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    ...two purchase buttons on two web pages for my site. Add one line space underneath a specific line of text. Capitalize the letter C in one of the purchase buttons on a certain webpage Erase one sentence from a specified paragraph. Replace 4 words with one word (that I will provide) in a particular sentence in a certain paragraph.

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    Quality Designer Encerrado left

    ...with other designer but we have greater demand. This week I have 1 site which needs to be done ASAP, you will provide us PDS+html. As per as price I know the rate but I wont mind paying little extra for a quality work. Bid for one project and more will follow weekly. I would appriciate if you post some sample(jpeg or url is fine) ## Deliverables

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    ...interested in getting names from other auctions on EBAY other than my own. This software will not be used to spam people from EBAY. Only bidders on my personal auctions will be contacted. I would like to email the bidders a “thank you?? email for bidding on my auction. The program needs to collect the email address from EBAY seconds prior to closing

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    I need an application that can do 2 way SMS for my Info-on-Demand service(similar to getting real time stock quotes via SMS). I plan to have approximately 100000 entries in my database. The application must only respond to mobile phone numbers contained in my phonebook. I using a Nokia 7110 connected to my pc via IrDA. I'm using Win98 SE as my OS.

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    ...include in the subscription code is: 1. The service code (number to which the customer is authorised to subscribe) (code from 0 to 999) Example: 78, 456, etc. 2. The customer number (number from 0 to 99999 OR number from T0 to T9999). T being a ‘temporary customer’ Example: 89, 67890, T56, T3456 It is clear that we cannot make a concatination

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    ...looking for witty, opinionated writers to help generate daily news for its six channels: music, film, TV, adverts, celebs and games. The website was conceived to demand more quality from the creative industries - we will heckle anything substandard while shouting about the best songs, films, tv shows etc. hecklerspray will largely feature reviews

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    ...profile, referral,etc) [fazer login para ver a URL] medical data ( prescriptions, incident, history) [fazer login para ver a URL] billing data (account ledger, and billing log) [fazer login para ver a URL] data, assigned physician, Attorney info (meta-data) [fazer login para ver a URL] insurance data (policy #, could be multiple, Payor coverage %, Copayment, deductible ) 8. Con...

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    GUI for Windows Encerrado left

    We request: 1 - a GUI from which the user can launch one of the the appications. The GUI must be capable of passing coded keystrokes to the application being launched. 2 - The user will control the application running by an ATI remote control and a plugin is needed for each specific entertainment application software. The software of the remote

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    ...Accept a input of a single letter. C. USe the letter of part "B" and encode the sentence of Part "A" Each letter of the sentence is to be replaced by a other letter of the alphabet in such a way that the distance within thew alphabet from the original letter to its replacement is the same distance from the letter "...

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    ...straight off the page. there will not be any access to a database for the hosting of this site. ____________________________ any of these references must be removed. - from the source code on all of the pages. We will modify the text using dreamweaver after you are done. Copyright ©2003 All rights reserved. --- I need

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    ...required in one month. Weekly progress reports will be appreciated. The screens and forms should look professional under any browser, regardless of the screen resolution and the letter size selected in the viewer?s browser. The tables should not be wider than in the original site The search should be reasonably fast. The data entered in the registration forms

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    dictionary Encerrado left

    Write a spell check program in C++ to check the spelling of words in a text file. At the start the program will read words from a dictionary file and use them to construct a binary search tree (BSTree). A dictionary file is a text file named "[fazer login para ver a URL]", containing words in unsorted order. While the creation of the dictionary, you should avoid

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    ...allows a PC to act as a router. One of the functions RRAS enables is to provide Network Address Translation (NAT) across various interfaces. By utilizing RRAS and configuring a Demand Dial Interface with NAT it is easy to customize the gateway machine and provide the same functionality as Internet Connection Sharing provides. Our config: Nic1 (cable-modem)

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    Platform ??" Word 97 & Word 2000 Databases ??" Win 2K SQL 2000 and Oracle 7 Steps 1 ??" 4 search the SQL DB Steps 5 ??" 7 search the Oracle DB 1. Open a letter Template from the Toolbar 2. Pop up box ??" prompt for fee earner initials ie MV 3. If the user has inputted initials that do not exist (Prompt ??" “fee earner is not on the list do you ...

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    ...once client "gets around" to clicking on the demo button. (Extra Benefit if programmer can build our own unique player that will not require anyone to downloadPlay on demand type player if possible) I have only "heard" this could be done. Also any experience video programmer who knows anything about a new software called "juggler." It is designed

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    ...stored in an array. For example the letters may be A, C F, O, N, and T. It needs to first return all the two letter combinations, then all the three letter combinations and so forth. Doing A, AA, AAA, .... is not what I want. The sample code can return the values to a variable, which is then over written with the next value. I can add code to store

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    NEED HELP!!!!! Encerrado left

    ...Include Structured Error Handling on all forms. * Create a nice, intuitive, user interface with a full menu structure. (example included in attached document) * Create a patron letter-writing feature that includes a functional RichTextBox control. PLEASE READ ATTACHED DOCUMENT BEFORE BIDDING. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. ## Deliverables

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    ...and the mouth will send a kiss sequentially. A different funny sound effect will match each movement. Over the letters, each letter will rise with a baloon effect. Different sound effects should be added to each letter as well. Here's the site map, at the bottom of the page: [fazer login para ver a URL] All buttons will rise as you

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    Scanner Encerrado left

    ...inherit from a common class Object (as in Java) but there will be no other inheritance Phase 1 is the scanner: Each call to the scanner should return the next token along with its value if needed. Also record the line number and starting character position on the line of each token. This is useful for error reporting. The input should be read from a text

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    ...TRANSNO (unique identifier) quant (int) cat (varchar) price (varchar) TRANSNO has the following construction: 7 characters total 1st character is the store (a letter) 2nd character is the register # (a number) remaining 5 are the transaction # distinct first characters (stores) are M,T,P,S,K,G,F here's what i'm wanting to do:

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    ...of four diagonals. This program is to read in a file, which has a single number which represents the size of the square word search puzzle, and then contains the puzzle each letter separated by a space. Underneath the puzzle will contain the list of words in the dictionary. I have requested something like this before, but the difference with this one

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    ...bootsector file for CDDVD's WITH a menu from C# at runtime This will be a bootsector file that will boot multiple Windows OS's and floppy disk images. It will have a menu to choose which to boot. It must must support a title. It will have 26 dynamic options lettered A, B... When the corisponding letter is pressed that OS or floppy is booted

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    Clothing Store Encerrado left

    ...Events, Properties, and Methods. • Include Structured Error Handling on all forms. • Create a nice, intuitive, user interface with a full menu structure. • Create a patron letter-writing feature that includes a functional RichTextBox control. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    ...called: Great Dates Unlimited slogan: "dating - easy, fun-filled, and internet free!" The logo must look equally good in black and white, as it is needed for letter heads, invoices, business cards etc Low tech and original art work prefered. ## Deliverables Large hi-res logo in .bmp or .tif format in addition to layered source

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    Flash/ASP slideshow Encerrado left

    ...configuration will be pulled from an external file, like an .xml or .txt , not hardcoded. Some entries of the configuration will be: -The URL of the asp page. -Delay between each photo in play mode. The movie will preload all images, so when all images are loaded, the slideshow display of images is fast, and not load them on demand. ## Deliverables .asp

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    Hello all, I need a simple cheat codes database with a search box and letter index added to my site at [fazer login para ver a URL] . The cheat codes added will be playstation2 cheat codes and xbox cheatcodes. The cheat code section of my site will be [fazer login para ver a URL] and will use the same design and template as my main site. No graphic design is neccesary

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    I need a tool to extract information from a website. The program will be a Win application and written with C# or VB.NET. The application will crawl all the links on this page [fazer login para ver a URL] and extract the information that is at the bottom (lower table). The information will be split in their

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    ...native win32 process creation method and either assign the process to a newly created JobObject, assign it to an existing job or process it in the normal manner; I have some sample code and a bit of sparce documentation if ya’ want a few quick leads on these technologies. Though neither ShellExecute hooks nor JobObject management methods are particularly

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    Assignment 9 Encerrado left

    Read Student name( First name and Last name), test one score and test two score from a disk file . Store the student data in a structure form in the program. The structure must contain name, test one score, test two score and a letter grade. The information from the disk file must be stored in an array of structures; each student must correspond to

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    General Ledger Encerrado left

    Attorney trust account. An attorney trust account is a ledger that keeps track of the money of many clients, which means each client has his/her own card (screen). All of this individual data is then reported into the General Ledger, just like any other bookkeeping system (deposit, withdrawal, what for, when). Each client account allows graphical add/delete/edit

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    C ++ codes Encerrado left

    PART 1 : Create a class named StudentGrade. Include fields for student ID number, last name, numeric test score, possible points and letter grade. Create a constructor that requires the student ID, name and test score and allows a fouth parameter that holds possible test points. If a value for a possible points is not passed to the constructor, the

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    ...several changes in Materiales. There is both the first section that it opens to and the second one the same where it says in white letter ¿Pagarás con tarjeta de crédito? Haz clic aquí. On the white letter if you click, it will open to our credit card section. I need (I think) at least 3 items in each section non-credit card an...

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    6 ofertas place on each) from within the program interface. So can end-users for each domain. Adding a domain name in the primary will update the selected slaves, likewise modifying or deleting domain will do same. 2) Database will have a backup facility to dump the database both at cron times and via the web browser on demand. 3) Users can

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    ...income in dollars (rounded to the nearest dollar). The data should come from a data file that has its name passed as a command-line parameter. The file will have the following format: <action-char> <last-name-string> <first-name-string><income> where <action-char> is a single letter code: ‘a’ - add a record ‘p’ - print ...

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    Need Graphic Designer must be very good with Quark, also must be able to make cover into small jpeg High Ratings are a must. We provide logo and text and ideas. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platfo...

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    ...then be searched for 'strings' of text html. The strings all start with a certain word, then are preceded by % , and a word. I want just that word string that is after the % letter. Put that into a big .txt file. I can send an example of a page to interested coders. That's it! Then it takes those strings (just text words in html) and

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    17 ofertas able to add remove/fields with ease - Script will need to email user a thank you letter and me an email with all the details - I need to be able to customize the letters ie. What I want sent to user and be able to add things like [firstname] so the thank you letter is more personalized. - Need to be able to specify 2 possible outcome pages ie. a

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    lotto4charity Encerrado left base, such as name, address, email, lotto number, telephone, amount paid, and date to be inserted in the database. Where we will make our offline number selection letter. for more quiry email me at admin at [fazer login para ver a URL] . most prefferable through rent a coder. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    flash games Encerrado left

    ...suggest words. In addition to the functionality of book worm we would add the ability to provide hints. Hints would be in the form of a flashing or different colored first letter and/or a phrase type hint (i.e. the high scoring word that is being hinted might be ‘zebra ‘ and the clue could be ‘striped cousin of a horse that lives in Africa’ and/or

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    CDDVD Boot Sector Encerrado left

    ...making a bootsector for CDDVD's WITH a menu from C# at runtime This will be a bootsector that will boot multiple Windows OS's and floppy disk images. It will have a menu to choose which to boot. It must must support a title. It will have 26 dynamic options lettered A, B... When the corisponding letter is pressed that OS or floppy is booted If

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    ...and must be on top of everything else. Now when they press a button on the keyboard, I would like the bgcolor of the form to change to a random color, and it will display the letter on the form. Thats it. Also, to close the application, it will have to be something special, so that the small child can not close it, like maybe a certain string

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    Binary Search Tree Encerrado left

    The task is to process a file of text to produce a list of the 8-letter words contained in the document. To do this we must maintain a list of 8-letter words from the text. This can, of course, be done using an array. But it would not be very efficient. A better choice is to use a Binary Search Tree. With the Binary Search Tree, the word list will be

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    ...Desirable skills include: · Competent level of Action Script · Director and Lingo If you feel you have the necessary skills, please send us your CV and short covering letter including per diem fee expectations, preferably by e-mail, to jobs@[fazer login para ver a URL] or fax to Rhona Dalrymple, HR Manager, digitalbrain plc on 01254 676236 or in writing to

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    $200 - $300
    0 ofertas video on demand website with registered content to be served thru a web based and specifaclly designed player outside of winows/real player etc, the player will be designed to deliver content and data as say in 'athletics race' show footage with finishing order in XML file etc etc have something we can show should we need to. From the player

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    297625 Realty-Daemon Encerrado left

    ...hyperlinked to my website at [fazer login para ver a URL] The Project is : 1: To create a daemon to refresh the postings to Craigslist every hour 2: To send a form letter to each query when his request becomes available in the database. In other words, if for example, a person sends an email or calls requesting a 2 Bedroom apartment for under

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    I need a plugin for Microsoft Outlook (2000 or greater) which puts two buttons on the Toolbar, one that will be considered 'spam', one that will be consider 'not spam'. The button should display an icon. When the button is pressed, it should open up a file dialog (nothing special, just GetOpenFileName()), and save both the header and contents (unmodified) of the file into a tex...

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    Design Documentation Encerrado left expenses and winter sports. Customers will place orders via a web-client, paying via credit-card or charge-card. [fazer login para ver a URL] will act as a broker, ordering the equipment from their own underwriters as needed. Underwriters are people who insure insurance companies against excessive claims being made against them. These underwriter orders will be placed

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    ...creation of the items. I would like a tech document/tutorial written on how to create a custom control out of a standard dhtml menu written in javascript that takes its input from an xml file So how to handle events, postbacks, what to do what not to do the works I will provide an initial scriptto shart with ( complete working dhtml/javascript

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    Template + logo design We would like to have a 1 page layout (t...something very simple in mind: make the background behind the bots-part of the word black, then put a purple dot and put com, just like the AIML-part of AIMLbots in a regular black letter against a white background. Last consideration: please convert the pic ([fazer login para ver a URL]) into PNG or JPG.

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    ...clone of [fazer login para ver a URL] for each advertising campaign we need to have this details: ability to analyze by date analyze by product analyze by target URL (different sales letter) analyze by subcampaign BOTHER TO REVIEW [fazer login para ver a URL] website! If needed we will provide access to active account on [fazer login para ver a URL] create campaign - test it and read

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