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    I would like some help in creative essay writing at high school level It is a mock up interview - about 10 pages

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    Need website in WP Encerrado left

    Check That is my website and I want a replica only in wordpress. A coded one has a lot of bugs If possible yes but you can make a few changes but would prefer the same so that you just copy opaste the content Not really but there are a few things that need to be added on the front end such as discipline (make order tab) and also show

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    I have written a personal statement (1.5 pages) for a medical residency in the United states in Internal Medicine. I would like the editor to have some background knowledge in medicine so they can provide professional critique and make improvements to my essay. The essay is about applying to internal medicine. Some things to think about (from previous

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    27 ofertas admissions personal statement essay for MSA program. Specifically, I would like a US based editor who has the cultural context and adequate skills to make changes and suggestions on my essay. The word count is 967. This is the second draft of my essay so approximately one hour of work is required. Essay Problem: In your Notre Dame MSA application

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    Hi Attiya Z., My name is Aygun. I am a student. I need an essay about Scrum Project Management (4 pages). I should write myself without any copy. Can you help me? I need the essay until the weekend.

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    Hello,this is Ann . I was wondering if u can help me in one of my college essays . it is 8 pages essay in MLA format about a book called (fast food nation by Eric Schlosser) and it should included at least 5 more sources .

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    I have written an essay (2 Pages) without a conclusion paragraph. I need someone to help me edit, polish my writing, so it looks more professional. To also fix all grammar mistakes and punctuation. Re-structure sequences to make them complete and solid.

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    A topic related to cyber security . Write a brief essay (three pages) on your thesis of cyber security. The research must include at least one research report and research article and several articles on the topic. The research must include credible resources including professional and academic journals, trade publications , books, magazines and newspapers

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    Essay comm 11 Encerrado left

    ...influenced how the characters acted with each other b. what communication strategies could the characters have used to help them better communicate with the other characters The essay must feature the following: • 3-4 typed, double-spaced pages (Times New Roman, 12 font) • MLA format (this includes quotes and the Works Cited page) • A clear thesis statement

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    Need to design a “landing page” for a website, that focuses on offering help with writing essays and project papers. The link to the current website will be provided to you. The ideal freelancer should have a great experience with creation of landing pages and integrate them on a website. You will need to provide the “design” that should be

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    Instructions: Reread the articles between pages 310-325 about social networking privacy threats. After reading the four sources provided between those pages, write an Argument Synthesis Essay about one of the textbook articles and another online source (that you locate on your own) that discusses the same topic. For example, if you want to write

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    statement MSW Encerrado left

    ...double spaced pages. Please use headings for each key area (1-5) that is to be addressed. Motivation for social service and/or social justice, social work education, and a career in the profession. The Preamble of the NASW Code of Ethics states, “the primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic

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    Hello, as a teacher i am looking for a partner that will help me in the future years by creating short essays on a high level. For this week i need somebody who can write an essay about maximum 3 pages. I will give the topic on request. Please make sure you can offer some writing sample sentences.

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    Help writing an essay the essay needs to be about the use of animals and Geology for instance how do bats use their sonar abilities to map caves with their echo sonar , how we can implement these methods into Geographic locations of maps like GPS How are these methods going to benefit us their principals of work of at least 3 animals (Bats , Rat , insect

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    ...I need help in preparing a paper regarding a business case study. I have attached both the case study and instructions to how the essay should be outlined and suggestions within that. Once I confirm someone for the job I will send an exemplar of what the essay should look like on a different case study. The paper should be around 11-12 pages. Thank

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    Essay writing Encerrado left

    I need help with writing a persuasive essay and an outline template for the essay. (total of 2) TOPIC: Gun control law "campus carry" ESSAY: 12 font, double spaced, 4 pages OUTLINE: IT HAS TO BE IN THIS ORDER: 1- introduction 2- body 3- conclusion

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    I need you to write a report for something. hi i’m a business major at csuf. tomorrow i have an econ essay due. it’s 5 pages max but shorter essays are welcome. also need to add a graph or two. pls help

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    ...or 4-5 pages, excluding the Works Cited page. This paper MUST follow MLA format in all [login to view URL] topic is up to you, but it should address how some idea or theme in the novel relates to the present day. In other words, this is NOT a book review or literary criticism. This paper is not about the novel; it is inspired by the novel.  The essay should

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    Social Engineering Encerrado left

    Writing in the Social Sciences Hogwood Essay 2 (25%): Theory Response Essay Background: The study of human beings can be a messy business. As a result, social scientists do not generally establish fixed laws or argue for absolute truths. Instead, research is based on theories of human behavior and human systems. It’s important to understand that

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    I need help in my english essay of 2 to 3 pages about something that i will send you

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    Essay 1 to 2 pages Encerrado left

    Biographical Essay addressing the prompt: Why I want to pursue an MBA at Southeastern University. The essay should address how the MBA will help the student in his or her career and how he or she can integrate Christian faith into his or her profession as a manager. The paper should include the student’s full name and be 1-2 Pages in length. Please

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    writing essay Encerrado left

    In an essay that includes a thesis and specific evidence from your chosen text, identify the author’s specific audience and argument. You must also analyze how he or she builds that argument. In other words, what is the argument being made by the text and how is this text making the argument? You are not being asked to evaluate whether the essay or its

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    WEEK 4 ESSAY DUE MONDAY AT 12 PM. APA FORMAT, TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 POINT, MINIMUM 3 PAGES. DOUBLE SPACED. ALL REFERENCES WITHIN THE LAST 3 YEARS. THANKS! ESSAY: You are the CISO for a medium-size company with 300 employees that provides property management services and has offices in four different states. You have two older IT systems that are close

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    Critical Reasoning 2 Encerrado left

    Critical Thinking Assignment Option #1 - Critical Self-Reflection Essay Inference and Interpretation Read in Chapter 5 in your text Exhibit 5.12 (page 122) and reflect on how you sometimes form your views and perspectives regardless of data or evidence to the contrary. Based on your readings, research, and experiences as well as your study and

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    economics essay Encerrado left

    I need help with an essay on the topic of Turkey's Economic and Financial Status and its Trade policies with European and Middle Eastern Countries. 7 pages long APA format Double Spaced A paragraph or two outlining the type of sources used and their eventual biases Two paragraphs of 4 lines each, stating the purpose of the paper and outlining

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    I need two papers: 1.essay - 4 pages typed - Comparison and Constrast/Analysis paper using alternating pattern of organization (purpose, aspects, transitions and connectors) demonstrating fluency and cleverness in comparing and contrasting two written sources - 2 essays, 2 novels, 2 movies, etc. 2. essay - 1000 words; Pattern of Evaluation - judging

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    at least 3 pages 12 point, Times New Roman, Arial or another standard font, single spaced I am entering a contest to win a scholorship but I need help finishing my paper. My paper is an essay/ argument Private Prsons and the american justice system focus on rehabilitation. My position I am arguing is why private prisons do more harm, and that

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    I need you to write a research article. My name is Favour and I need help with a short (2-5 pages)essay on "the value of cultural diplomacy in today's modern world".

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    Get Articles Written Encerrado left

    Hi, I need you to write an Analasys: The Film Analysis Essay should be 4-5 pages (single- or double-Spaced), and preferably in font size 12.. The films is on YouTube. You should write on 1 film only. - Film analysis is NOT a film review. An analysis means you must engage on a level beyond writing a summary of the film. Note that I HAVE SEEN THE FILMS

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    an essay Encerrado left

    I am looking for a freelancer to help me write my outside source essay. The essay is about the play Fences.... outside resources, such as articles are allowed to be used, everything must be cited by the authors last name or if no authors are mentioned, the websites name.. it also needs a work cited the page in the MLA8 form and at least four sources

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    Edit essay Encerrado left

    Please help me to edit my essay. it's should be 4-5 pages long. i have 4 pages right now. (The example I listed in last supporting details should be simplified.)

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    Write a Report Encerrado left

    I need someone to read the 3 pages of the following books: - If This Is a Man by Premo Levi - One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn And then write a 1500-2000 word essay which answers the following question: Compare and contrast the opening passages of “One Day in The Life of Ivan Denisovich” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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    Write a Report Encerrado left

    ...looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skill required is Report Writing. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $30 - $40 CAD. The essay must be about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome approximately 10-15 typed pages, double-spaced. use APA format; a title page, abstract, introduction, body of essay (including imbedded citations)

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    Critical Analysis 3 Your third essay will also require you to analyze and evaluate an argument from an online database or from a credible web site. You can, however, choose whether or not it is a pro or con argument. As a reminder, the topic of your essay will have to be one for your remaining essays and research presentation, so choose carefully.

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    ...should discuss material from a textbook as well in your paper). You will have to search the scientific literature in order to find three articles that help you make your arguments. In this essay, make sure you include critical comments about the representations in each source where appropriate, specifically focusing on the differences between the

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    Research Writing 2 Encerrado left

    ...should discuss material from a textbook as well in your paper). You will have to search the scientific literature in order to find three articles that help you make your arguments. In this essay, make sure you include critical comments about the representations in each source where appropriate, specifically focusing on the differences between the

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    I need 2 essays total 3 pages 900 words. It is an admission essay and I need a perfect candidate to write it. I would send the complete instructions in private message. Some text of the essay would be : The essays should provide information about the candidate�s background, qualification, experience, and reasons for choosing social work, perceptions

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    I need 2 essays total 3 pages 900 words. It is an admission essay and I need a perfect candidate to write it. I would send the complete instructions in private message. Some text of the essay would be : The essays should provide information about the candidate�s background, qualification, experience, and reasons for choosing social work, perceptions

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    The topic is " from rags to Bollywood :the sound of Bollywood" there are some required you have to use

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    Write some Articles Encerrado left

    Write an essay about Euclidean and Non-Euclidean geometry. The essay should be 5-10 pages. if u would like to help me tell me in order to send the full details which are references and points that you have to cover on the essay!

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    Write a Report Encerrado left essay at least 6-8 double-spaced pages in length (2500-3000 words) that describes the need for a specific aspect of Masculinity to address where the future may take men/and the field. Use videos to support your argument. Be sure to include the videos. Examples, details, and short quotes from the videos will make your paper stronger and help ground

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    I need you to write an academic article. I have to write an expotiry essay about peer to peer like BitTorrent or kazaa or Freenet 2000words 5 pages l need someone to help me an Arabic guy

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    The essay is about the negative affects of Multiculturalism on women. Not the whole essay needs to be written by you but i do require help to some level. at least a couple pages.

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    Essay writing Encerrado left

    I am looking for someone to help me with my Literar Review . the assigned Topic is called: "Blogger Relations - How to Create Value by Using Bloggers?" Details regarding the essay: Regarding the Literature-Review itself: this paper aims at making you familiar with how to approach and write academic papers. This includes literature-search, the work

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    Hello, Our company website [login to view URL] is having malicious pages created that are showing on the Google search result. Currently when you browse through the website there are no redirects to porn or anything like that, however I need to have the ability of hackers to create new links on the back end removed and all current ones deleted

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    A quote on an essay Encerrado left

    2200 word essay: Assignment 2 – Essential details • Due 11.55pm Monday Week 10 (7th November) • Submission is electronic. A single file must be submitted through Blackboard using Turnitin. • The report must be 2,200 words maximum. o Word count does not include title page or reference list. o Penalties may be applied for exceeding the word limit

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    I need you to write a 2 pages essay about leadership, and what leadership means. Leadership styles and how a combination of styles help to a sales company.

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    Hello :) Hope you having a good...:) Hope you having a good dau Could you please help me with summarizing an essay to 4 pages > I need to: 1-Put the thesis in clear way for the reader, 2- need to have clear sup points 3- Need to have conclusion ( summarizing the main idea of the essay in the conclusion ) Please see the essay in the attachment

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    I need someone to help me create a professional scholarship personal essay (1,000 words, 2 pages maximum) for a graduate school. The essay needs to have impeccable flawless, and excellent academic english. Don't bid unless your english is more than excellent. I will give you details about my interests and projects; and everything. Since you can't

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