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    logo redesign Encerrado left

    The attaced file contains a logo that should be redesigned in the same pattern/colour scheme (100%), in adobe/corel draw(preferable) The internal features in the L should not be disturbed. The target for the redesign is to get the same logo in high resolution with enhanced sharpness edges etc etc. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well a...

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    OCR and BIOMETRICS Encerrado left

    I would like to have an idea about the cost of:- 1. OCR to catch license plate recognition from video frames and/or scanned/images document in Latin 2. OCR to catch license plate recognition from video frames and/or scanned images / document in Arabic 3. Any simple activex that would recognize and match faces in an image, save pattern of the captured faces and match them with stored...

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    Hi Im looking for someone who can help me setup a live stream from my own server. This is a straight forward task and shouldnt cost anything. If anyone has the slightest idea how to do this then PM me thanks

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    CSV to Database Encerrado left

    I do not know if anyone can work on this particular type of project, but here goes. I need a program, perhaps in PHP, that will allow the end user to set parameters in the program that will take data from any number of different CSV files and place that data into a corresponding column in a predesigned CSV file, then, upload that new file to a MySQL (or any) database. This is for use mainly b...

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    I need someone to create a comprehensive e-book for creating wedding speeches primarily for the groom (but also for the bride should she wish to speak) for English speaking countries in pdf format ready for the printer and as an e-book.. This will be published as a marketing tool to sell with another book on weddings. It will be delivered as an e book and as a hard copy. I would also like an addit...

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    bezier curve Encerrado left

    Hi I need a piece of code that is simmilar to a dress making program ie <[fazer login para ver a URL]>? more to the point I? need some code that shows a pattern? that is adjustable? with "Bezier curves". also I need code for scalling the code for printing purposes.I am? an average visual basic programmer and can finish the rest of the program but the problem is I Just can't jo...

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    We are planning to set up a service offering domain name registration under a set of 2nd level domains owned by us. We do not currently know whether this will be a paid for offer or a free (ad-financed) service. User shall be able to register and set up an account. Next he can register 3rd level domain names of our 2nd level domains. DNS info shall be held in a mysql database (see: “...

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    Yes hi need a paypal type website with my own type of funding like e-gold and paypal like they done use each other i dont want to have somthing like a cheap solar pay script i want my own type i like the design of [fazer login para ver a URL] and i like paypal design i would also need a design i want this whole website like paypal but i dont want to use paypal or copy them exactly i wan my own ...

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    cloneof website Encerrado left

    Hello, I need a 100% working clone of I need this website asap. The project calls for you to create the website .The only changes will be in the website design, colors etc. This time will be the your testing potencial and if you get this then more projects to for you ( Depend on mutual understanding and working Tuning ) Topics mention below for next.... More sites for in ...

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    I am looking for a software programme that can make its own software. Use Mike Chen's "Make your own software" <[fazer login para ver a URL]> ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of t...

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    Daylight Extender Encerrado left

    Design an electronic control that will switch on a light as per the attached annual light pattern so that daylight is extended as the darker night draw in. The light should dim / brighten slowly The unit must be to work in normal weather conditions including severe hot and cold. The unit must be powered by battery or mains adapter with possible battery backup in case of interruption...

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    We run an online store with osCommerce 2.2MS2 and have a multitude of contributions installed. One of those contributions, User Tracking with Admin 1.35, does not work well at all. Major flaws: 1. You can only view the click-path analysis for 'today' - if you move backwards in time to past dates you can see the "header" for each session, but if you try to view the session (expa...

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    I need an our own credit card processor, it will be provide payment gateway service to other website. Any good adivice are welcome. You need to the experience about it. if you have developped one successful, please contact me. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be i...

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    This software is an integrated package that allows users to create custom vinyl "stickers", extremely detailed, approximately 2-4 inches by 2-4 inches in size. One piece of 8.25" by 11.75" vinyl must be reusable for multiple cuts. This software will be bundled with a computer and all peripherals and sold as a business opportunity. Therefore stability and ease of use are absolu...

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    Prediction Algorithm Encerrado left

    Hello all, I require the following : there are series of alphabets.....between A to J look like this CA FB CJ GB DF FH JE GH HD DJ IF AC JA EH EA DC GH BA GF IH DD CB FD DG GA GE BG GD CJ JF EH AH GJ HB EE there are unlimited rows but constant 5 columns each column have 2 charecters in it for example last charecter of last row is E now what u need do is that based...

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    Backup Software Encerrado left

    I need a remote backup software. This software must have a client that run on windows and allow users to backup their data on a server that runs linux. So it must be made of a client (windows) and a server (linux). The windows client allows user to choose what to backup, then just click backup and the data gets copied to the server. User can connect to server with his client and r...

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    iw ant my own software and website so people can download it off the computer after they pay me and it protects tehy computer from virus and alerts them when theres a chance that the file there download is a virus i also want they to be a 15 day trial and also i want a website that can handle all this

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    You need to design and implement an e-learning system using the MySQL and PHP. The requirements are as follows: 1. At the backend there should be databases for storing learning objects including texts, images, questions and answers, problems and solutions, quizzes, etc. You need to present your design of the necessary databases in a quick report. 2. In the database there should be some pieces of...

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    You need to design and implement an e-learning system using the MySQL and PHP. The requirements are as follows: 1. At the backend there should be databases for storing learning objects including texts, images, questions and answers, problems and solutions, quizzes, etc. You need to present your design of the necessary databases in a quick report. 2. In the database there should be some pieces of...

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    Internet Tool Encerrado left

    I believe that this is a relatively straightforward/easy project for someone experienced in Web/Windows Application Development. To be compatible with major browser software. To be developed: A webservice/database and corresponding client application/browser plug-in/toolbar to access/use the webservice/database. The client accesses information from the webservice to configure its operation (and ...

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    JavaBasedCart Encerrado left

    We want to extend a shopping cart developed internally. New work is mainly related to modify functionality of the shopping cart. Shopping cart was developed using Struts framework and Tiles templates. Strict QA during devlopemtn ensured proper de-coupling of Model and View. Complete source code for the Cart will be available once you sign a NDA with us. We can assure you that code is clean and wel...

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    Harlequin Pattern Encerrado left

    I need a harlequin pattern created to use as a background for an invitation on which I am currently working. I have attached an image of a harlequin pattern used on a dresser, for those who may not be familiar with the design. Essentially, it is just diamond shapes put together, with contrating colors on separate lines. If you view the attached image, this should be fairly clear. I need: ...

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    CRON Job Encerrado left

    I need a script to run on a BSD unix server which will change the password of an account. The script will run at the beginning of each month and it will create a new password which includes three things: Text + Month + Year. My goal is to make a password that changes monthly in a predicatable format. I am doing this so some software I am writing that uses MySQL can connect to the server. ...

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    I want a java applet allowing users to customize thier text design (by adding text and changing its shpage, color, size etc..) online. there is an applet on: [fazer login para ver a URL] (then click the lab tab) Since it is very urgent project, The best way to finish this work for me is someone who have finished this project eariler can provide me a copy version, or who can finish it ...

    $434 (Avg Bid)
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    Please contact me at: , or AIM me at JJBigThoughts Please bid your hourly rate (say $15/hour) and specify the anticipated hours required to finish the project. Senior Executive Summary Write a parser and writer for a new structure text format targetted at non-programmers Executive Summary Elegant Technologies Structured Text (ETST) is yet another structured text initiative to creat...

    $20 - $100
    Destacado Secreto
    $20 - $100
    2 ofertas

    * Must live in USA or Canada with Enlish as your primary language. I will email you a word doc with the exact details of the project. It is homework for a college English class. This needs to be done by someone proficient in writing skills. The first paper is on explaining a concept. The concept is chosen, then explained. It needs a word count of 1000 - 1250. A couple example topics are ...

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    Synopsis ??" We have an intranet contact manager that has many issues. It is written in a combination of asp (not, JavaScript, and MS SQL. At one point all the items in the contact manager functioned, but due to system changes, functional changes, programmer errors, etc., there are many items of our virtual office contact manager that are not working or functioning correctly. Additio...

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    We need an automated calendar, which consists of 20 days, (for each day there is a special meaning and symbol that will be provided to you) and 13 numbers (1-13). The days have a *specific,* recurring pattern. For example, November 30th is Noj 12. December 1st will be Tijax 13, and December 2nd will be Kawoq 1. Using the November 30th date, corresponding to Noj 12, the programmer should create a p...

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    Hi, I've posted similar request before but this time I wanna be more specific. The program I want is a document 'pattern' analyzer. For example, if there is a testsets of thesis which were manual-chosen, it will get the word frequency of each document and compare them with other testset documents to choose the most common word throughout the entire testset which will perha...

    $61 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a Shell script called ‘proc’ written in bash that accepts exactly 3 command line arguments. The first argument is either a file or a directory name (if it is a directory, then the program must recursively apply each step that I will outline below to every subordinate file) The second argument is a file name. The third argument is the output file. Proper checking must be done...

    $30 - $40
    $30 - $40
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    I'm looking for a flat file php guestbook script. It must have the following features: 1. Admin MUST approve post before it's posted. 2. Ability to ban via IP 3. Each post must log the IP of the poster So, what I want is a guestbook where anyone can go in and post, and it will log their IP. When they make the post, it will put it in a temporary holding pattern, and send me an email...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for visual basic 6 coders, who can develop a vb6 front end to our chess engine (no interface required, no chess logic required). Must have: - Full screen - drag and drop pieces - entire look and feel to tie in with current web design ([[fazer login para ver a URL]][1]) - promotion dialog window - flexible lay out (like photoshop, with moveable windows) - save load sta...

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    ASP Site Completion Encerrado left

    The project code is at <[fazer login para ver a URL]> 1) See this page <[fazer login para ver a URL]> This is the pattern in which all the products on site should be displayed. Right now the products on this page <[fazer login para ver a URL]> do not look good. They should be displayed in the pattern that <[fazer login para ver a URL]> uses. 2) Remove the...

    $15 - $20
    $15 - $20
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    A program to take the a data sample that represents a mix of gases. The samples are broken down into a 2d dataset of atomic mass verses partial pressure (intensity). Eg air is made up of Oxygen, Nitrogen, water and other gases. In the instrument each if these gases breaks down and gives what is called a cracking pattern, some examples are attached. Basically the task is to identify the individual ...

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    Access Oriented Programming is programming based upon the change of data within a class using the Observer Pattern. For example, if you have a class representing a mail box, you might want to take action based upon the number of messages waiting in that mailbox object. class MailBox { ... public int numMessages; ... } class MailProcessor { ... public void processNewMail();...

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    Business Objects Encerrado left

    Any body who has Business Objects Designer and WEBI [fazer login para ver a URL] dealing with Prompts 1. Last Name 2. First Name 3. Employee ID All fields should allow matches pattern. Wildcard functionality should exist for all three search criteria for match pattern. For example % as wildcard , smi% in the Last name field to find all the last names starting with smi ( Smith, Smithers...

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    I require an application to reproduce the brainwave function of Cool edit pro. The Brainwave Synchronizer function spatially locates the audio left and right, in a circular pattern over time. In order to spatially encode the signal, either the left or right channel is delayed so that the sounds will appear at each ear at different times, tricking the brain into thinking they are coming from either...

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    Senior Executive Summary Write a parser and writer for a new structure text format targetted at non-programmers Executive Summary Elegant Technologies Structured Text (ETST) is yet another structured text initiative to create a structured text format, but this one is being specifically designed to be used by non-programmers. The intended uses are: 1 a default text format for non-programm...

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    This is a VERY simple project for developers/administrators who know what they are doing. I basically need help configuring a DNS server on one of our Redhat Enterprise Linux machines so that it will act as the DNS server that will service all our domain names. Bind has already been installed but is only configured as a "caching server" only. I would need full step-by-step instructi...

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    63427 Food label Encerrado left

    We're creating a label for Garlic softgels 100 ct... need someone to design good looking label with limit of 3 colors i will give all information to the label which would be 4"x6" in size here are the specs required by the label factory: 1. ACCEPTABLE FORMATS: All artwork should be submitted in one of the following file formats: Adobe Illustrator v.8.0 or less, Adobe Photoshop v.2...

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    You are invited to bid on the following. You may bid for a part or the whole of the project: **_Traffic Building Project:_** _Key Goal_ Attract a high number of unique and interested visitors to our PR5 website from other popular websites by establishing quality and in context anchor text links from their website to ours, and in accordance with our guidelines below: _Other Considerations_ ...

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    Hi, I have a php search engine site. I am getting an error in the admin when I try to email just selected individuals. The error I am getting is: Warning: preg_replace(): Parameter mismatch, pattern is a string while replacement in an array. in /home/coderx/public_html/portal/functions/[fazer login para ver a URL] on line 120 I can not figure it out. [fazer login para ver a URL] Admin [fazer...

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    I need an expert php/javascript programmer to work on a full featured php script for "content retrieval" or "web fetching". I will retain all rights to the final scripts. first example of content retrieval is to collect real estate listings from several partner sites (our input) and to put the data into a mysql db. the service should be a clone of [fazer login para ver a URL...

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    DutchICT is looking for a team of .net developers for several .net projects. It's important for us to have a high quality trustworthy partner that can do more projects for us. **What do we have to offer:** * several exciting .net projects of several months work each (for small team) * projects are well specified (by MSc), professional and clear communication and project management **Cr...

    $833 (Avg Bid)
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    I want to make laser stencils and silkscreen from the graphics you will create. The graphics are needed only in **BLACK & WHITE** only. The artwork to produce is from well known sign like : biohazard, nuclear, chemical. I can provide the base for the biohazard JPG. You will have to create the nuclear and chemical symbol. I want these symbols as stand alones and in pattern form. You can see t...

    $27 (Avg Bid)
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    Modify <[fazer login para ver a URL]> script from [fazer login para ver a URL] to do the following: 1. scan on item_code instead of item_id 2. Show items scanned in a frame on the right hand side of scanning window. 3. On login select receipt printer from a list of printers set up in [fazer login para ver a URL] and save that in the session so that it will be active the whole time t...

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    We need a command line utility that will check an ASCII file for a particular string pattern, and if found, move that file to a designated directory. This tool will be used in an automated system. There should be no user interface and no error messages. It should, however, generate a log file. For example, I want to quarantine all EPS files that contain a line that starts with: %%DocumentFonts:...

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    I need a Win32 command-line tool with the following syntax: [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] bytesToAdd ...which will add a unauthenticated attribute of size BytesToAdd to the digital signature of a Win32 signed executable ([fazer login para ver a URL]). The purpose of this application is to add a structure of bytesToAdd bytes to an ALREADY SIGNED executable without breaki...

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    [fazer login para ver a URL] - Same content, Different Look [fazer login para ver a URL] - Conent ([fazer login para ver a URL]), Different Look. [fazer login para ver a URL] - Same Content, Different Look' [fazer login para ver a URL] - Same Content Different Look MK Supplements --------------- This site is the Mother Site. Needs to have Flash Intro (10 Sec), Flash Navigation, News ...

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    Website redesign Encerrado left

    Redesign and re-code my current company website, which is visible at [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1]. The current site was written with Frontpage -- although this is not a requirement for the new site. I would like generally the same layout and information displayed (same overall appearance) with the following modifications: - The new site should appear identically when using Internet ...

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