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    Multithreaded Encerrado left

    UPDATE: This component my run in COM. This project will create a software agent, which will provide methods to manage starting separate threads, monitoring their status, and provide admin functions such as Create Thread, Start Thread, Stop Thread, Report Active Thread Count, and Max number of Threads Used. The Agent will accept parameters to indicate

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    .Tiff to Text Encerrado left

    Convert .tiff to text The maximum amount for this project is $100. I need a VB.NET class made, or a VBA class module, or a COM component, that can programmatically convert faxed document images (.tiff files) to text, on a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 and Office XP. The conversion can easily be done manually using Office Document Imaging Tool

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    ...1. User will opt to download a small component (WaPa Manager ) from the site which will be installed in his system . 2. The wall paper chosen by the user on the web page is passed to the downloaded component (only Image URL is passed to the installed component ) 3. The Installed component will have two functionality i)

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    ...examples include: searching book titles in a library, searching for help in user manuals, searching Web pages, searching for keywords in the text of books, ... The second component of this project will be to build a graphical user using Java's Swing components and using the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern. Swing is part of the Java class libraries

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    ...bid if you don't know you can pull it off. I have an existing program written in Visual Basic which uses the Microsoft Multimedia Control (NOT the Windows Media Player component). This control is used to play audiowav files, and I am trying to add the mpegvideo playback functionality. This is where I run into the problem. The video will play

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    We have the source code for a delphi 4 image component that we would like modified as follows: At present to show how an image would look if saved at a particular compression level we save it to the temp folder at that compression and reload it - which is very, very slow! What we would like is for there to be a new property which allows the user to

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    ***NOTICE, the script is to count sites like [fazer login para ver a URL] that I have no access to. I need any script/component that can give me a report of other websites statistics. Obviously I have no access to gather the log file, so slick out of the box thinking needs to be applied. I am not asking for the details of the visits, just the total of visitors

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    This is an upate on the p...form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. Full and Complete Documentation. ## Platform VB standalone or activeX component running under Windows. Must be compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2K, and XP. ## Deadline information Need to get started as soon as possible.

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    Hi Guys I need an ActiveX OCX component which enables me to disable all kinds of dialups except the phone numbers added to a listbox in VB. The OCX must disable ALL other kinds of attemps to call through the modem, while an application with this OCX is running on the computer. Properties in OCX.. Enabled=true/false Feel free to ask any questions ##

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    I need someone to develop an OCX component (for use in a VB App) that allows me to record all open and active application EXEs and captions on a Windows machine (95/98/ME/NT/XP). I then need the OCX to record how [1] long a user spends in each app, [2] IDLE time (time the user does not type anything or move the mouse), [3] the caption of the window

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    Notepad Encerrado left

    ...have a replace feature. Search is required however. Must be made in delphi with no external components. If you decide to use a component, you must provide the source code for it. It is imperative that you write this component, so that we do not violate any copyrights. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    Delphi File Access Encerrado left

    I want to have file access control in Delphi. What I want is a component or functions, or pointers to websites containig these which will let me control file acccess (such as open/close of files, directories etc. ALL file events (read, write, rename etc.) have to be taken care of, passed thru these functions, and if allowed, be executed. Otherwise,

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    ...done. Complete copyrights/resale rights to all work purchased. 1. Abilty to save smart tags found in ANY Mircrosoft Office XP(ie. and most importantly: Outlook, Word, Excel)component to ANY Contact folder in Outlook contacts. 2. Self installer program to install program OR instructions to install manually OR instructions to install using login scripts

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    Convert .tiff to text I need a VB.NET class made, or a VBA class module, or a COM component, that can programmatically convert faxed document images (.tiff files) to text, on a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 and Office XP. Anybody can easily do this manually using Office Document Imaging Tool that comes in Office XP. To try this manually on

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    ...to the site and retrieves an article to a text file. I am a WSJ subscriber and will furnish username and password. I have tried to do it myself using ASP, and the ASPHTTP component. My code did not work, because I was unable to setup the headers properly. My code is attached to the bid form. I am open to the usage of other server-side scripting languages

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    ...98,2k, me, and xp. the component needs to be a front end for vcdimager. it should be able to handle the functions like these programs " [fazer login para ver a URL] for C++ Borland Builder source code [fazer login para ver a URL] " where the dos box should not show. all progress should be shown from component. also have a quick function

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    ...intelligent components and services. The greatest thing about this project, is that providing developers will keep all copyrights to provided components, and can withdraw the component(s) at any [fazer login para ver a URL] even own a part of the company, while on the list of providing developers. - Something like "Open source OCX", where developers of OCX's files receive/...

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    MFC Graphic View Encerrado left

    ...zoom in/out and scroll horizontal and vertical, and should operate in both 16bit GDI (Windows 95/98) and 32bit GDI (Windows NT/2000/XP). For very large objects with numerous component (rectangles for example), the view should use clipping for increased display/refresh performance. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    Hi, Looking for a C++ COM Component Example - more so for the beginner. I don't care what it is, as long as it has an example of it's real-use! Would prefer a small example - without a lot of source, but more than just "Hello World" <-- which would be rejected. commented source code - within the source - stating the obvious, is what I'm after. Regards

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    ...the programming with enough research but I need a few steps outlined to be able to create the forms to set the scheduling part to work. For instance the calender Active X component is cool but it seems to only have a monthly view. We need to schedule by week. I need the concept to be laid out so that I can create the forms for the weekly input. And how

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    video OCX tree Encerrado left

    ...tree view component that will show avi videos located in a default folder . When clicked on once get a preview in a preview panel. When DblClicked opens a transparent form ( shows only the video ) and plays it. the video itself will have transparent areas in it - so you will only see the solid objects in the video on the desktop - This component must update

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    ...web page tag soup into good [x]HTML. See [fazer login para ver a URL] for an overview. Over a year ago, André Blavier put in a lot of effort and made a nice COM component out of it in VC++ 6.0 & ATL: see [fazer login para ver a URL] (source is there too). In the meantime, a community open-source project started ([fazer login para ver a URL]

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    ...particular make queueing at this particular depot? If so, what position is it in the queue? State clearly any assumptions you make, and remember that the English commentary component of a Z specification is an important aid to understanding, so please include it. ## Platform Dedicated software for writing Z Spec schemas. Will be supplied to successful

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    Z Specification Encerrado left

    ...particular make queueing at this particular depot? If so, what position is it in the queue? State clearly any assumptions you make, and remember that the English commentary component of a Z specification is an important aid to understanding, so please include it. ## Platform Dedicated schema writing software. Will be supplied upon commencement of the

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    I require a persistent container component for Delphi 5, that is capable of streaming (saving / loading & re-creating) all the components it owns, the owned components are of any type descended from TComponent. the component must be called TContainer and ideally should be a direct descendant of TComponent (ie. TContainer = class(TComponent) ) the goal

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    Import CSV OCX Encerrado left

    Hi Guys In need of yet another ActiveX (OCX) component, which would enable me to import CSV values to a listbox in VB, and/or database. Need properties like.. .About .databasename .Delimiter (Tab, Comma etc.) .Fieldname (name of field in database) .Filename (name of CSV or text file) .Output (name of listbox) .Path (Directory) .Recordsource (Name of

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    14 ofertas

    ...fully-functional working OCX and VB sample in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Component Type ActiveX (OCX) Operating System for Deployment Windows 98 Windows NT 4.0 Windows 2000 Windows XP Compatible Containers Microsoft Visual [fazer login para ver a URL] Microsoft Visual Studio

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    Need an ActiveX component that can be used in Visual Basic, that includes functions to administrate user accounts, groups and so on in Novell. The functions that is needed are for example Add/Delete/Alter User Account and Groups. As well as other functions that Novell offer in this User Management area. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    Hi Guys I need an ActiveX (OCX) component which enables me to crawl websites for links (.asp, .htm, .html etc.) The component needs an optional level of search-depth or at least the possibility to gather infomation about links used in frames. The OCX should add found links to a listbox in VB. Feel free to ask any questions Kind regards /Jan Petersen

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    ...working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows XP, SQL Server 2000, Component Development in Visual Basic 6.0, Web Development in ASP, IIS 5, Website must be Compatible with all 3.0+ versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape. ## Deadline information

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    Hi Guys I need an ActiveX(OCX) component which can permanently close remote ports and not reopen, while application with this OCX is running on a local client. The OCX must be build without using a timer and/or lot's of memory. The remote ports to close is to be loaded from a listbox in VB, or simple text file like .ini Hope to hear from you guys soon

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    ...business knowledge, creative GUI design, ability to work on own, local to Chicagoland (no exceptions). Helpful: ERP software, accounting software, experience with True DBGrid component. ## Deliverables 300 hrs of meeting and programming time, documented. Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    Hi guys I need an ActiveX or OCX component to ensure my program is running, and which will result in an "access denied" should the user try to terminate the application from the Windows2000/XP taskmanager. The name of application to ensure open and keep running, needs to be insertable in the component, or readable from ini-file or the regDB. Hope to

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    MS Access Project. Encerrado left

    I have a r...fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. (Note, this does not require an exe. I only need to have a database component to parse the data and dump it to a spreadsheet. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Microsoft Access 2000 running on Windows 2000 Pro.

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    ...free to answer any one question without addressing them all. If a project needs a 3rd party component, such as a graphics package or pdf generator, can I purchase a license and let the coder use it and then I get the license back? The answer will depend upon the component, I'm sure. What is common practic? In particular I am thinking of Chart FX, but

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    NetMsg Encerrado left

    ...recieved. Ideally these message pairs would be configurable on the fly while the app is running. I would like seperate Communication Socket, Bussness logic, database, UI component layers. possible additional work to add webforms and webclass in future project if this works out. Info added: 2 apps that exchange information with each other over tcpip

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    Latency Encerrado left

    To reduce latency on the live video stream to an imperceptible level (probably should be defined in milliseconds) using the Corona beta component of MS .NET server software to deliver an MPEG2 video stream to the Windows XP Media Player). Currently we have 10 seconds [fazer login para ver a URL] have tried making confiuration changes on Media Services of Corona and on

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    Charting component with atleast bar- & piecharting. The component should generate the chart as a gif image. The component should read the data from a ADO recordset. There should also be ability to add headers to charted items and functionality that gives coordinates of each bar (those will be used to create hotspot-hyperlinks). ## Deliverables Complete

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    I have a almost ready balloon component, but it needs to be checked for memory licks and to fix some bugs. E.g. sometimes when I show/hide the balloon and close the form an Exception pops up. Source code is 20 KB. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

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    ...mmddyyyyhhmm The function should allow time to be on or off. There is no need to define holidays like the example one. It should be original work (i.e. not just a modified freeware component) and compatible with at least IE5+ ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done

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    I am looking for a component for scanning. I am using Windows XP. Therefore, you cannot use the components that come with Windows Imaging since it does not work with XP. What I want are these methods and properties. 1. Path (Location of the new scanned file 2. Whether it will determine how much is actually a picture so if a person is scanning a small

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    JPEG Expert required Encerrado left

    ...expert on the JPEG Image format who also has good knowledge of Delphi components to extend the capabilites of a working Delphi 4 JPEG component (we have the source code!) Functions we require are as follows: 1. The component already has facilities to select an area using a "rubber band" or "irregular" selection tools, we would like the user to be able to

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    camera component Encerrado left

    I need a component with these methods 1. Find Cannon Digital Camera 2. List of pictures With this method, it will list all the pictures 3. Next, a method to move the pictures The only parameter needed is the path (where the pictures are going. This will take the pictures off the camera and into the specific folders. If a person goes into Windows Explorer

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    ...type server running ASP and ASP components. We need a component, Script etc... that will do what HTACCESS does to prevent Image Hot linking. We refer to image hot linking when someone puts an image tag on their website that pulls the image from another server. For example ![][1] we need a component or script tha will PREVENT this from happening but for

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    CD emulator Encerrado left

    I am looking for a component that does three things. First, a method that copies all files from a CD Rom to a specific path on the hard drive. This must be able to even copy slightly corrupted files so CD's with Copy protection will still work. The parameters would be CD Drive, and path on hard drive. The second method would be to accept the path on

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    I need a component for recording sound to MP3. What I want is when the record is used, whatever sounds are being played on a person's computer, it records and saves as MP3. These are the methods, properties and events I want. 1. OpenFile 2. CloseFile 3. GetBytes 4. GetTime 5. HasEnded 6. StartRecord 7. StopRecord For openfile I want these parameters

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    ...order 24 hours a day. The website will be titled StrathComputers. the website should be simple but clear. No contrasting colour, simple text font. Clear buttons etc. Each component category should have a seperate page. There should a profile page. There should also be a contact and queries page. If anything isnt clear, feel free to contact me. ## Deliverables

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    SMS Project Encerrado left

    ...module, but let us know some design plans. The module should be written in Java or ASP or whatever suits the job best. If you feel it is good to make it an OCX or Delphi component, let us know. Also, you must give us suggestions to what lanugage we should code the application in (that will use the SMS module). At the end, the whole thing will be run

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    ...personalized ads message to all new members since their last sent. Gold : paid higher monthly fee, can send personalinzed ads message to all members join after them. I use a 3rd party component for email processing. This joining part is integrated with the second part of the system. The second part is a VB application and some ASP application that do placing

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    I have the source code of a working multi-threaded SMTP Relay Server component for Delphi 4 that I would like extended as follows: 1. It currently allows attachments, I would like it extended to that when it encounters an ![]() tag in the body of the email, it should seemlessly embeds the graphic. A new event should be created which is triggered if

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