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    Preciso de Código( sketch Arduino) para a transmissão de dados através da internet entre dois Arduino + ESP8266 que é o que recebe e um WeMos D1 que será o transmissor. O projeto é o seguinte: Junto a uma bateria tenho um WeMos D1 que está a coletar valor da voltagem de uma célula ou mais quando estão a ser recuperadas. Este WeMos D1 j...

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    desenvolvimento de uma controladora para luminária led para ser utilizada em aquários - controladora baseada no Módulo Wemos D1 Mini. controle independente de acendimento gradual com tempo pré estabelecido, - dois canais independentes - controle de intensidade de iluminação - interface androide e web. - carga máxima de 250w, 25a por canal ...

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    desenvolvimento de uma controladora para luminária led para ser utilizada em aquários - controladora baseada no Módulo Wemos D1 Mini. controle independente de acendimento gradual com tempo pré estabelecido, - dois canais independentes - controle de intensidade de iluminação - interface androide e web. - carga máxima de 250w, 25a por canal ...

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    desenvolvimento de uma controladora para luminaria led para ser utilizada em aquarios controladora baseada no Módulo Wemos D1 Mini.

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    Criar um Expert Advisor para MT4 Parametros: 1- Periodicidade= D1 ou, H4 ou H1 (defalt=D1) 2- Numero de velas para calculo de tendencia utilizando Moving average (8)= "?" (defalt=15) 3- Numero de velas para calculo de volatividade(identificar a variação entre minima e máxima de cada vela, somar e dividir pelo numero de velas)=volatividade (defaut=3) Funç&ot...

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    Hi there, We are looking for people to help us to sell our Amercian Pocket Bullys (Mr. Miagi Bloodline) to high value customers. As it is a Pitbull-Breed, it is very important, that the puppies are growing up with love and the best care. We offer livestream of the puppies, that customers can see, how their "babies" are growing up. Puppies are delivered potty trained. The dogs are deliv...

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    I need basically the following If B4 = B1 AND C4 = Y then d4 = d1*2 but if b4 not equal b1 then d4 = 0 and if b4 = b1 and c4 = N then d4 = d1

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    Excel Dashboard Encerrado left

    E-Commerce Sales Dashboard.. Project 1 DESCRIPTION Background E-commerce is fast gaining ground as an accepted and used business paradigm. More and more business houses are implementing web sites providing functionality for performing commercial transactions over the web. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping on the web is becoming commonplace. Objective An Online E-Commerce...

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    Need someone to translate specific months in WordPress Elementor. Loco translate is not working / Hard string translation is also not working I believe months are being generated by js code and being taken dynamically from a js element. Page: [fazer login para ver a URL]%d0%ba%d0%bb%d0%b8%d0%b5%d0%bd%d1%82%d0%b8/

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    Necesesito unir dos codigos de arduino, Tengo el codigo de conexion, de mi placa wemos d1 mini, que mediante el wifimanager me permite acceder a configurar la red, y por otro lado tengo un codigo que busca un precio en una pagina web, y el valor se muestra en una pantalla led 8x64 max7219. Ese proceso lo realiza cada 15 segundos, y luego comrpar el precio que actualizo, si es mayor, activa un led...

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    D1- coffee Encerrado left

    Đây là 2 trong nhiều dự án gần đây nhất của tôi

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    Basically I want to add the option of manual pips input too,plus some adjustments. Ex: (Customizable) Use Atr management= ONOFF Adjustments of settings for ATR, Trailing stop and BE. Ex: (Customizable) ATR time frame = 5M;15M,1H,D1,etc... (so I can switch time frame if needed without compromising the calculation) (Customizable) BE after Partial TP = ONOFF (Customizable) Trailing after Partial...

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    I have 2 sketchs one to display Youtube subscribers and the other that lets you enter your WIFI information when the Wemos D1 mini turns on. It lets you connect to a auto network and opens a default page for you to enter your information. I want these 2 sketchs combined so it could be used anywhere. I can provide the files for you to check over.

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    I'm looking for developer to write a software for STM32 (BluePill) to: 1. scan 5 navigation buttons (up, down, left, right, ok), 3. scan RPM signal from fans and calculate RPM 4. read voltage on 4 analog thermistors, 5. control PWM for 5 fans 6. display simple information on LCD. 7. implement simple USB data transfer between STM32 and PC (data for LCD) 8. implement simple UART data transfer ...

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    Trophy icon Product Logos Encerrado left

    We need a Design for a Software Product. Its a Bundle. The major Product is called : [fazer login para ver a URL] The related Products are called : [fazer login para ver a URL], [fazer login para ver a URL], [fazer login para ver a URL], [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] We are open...

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    We need a 60 s promotion Video for our VR Product. Attached you will find several video files of the VR Application. WE need to insert several Word as: - DefCon1 released the BETA Version of "[fazer login para ver a URL]". - Present your planned Real Estate Project with [fazer login para ver a URL] to your Customers - Enter into a new World of Presentation - Increase Sales - minimize Ti...

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    Design by link: [fazer login para ver a URL]%D0%A2%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%B9%D0%B4%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%B3_%D0%B2 % D0% BD% D1% 83% D1% 82% D1% 80% D0% B5% D0% BD% D0% BD% D0% B8% D0% B5- (Copy)? Node-id = 0% 3A1

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Encerrado left

    We need a Logo Design for a Product Family. The Name of the Products are : [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] The Design has to link to our Current Logo which is attached. Please deliver as AI File (Adobe Illustrator) Good Luck

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    A. Maquetación, marcación en XML y gestión de DOI por artículo: a1. Maquetación de artículo (Hasta 10.000 palabras y 50 referencias bibliográficas). a2. Marcación XML-Jats para Redalyc. a3. Gestión del DOI para el artículo. B. Edición del número completo de la revista: b1. Elaboración del índice ...

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    i will need to create 2 tables based on certain criteria. Few things to note : 1. "Master" worksheet is the master data set where i will keep updating it. New data will be added manually by me on the ongoing basis. I will need to extract the data from this master sheet and display them dynamically based on certain criteria Part 1 : Filter - Date Worksheet There are 4 filtration cr...

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    converting the example of opencv written in C++ to python. [fazer login para ver a URL]

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    We would like to receive a quote for making a Planning Application to Westminster City Council for the following building: [fazer login para ver a URL] We are looking to obtain a change of use for the Basement, Ground and First Floors to D1 (Language School). For the Second and Third floors, they will continue to be used as offices.

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    I am using around 10 of esp8266 mini d1 with Arduino IDE interface with 3 or 4 VEML6030 to each of my esp8266 in a room around 100 square meter. [fazer login para ver a URL] by using TCA9548A because the VEML6030 has the same I2C address. [fazer login para ver a URL] I also need each of my esp8266 to communicate with each of my android smart phone to makes sound to my Bluetooth head phone when my...

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    Trophy icon YouTube channel banner Encerrado left

    This job should be easy for you if you know what you are doing! Hi, I have a YouTube channel called "Deutsch D1". I need a new, better looking banner. Somewhere, I want the following sentences: If I've managed to learn your language, you can learn mine too إذا أنا نجحت في تعلم لغتك فستنجح في تعلم لغتي As you know, there is a safe area in the middle of a YouTube banner that will...

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    Wemos D1 mini + MPU6050 GY521 project. Obtaining tilt angles for all axes with high accuracy (full orientation of the device in space, without failures and errors), with filtering and calibration. Output to Serial Port in “X, Y, Z” format. Testing is done using Unity. We can send Unity application for sketch testing. Schema (5V - VCC) (G - GND) (D2 - SDA) (D1 - SCL)

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    i want an android which will subscribe to multiple mqtt channels i will define logics at runtime and based on that when a messege is received it will send out multiple MQTT messeges on defined channels like bellow in app i will subscribe to say /test/msg and define a widget type say button or slider then in logic from dropdown it will show me /test/msg on selecting that i will type the messege s...

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    Read carefully! Please no Proposals if you have no idea how to do it. Price you offered is that what you need. no negotiaton afterwards ! No payment outside this website ! This script should be able to start via windows cmd. Python enviroment is installed so far. Following project steps to be done python script should check every 5 minutes here [fazer login para ver a URL] on scheduled tab. S...

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    PCB board design Encerrado left

    I have a working project circuit. Simple 10 LED flasher using a pic16f877. Roughly 30 components. I want the board as compact as possible due to size constraints. Probably more rectangular than square. I would like all required info to supply a PCB board manufacturer for first prototype sample to test then mini quantities of about 10 pieces. I want the components labeled...R1,R2 etc. C1, C2 etc. D...

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    Siamo un'azienda che si occupa di sviluppo software e comunicazione digitale. Nell'ambito di un progetto "Wearable devices", siamo alla ricerca di uno sviluppatore con esperienza su Arduino (D1 mini Control Board) che collabori con noi per la scrittura di codice per la rilevazione dei dati provenienti da diversi sensori: temperatura e umidità (DHT22), battito cardiaco e ...

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    I have two working Arduino sketches, both work and both have about 400 lines which includes many lines of comments. Sketch 1 - This will operate stepper motor to rotate using an internal IP web page. Sketch 2 - Operates a relay using Alexa command. Combined - I would like Sketch 1 as it is but sketch 2 to Operate sketch 1 using Alexa. So as an example when I say “Alexa blinds on”...

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    Ninjatrader 8 Encerrado left

    Periodo (9); Fonte (close); Gain(200); Loss(150); var k,pdm,mdm,pdmS, mdmS , s, mdiS, pdi,mdi,pdiS,d,s1,iS,hhv,llv,d1,vI ,vmai: Float; function Maxy(a: Float; b: Float): Float; begin maxy:= close; if (a >= b) then maxy:= a; if (a <= b) then maxy:= b ; end; begin if (Periodo<>0) then k := 1.0/Periodo; pdm := maxy((Fonte - Fonte[1]), 0); mdm := maxy((Fonte[1] - Fonte), 0); pdmS := ((1 - ...

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    Fully code and make a crypto sports gaming website. he website will be run with its own crypto coin/ token, which you would have to make. The coin could be exchanged on the website for btc between users. MUST have secure crypto wallet for all users. Alows airdrops Referral promotions sing up bonuses, this looks like a similar site but much more complicated. [fazer login para ver a URL] It does ...

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    Teknik Perminyakan Encerrado left

    PT Pertamina ( Persero ) melalui program rekrutmennya saat ini membuka lowongan kerja terbaru pada tahun 2021 untuk mencari calon – calon tenaga kerja yang siap diterjunkan ke setiap lini atau divisi kerja dalam perusahaan yang sedang membutuhkannya saat ini. Dengan diadakannya rekrutmen atau lowongan kerja ini perusahaan berusaha mencari individu yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan perusahaan dan ...

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    I need a backend (could be implemented on Python, Java or PHP) to provide the basic functionality of the service provider: A. Charger registration/search A1. Register charging station A2. Given a coordinate, provide the closest charging stations A3. List all charging stations A4. Charging station status (details, last collected data) A5. Add a review to a charger B. User management B1. New user re...

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    Data Transfer Encerrado left

    I have a requirement for someone to transfer emails to an excel sheet for my staff to process. My customers contact my company by email. To control and monitor the performance of my staff processing the emails I prefer to transfer the emails to an excel sheet. So we put the date of the email in "cell A1", the customer name in "cell B1", their contact number in "cell C1&quo...

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    Python Program Encerrado left

    Lists before going through the program Time ID Hex 158.20 123e45 A1 B2 G7 H8 K9 L4 T3 158.21 34r56t A1 J8 H5 D7 H6 FF U7 158.22 123e45 A1 B2 G7 H8 K9 L4 T3 158.23 567uird A1 J8 H5 D7 H6 FF U7 158.24 34r56t K5 G7 J1 ED H6 TN ...

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    I was messaging Chinese manufactures about a custom gas spring I am wanting and they mentioned the resting force is too small. The piston parameters are as follows: Extended length: 226.7 mm Stroke length: 80 mm Rod diameter D1: 6 mm Tube diameter D2 : 15 mm Extension Force F1: 6 N Locking: elastic/flexible locking in both directions as well as reversed locking mechanism. Always open, hold the p...

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    I need to construct an ‘IF, AND, BUT’ statement. Like this... (Assume we’re constructing the formula in cell E1)… IF(AND(cell A1 = “R”, and cell B1 = “L”, and cell C1 = “L”, and cell D1 = “S”),THEN “R” ... BUT... IF cell A1 is “R”, and cell B1 is “L”, and cell C1 is “L”, and cel...

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    Laravel add some basic logic to the current system Orgnaization 1 D1 = 5 KM D2 = 10 KM D3 = 18 KM D4 = 1000 KM New delivery (15455452545) from customer x that has the auto assign based on closest driver logic is like below will check all "orgnization" drivers that covers the "pickup area" current location calculate the distance betweem them and the pickup location sort...

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    We are looking for someone to develop a library for Mongoose OS (Based on ESP32). The main function of this development is to be able to fire an event every time Wiegand data is received. This library should be developed in C, but the event must be received on MJS (Mongoose OS JavaScript) as a callback event and pass the Wiegand scanner info (tag, card serial, etc., anything that comes on an RFID ...

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    JOB DESK : 1. Mengarsip data-data perusahaan 2. Mengelola system data 3. Merekap dan menginput data -data 4. Bisa mengoperasikan apliaksi dengan efektif QUALIFIKASI : 1. Penempatan surabaya Pusat 2. Pendidikan Min. D1 segala jurusan 3. Usia Max. 35 tahun 4. Sma/Smk sekolah kristen-katolik di perbolehkan melamar

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    JOB DESK : 1. Membantu koordinator lapangan beserta supervisior untuk mengelola produk, penataan dan penjualan 2. Mengajak pengunjung untuk mampir ke stand penjualan 3. Memberikan penawaran sebuah produk 4. Memperkenalkan sebuah produk dan memberikan informasi produk 5. Membangun kepercayaan terhadap konsumen QUALIFIKASI : 1. Penempatan Surabaya Pusat 2. Pendidikan Min. D1 segala jurusan 3. U...

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    STAFF DATA ANALYST Encerrado left

    JOB DESK : 1. Mengumpulkan dan menganalisis data-data 2. Melakukanidentifikasi terhadap data-data untuk pihak perusahaan dan costumer 3. Mengumpulkan, mengevaluasi , menganalisis peninjauan customer 4. Mengelola sumber data utama dan aplikasi data QUALIFIKASI : 1, Penempatan surabaya pusat 2. Pendidikan min. D1 segala jurusan 3. Usia max. 35 tahun 4. Sma/Smk sekolah kristen-katolik diperboleh...

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