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    Eu tenho um app iOS/Android que envia uma mensagem codificado com AES para um dispositivo ESP32, porém não estou conseguindo fazer a rotina de decodificação. Segue a mensagem: cZhQI2vvcqKO9YWwFPCEYyL/2DuNdafHuUYJ5LJuSFghC8CQkjyLbFL5RM+nb58QAX2x1JW0GvO3sBXEhixa8nPIhvkFevftUvhEt8+flRCA0444xataKcnRIYxMcpQiPay9tTTk2Mwqs27UnzPa9ZGTFV2HQAVoAygm1F51N6DWYX5hI8LeyKICukJSFbyTmSp...

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    Criar em GOLANG e em JAVASCRIPT um pequeno app com função criptográfica GPG da seguinte forma: func GPG_Generate_Keys() { ... return PrivateKey and PublicKey } func encrypt(text, PublicKey) { ... return encryptedcontent } func decrypt(encryptedcontent, PrivateKey) { ... return text } é um app com versão de código fonte em GoLang e em...

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    Write some Software Encerrado left

    Tenho um jogo que contem uns arquivos .kom compactados com zlib. esta tool, compacta e descompacta eles. [fazer login para ver a URL] na pasta KOM ZLIB tem o tool que compacta e descompacta somente com ZLIB na pasta KOM ZLIB+AES tem o tool modificado para usar aes+zlib A função do c++ que le os kom zlib esta em anexo então seria adicionar o AES com as chave dec...

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    Este projeto tem por finalidade a construção de webservice de CEP,  Estou usando este código (Abaixo) para consultar este Webservice, preciso que a função se mantenha mesma, nesta mesma pagina que é disponibilizado o banco de dados de CEP, As informações estão tendo print de acodrdo com o script abaixo conforme demosntra&c...

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    Decrypt data 6 dias left

    Hello friends, I know, here are a lot of clever developer, and someone can help me. I was hacked by Phobos ransomware and I need decrypt data which are encrypted by this ransomware (extension .eight). Who from you can do that?

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    Hello friend, I want ask you, if you are able decrypt data, which were encrypted by Phobos ransomware extension .eight? Thanks for answer, have a nice day

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    lua解密,cocos2dx引擎,xxtea加密,另有一层自定义加密。因为手游会更新,所以希望能给我一个类似XXTEADecrypt([fazer login para ver a URL])的工具,或者教会我怎么做工具。可以的话顺带图片解密。 need luac to lua. a mobile game made by cocos2dx engine. lua files were encrypted by xxtea, with an additional unkown encrypt(i guess). Considering the updates of future contents of this mobile game, i hope i can get some kind of tools like [fazer login para ver a URL] that m...

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    I got encrypted by RYUK ransomware. Need to decrypt data

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    implement (Triple DES) Algorithm - java • Encrypt/decrypt the plaintext blocks using DES

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    I am looking for a talented developer who is specialized in Haskell and HC128. The best candidate will be one to be able to produce poc that encrypt/decrypt sequence of bytes using HC128 in haskell. This is long term position.

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    We want someone to encrypt the string using JOSE.JWT. We will provide you public key in this format: { "keys":[ { "kty":"RSA", "kid":"ReasonForUsingEncryption" "use":"enc", "n":"icHh2m_OfEk3MvQsgGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLcHuzpRvnn3MtFNf2CaTzey4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxq-Mu7...

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    Need to find out how a string within a java file is encrypted so i can provide a different hash that the code can read and decrypt. Code below is it possible? [fazer login para ver a URL]

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    Project for Sudha G. Encerrado left

    Need to find out how a java file is encryted so i can provide a different hash that the code can read and decrypt. Code below is it possible? [fazer login para ver a URL] so i can encrypt my own strings which it can then read and decrypt.

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    I need some sample mechanism for encrypting column value in Postgres sql on database level using entity frame work core in .net c# - I need the encryptions to be happened on server side using something like Pgcrypto functions encrypt(), decrypt().

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    I have a simple string that's encypted in my database and I can decrypt it with js code using this site: [fazer login para ver a URL] but I can't get it working in php. I'm using php 7.0.33. I'll give you you the key the encrypted string and ftp access to our server to write a php function that can decrypt the string via php.

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    General: -- Need completed in day -- Have Livecode experience -- Will be paid once shown works on my server. Can build local at first. -- Communicate & Understand English proficiently -- Prefer Eastern time zone for discussions -- Need discussion chat sessions -- Consistent Updates via chat -- Meet online at agreed times -- Will provide available sources (scripts/livecode stacks/server access...

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    General: -- Will be paid once shown works on my server. Can build local at first. -- Communicate & Understand English proficiently -- Prefer Eastern time zone for discussions -- Need discussion chat sessions -- Consistent Updates via chat -- Meet online at agreed times -- Need completed in couple days -- Will provide data I have (scripts/livecode stacks/server access thru FTP) Need Livecode ...

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    I would like someone to create a fully working bot for an online RPG game, The bot should be able to automatically move around, attack monsters, use spells, pick up items and sell items to shops. I would like someone that has done this before and understands exactly what it is I need. When the game pushes updates the Packet decrypt, encrypt and Packet send keys change and so I would also need a ...

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    1. use .netcore 3.0 2. url have querystring +data with octet-stream 3. finish within one day 4. need to decrypt result to word 5. recieved post contenttype octet-stream Example: [fazer login para ver a URL] HTTP/1.1 File Data 251bytes data result: 53656e6465723a2041582d3635303031320d0a52656365697665723a2022352e30312220393930323033333839370d0a534d53433a203931393834353038363532350d0a534354533a2...

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    Hi everyone, I need a custom solution for my C# Project. I want to listen custom web site IP adress or domain name with TCP PORT and after that DECRYPT this package for HTML content. So if you thinking i can be okay with this project you can contact with me. Project notes; - Project have to be write C# - You have to listen TCP Port and TLS package - I want to SOURCE CODE for implament to my proje...

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    I have a script for stm32 which can read cards and send everything via sms using the rc522. I need a script that will use authentication when reading the EV1 desfire card. You will need to calculate CMAC like here: [fazer login para ver a URL] The purpose of this is to have a reader that can read cards that can't be copied.

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    S-DES project Encerrado left

    Create a program to encrypt and decrypt binary files using S-DES (Simplified DES) in the Cipher Block Chaining mode. The program takes the input of an initial key and an initial vector, reads the plaintext or ciphertext from a file, conducts the encryption or decryption, and writes the resulting ciphertext or plaintext into a second file. Your program must following the following input and output...

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    So I'm trying to create a wrapper function for my project that handles AES-256 encryption. Basically I'm wanting it to take in 3 values: 1. int Mode - For determining if it should encrypt or decrypt. 2. const char* key - The key/password used for for decyrpting or encrypting a given key. 3. const char* string - The string to be encrypted or decrypted. I want the wrapper to spit out the ...

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    Need to bulk decrypt (unencrypt) files in several folders. I have the Encryption phrase + Decryption key related to the files, but need a way to bulk decrypt the files quickly recursively in all the folders. Needs doing urgently, will consider off the shelf sotware that can do it.

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    PDF to excel parser Encerrado left

    Hello. I need a Python code which can convert my PDF files containing mutual fund transaction statements to excel format. Attached are two sample portfolio PDFs and the corresponding excel sheets which are the desired outputs. (Password details: (a) [fazer login para ver a URL]: "Dareguy@123" (b) [fazer login para ver a URL]: "amspc0575a" Please let me know if you can provide ...

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    My user data has a po number that is encrypted in my cs cart database. I can't read it directly so I need a function that can decrypt the po numbers in my cscart_order_data table and return my customers po number.

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    I need code, 2 functions, encrypt and decrypt AES 128 ECB, with the following specifications: ~ C # source code is pure or can use open source components or from Microsoft ~ The results of encrypt and decrypt must be the same as Crypto JavaScript as in the example below ~ Example text: testtest, key: keytest123456789, encrypt results: a1e48f5fcc1fe0e3aa4f51abd7808b79 ~ please try for example, bef...

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    MIPS project Encerrado left

    A basic MIPS program to decrypt given text, you CAN NOT use syscall

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    Detect a Key and decrypt it that i will provide you.

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    I need to reverse engineer or decrypt a string which is encrypted and obfuscated with Javascript. After the string is simulated I need to be able to run decryption with PHP native code.

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    I want Video/Audio file to be Encrypted and then to be decrypted in Android App containing unique Decryption algorithm so that my Video and Audio files are to be opened in that App only. I am getting prepared a customized messenger app that can share videos, Audios, docs, pics etc. I want to share Encrypted Video/Audio via that App and Receiver will install the Decryption App and when he/she will...

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    I need you to update a code from github. The code decrypts dash streams that are widevine protected. So your job is update the chrome cdm library on that code so it sends the correct challenge to widevine server and receives license to decrypt content. Can you do this? Here is the code [fazer login para ver a URL] Chrome CDM: [fazer login para ver a URL]

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    Hi, someone has hacked my Windows server 2016 and encrypted all files with [fazer login para ver a URL], Please bid and let me know if you can recover. I do not have back up. Thank you

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    cyber security guru Encerrado left

    small business looking for cyber security guru that can protect all computers from cyber attacks encrypt and decrypt files for security of files for cyber security on all computers please send contact info asap so we can start asap . anyone interested please respond

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    I have a broken proxmox (lxc) container which contains an instance of nextcloud with an encrypted data directory. It is broken because I reinstalled proxmox (loosing all conf files of the containers in the process). The actual root directory of the container still exists and is intact. The database files presumably containing the encryption keys still exist, however I do not have the time to find ...

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    Need help decrypting backup file to create data converter to load historical data in new version of application.

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    Code a nginx plugin Encerrado left

    I am looking for someone, who can write nginx plugins in C. I need one of the following done: 1. The plugin have to load a page. The page will be a checker page. You will get two captchas. The application tells you, which of the two, you have to solve. (right or left) If you solved it right, you will see the real website. or 2nd You get a request and you have to check the cookie. The cookie is e...

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    Hi, I have changed template of three pages, the javascript (jQuery) functions does not work anymore, I need someone to edit the javascript based on the three pages requirements. this task can be done really quickly if someone understand what he doing. the javascript functions is doing the following: 1. pageIDv2: take input from (passphrase OR fingerprint(private key)) and generate ID (public key)....

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    I play the game Everquest on an officially sanctioned private emulated server. The game was originally released in 1999. It is an MMORPG. There is an open-source project called 'ShowEQ' that intercepts packets sent to/from the game server, and using those packets, will show additional information about the game (such as locations of enemies on a map, etc) that is not available in the ga...

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    OOSS Virus In My PC Encerrado left

    My personal laptop is infected with OOSS virus and all my files are encrypt. I want you to decrypt and restores all my files.

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    OOSS Virus! Encerrado left

    My personal laptop is infected with OOSS virus and all my files are encrypt. I want you to decrypt and restores all my files.

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    My customer want a each type of file is with encrypted format and he/she will be Decrypt the this file as requirment. File is encrypted with some password identity and required the password when will Decrypt the file.

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    json webkey using c# Encerrado left

    genrate and encrypt decrypt json webkey using c#

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    Springboot project Encerrado left

    Looking for Excellent Springboot resource . First task will be to encrypt decrypt oracle db userid and pswd to test your expertise. Should have more than 5 years of Java /Spring experience Should be good in writing good test cases . Should know Angular js. willing to work on remotely Skills: Angular.js, Java, Java Spring, JUnit

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    Our client currently has a web management system written by a now out of business company. The company encrypted most of the PHP software with Ioncube and never provided source code so they could be the only ones to make changes. Now that they're out of business nobody can make changes. They can not update PHP edition or the OS because the code can not be updated to function, nor can any n...

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    We need a device that can encrypt and decrypt audio in real time. You have to design such a device which can receive audio signals from a mic encrypt it with AES 256 bit and give output through speakers. In the receiver end the encrypted audio gets decrypted and give output through speakers. Preferred Hardware: 1. Raspberry Pi Zero 2. usb sound cards as i/o 3. sound encryption should be in AES ...

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    Gsm data receiver Encerrado left

    We are looking for someone to build a GSM data Receiver (contactless EMV Skimmer sniffer, read and clone all kind of Credit Card that gets track 1,2 and the pin. The software should decrypt the GSM data traffic coming from POS systems, and separate the POS info from the other traffic the receiver picks up. We are a up and coming security firm that prevents and stops fraud and this is just to show ...

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    I want a expert developer who can make a nodeJs script for me which can decrypt AES code.

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    Analyze script Encerrado left

    Hello freelancers! I am looking for an expert in PHP to help me out to work on the script's license. The script is based on open-source code and only license part is encrypted (2 files). Script architecture designed in a way that after working with license, two core features are deactivated and users having problems to login in the system. An ideal candidate, should understand how the licen...

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    Hello I have 1 small client APP in c# commucation with my PHP server over HTTPS protocol (POST form method_. I want add 1 more level of encrypt/decrypt to protect data. So i need strong Encrypt/Decrypt modules at 2 side (C# client & PHP server). Pls bid if you have good skill/experience with Cryptography only Thankyou

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