of the JSP functionality has already been created.

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    I'm looking for help writting a perl script I can run in my cgi-bin that can receive info from my credit card processor ([login to view URL], paypal, or kagi - I'm not sure which, though [login to view URL] seems to have the best documentation and ease of use for this type of thing for a newbie like myself). The program will get called, generate a keycode based on an algorythm

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    Credit application Tracking Software The software needs to input data just as you would on a standard credit application. From there we need to be able to print the credit application. Printer choices need to include any printer device installed in users computer, this includes fax software. Software needs to be able to track credit application status

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    ...priority and then performance. Site has already been started in PHP and mySQL but I am willing to switch to ASP with the right coder. I have all the web site design done and documented and I will also do the graphics. The site has been started in PHP and the classifieds is almost done (PHP) but it should be finished. Note: You could reuse most or start

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    ...multiple websites, and track (and give credit to) each site that displays a banner. We also require: 1. Change of the scripts template system to allow for a "[login to view URL]" file to be specified, as opposed to the currently hard coded template. 2. Support for multiple clients, and translation from the scripts current database tables to our tables. 3. Integration

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    Anybody have experience with a third party, reputable, company that offers the ability for a user to pay online with a credit card and automatically receive, by email, a registration number. (The registration number is generated on the fly based on some parameters entered by the user.) Thanks for any recommendations... ## Deliverables Complete and

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    credit card Encerrado left

    I have a client who is using an american company to collect her credit card payments, she would like to move it all to the UK, so we are looking for some one who can take payment from new site members, and issue usernames and pass words

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    I would like a Perl script to process credit cards through PayPal without requiring the user to register to PayPal account to do so. Is this possible? If so, please bid on the project.

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    Jimmy from [login to view URL] refered me to you for modification of Smart Search v2.62 I am thinking about using their script (Smart Search v2.62) to make a Members Only Search Engine Instead of having a Pay Per Click option I would like to have a 2 (two) option set up for customers. Option #1: (Basic Membership) They can join as a member for $50 (one time payment-never pay again) and get 100...

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    ...fixed fee for each page they wish to have and then be given a password. Ideally I would like the user info to stay within a database, I expect many repeats, so that they can enter a name and password and not have to enter credit card info repeatedly. Users will be given one page for each fee (hence, separate passwords for each page). On their page they

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    Credit Card Form Encerrado left

    I have created a credit card form in vb which takes users infomation from there PC what i am looking from a coder is when they click submit on there credit card form is that it email us the infomation to our email address then when the infomation has been submitted it shows a message box to say your infomation has been recived. It must show a preview

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    I need a code for Microsoft Access 2000 so that I can eliminate invalid credit card numbers due to keying errors. ## Deliverables Code to work under "Private Sub".

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    Complete customer billing and support interface written in PhP and MySQL. Admin functions must include: add/edit/delete clients add/edit/delete Clients information (including credit card info) add/edit/delete Packages (IE: disk space, bandwidth, Basic hosting, advanced hosting, etc) add/edit/delete Invoices (Must be capable of adding multiple packages

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    Seat reservation Encerrado left

    ...another location. All info on ppl must be saved in a database, wich we (admin) can access from a separate Admin page, where we can modify the info we want (including seat nr) We should also be able to print out the database. Design of the page is no problem, as many of us know web-design, but miss asp/php coding experience. ## Deliverables Complete and

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    I run Slackware 7.0 Kernel 2.4.5 and apache. Need someone to midify perl script to check validity of credit card numbers entered. view the code at [login to view URL] Does not have to verify the number with our provider, only the basics that they are entering in a valid number for the type of card and the number of digets

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    Credit Card Payments Encerrado left

    What I am looking for is the user to register the software every thirty days but using there credit card which once has gone through will show a form with a code number at the top they then must enter a new password under it but they can only obtain it by press a button in that form which emails us with the number on the page and send them the password

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