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    Hello, I need help with a script on my website. it's exerciseyourrights dot NET. If you click "ask me" a form will come up and I believe it's a frontpage form.. I tweaked it to look how I want it to but it won't send the input to my e-mail. I don't know how to get it to send and need someone to just configure that. The other part is if you click "movie" on m...

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    AVI/MPEG to VCD/DVD Encerrado left

    I am looking for software that can take AVI and MPEG files that have been downloaded, and use a burner to make VCD's or DVD's (depending on burner type, CD-R or DVDR) Here is an example (but we only require AVI and MPEG to VCD and DVD) [fazer login para ver a URL] Basically, this will be used to download movies from the web (.avi and .mpeg) and be able to insert this software, and it aut...

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    I would like an affiliate script that will allow me to pay affiliates whether a customer pays by ClickBank or PayPal. Here is how I would like it to work: An affiliate signs up at my site, they enter: Name email (PayPal email) ClickBank ID Username Password They will be generated an affiliate ID number for my product. They will promote the site using their ClickBank link, but when someone uses t...

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    Can you answer that question? Promotional report of approx. 7,500 words required in answer on behalf of Spanish property development/investment Company with particular emphasis on area from Costa del Sol to Costa Blanca. Report should, amongst other things; balance positive financial and lifestyle aspects with recognition of potential pitfalls; review ownership alternatives including own occupanc...

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    JavaScript Encerrado left

    Part One: Your suggestion is welcome on how to make this project better. Due Date April 28, 2003. All files need to be sent back in a zip file. One zip file will contain all html pages and other zip file will contain graphics. Shopcartindex/welcome/[fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] is the opening page and the welcome and navigate are the frames I am thinking. These pages ne...

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    $30 - $50
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    The video rental has three branches in the St. Cloud Metro Area. They are located in St. Cloud, Waite Park, and Sartell. The company will soon open two new branches in Sauk Rapids and Little Falls. The data held on each branch is the branch address made up of street, city, state, and Zip code, and the telephone number. Each branch is given a branch number, which is unique throughout the company. E...

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    Write an ASP based program for a site where customers could log in and rent movies according to their subscribed plan (see [fazer login para ver a URL]). I need customer to be able to enter information, reserved upcoming movies , have a cart show rented movies with option of removing and a checkout process, an admin page to fill up movie returned information, a customer profile information and the...

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    I am looking for someone that can help me with a logo for my website I will be launching in June. The website will be an online adult dvd rental service. The website URL is [fazer login para ver a URL] Show me your best idea everything is welcome.

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    Game Server Rental Encerrado left

    This is for a game server (Counter Strike primarily)rental site. Only skeleton html needs to be done by you. The backend is what I need coded. There are several aspects to this project. I need an area where a person can enter what game type he wants, calculate the cost, then proceed to checkout. The user has a login and password where he can then enter the site and configure his game server howeve...

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    I need to edit one file in my affiliate tracking script. My web site requires two ways of compensating my affiliates. 1) affiliates get credit for each unique referal once. 2) affiliates get credit for each referal made. I have attached the script that needs changing.

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    quick ecommerce site Encerrado left

    needed in: php, linux, mysql This project will be used for people that would like to purchase my software. Accept Payments trough: -paypal [fazer login para ver a URL] -=Registration=- -collect all user information -if everything goes ok, and we recieve payment then generate the activation code to unlock the software(this part is already done with php) -=Affiliate Program=- -affiliate signup scree...

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    i am currently involved in a few huge custom programs so i need to bid this project out. i am looking for a visual c++ active x control, which will let you pick a drive that a dvd movie is in and show the titles and when you pick the titles it should send the vob files that are assosicated with the title. example if they pick title 1 it should show all vob files that are used by title 1 such as [f...

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    This web site will be used to book aircraft for flying lessons. Needs all the standard facilities i.e. join, view my account etc. Basic functionality. Login Book a lesson. Enter date an view the aircraft availability as a time line for the day. i.e. G-BJJJ 9am 10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm Allow the student to select a start and finish time in 30 min slices. Graphical display of the use of t he a...

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    77831 For revolution Encerrado left

    vacation rental site

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    ## Please read and fully understand what is required before bidding ## I require a price comparison site for a number of UK merchants. Not bothered what it is written in, but please note I'm running a Unix box. The script must be fully automated and 'grab' the price information from a number of sites, possibly on a daily basis. (Maybe through the night) Visitors will be able t...

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    You must write a script that enters an "AWD code" and a combination of "Rate Code" and when applicable, "Coupon number" against the [fazer login para ver a URL] web site and returns the best rate for a car rental. Example, you log onto the site and rent a car from one location to another - using three letter airport codes, like IAD to LAX or for same station rentals...

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    I need a site that functions like TemplateMonster.com. The site needs to be developed using ASP (VBScript). The site needs to allow web designers to sign up so that they can sell web templates that they have created to the general public. The site also needs to allow affiliates to sign up so that they can refer users to the site to purchase web templates. The site needs to allow the general public...

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    This is very important project and required very professional WAP developers with experience and a portfolio of previous WAP development projects. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS EXPERIENCE! WAP Site would have the following sections 1) Games-1 page 2) Ringtones- Total of 6 ringtones- 1 page? 3) MMS images- Short animations 15-20- 1 page each 4) Black and White Logos- 5 - 1 page each 5) ...

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    It is required to make a clone of DVD COPY ONE or Replicant. You can find DVD COPY ONE on this site: [fazer login para ver a URL] You can find Replicant on this site: [fazer login para ver a URL] The GUI should be in Windows XP style and the program should also have full support for the CD burner and DVD drive. Another function that the program should have is a login. Users will be forced to enter...

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    Hiya, i have my smartsearch script split up into two (advertisers & affiliates), what i have also is a little script the results go through (for affiliates). In the source code is the percentage i get from searchfeed and i enter the amount i want to pay my affiliates. This has been working until now, basically when a search result is clicked on i get page not found. Can anyone help? Thanks ...

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    I would like a .exe made similar to Directx. A program that will show all hardware and drivers on a PC system. I want the interface to be made in Visual Basic and I want the program to work in ALL Operating Systems such as Win XP, Win 2000, Win ME, Win 98, Win 98SE, Win 95. Not only is the basic hardware and drivers good to see on the program, but also if possible IRQ, CD-rom/DVD/CDRW, Hard Drive ...

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    Affiliates are only paid for 1 click through per 24 hour unique IP. I need it so that affiliates are paid for when a 24 hour unique IP clicks on more than one LISTING. If somebody clicks on the same listing twice, the affiliate will only be paid once. If somebody clicks on different listings, then the affiliate will be paid for the different listings.

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    Hey guys, I want a linux system written for installation onto a pc that is connected via a tv out to a tv and that includes a simple but bespoke file browser (probably just an alphabetical list of files in each folder when that folder is selected), the ability to play a video or audio file (divx, mpeg, dvd, vcd, mp3, cd), rip these things to the hard drive etc. I appreciate this is very vague but ...

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    We are looking for someone to make us a clone of netflix.com. "ON-LINE MOVIE RENTAL WEBSITE" Our website will be an adult website. what we are looking for in a website is the following: - the website must look almost similar in a way to [fazer login para ver a URL] and work the same way. I am not 100% sure on what is needed to make a website like [fazer login para ver a URL] but below a...

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    This project involves the backend programming of a vacation rental site - whether it involves perl, php, or what I don't know. Owners and rentors list their properties and users browse/search for vacation spots to rent. Two that are similar are [fazer login para ver a URL] and [fazer login para ver a URL] but want this one to be a little more simplified and straight forward. Another is vacati...

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    Cell phone notifyer Encerrado left

    Cell phone notifyer- Should work with any cell phone Ability to send a message to any cell phone from affiliates sales page as soon as an affiliate's website has generated a sale. must work with click bank and paypal. Ability to be installed easily All of this should be done automatically as soon as a sale is made from the affiliate's website. This project is preferred to be written in a...

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    Website Fix Up Encerrado left

    WEB SITE FIX UP FOR REAL ESTATE (RENTAL) COMPANY [fazer login para ver a URL] We need to change the pictures on our website since they are "borrowed" from other websites. We require a mailing list feature and where people can sign up for more info. Would prefer to have it done in PHP. ASP is accetable. We want to add a good "resources" section We need to have ready a page that ...

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    This project has 3 small components: 1)I need a logo design (color, greyscale, and black & white fax version, as vector images) You should begin by putting together a big sheet of logo ideas. The company installs telephone systems and does the wiring and the wall outlets. The company name is "Sunday Communications" 2) We will want you to also put together a design for a business card...

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    I require 10 templates for auction listings (not websites). These templates will have the item description, space for a picture, description and payment details etc. Each template needs to be themed towards auction categories, of which I will provide. For instance, a 'DVD/Video' template could be used by people who where selling DVD's, videos, movie memorabilia etc. Full copyrig...

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    I need a database set up that will run in Access 97 for a small advertising company that rents ads on bus-stop benches. Here's what I envision: I need a screen where I input my company's information 1. Company Name 2. Company Address 3. City State Zip 4. Phone I need to input data about each bench. 1. Bench Number 2. Bench Location 3. Date Placed in Service 4. A radio button or check box...

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    Job details: We are using an affiliate script from [fazer login para ver a URL] that needs customisation. To take the existing perl cgi affiliate script and allow us to add in several products some of which will be one off products and some reoccurring sales / monthly subscription payments. Currently the script does not have features to cope with subscripitons and we want to be able to add commis...

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    Database Completion Encerrado left

    I need to add a new feature to an existing access database. I need to add a feature that would enable a user to enter a customer name or customer number and retrieve a report of the rates each customer pays for a certain type of equipment rental. I also need a feature where a user can enter/change the rates and add new customers. I also need someone to modify some of the quieries and reports for t...

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    78248 Resell Encerrado left

    I need to use a script to monitor affiliates who by my content area for there members area. I need to track the number of users they are sending and if possible the amount of bandwidth that affiliate is using as a total. The script needs to be able to deny that affiliates IP from my htaccess once they hit the limit and then send the an e mail giving them the opportunity reactivate there account. I...

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    I need a dating/matchmaker program in PHP that also has an affiliate program built in. Also should accept PayPal payments for membership.

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    Past Due Report and Letter VB6 routine to generate past due report off of both a SQLServer and Microsoft Access Database. The routine will be merged into our existing accounting program. Database connection and table structures will be provided. Table structures for both databases are identical. You will need to create views off of about 4 existing tables. Database access is thru Microsoft ADO. Th...

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    Online Rental Encerrado left

    Project ??" Rentals ASP pages to handle rental availabilities User can select a choice thru a drop-down list All Rentals Weekly Seasonal Upon selection the table will be filled with the appropriate data Each row will show the following information, retrieving variables from the database. Place to click for details Property Address Picture of Property Sleeps Bedrooms Baths Price When the user ...

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    We currently operate on a version of smartsearch at aaise.com. At the moment since our database is new, we have few advertisers. What we would like done is to be able to add [fazer login para ver a URL]'s results to our syndicated results (javascript feeds and XML etc). Our results should come up as well but if there is less that 1 listing, it should grab from searchfeed.com. When our vis...

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    Hello, I would like a clone of the Rate Calculator & Booking Form like one shown on example below. [fazer login para ver a URL] Must be incorporated into my existing calendar. Other requirements: 1) Must run on unix server 2) Owner would need to be able to set prices for: days, weeks and months. 3). Logic would need to be included for minimum rental periods that can be set by owner 4). ...

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    Hello, I have an adult movie site which contains around 300 dvds available for viewing online. Every dvd is broken up into several clips (anywhere from 7-22). What I want done is have somebody take 1 screen capture from every clip available. Please bid on the whole project (300 movies). Only people who are 18+ apply, a high speed internet connection is a great asset! ## Deliverables A zip file ...

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    This is for a high school project so it should be very simple. I have done some of it but it is proving to be a little difficult for me. I dont think what I have done is correct so I will need someone to design the system from scratch. I can supply the database (which is done in Access) and a kind of site map of how I want each page done. Overview: A simple system that can be used by a shop to kee...

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    Car Rental System Encerrado left

    Doing a car rental system using Visual Basic and microsoft access. It is actually a final year project. In need of help, cos the whole program need to be handed in by 29th march 2003. I have it half done but i'm stucked. Urgent. Insertion and deletion of datas from Database etc. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete sourc...

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    I have a smartsearch site, would like it so that affiliates and advertisers have secure pages when they logon. This site has been modified and has separeate pages for affiliates and advertisers.

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    website creation Encerrado left

    This will be a model scout site of models ranging from the ages of anywhere from some months to 70-80yrs which will consists of children,teens,middle aged,old [fazer login para ver a URL] will be 1)infants (1-12mths)(2)children(1mth-12yrs)(3)teens(15-23yrs)(4)middle age(23-45yrs)(5)old people(45-75yrs)(6)normal registration link(this link will be for the models who want to register with our compan...

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    We need a new affiliates program developed for a new website we are launching shortly

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    Affiliate Software Encerrado left

    i need an affiliate software that works with an existing SQL dB that tracks live orders to pull and manage orders made with specific affiliates. It needs to be able to calculate percentage, and flat rate sales. based upon order totals by specific and grouped affiliates. It also needs to be able to track down through at least 4 tiers. Payment and sales adjustments also need to be available through ...

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    This is a graphic designer role: To design a DVD cover sleeve (packaging) for our new application ([fazer login para ver a URL]). We can supply logo files and further detailed requirements to the successfull bidder. It needs to be full color, 350DPI, and the final file delivered in Quark express format. We can also supply the artwork dimensions with bleed specs etc. Please submit li...

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    Here is what I am tring to do: - start an online rental website website where my visitors can come and rent a video from me and I mail it to them. It going to be alot like [fazer login para ver a URL] in a way. I will need a way that I can add new movies every week, update the website when movies are rented out, and be able to take peoples credit card numbers for the membership each month. If...

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    We are looking for the following 5 THEMED templates: - Christmas (Used during the Christmas holiday season.) - Clearance (Used to highlight items we are clearing out of our inventory.) - Affiliate (Used when contacting web site affiliates.) - New Product (Announing new products.) - Generic (A template that will be used most of the year.) The generic themed template will usually cover on sale items...

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    I have a little script that pays my affiliates whatever percentage i specify (in the script) but this isnt now working, i get internal server error, but i dont think its permissions, can you help.

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