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    PLACA ELETRÔNICA Encerrado left

    PLACA ELETRÔNICA Desenvolvi um projeto com arduino mega, processador atmega 2560 e preciso projetar a minha própria placa com as seguintes características : Preciso que seja desenvolvido o projeto da placa e montagem de uma placa protótipo para testes. 1- PROCESSADOR ATMEGA 2560 2- MICROCONTROLADOR ATMEGA 16U2 COM LEDS INDICATIVOS DE TX E RX E CRISTAL EXTERNO DE ...

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    <strong>Que cuente con alguna o varias de estas características:</strong><br /><br />• Manejo de frameworks: Django/Flask/Robot/Pyramid/Bottle <br />• Conocimiento de metodologías ágiles (SCRUM, Kanban, etc) <br />• Manejo de git/bitbucket/stash <br />• Manejo avanzado de bases de datos MySQL <...

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    PWM service Encerrado left

    Automação de processos ; Implantação de multi planilhas de controle para uma gestão fácil do processo interno de uma empresa de prestação de serviços

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    DESCRIÇÃO A. Display gráfico mapeado em memória • O MARS oferece, dentre as suas ferramentas de apoio ao desenvolvimento de aplicações em assembler MIPS, uma janela gráfica baseada em pixels. Suas principais características são as seguintes: ‣ Resolução configurável, default 512 x 256 pixels. ‣ Cada pixe...

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    Need to code 64 bit assembler with some records management, add/delete/search users. And need a report for the same.

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    Assembler 64 bit 12 horas left

    Simple record management system using 64 bit assembler with custom library functions. I need help with coding and report.

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    I am looking to have a speed controller designed on paper and part numbers spec'd out (Bill of Material). The speed controller will need to handle 24volt DC 50amps and also have reversing functions. The trick is the input will be from a device outputting 11.1v PWM with 8 amp max for full forward and -11.1v PWM in full reverse. The input also reverses polarity for the reversing function. The...

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    I need an ESP-IDF developer who can work with my team and able to program ESP-32 to control IOs. add functionality like cloud database, OTA update and etc. The flow of code. Read data from the module(ADS1115) over I2C>compare it with the value set by user > show the graph on monochrome display and control PWM output according to it>publish data to AWS or Google cloud>. The budget is ...

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    Lua Scripters with Ardupilot coders and developers only. [fazer login para ver a URL] 2 x scripts We have a generator that is currently being run on its throttle by a servo PWM output. We currently have it running with MOT_BOOST which outputs throttle based on our total quadcopter throttle. This allows us to vary the mot boost and PWM max and minimums to vary voltage. 1) We would like code...

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    1. MCU TEXAS Instruments TMS320F280049C or better one. 2. PWM generation(using math Sine function/Table) on 4 channels for driving full bridge MOSFET/IGBT. 3. Closed loop control.

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    MARS and x86 Encerrado left

    General conditions: A short video explaining how it's done/works. Preferably done before Wednesday. 50 € at most MIPS Write a program in MIPS assembly using MARS or other SPIM-compatible simulator. The program should not rely on uninitialized register values and should be able to be run more than once without reloading. The program should not contain any obviously inefficient actions. D...

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    I need some programming to be done on an ESP32 TTGO sim7000. The ESP32 device must be able to do the following tasks. Obtain time for internal clock from network clock on radio at boot Expose name of device for pairing for Bluetooth Classic - default device name is “smrtGRiPS_ECU” Connect to Wifi STA or create WiFi AP network according to config file on internal flash memory Manage B...

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    We have a DC fan motor 12v DC with 1 direction at full speed at 0%PWM, then fan stop from 40-60%PWM and fan run at opposite direction/ full speed at 0%PWM. We need some help with programming this. The program enclosed to this project is only for one direction. Please make the Arduino project work with this fan motor. The two buttons is for speed control UP and Down. We want the buttons to work tha...

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    Pomoc teoretyczna w zakresie programowania w assemblerze.

    $10 - $36
    $10 - $36
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    Dear Freelancer, I have a personal project involving IR signals which uses the CC3200 as the main processor ([fazer login para ver a URL]) and Energia to program it. I want to be able to use something similar to the IR Remote library available on Arduino with the CC3200; mainly the sending and decoding functions through an IR emitter and receiver connected to the board. The IR Remote library for ...

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    For this project, I need someone with experience in EdSim51 and EPCEmu to write for me a couple small programs that I would need to include in my bigger work. For personal contact: (Removed by Freelancer.com Admin). Please contact me for more details.

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    I am using an Arduino UNO R3 with a Adafruit PCA9685 16 Channel 12-bit PWM Driver Servo shield. Information is attached. Servo's control a gate to the vacuum piping system that opens when a tool is energized and close when then tool is de-energized after a 5 second delay. Current relay monitors current on a power tool to activate the servo/gate and activate the vacuum motor. Using the seria...

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    Apk Fud Crypter Encerrado left

    Hello I am looking for someone who can make the apk file fully undetectable and crypter program java assembly c c++ x86/x64 Assembler

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    40kHz switcher Encerrado left

    I need a circuit that will take a pulse width modulation (PWM) 5v square wave signal at 40kHz and switch a 54vdc supply at that 40kHz. I need a photovoltaic opto coupler as a front end to the MosFET or whatever device is used for switching the 54vdc. The output needs to be a clean 54v square wave at the pwm input frequency.

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    head tracker Encerrado left

    TODO:  The Unit built on one transmitter and one receiver 3 channels X, Y, and Z. o Channels must become six synchronized channels. o The first three channels moves by default when the system powered ON. o The other 3-channel start to move in synchronization with the first three channels when the Synchronization button pressed on the transmitter.  Actuators: o Must be selectable output to be com...

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    Dividing in assembly Encerrado left

    Write a procedure in 6502 assembler that divides 256-bit numbers by 64-bit numbers using the emulator and assembler of the 6502 processor online: [fazer login para ver a URL], using the assembler and online emulator and the written procedure, write a test procedure that proves the correctness of the algorithm prepared by you. This could be an example of dividing a few sample [fazer login para ver ...

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    This task is related to MATLAB programming. I have a .asm file like [fazer login para ver a URL], [fazer login para ver a URL], [fazer login para ver a URL] and rect.asm. These files have symbols and non symbolic codes separately. I need to write a MATLAB program which converts this file .asm into hex file that is binary file 16 bit for each instruction. The code operates on symbol table A instruc...

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    Arduino level project building and documenting a remotely controlled LED bracelet, wand, medallion Oversee and develop project - two very simple programs: 1. Transmit PWM code using power IR Diode 2. Receive IR PWM code and run LED/X program May use open source Arduino code... Please present budget for this Phase I

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    19 ofertas

    Summary: I have built a windows desktop application which lets users generate hex file for a color pattern they draw on the GUI grid. They can also add animations to it. In the background it generates assembly code and compiles it with command line operations. The Microcontroller in context is 8051 based N76E003AT20. The current assembly code that I generate in the program is quite inefficient a...

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    Assembler Encerrado left

    Inter x86 project project.. assembly

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    Dear Freelancer, I have a personal project involving IR signals which uses the CC3200 as the main processor ([fazer login para ver a URL]) and Energia to program it. I want to be able to use something similar to the IR Remote library available on Arduino with the CC3200; mainly the sending and decoding functions through an IR emitter and receiver connected to the board. The IR Remote library for ...

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    Bitcoin Mining Setup Encerrado left

    I have Custom 12-GPU Open-Air Mining System, for bitcoin need help to set up software up running from A to Z with tutorials. Open Air Mining Frame Rig Graphics Case 10-12 GPU2 x LTERIVER VER006C 6Pack PCIe Riser Card10 x Protechnic MGT12012UB-O38 120mm, 3300 RPM, 159.14 CFM, 52.8 dBA, Cooling FanTHERMALTAKE Commander FP 10 Port Hub for PWM Fans10 x [fazer login para ver a URL]&...

    $850 (Avg Bid)
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    I own a DOS based BBS system that I would like ported to run in a Command Window on modern Windows platforms. The code base consists of mostly C and a bit of assembler that handles low level functions such as managing the COM ports. All of the assembler should be able to be replaced with C or C++ code as speed should no longer be a issue on newer machines. The code base was developed in Microsoft...

    $986 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello! Would you write me 14 short programs in Assembler 8086? (I'll send an example.) If so, I would be interested in the price.

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    Project for Ivan D. Encerrado left

    Hello! Would you write me 14 short programs in Assembler 8086? (I'll send an example.) If so, I would be interested in the price.

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    Project for Ivan B. Encerrado left

    Hello! Would you write me 14 short programs in Assembler 8086? (I'll send an example.) If so, I would be interested in the price.

    $12 - $12
    $12 - $12
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    xample program showing how to open, read, and modify BMP files: [fazer login para ver a URL]~zsz/ecoar/bmp/[fazer login para ver a URL] An example image is available at: [fazer login para ver a URL]~zsz/ecoar/images/find_markers/[fazer login para ver a URL]

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    Wireless PWM Encerrado left

    To build a wireless ACPWM based Induction motor speed control circuit. The details as follows, TRANSMITTER: The transmitter circuit is powered by 3V CR2032 button cell. It transmit the status of 7/8 buttons. It can be done using any ASIC or N76E003/MS51FB9AE or any other similar low cost MCU. RECEIVER: The receiver circuit (using any low cost MCU) should process the data sent by the decoder and ...

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    Embedded Programming Encerrado left

    We are looking for a developer who has experiance in Embedded Application Programming. Typical Operating Systems Embedded Linux Android FreeRTOS μC/OS ARM, MIPS, Motorola, ST, TI, Microchip... Arduino Xilinx MicroBlaze (Softcore Processor) Xilinx and Altera FPGA (see Electronics Overview) Identifying and removing bottlenecks with performance analysis and tracing tools. Using low-level langu...

    $250 - $750
    Secreto ADC
    $250 - $750
    7 ofertas

    Hey guys, I need help with small project in Assembler x86

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    2 ofertas

    Just looking for some quick help with a project, details will be explained in personal chat after project assessment by the Freelancer.

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    Jó napot! Assembler 8086-ban kellene megírnom 18 kisebb [fazer login para ver a URL] tudna benne segíteni várom mihamarabbi válaszát és kuldom a részleteket,illetve megbeszéljuk az árat/idot. Koszonom!

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    Firmware for Smart BMS with CAN out, PWM out, 2 relays, rs485

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    Project for Pablo M. Encerrado left

    Estimado, quisiera saber si tiene experiencia en migración de software en Assembler desde PIC16F877A al PIC18F4550 ya que quedamos sin memoria. Me informas y vemos valores... gracias!

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    Saludos, Necesitamos por favor el desarrollo de un programa que genere un PWM (variable) y frecuencia (variable) entre 45Khz y 55Khz, en Mikroc. Mil gracias. Feliz día.

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    Need someone who can design or debug a design with hardware (you need a lab or access to equipment, no exceptions). I have an offline flyback converter that functions, but needs some revisions. It's a 300W (250W usage) design with 85VAC to 280VAC input. Goes into a PFC stage, then flyback stage to isolate. Secondary side then has an avg. current mode buck that outputs to a high voltage hi...

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    I had a custom shield created for me and I need a sketch written for it. The board will control two UV led strips that will cure a chemical. I need to have it display pressure, time and current (10hz refresh or faster) The shield is Arduino Uno based and has the following: Two ina260 current sensors. Two Relays Analog Pressure sensor input. 3 PWM leds 3 Buttons 1 Piezo Buzzer 1 I2C LCD (16x4)...

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    help configure visual studio code to debug c and assembly project in ubuntu and provide ongoing maintenance support

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    Looking for an expert in X86 Assembly language to help, explain and solve online in english. SASM knowledge is an asset. X86, 8086, Assembly, Assembler, Tutor

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    Bi-directional control for a single capacitive load Support voltage from 1 to 1.5v. Maximum current up to 80A peak, reduce to 60A gradually according to temperature. 18 KHz switching frequency for quiet operation. Reverse polarity protection. Protection of overvoltage and current. Input voltage 5v /60A Buttons for quick testing. LEDs for motor output state. Overcurrent protection with active curr...

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    ESP32-S2-WROM Demo PCB with RFID/NFC in Eagle Develop a demo board based on ESP32-S2-WROM with the following functionality: - Design consists of Mainboard and Button/Antenna PCB which are connected with flex strip - Display is connected with Flex strip - On boot show $message on Display which must be set through Webserver on ESP32 - G-LED and R-LED are 50% PWM by default, when button pressed ill...

    $574 (Avg Bid)
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