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    We have created a small inventory program, which uses crystal reports to generate the necessary documents. When we run the software and try to generate the report, the following error occured: "Server has not yet been opened." Please debug this problem for us. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all ...

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    I have this project for school and I could not debug it. My computer teacher told me to start from scratch, as it was incorrect. I must A) write a program that accepts a two-digit number and displays the digits each on a single line. The program output should look similar to: Enter a two digit number: (27 for example) The first digit is: (2 for example) The second digit is: (7 for ex...

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    This is the third time this project has been posted. The first programmer went on vacation for 2 weeks after he almost completed the project, I submitted his work here, and a second guy accepted it, fixed most of the bugs, but there is still one last bug. It needs to be fixed. Here is the error: use [fazer login para ver a URL] to download the URLs in error.txt. Use a timeout of 5 and also 5 ...

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    Access Project Encerrado left

    this project is to be done in access database and i am sending the database and the description is fully there so that you guys can work it out... ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. this project is in microsoft access i tried my bit but i am concentrating on my exams which are approaching s...

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    $30 - $40
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    sms oneway twoway Encerrado left

    Hi there, Currently looking for asp-code that allows sending sms and that interprets replies and holds database to work it all. I have an interface ready for sending through gateway. Features should be userpages that allow creation of numberlists (one by one and/or csv-xls-mdb import) send module to sendlists reporting module Interpretationcode + db in case of two way s...

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    HI~~ I am looking for someone to help me with my Java code writing. Basically, what you have to do is to answer all the questions that I am going to have, help me when I get stuck and help me with debug. I need someone able to communicate with me at least once per day or even more often. Thank you very much. Below is just a brief decirption about my assignment [1] Prove that a b...

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    HI~~ I need someone one to help to write the below java program and some other problems related to binary tree. I am going to try to write the program myself and your job is giong to help me when I get stuck. Mainly, I need that person to help me with debug and answer the question I have. Below is just a brief description about what I need. (1) Huffman Encoding This project uses Priority Qu...

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    I have a PayPal IPN script, written in PERL that is returning a failure code and never reports a valid transaction. I need someone with PayPal IPN experience to debug it. I have extensive error logging in place and every sub routine writes out its results to [fazer login para ver a URL] so it should be easy to spot what's wrong. Easy for you, that is, because I've beat my head againt ...

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    I need a form that I can import into any MS Access 2000 data base that will display all of the associated references and their paths that is usually found under the Visual Basic:Tools:References Menu. It will need to show which references are being used and which ones are missing. The form does not need any special formatting it only needs to be importable into any existing database. ## Delivera...

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    The code I have attached was done on Rent A coder recently. You can view it at [fazer login para ver a URL] The work was almost done but then the coder had to go on vacation for 15 days. The existing code does not work with certian files/URLs as shown in error.txt. I dont want this DLL to crash Windows or freez if it does not get a response within the time of the timeout. Also, I think there might...

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    We have developed a program for doing a batch conversion of Microsoft Visio (.vsd) documents through Visio 2000 into HTML for publication to a web site. However, our program doesn't work with the new Visio 2002. The unique features of this application are that it inserts document property information into the metadata of the HTML files that allows tracking and management of the documents...

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    ADO/ACCESS 2000 Encerrado left

    VB6 BEGINNER, Hi, I need help i am new to programming and have just completed my first database with the aid of a book but am having problems connecting ADO to ACCESS 2000 using the connection and recordset object i get an error message ARGUMENT NOT OPTIONAL when i call my dataopen function from my first form below is the code for connectstring() opendata() and my rota program. hope someo...

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    Perl Modifications Encerrado left

    A few simple Modifications to an existing Perl/SQL PPC search engine. The existing script admin demo can be found at: [fazer login para ver a URL] Your should review this site befor bidding. 1) Add a create a page funtion. This will be as simple as adding a table with two fields link ID and a memo field and some input form pages. The intent is for users to be able to create a page (i...

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    Need someone to help debug a custom ASP shopping cart system that loses the values between checkout and sending the reciept. There may be additional opportunity for adding additional features and more. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program in executable form as well as complete log of all modifications made. 2) Hourly rate for additional work. 3) Complete ownership an...

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    I have a set of programs (it's a compiler) designed to run on an old Unix (I am not sure of which Unix). I have seen this program running on an old SCO system, and now I would like to be able to port it to a more modern Linux machine. If run directly, if says "cannot execute binary file". Inside the binary, I can read "386/Unix SysV" but I guess this is just a message, NOT...

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    I moved two users to our hosting and they both run the same banner exchange software. The site for the script is [fazer login para ver a URL] I keep getting file lock errors. The path is correct. From what I gather on the support site, the script seems rather buggy, but none the less worked on their previous server. I need to get them both working again, and am stumped. File permissions are ...

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    I have a record from which I need to create a hierarchical recordset to export to Excel. The format of the record is as follows: Product, Date1, AddAmount1, DeductAmount1, Date2, AddAmount2, DeductAmount2, Date3, AddAmount3, DeductAmount3... and so on. I want the record displayed in Excel as: Product Date Date2 Date3 AddAmount1 AddAmount2 AddAmount3 DeductAmount1 DeductAmount2 DeductAmount3 I am o...

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    I need a small application that will connect to ebay's web site, download all of the categories and category numbers into an Access 2000 database. The structure needs to be replicated on an access form in a tree view control and the category number selected needs to be saved. I need to be able to use this form in another access project so it needs to be easy to use. [fazer login para ver a UR...

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    We have a MS Access database with pictures saved inside (OLE object). These pictures should be shown in a asp page on our IIS 5. Further information can be requested at [fazer login para ver a URL] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in rea...

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    You will need to debug a small VB application used to read and write Binary files. The project contains between 500 and 600 lines of code, is neatly formatted and heavily commented. Although I cannot go into the details of the project here, the ideal coder will have strong experience in working with Binary files, as well as solid algorithm analysis skills. Once your bid is accepted, I will provide...

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    elecronic canvassing Encerrado left

    it only have to read the .dat file that will be created by the counting machine, the counting machine is connected to the COM port, the format of this .dat file is plain text, it would look like this #0001 N 0123ABAAABBABAB #0001 N 0124BBAAABBABAB #0001 N 0125ABAAABBABAB #0001 N 0126BBAAABBABAB #0001 N 0127ABAAABBABAB #0001 N 0128ABAAABBABAB #0001 N 0129ABAAABBABAB #0001 N 0130B...

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    I have a website with 135 asp product pages generated via xslt, ie not database driven. An Access 2000 database file was exported from the xml file that was used to create each page(will email mdb file). I wish to allow web visitors to cast a vote on any of the product pages. The voting scale is to be 1 to 5 inclusive while the form will use radio buttons, ie 5 buttons with values 1-5. Ability to ...

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    I have a commercial DLL that was written in DELPHI. According to the author, it should work with any language that can call a DLL. I am not DLL literate and the DLL does not come with sufficient instructions. I have not been able to make it work in VB or Access97(Error="Bad DLL Calling Convention"). This obviously means that there is something wrong with my Declaration statement. The rig...

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    I has builded an OCX control that support DHTML, also I has builded an MDB file in Access 2000/2002 in spanish and have working all features. Now in the english version don't work the Enter Key, Space Key, and Tab key, send mail (using Outlook Object Model). So I need someone that have Access 2000/2002 in English that can do this same mdb file with the form in Access in English. ## Delivera...

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    Need a VB/VBS application that will submit a form on a web site which will return listings containing contact information. Application should save the information in this listing into an Access database. Application should gather email addresses from 'Estate Planning' legal services of [fazer login para ver a URL], at [fazer login para ver a URL] From here, application should recursively...

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    An Easy Tool Bar Encerrado left

    I have five access databases, each one has several tables and queries. I need specific **queries** and **tables** from these databases to perform certain operation on. I have the full paths to the databases and the names of the queries in a **text file** that reads like this: | 17 C:WINDOWSDESKTOPTEMPCROSS [fazer login para ver a URL] C:WINDOWSDESKTOPTEMPCROSS [fazer login para ver a ...

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    DAO VB database Encerrado left

    DAO Database program VB (Detailed description in zip file attachment) I have nearly finished coding a publication database that helps me keep track of the journal papers I read. The databse iself is quite simple and is made of two forms. The main form which keeps most of the publication details, and the Notes form which allows me to make comments on a paper I am reading. There are a few things I w...

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    Here's what I need: I have six pages which I want to pass-protect. Each page corresponds to a category, an area of the site (Area1, Area2, etc...). So, each page must have a unique login/pass, because it will correspond to the admin for that area of the site. This should be database-generated, so the table should at the very least contain: Username, Password, SiteArea Which are self-explanato...

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    Set File Info Encerrado left

    I am working with access database files and want to programmatically be able to get and set file information to these files. Information to be set to these files will include, but not be limited to, company name, author, and file version number. If you have a working sample of this, send to be considered. For clarification, file information will be the actual file attributes not information stored...

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    I have about 5 projects I am going to be placing here within a month or two. Some big, some small. I don't have the time to do them all and could use some help. Here is the first one. (Small) I have setup a shopping cart at the following address: [fazer login para ver a URL] Right now when it checks out... it calculates shipping, but it is not very accurate. I would like three things: ...

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    This project is a first step in the development of a system to gather and manage data on the financial markets. This includes stocks, mutual funds, futures, and stock indices. This data will be used to develop a trading system. This project consists of two parts: 1)Collecting data from the internet into an existing Access database (mdb). 2) Exporting the data from the Access database into Excel. T...

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    Small ASP debug Encerrado left

    I've got some incorrect syntax in my include reference, I think. View the attached files, in the zipped folder. Just place the folder on your IIS server and run /demosite/index.asp. I'm pretty sure it is a pathname error. If you could explain the error in detail, I'd appreciate it. I'll award ten bucks to the first person who takes care of the error. Appreciate the help- ## D...

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    Hello, I need an ASP/activeX solution for my ArcIms mapping system (see: [fazer login para ver a URL]) Coder must use ESRI activeX connector and deliver a working, well-commented Active Server Page code. Overall, the code should perform the following: 1. Query a database/ESRI geocode table for countries and/or cities and draw dots/color polygons on an existing world-map table. 2. Allow drawing of ...

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    This must have the ability to gather all information about an access databse including who is logged on for Access versions 2.0 and above ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform All versions of Windows including Windows 3.11

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    ASP/sql de-bug Encerrado left

    I have a damn bug. All of a sudden, this ASP application doesn't function. Now, I'm not a fluent enough programmer to debug it, because it is a third party application. Most of the files in the enclosed zipped folder access a database through a series of include files. At this point, it seems that any such file fails to execute on the server. "[fazer login para ver a URL] line 219 [...

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    Hello, I need a asp based chat appliction that uses FLASH as the user interface. The chat window shall be placed on the right side of all pages. It must support foreign characters (maye unicode im not sure). It should have a check for and not allow duplicate names. All conversations should be written to text file or access mdb database. The ASP must be able to determin who are online it should dro...

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    FLASH ANIMATION Encerrado left

    A Flash animator is required for an e-mail card for large client. It is a fast turn around time, and possibly a lot of work. Graphics will be supplied. If you would like to know more, please contact Dan Cardwell@Eclipse Pictures on: - dancardwell@[fazer login para ver a URL] 07773 587378.

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Software developer/consultant needed for commercial application. Must be located in the greater Phoenix Az. area. We currently have a commercial program that is being rewritten using Visual [fazer login para ver a URL] as a front end and M.S. SQL as a back end. The program is being developed as a web service for existing multiple schools to track and store their student information, attendance,and...

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    I would like, from an Access2K ".mdb" database, to be able to Send a report by Fax or Email, to Winfax Outbox. For more detail Open the attached [fazer login para ver a URL] file and open the database. Clik on the preview button of the FormCustomer, I putted a msgbox explaining exactly what I want. From there you should understand clearly. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional...

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    Hello, I need a asp based chat appliction that uses FLASH as the user interface. The chat window shall be placed on the right side of all pages. It must support foreign characters (maye unicode im not sure). It should have a check for and not allow duplicate names. All conversations should be written to text file or access mdb database. The ASP must be able to determin who are online it should dro...

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    We have been severley let down by the coder who did this originally, indeen we have had our fingers severly burnt. We are looking for a coder that can either pick up the existing source code and debug and complete the project that has been started or redo the project as they see fit. Original outline below, coders must be prepared to complete 100% to end of third party testing before we will relea...

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    I have a program being written in VB 6.0 used for insurance policies that uses access2000 as a backend to store the data & Tables. It has a print routine so that the user can go down a list of all possible forms to print off for a policy. The forms were too immense to do in Access so I just used Word2000 Docs and instead of mail merges I used bookmarks to place the data fields and wrote the bo...

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    Agenda Encerrado left

    Hello, I need a Agenda for use on a network in a workgroup. The application must be a multi-user agenda, written in Visual Basic, based on a .mdb file to store the appoinment data. Every user must have his own agenda. But there have to be about 5 public agenda's too. Each user must have acces to his own agenda/schedule and to the public agenda's. A user must also have access to an agenda...

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    I need a VB 6.0 application to allow users to browse and select a tab-delimited text file and import it into an MS Access database. There is only one table to update. The user will need to browse and select the MS Access database as well. The ability to allow multiple selections of text files to be imported at the same time would be nice to have - but not a mandatory requirement. Most (all?) of th...

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    Need routine to convert RTF to HTML. Control must handle JPG and GIF images, Bulletts, fonts, and the rest of RTF character set. ## Deliverables [ ] A ocx or DLL that can be called in Microsoft Access 2000/2002. [ ] An example MDB file with a RTF control that then brings up a browser with the equivalent in HTML. [ ] The example routine must include an example in Access 2000 that shows how to ta...

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    Need someone to DeBug the Script At: [fazer login para ver a URL] Feel free to try submitting, and see the error. Basically, the Button URL field needs to be removed, and the script needs to work. Quick cash for whoever can get the job done asap.

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    Need to have an email routine that sends an Access97 report as an attachment in PDF format. It must work exactly as the [fazer login para ver a URL] works with the output format as a .snp (Snapshot) file, only the attachment is a PDF document. It must not require the end users to have Acrobat or a printer designated as a PDFWriter, or any other dependencies. The routine must be able to run on a co...

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    A VB Program that will do the following: (1) A MDB database file - with 3 fields. One filed is called Title, another field would be call Topic, the other is description. Title Length Max would be around 32 Topic Length Max would be around 64 Description Length Max would be around 1024 Every Topic is tied to a Title, and every Description is tied to a Topic. (2) The VB Program would allow for inser...

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    I have an order form that I want to be available online. It has to be Front Page 2000 compatible and tied to the Access database. User will fill out the form online, using .asp or .html page (Front Page form). Then administrator should have an access to the database file from either internet page or directly through Access .mdb file. Need to be able to print out reports, graphs, etc. Need to ...

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    Convert Access Tables, Queries, Forms and Macros to Visual Basic 6 Project... I have a Database that I would like Converted to Visual Basic 6 Project... Convert MDB to VB6... Enclosed in the attached file is the database to be converted... They can be done as two seperate projects... I have extracted the Data so to save file size... Everything else is there... Needs to be Converted to VB so I can ...

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