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    Bom, tenho uma projeto de CRM e mult atendimento Whats(via api), preciso de um dev. Gostaria que o projeto tivesse o mongodb como banco, a api no fastapi (eu tenho a api do whats api)

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    Bom, tenho uma projeto de CRM e mult atendimento Whats(via api), preciso de um dev. Gostaria que o projeto tivesse o mongodb como banco, a api no fastapi (eu tenho a api do whats api)

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    ...models (LLM) to interact with customers, applying marketing techniques to maximize re-engagement and scheduling. API and Backend: Implementation using FastAPI and SQLAlchemy to ensure rapid and scalable development, with support for containerization via Docker. User Management: A user administration system with hierarchical roles, allowing the master user to manage permissions and access. UI Portal: The portal should show all conversations, rate of interest of individuals. Should have the hability to handle multiple campaings, have a calendar itself. Technologies to be Used: (We can discuss) Frontend and Backend: FastAPI, SQLAlchemy Containerization: Docker AI and Language Models: Development of a LLM model adapted to marketing needs and customer ...

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    Saya sedang mengerjakan project server API menggunakan FastAPI dan saya perlu mengimplementasikan memory cache menggunakan memcache untuk komunikasi antara workers. Server ini memiliki sistem autoscaling dengan object Server yang saya ingin share diantara setiap workers dari FastAPI. Requirements: - Experience in Python - Experience in Multithreading / Multiprocessing - Memcache, redis, or any other in memory database

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    We are seeking an experienced developer specialized in integrating FastAPI with Microsoft Identity for authentication purposes. Our project involves a FastAPI application that requires secure authentication mechanisms, leveraging Microsoft Identity (Azure AD). We have encountered specific issues regarding the authentication flow and token validation, which necessitate professional expertise. Core Requirements: Expertise in FastAPI: You should have a profound understanding of FastAPI, including its asynchronous programming model, dependency injection system, and security utilities. Experience with Microsoft Identity: You must be well-versed in Microsoft Identity (Azure AD) for OAuth2 and OpenID Connect authentication flows. Experience with MSAL (Microsoft Authen...

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    I am seeking a full stack developer with FastAPI expertise to create a strategic business management web tool tailored towards small businesses. THIS TOOL IS FOR A PRESENTATION BY ME, THE DEADLINE IS UNTIL SUNDAY (04/08/2024), WE DO NOT NEED VERY COMPLEX LOGICS OR USER AUTHENTICATIONS. Key Functionalities to Develop Vision Submission System: Interface for users to submit detailed descriptions of their business visions. Go-To-Market Plan Analysis: Logic and infrastructure to analyze submitted visions and generate tailored strategic plans. Utilization of Full Stack FastAPI Template () Leverage the existing user authentication (login and registration) provided by the template. Use the template's built-in database and schema designs

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    I'm seeking an experienced Python engineer with strong knowledge in Django and Fastapi to help set up a CI/CD pipeline using AWS for an E-commerce platform. This project involves working with microservice architectures for simplicity and scalability. Due to the nature of this project, strong prior experience in AWS and microservice architecture is highly desirable. Ideal Skills and Experience: *Proficiency in Python, Django and Fastapi * Experience in setting up and maintaining AWS CI/CD pipelines * Extensive knowledge of E-commerce platforms and microservice architectures Please note that the specific functionalities and features for the E-commerce platform are still under consideration, and may be discussed and finalized upon project commencement.

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    I'm in urgent need of a proficient Python developer versed in FastAPI for API development. The main task involves building APIs with a possible consideration for future functionalities which may include data manipulation, integration with external services and user authentication and authorization. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive Python coding experience - Proficient in FastAPI - Experience in building robust APIs - React.js development. Timing: Part time - Long term project.

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    As a client, I'm searching for an experienced developer who can create me an automate...participants. Recordings: - Recording all participants individually and the entire meeting, this includes both visual and audio content. Deployment & Coding: - The bot should be developed using Python and FastAPI. - It should be deployed as a microservice in a docker, with exposed APIs. - The bot should live store the meeting's files in real-time to Azure blob storage. Security Measures: - At least a basic level of security is required for the unique email generation and bot's ability to join meetings. The ideal candidate for this project should have solid experience in Python, FastAPI, Azure, and MS Teams API. Practical experience in bot developing, specifically fo...

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    I need a skilled developer to start a Chrome extension project. testing and deployment in the future. This project includes several components: 1. **Backend**: Create a basic python backend using FastAPI. The backend should support encrypted communication. 2. **Chrome Extension**: User can send textual page content to the server to be logged in a database. In the database, text is indexed by user-id and url. 3. **User Authentication**: The extension will use Google sign-in for user authentication. 4. **Deployment**: You will choose a deployment setup which is easy to manage. I don't care about scale. 5. **CI/CD** Ideal candidates should have proven experience with Chrome extension development, Python, FastAPI, various databases, Google sign-in authentica...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned developer to create a Postgres database and FastAPI project. The postgres database will have pgvector embeddings And fastapi will havw standard get post functuins to retrieve data and embeddings and store data in tables. Will share tabe structures And api endpoints to have

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    ...a startup in stealth mode located in the Bay Area. Our mission is to revolutionize Event management through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. **Role Overview**: We are seeking an experienced Backend Developer with strong expertise in FastAPI to join our dynamic team. This individual will be responsible for building and maintaining the server-side logic, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the frontend. **Key Responsibilities**: 1. Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable FastAPI code. 2. Implementation of security and data protection solutions. 3. Integration with frontend components and third-party services. 4. Define and maintain the database models and schemas using MongoEngine with MongoDB. 5. Optimize ap...

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    I am seeking an experienced developer for the creation of a FastAPI backend. This will connect with the WhatsApp API, including a seamless login and logout functionality. Essential elements also include: - Enabling auto-answers - Facilitating group messaging - Managing private messaging - Permitting the sending of files - And, maintaining instances for an indefinite period. Your expertise should ideally be in backend development with prior exposure to FastAPI and the WhatsApp API. You should understand the mechanisms of chat applications and be savvy with file transfer protocols. Experience with maintaining instance states is a must. If you can bring these skills to my project, I'd love to hear from you.

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    Hice una API en con FastAPI que incluye en su header una api_key y en el body una lista de diccionarios con dos valores: un ID y un valor entre 1 y 10. La API lee una variable de entorno con una clave que utilizo para comparar con la api_key que el usuario de la API enviará y en caso de no ser correcta termina el programa; caso contrario graba los valores del JSON en una BD de MySQL. Es mi primer API y el tema es que no sé desplegarla. Las opciones son: hacerlo en un servidor dedicado donde tengo la aplicación principal de la cual la API es un servicio. Y la otra opción es desplegarlo en cualquier nube, sólo requeriría comprar un dominio específico para consumir la API por parte de mi cliente.

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    FastAPI Development Encerrado left

    Need to develop the Fast API as per the requirement.

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    I am looking for a skilled Backend Developer to work on the development of various modules for my exciting social app. As a Backend Developer, you will primarily focus on designing, implementing, and maintai...Group's, Chat, Notification, Comments, Likes, QR Code, Order/tickets, Payment, Calendar, Promotions, Proposals, Offers, Friend, and Gig's Modules. -Ensure the reliability, security, and performance of backend services. -Develop APIs to support frontend features and integrations. Some Requirements: -Solid experience in backend development with the technologies like , Node.js, MongoDB, FastAPI, PHP, Python, and Django. -Understanding of API development and integration. -Databases. -Social between users -Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail for a ...

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    ...our admin panel. The backend will be developed using FastAPI, a high-performance web framework for building APIs with Python, and MongoDB for data storage. Requirements: Expertise in FastAPI and MongoDB is essential. In-depth understanding of RESTful APIs, CRUD operations, and web security best practices. Ability to implement robust security measures to protect against common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF). Experience with user authentication and authorization mechanisms, including token-based authentication and role-based access control (RBAC). Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with our team. Deliverables: Develop a FastAPI backend with CRUD endpoints f...

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    I'm looking for a Python pro to create an insightful, in-depth, and highly engaging video tutorial. This should focus exclusively on the Python-based Flet and FastApi libraries with Postgresql. A simple noteapp with the right folder structure... Key Requirements: I would like to understand how to use both technologies with a simple Note Api (restful api) where you can create a note, edit it and erase it and create also a simple registration and login.. My goal is : 1. to learn how to set up the right project structure for big applications that can scale up..(MVC pattern) 2. how to properly create endpoints and connect backend with frontend FRONTEND: note_api_project/ │ ├── api/ │ ├── │ ├── # API routes for handling notes │ └── # Views

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    I have a React Typescript application, and FastAPI backend. I have existing flood dns simulation code. I need a developer that can add the simulation code to my existing application. means I will be able to create new simulation and see progress of existing simulations in my React application.

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    I am looking for a competent developer to integrate into an existing chat application that uses React for the frontend and FastAPI and Python for the backend. This project is compiled inside a Docker container. What I need is real-time messaging functionality, to ensure seamless async messaging. Key Responsibilities: - Incorporate into an already created chat application - Implement real-time messaging, enabling async communication to the frontend Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Python, FastAPI, and - Familiarity with Docker containers - Proficiency in JavaScript, specifically knowledge in React.js would be highly advantageous Note that I am aiming to have this project completed within the next few days, so your prompt response and

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    Python scripts to handle automation within Smartsheet. Scripts will be hosted on server running FastAPI managed by uvicorn. Smartsheet API helper script should handle all API uses, including the creation and management of web hooks. There will eventually be multiple webhooks. For the purpose of this exercise, I just need one example of a web hook created on user saving worksheet, to trigger a script that: 1. Gathers all of the values from a column in a separate sheet 2. Sorts values ascending 3. Updates a dropdown list on the primary sheet. The two sample sheet API keys will be provided. Python Requirements Write Python 3 script that is PEP8 compliant code. When doing web requests, ensure asynchronous functionality as well as bundling jobs. All imports should be at the top of t...

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    I am currently seeking a professional with a strong background in Python and Machine Learning to help debug an issue with our API response time. The specific issue is related to REST API response which is currently running in the 2-digit millisecond range. I am running FastAPI + Uvicorn server setup on EC2 instance. I am using 4 Uvicorn workers and 4 celery workers on 8vCPU Ec2 instance. I am performing very simple task. I get data on post API, schedule background task using celery and return response immediately. For this simple task if I send 40 concurrent request at sec, I get p99 as 600 ms which is very high. It should be within two digit. Can you help me debug this issue ? Key Project Details & Requirements: - Debugging: You'll need experience in debugging machine ...

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    ...landlords with real-time data analytics via a CRM so they can have the full and immediate access to information necessary to optimize rental pricing. We are seeking full-stack development for our MVP. The individual/team be responsible for developing, implementing, and deploying frontend and backend software for an apartment leasing platform. Our contemplated tech stack is + MongoDB + Python/FastAPI. We are using AWS for cloud/web hosting. Key responsibilities include: * Working with UI/UX and product management teams, as well as third-party developers for application integrations, to implement software solutions * Designing client- and server-side architecture * Incorporating dynamic functionality into frontend applications such as user landing pages, a CRM dashboard, prop...

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    I am urgently seeking a skilled developer proficient with FastAPI to refactor certain functions of an LLM web application. The scope of this project hasn't been finalized yet, resulting in ambiguity in which functions require refactoring. However, this will be clarified as we engage further. Key Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with FastAPI - Strong background in refactoring and improving code efficiency - Familiarity with LLM web applications - Proactive communicator essential due to project ambiguity regarding specific functions to refactor - Available to start immediately and work within a swift time frame.

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    python SageMaker training and deployment for simple given ML model : main challenge is autoscaling you have 7 days to do 1. I do not provide you my AWS account . you develop all on your AWS account 2. Teach me ML project end to end development on SageMaker AWS with autoscaling in production 3. Any python package installed by pip can be used...n-sagemaker-37211d8412f4 FYI fast inference

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    I require a FastAPI solution that identifies the route destination before any actual calls to it occur in order to read the incoming request data. The job requires specific skills in Python and FastAPI. Key responsibilities: - Design and implement a method to identify the route destination before an actual call is made. - Read incoming request data and implement rules based on the route inforation Ideal freelancers would hold: - Strong knowledge and experience in Python and FastAPI. - Experience in request data modification and route-based data handling. - Ability to make informed decisions regarding the identification of irrelevant data.

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    I'm seeking an experienced Python developer knowledgeable in Javascript for the development of a ve...experienced Python developer knowledgeable in Javascript for the development of a versatile chatbot via the Chatgpt API. Features: - Real-time chat, and optimise our scripts for NLP and NLTK analysis ( utilising github repos) - Customizable responses ( for backend scripts to create perfect SEO optimised articles) The design and implementation should be processed via the Flask, Django and FastAPI frameworks. It is vital that the freelancer have prior experience in these areas and can demonstrate a high level of understanding for each framework. The final product must be efficient, stable, and easily maintainable. It's a plus if you have experience developing chatb...

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    I am looking for a developer who is comfortable working with both the front and back end systems, using React and FastAPI respectively. You must have experience deploying projects on IONOS, as my project is ready for deployment there. A database is already set up, so no tasks related to database configuration will be needed. Key skills and experiences include: - Demonstrable experience deploying React and FastAPI projects - In-depth knowledge of IONOS hosting environment - Proficient in both front and back end development - Work with existing databases I look forward to knowledgeable individuals who can make my project live on IONOS with minimal setup difficulties.

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    I need a skilled FastAPI developer who can help integrating my project with MongoDB. Core requirements include: - Significant knowledge and experience in MongoDB integration. - The ability to migrate data from an existing MongoDB database. Having skills in user authentication and creating data input forms would prove advantageous for this task. The chosen freelancer should be meticulous, reliable, and highly competent in MongoDB migration and integration. Experience in working with Pakistan based clients would be a plus. Anticipating a seamless and effective collaboration!

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    I am in immediate need of a skilled ReactJS developer proficient with some knowledge of FastAPI and MongoDB to implement a module in my ongoing project. This module is a crucial addition, encompassing approximately 10-14 pages, including forms that interact directly with our already set up MongoDB database. **Key Requirements:** - **ReactJS Expertise:** You should have extensive experience with ReactJS, capable of translating wireframes into fully-functional, highly-responsive pages. - **FastAPI Knowledge:** A decent understanding of FastAPI is needed, as the backend of our project relies on it. While deep expertise in FastAPI is not a strict requirement, familiarity with its basics for minor tweaks or debugging is essential. - **MongoDB Experience:** Given th...

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    I need a proficient developer to create a FastAPI-based API that will automate my data processing. This system will handle various kinds of school data, offering an efficient, time-saving solution to manual data handling. Key Tasks: - Automating data processing tasks using FastAPI - Handling and managing school-related data Ideal Skills: - Proficient in FastAPI web framework - Experience in data processing automation - Familiarity with handling school-related data.

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    I am on the hunt for a skilled backend developer who is highly experienced in FastAPI. Key Responsibilities: - Proficiency in Python is a must, as we'll be developing using the FastAPI python-based framework. - Coming equipped with knowledge of interfacing MongoDB is also a requirement for the role. - You should have a good understanding and prior experience developing interactive and user-friendly web applications. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in Python programming. - In-depth knowledge of MongoDB as a database choice. - Extensive experience in developing web applications using FastAPI. Strong consideration will be given to candidates who exhibit substantial experience and working knowledge with these specific tools. Looking forward to ...

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    Currently, I’m in need of an experienced AI developer to create an innovative try-on feature for model within Midjourney. - Proficiency in AI development, with a rich portfolio in AI integration projects - Experience with Midjourney, Python, FastAPI, React, , and TailwindCSS - Strong understanding of both web app development and AI feature integration - Proven track record in enhancing user experiences and increasing conversion rates through technological innovation - Excellent problem-solving abilities and detail-oriented focus After fulfilling this initial requirement, there may be additional job opportunities to expand this project further.

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    As a team, we need support on the deployment of an API build on FASTAPI in an app service of azure. It is important to consider that the API needs to be deployed in two different ways: 1) Deployment in azure web app as code 2) Deployment as docker container Important considerations The deploy needs to be connected to Github. Our API is connected to a ML model build in Pytorch, and we have the requirement that the deployment consider that library (and all the other requeried; gunicorn, sqlalchemy, psycopg2-binary, scikit-learn, etc) on the env and the images.

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    I’m on the lookout for an intermediate Full Stack Developer - someone who is proficient in using React and FastAPI. Skills & Experience: - Must have a firm understanding of Python and JavaScript programming. - Experience in crafting creative UI/UX design. - I encourage developers from Pakistan to step forward; having local insight is an added advantage. Besides the technical chops, I appreciate a developer who has the magic touch when it comes to design. Let's create something unique, interactive, and engaging for my audience.

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    Tengo un cliente sencillo en c# el cual envia una imagen a una api de Fastapi(python3.10) en windows funciona muy bien pero cuando el api esta en Ubuntu el api me devuelve el siguiente mensaje: {"detail":"There was an error parsing the body"} No he podido solucionarlo. Mi api maneja tokens pero para que lo prueben pueden quitarle no hay problema. E

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    I need a proficient React and React Native developer to build a project management application for both mobile and web platforms. The task involves: - User login/registration implementation - Project/task management system development - Creating and file sharing - Developing a user details page - Building a notification center. Even though the application is expected to have basic features and straightforward design, I am looking forward to guaranteed responsiveness. Please, your deep knowledge in React Native, React, and project management systems development will certainly be required for this project. BE is written in Python/FastAPI and leveraging graphql (subscriptions as well for ws), and is being implemented by us, but we would like to speed up the FE part of th...

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    ...notifications. - **Role-based Access Control:** Different levels of access for staff to manage the site, from updating content to overseeing reservations. - **Dynamic Content Update:** Admin should be able to update website content including specialties, chef messages, and restaurant news. **Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in HTML, CSS for crafting a responsive design. - Experience with Flask or FastAPI for backend development. - A strong portfolio showcasing minimalistic web designs. - Understanding of UI/UX principles to enhance user engagement. - Familiarity with database management for reservation systems and content updates. This project is ideal for a freelancer who appreciates minimalistic design, understands the nuances of restaurant operations, and can implement...

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    I'm currently looking to enlist talented React and TypeScript developers to revamp the user interface and optimize external system integrations in a chatbot kit component. Requirements include: - User Interface: The primary goal is to improve the design and layout of the ...unique features and addressing any existing issues. While I don't have particular design elements or a rigid layout scheme in mind, I do appreciate a flexible, creative approach to meet the project's objectives. The ideal candidate should have demonstrable experience working with React and TypeScript, user interface design, and integration with external systems. Familiarity with Python Flask or FastAPI and OpenAI ChatGPT would also be beneficial. Creativity, professionalism, and the ability to ...

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    I'm currently looking to enlist talented React and TypeScript developers to revamp the user interface and optimize external system integrations in a chatbot kit component. Requirements include: - User Interface: The primary goal is to improve the design and layout of the ...unique features and addressing any existing issues. While I don't have particular design elements or a rigid layout scheme in mind, I do appreciate a flexible, creative approach to meet the project's objectives. The ideal candidate should have demonstrable experience working with React and TypeScript, user interface design, and integration with external systems. Familiarity with Python Flask or FastAPI and OpenAI ChatGPT would also be beneficial. Creativity, professionalism, and the ability to ...

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    I am seeking a skilled Python Developer to help us develop and maintain our software products. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining efficient back-end software using Python. The candidate must have solid knowledge of Python, APIs, CI/CD, GCP and a good understanding of web frameworks, such as Flask, FastAPI, as well as software development best practices. The candidate must also have experience with effectively testing and debugging code, and managing bug fixes. We're seeking a highly skilled candidate who thrives in a fast-paced environment, is detail-oriented, and has a passion for delivering exceptional results. The successful candidate will be well-versed in development practices, such as writing code that interacts seam...

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    I need a talented Python developer who is skilled specifically in the use of the FastAPI framework. The task is simplistic and straightforward, focused mainly on writing unit tests for numerous API calls. The ideal freelancer should have: - Proficiency in Python - Experience with FastAPI framework - Strong knowledge in writing unit test cases - Good understanding of API calls Though the task is simple, I expect a thorough and detailed approach ensuring every test case is well-structured and effective in identifying potential issues. I am looking for quality work and clear communication throughout the project.

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    I have an existing project built on React JS, in which I need to implement data visualization. The primary data points are fetched from user support group forms in CMDB/ServiceNow using FastAPI. The ideal candidate should have: - Profound knowledge in React JS - Familiarity with FastAPI to fetch data - Prior experience in frontend development - Expertise in data visualization tools or libraries As for the new feature, it's purely related to enhancing the user interface of my dashboard to render user support group data. I look forward to working with a developer who can deliver this efficiently.

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    I am looking for someone experienced with Python, FastAPI, Web Sockets and particularly, to modify a chat app to use multiple threads to send responses to frontend written in React as the become available from backend. This is a small task to add this functionality as an improvement to an already functioning app. It is mandatory to use Freelancer tracking for this project in case of pay-per-hour agreement

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    ...App with AI Develop a feature in the React.js frontend for users to upload articles and structured data. The user interface must be intuitive and efficiently handle file uploads. Ensure that uploaded content is appropriately categorized and stored in the database, making it easily retrievable for future use. Automated Storage of Scraped Data: Implement a backend system, likely using Python and FastAPI, to automatically store scraped data. This system should be capable of categorizing the content based on relevant keywords. The backend should be robust and efficient, handling large volumes of data with ease. Automating Embeddings/Vectorization of Database: Develop a mechanism for automatic generation of embeddings or vectorizations for the data stored in the database. Select an...

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    I am looking for an experienced AI & Full-Stack Developer to develop a new software using Python FastAPI backend and Flutter iOS App based on strong AI backend Support. The main goal of the project is to create a new software from scratch. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in AI Implementation (at least 3 years) and Customization as per the project needs, Flutter for iOS (especially iPAD) - Strong knowledge and experience in full-stack development - Familiarity with AI technologies and frameworks - Ability to develop software from scratch - Experience in working on similar projects - Strong problem-solving and communication skills Responsibilities: 1. Design, code, analyze, and test systems for iOS applications. 2. Introduce and present the use/nuances of newly desi...

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    ...file instead sending it to the front end from serpapi import GoogleSearch import os import requests # import random from fastapi import FastAPI from dotenv import load_dotenv from serpapi import GoogleSearch from import ThreadPoolExecutor import asyncio import newspaper from bs4 import BeautifulSoup from import stopwords from import word_tokenize from import bigrams, trigrams import nltk from . import add_post, save_links, get_post, get_all_post, remove_post, update_post # Load env load_dotenv() SERPAPI_KEY = ('c0797abfd638908bf4cadfb3c2522a2865d2d39f33d0d627411dc858332f6329') app = FastAPI() # Setup Cors origins = [ "http://localhost", "http://localhost:3000", ] app.add_middleware( CORSMiddleware

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    - Improve huggingface models accuracy Looking to hiring someone who has good experience in both python/AI/hugginface/fastAPI

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    ...Functionalities Needed -- Implement three models of credential sharing, including: Time-expiring links Code/password protected links A secure credential table Ensure cross-platform accessibility via a browser on both mobile and desktop platforms. Technical Preferences -- Utilize front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma, or Custom CSS. Backend preferences include Python (Django, FastAPI, Flask) or PHP if not overly complex. Additional Features -- Integrate features such as: Copy-to-clipboard Expiry notifications Link deletion upon expiration Security measures against brute-force attacks Delivery and Punctuality -- The finished product must be fully functional and user-friendly, ready to implement upon delivery. We're targeting a completion deadline, and punc...

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