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    Welcome Coders I need some help, I have created a link page for customers to subscribe to a new magazine. <[login to view URL]> When the user clicks to subscribe a new window in opened. What I would like is for this to open like a pop up with no menu's and resized to fit the form. I am being told that this would need to be done in java is this right or does anyone...

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    ...solution. The work consists on creating an authentication module for a Wireless Router that runs Linux (Linksys WRT54G), this module should watch for connected client PCs and communicate with an external authentication server to provide several billing mechanisms and enable or disable access to the network, without the need of any client configuration, other

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    I have a financial program writen in c#/ms-access that is used by legal firms. This program need to be rewriten in c++. I also need a update feature similar to windowsupdate

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    Voice Authentication Encerrado left

    We just need a samll piece of source code written in vsiual basic which will do the follwoing: -Enroll User Voice and record that in database -Authenticate User Voice using the infomration recorded in the database -Able to pick user from databse using voice only (optional) -Any other feature you may add related to this? Happy Bidding ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functio...

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    I need a component or script which i can simply include in an ASP.NET file which handles user logon and manages each page i include it on. Im not sure how this works so i cannot add any further requirements than that, suggestions are welcome. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    We need the following developed for a website we are designing for a client. 1. A user-authentication system to restrict access to parts of the website. 2. A basic blog-style discussion forum allowing for multiple editors and forums - most of which will be within the user-authenticated section. Most of the website is static HTML pages. This development

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    We need to retrieve the OS type and other properties without invoking the OS directly. We need the following functions: #define W95 0x00000001 #define W98 0x00000002 #define WME 0x00000004 #define WNT 0x00000008 #define W2K 0x00000010 #define WXP 0x00000020 #define UNKNOWN 0x80000000 **int getOSType();** /* Returns one of

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    We are requesting bids for integrating Smartphones and PDA authentication through a Radius server. Our coders are current writing the code between our Mesh AP and the billing/authentication server. We are looking for coders that have experiecne with Smart technologies to provide access to our pay per use access points. We will be looking at further

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    We want a small perl module to provide authentication and authorization data. It should support multiple pluggable data sources (implement at least two from RADIUS, LDAP or SQL). It should allow multiple interaction drivers (implement at least two from HTTP/Digest, HTTP/SPNEGO or HTTP/form). It should provide a «user» object containing all authorization

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    Recommend, Design, Install and Configure "Wireless Client and Authentication Server with accounting. Must be fully functional server side and client side. May possibly use "FreeRADIUS" or simuliar "linux" source. Must be tied to database, possibly "MySQL" Need GUI for Admin and User Login. Buyer retains all rights. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and

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    My project is based on tapi using visual basic 6.0 without third party.i am a student and this project is an assignment and i have to submit it in my [login to view URL] project contains following things. [login to view URL] a phone [login to view URL] is outgoing call. [login to view URL] a call that is incoming call and how to detect my pc is ringing with modem. 3. hang 4 dtmf ton...

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    ...detect ringing 5 callers id 6 dtmf tones 7 recording voice and playing it i want documentation of this project my project should be written in visual basic 6.0 without third party i should know the rent for coding [login to view URL] a student i should be able to pay. thankyou ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    This is a project that will require secured communication with the host financial institution I believe. We need an authentication system that will read contents on a CD in the users drive, which will serve to verify A. that CD is in drive and B. to read contents of CD. Open second session with pin verification which will be matched to the db

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    ...application will verify the fingerprint then run my code as you. The user name might come from, say, Active Directory, but we will not be accessing network resources like file shares, only running locally. We do not have the user's password, so we cannot send it to Windows. This is the most important part of this project! The usual Windows

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    ...user authentication (using cookies or other alternative that you propose) and control. The system should be able to be installed in different sites using a installer or something like that, why?, what we need is a little program that let the webmasters of the websites, that belong now or next coming to our community, install the authentication system

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    Hello, I need a basic demo of how to create a _locked_ "chat style" richtextbox (using API?/subclassing? etc) only, no ocx or other dependencies. The demo has to show how to 'add text' to the rtb like [login to view URL] = vbGreen [login to view URL] = "test" etc etc Must work in all newer version of Windows (Win 98/XP home, pro, etc.) ## Deliverabl...

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    ...documents. Using excel to run the macro, requires that I manually load each file, and navigate through 8-9 menus before the macro is run. So now we want an exe file (or other easily executable) that can run the macro in bulk. This is how I want it to work: - the executable file is started - the macro is configured - the excel files are selected

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    The deliverable is a Visual Basic project including source code with functionality to retrieve the Google Page rank without using the toolbar. The GUI has to consist of a form, a text box to enter one or several URLs and a push button to execute the function to retrieve from Google the page rank for each URL and display them in a second text box.

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    The deliverable is a Visual Basic project including source code with functionality to retrieve the Google Page rank without using the toolbar. The GUI has to consist of a form, a text box to enter one or several URLs and a push button to execute the function to retrieve from Google the page rank for each URL and display them in a second text box

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    18 ofertas site admin application using ASP. I have figured out how to edit the files and folders I need, but now need to secure it. What I would like to do is integrate NT Authentication. I need anonymous read/execute access to the root folder of the site, and when I(admin) am logged in to the site(cookies), need read/write/modify/execute rights based on

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    To implement and design a visual basic application that realises 3 user authentication approaches in each case the program will perform 2 tasks profiling and authentication; [login to view URL] password authentication (like hotmail) the user must enter a password of at least 8 characters, the user must enter it twice, the program should ensure the two entries

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    I'm a graphic designer and on my website I would like for my clients to login and be taken automatically to a predetermined page. I would, of course, need an Admin control panel so that I could setup new clients and edit their privileges. So, for each client, I could designate a unique webpage that would correspond with their login and PW. Thanks, K

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    I have a project to do in SAS. I must write a program to randomly select 3 administrators, 10 non-physicians, and 20 physicians from each of 10 hospitals in a database ( 330 people are to chosen total out of 1150 in the database for these 10 hospitals). If, in any hospital there are fewer than 3 administrators, then select all of them. If in any hospital, there are fewer than 10 non-physician...

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    PHPList help Encerrado left

    I have PHPList installed and configured. Everything is working fine. I have a problem with the [login to view URL] file. I've included the 'bounce processing' part of the code below. No matter what I do, the bounces are returned to the 'email address'. I looked on online forums and could not find a solution. I want to have the bounces process by the 'bounce&#...

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    ...reads the users and groups of a domain into a list box. 2. Read the groups the current logged in user is assigned to. Just place the groups in a list box. 3. Complete an nt authentication from a command box. The function returns an integer of either a valid user or invalid user. Here are the libraries I want to use to complete the tasks: [login to view URL]

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    4 ofertas want. The current solutions on the market either require the use of frames or require that every link be tagged with that javascript. From what I understand, without the use of frames, it is not possible to use javascript to achieve this. If you know of a way to do this, please describe it in your bid generally so that we can be assured

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    I would like to have a experienced advisor on a website enhancement. No coding will be required, only information and opinions. I would like to enable an existing website to authenticate users against an LDAP directory. New security restrictions prevent from having local accounts on a network security appliance that allowed remote access to a web application. The decision has been made to authenti...

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    ...that needs to be solid and secure. For more information, details and screencaps please contact us via this website ([login to view URL]) Details: 1) need user authentication for IIS and Windows Media Services (Unicast) independent of NT Accounts: --> add users, groups, security via web console 2) Protect Unicast Publishing Points - live

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    ...code on Visual C++ 5.0 or 6.0. The code should be able to run exe file loaded into memory, and run it from there without creating any temprorary files, I want to use it to decrypt exe files right into memory and run from there, to protect exe file from being copied without decryption process. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    I am working on a site for personal trainers. They will log in the site and depending on the group they belong to - they will have access to various areas of the site. Also - there are clients who will log in and see areas of the site that clients can see. Lastly - there will be guests who will log in and see the site thats designed for them. I am looking for a solution in Php tha...

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    I am looking for someone that has already developed an application similar to the one at <[login to view URL]> or that has the knowledge to build it fast. What this application does is calendar, contacts, tasks, folders, notes, etc sharing between users that have this Outlook plugin installed. Users can manage what information will be shared. As it is explained on that site, what they do is ...

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    I have prepared the logo and the web template for a project, Now, I need the full programming stage remaining. I want a clone of <[login to view URL]>. I have noticed that the facilities they use are all ready made codes, and free to use. I need the forum facility, the Live Chat Facility. I need to add a referral link facility so that I can track who refers who to my business and might rewa...

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    - Get parameters coming from an external application - Get a member authentication from user - Interact with database (connection already in place) - Return error code

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    Anti Spam Software using Sender Authentication Technology (S.A.T.) to block unwanted email on Qmail based server on Unix. Whenever someone emails you for the first time, the sender will automatically receive an email requesting authentication. This email will simply direct the new sender to a web page where they will enter a code. Once this is done

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    Pass the DATE_LOCAL GMT time of the Server to a variable that can be used in a javascript. Do not use any SSI. Write a [login to view URL] CGI scrip and call it from a javascript and pass the result into a variable with the same format as the variable now in : "var now=new Date();" For details javascript and CGI example see attached word document: "Project description [login to vi...

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    Does anyone already have a way of extracting the instant message conversation without using the MSN Messenger API calls? I currently use these now but have found they only work for about 1/2 of the users. It either does not work or causes varieus problems I have found. So I'm looking for any other way I can do this from Visual Basic 6.0. I will

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    I have a 'Customer Login' box on every page on my site. The box resembled the following: Username: TEXTBOX Password: TEXTBOX Remember Password? CHECKBOX Link: Forgot Password Link: Register Essentially, I want these items to be displayed in the box if the user is not authenticated. If they are authenticated, I would like it to resemble: You are logged in as: NAME...

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    ...application runs on Sun Solarix (UNIX). Currently both systems need separate logons. We need to centralize the authentication so that the users maintain a single userid / password. The Sun Solaris should authenticate via the Windows authentication. We need a script / configuration that would enable us to achieve a single logon. ## Deliverables 1)

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    To create a module for the Postnuke 0.726 content management system in php to acheive 2 main areas of functionality 1. Adapt the authentication system for postnuke to allow authentication via an LDAP server ( and if that fails it should check the postnuke user table). Also, if a password is changed via postnuke it is updated on this LDAP server

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    ...the web front end, the backend code that drives the registration, authentication, and lobby information, and the back end code that drives the lobby itself. This particular project is only for the first two parts. We would like backend authentication developed first. The authentication should be stateless and separate from the web front in. Once the

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    Script to authenticate user against an existing database structure and check authentication status using PHP sessions.

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    ...already-made header and/or software e-cover generator software from which you would like to earn some good cash? I am looking for a branded version of these types of software, without source code, right, only the executable version with any files that are needed in order for the app to run and any help files that you have. Since I don't need any source

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    ...content from one page to my own page without leaving my website. I have a sample of this script that only work with ODP([login to view URL]). Instead of ODP I want it done on: [login to view URL] You can see this ODP script in action here: [login to view URL] You may download a copy of this script here: http://216

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    I need someone to quickly help me password protect a php page that gets called up by a htm page. I'd rathe not use htaccess -- rather use some php session on a page not a whole dir I need this asap ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install t...

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    We are a small wireless ISP, and would like to install some wireless WiFi hotspots. To centralize authentication, we were planning to use RADIUS to authenticate hotspot clients, and have a Sun Cobalt Raq 550 (running Cistron RADIUS and MySQL) available for this purpose. We want the new client sign-in process to be fully automated, i.e. let clients

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    We are an ISP. We require an authentication box as close to the customer as possible. Therefore we will be implimenting many of these authetication boxes on our WAN and extended cable network. On each box we need the following functionality: User attemps to connect, gets re-directed to a log in page. On entering his details, he clicks submit. At this

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    Hi, I want a way to scroll to the end of a Richtextbox like scrolltocaret, without needing to focus the richtextbox. **With VB .net 2003 !!!!** Bye Mike ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install

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    Complete the Development of a Microsoft Access 2000 module that refreshes linked tables with a Microsoft SQL-Server and authenticates the user against one of the linked tables. Development of a mail merge Microsoft Access 2000 module that populates fields from the supplied Word document with data from one of the linked tables. The purpose of this task is to find a developer to help with ...

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    ...want to be made is for a Client & Server application. the client application should be able to authenticate with the corresponding server application. that is the client authentication with the server. also i would like encryption to be carried out between the 2 applications if some information is exchanged between them. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    simple Client Server authentication program using encryption agorithm. simple program with easy understanding. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s)

    $30 - $60
    $30 - $60
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