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    Desenvolver componente para envio e recebimento de menssagens de chat do Facebook. O componente deve implementar os seguintes métodos e eventos: public delegate void OnGetMessageReceivedDelegate(string from, string id); public delegate void OnNotificationPictureDelegate(string type, string jid, string id); public delegate void OnGetMessageDelegate(string from...

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    Desenvolver componente para envio e recebimento de menssagens de chat do Facebook. O componente deve implementar os seguintes métodos e eventos: public delegate void OnGetMessageReceivedDelegate(string from, string id); public delegate void OnNotificationPictureDelegate(string type, string jid, string id); public delegate void OnGetMessageDelegate(string from...

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    Have a web page with 4 file input fields and a button to submit all. The problem is that the script is not STABLE. Sometimes it works, sometimes it freezes on the php script (when uploading big pictures). Since some people will be uploading pictures taken on iPhone. The filesize of 1 picture could be 2-5 mb in size. - - - What I need: 1. You to analyze [fazer login para ver a URL] to see whet...

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    Hi, I need a downloader for for [fazer login para ver a URL] files preferred in Powershell. If it is made simple, other languages can also be accepted. It is important to be very silent and working with Powershell. For example: [fazer login para ver a URL] -url [fazer login para ver a URL] -target c:... -Force or as function in Powershell as preferred A few more things for now: Check for URL ...

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    Using these models for a web application and as such, need to drastically reduce the filesize of these models while maintaining a decent visual. I've made them quite a bit smaller myself by reducing tri's and lowering the text resolution, but I could really use an experienced Blender designer to do the job right.

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    I have a powerpoint TEMPLATE (16:4 and standard) that needs to be optimized for filesize. It is currently 13MB without much content. I need to get it to a much smaller file size. I need all of the files in potx as well as ppt.

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    Flask APP + HTML/CSS/javascript/Ajax for editing 1 out 3 html templates. Include 5 views, home page - login - select template - edit template - logout. 5 users, each user have 2 option for save its template. Max template by user is 6. Edit template views able to upload pictures and drag and drop over template. edit comments and select Social icons. REQUIREMENTS 1- Flask APP + HTML/CSS/javascrip...

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    I need to conver .max file to .max previous(max2013) please convert 7 files (filesize 27MB - 284MB) No need to build links with other files. Just open the file and save it. The file sent from me is saved in MAX2014. So for you to convert this file you need 3dsMAX version 2014 or later

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    please convert the .max files [fazer login para ver a URL] previous version (max2013) and to .obj Only conversion needed. there are 4 files for now. (Filesize 67MB,74MB,139MB,283MB) Thank you

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    Hi, My earlier startup shut down and I backed up all my gsuite mails in TGZ format as instructed by google support in 2015. Now I want to import and restore these mails back into new gsuite. THe filesize is big. Around 90GB. Only looking for people who have earlier done this. Pls answer these questions if you want to get selected 1) How many times you have done TGZ import in gsuite before? 2) How...

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    What is the correct Xpath query to select "OncoSil launches Capital Raising" from the html below? First correct submission gets £10. Thanks and good luck! <a href="/asx/statistics/[fazer login para ver a URL];idsId=02231827" target="_blank"> OncoSil launches Capital Raising<br> <img width="16" height="...

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    In this project I need the freelancer to create vector and exported to .SVG minimalist versions of 20 football club jerseys. The jerseys cannot be an exact and 100% vector reproduction. It must be visual similar and recognizable, but not exactly the same due to copyright liabilities. Below and in attachment you can find all the info and guidelines of the project: Specific details: - The filesiz...

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    In this project I need to simplify/minimize for vector and exported to .SVG the 20 logos in attachment with the specific written conditions. The logos cannot be an exact and 100% vector reproduction, it must be visual similar but not exactly the same because of copyright liabilities. Logo list: [fazer login para ver a URL] Specific details: - the filesize of all final SVG's must not excee...

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    I need someone to go through our WordPress blog and optimize ALL of the images so that the pages load faster. Some are already optimized a bit but could still be improved. I want the LOWEST filesize possible using the best image format.

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    I have 1 excel file with two worksheets that I want to combine. One worksheet has just about 1million rows and the other worksheet has 450k rows. When I try to combine with Kutools my PC crashes so I heard VBA is needed. The file is 450mb which is below the excel filesize limit and its 1.5m total rows which is below excel's 2m row limit. Please combine into one table/worksheet. Both tables ha...

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    Hey All, What i am looking for is; - Background video for Frontpage Dating-Website. - The file should be of high quality to view on larger desktop screens, but must be small in filesize to avoid long-time loading on website opening! - Size Full HD. - Filetypes allowed; mp4 ogg avi mov wmv flv ogv webm. - Don't add the company logo into the video, it is already there. - Can you add a filter t...

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    Optimze images Encerrado left

    On [fazer login para ver a URL] we would like images optimized. Many of the images are 3 mb or more. Use chrome developer inspector and locate each image. They have path like this: /media/1073/[fazer login para ver a URL] We provide a folder with all the images. Find the image make the dimension as used on the website and optimize the image to decrease the filesize. Some images might be fine. Ima...

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    Hi, I need you to take and create a picture for me: I need a picture of a crumbling white plastered brick wall. The bricks must be red/reddish upto umbra/brown. The format of the picture must be: 23622 x 33070 (width/height in pixel) and the filesize must be max. 500MB in JPG. Maybe you are able to create a larger image (e.g. more resolution), but in the end I need a version with the above const...

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    Hi there we have a django webapp, we have a file upload platform, that allows our clients upload their file, the problem is that over 1mb the server gives error, so we need to increase file size limit.

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    UiPath (workflow) - Needed by(2/17/2020) I have files in a folder which can be any number of files and size (pdf files) - I want group the pdf files in batches on 10mb each and get the filenames of the group - then the one's that cannot be grouped together like 5mb and 6mb (5+6) i want the names of these files ideally like this in a data table: 2 columns Filenames(column1) Filesize (Column2) ...

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    I need scripts to download photos and vides from a website. Also need to extract video file data from the description page. For example: filename, category, uploader name, description, filesize, etc. Need to skip file if already downded previously. Need to overcome Bot check by website. Acceptable to use public domain download managers to handle actual downloading.

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    I have an up-and-running python code that calculates the md5, LWT (LastWriteTime), filesize, and full path[fazer login para ver a URL] for a directory tree and outputs into a text file. I need the additional ability to specify a date range, based on the LWT, what files to include. USD $20 For example: in the CWD, fingerprint files as: python H:code[fazer login para ver a URL] - list all fil...

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    I have a large scale web application that needs to be taken from PSD > HTML using top end techniques, keeping the filesize overhead as low as possible and make sure its highly optimised for fast loading mobile ready usability for users. This project will be for one fairly complicated page, with a calendar. On successful completion, it will turn into a much bigger project consisting of almost ...

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    I need a script in python (run on a raspberry 3B)… read folders form pi and drive in lists (with timestamp) -> compare -> synchonize should be not more than 20-30 lines in python - Synchronize a specific folder (with all subfolders and files) (fixed with a changeable variable in script I can change) 1. In Google Drive 2. In script-folder on the System (Rasp...

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    NO PLACEHOLDER BIDS - THIS JOBS IS A QUICK FIX I have recently migrated to a new hosting account and the plugin I have is too big causing an error on my website. I tried to re-upload the plugin and got the error: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max-filesize directive in php.ini. I therefore require you to increase the upload max file size to accommodate the required plugin and fix the erro...

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    Download: [fazer login para ver a URL] I have video file stored in container which has filesize 3.5 GB If i encrypt the file with Sample8_PlayEncryptedVideo It playback flawlessly on low end windows devices. If i am using the same file with Sample9_PlayVideoFromMemoryStream it doesn't playback It need Cache implementation to make it playback on low end Windows Devices. I need to modify B...

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    what db do you own, ie, infousa, etc. Please describe number of emails, filesize, filetype, etc. I don't need you to scrape emails. I need the entire database.

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    Create a MySQL database from a ONIX-XML zipfile(1,2GB). Zipfile content: 198 XML files in ONIX format (filesize 40-85MB) here the file for testing: [fazer login para ver a URL]://[fazer login para ver a URL] Budget 50 EUR

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    I need you to create a php script that will create a thumbnail from a uploaded video via a file form. You will not be allowed to save the video to a folder but you just has to work with $_FILES variable. I have this code for creating thumbnail from an image, I need you to write the equivalent but for videos. // CODE // read photo $fileTmpName_o = $_FILES['video']['tmp_name'...

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    I need an image/video/audio/file hosting website built to run on AWS. These are the requirements. Page_1: Landing page -login/sign up form -(unless they're already signed in then just redirect to dashboard) -info about the website that I will have written up at a later date Page_2: Dashboard page -upload file form -include optional text field for "tags" o...

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    I need a AWS expert for a couple of serverless applications. Attached please find process flow & a sample of data. The project is to create data bucket that can collect any number of inbound requests of an undetermined velocity and filesize. For now the region will be AWS AU-SYD only, with intention of similar data collection points being created later through cloning the setup into the othe...

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    I wish to take attached background image (.ai file) and instead of the existing icon shapes in various locations, I want to replace them with new shapes instead. The end-result must seamlessly sit within the design in terms of location, colour, angle etc. I attach the following... - Original layered .ai file for background image - The 8 different shapes/icons I want to use here - Sketch showing w...

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    We are using Quickbooks 19, Enterprise edition. Our company file has grown to 1.5gb, and has grown incredibly slow. When we reduce and repair, it quickly gets large again. We need somebody to take a look at our company file, and let us how we can shrink it, and what we can do different in the future to keep the file optimized, and working quickly, may it be server settings, or method changes. S...

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    I own a stock marketplace called: [fazer login para ver a URL] - we sell stock animation (video), stock GIFs and vectors. Current website is built on WP + WooCommerce, as it was the easiest solution when starting out. It's obviously not the best solution for scale and long-term, as it's not optimized for this, so going forward we want to start developing our own custom platform for this....

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    We need an e-learning project and currently looking for a developer proficient in C++ who could create a program with the following features: -resulting filesize should be under 100mb -records both audio/video -RTMP support -works on Windows 7/8/10 and up, on all architecture. we only need a native c++ application as an EXE that accepts certain parameters as filename/destination, record or just ...

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    So I need to have several processes run after it senses that the ftp upload is complete. 1. Check a directory to see if the files are finished uploading. (new) 2. After upload, check filesize and md5 3. Run some cleaning script. (existing scripts already, need to modify) 4. Run script to load to S3 (existing scripts already, need to modify) 5. Run scripts to load from S3 to redshift (existing scr...

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    1- Character Count Software from txt files: Report in csv file with fileName > CharacterCount > FileSize. 2- Save small size file (Cut-Paste) in diff folder with specific character count like upto 400 or 450. 3- software to be show progress in percentage/progress bar for approx 1 million txt files

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    I am a marine biologist and need an app designed for fishermen to collect data about the whales & dolphins they encounter on their fishing trips. The app needs to enable them to enter data offline, grab a GPS coordinate (perhaps via photo/video taken at the time), and upload the data to a database when the user is within network coverage. The following is an outline of what I need from the ap...

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    Using our existing image / video assets, create (36) HTML5 ad variants (see below). Qualified candidate will 1) Follow the ad platform guidelines for ad creation (filesize, etc.) and our naming convention 2) Be able to provide many relevant ad examples (animated HTML5) 3) Complete the work by 11/21/18 Noon ET 4) Have a good eye for quality animated ads Product 1 (18 Variants) Ad Size 1: 3 Varian...

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    YOU is a non-profit registered charity devoted to supporting and building the confidence and independence of London. YOU is looking to recruit new volunteers (old and young) to help inspire the YOU youth. To help with this goal, you have been asked by YOU to use Photoshop to create a poster that gets Londoners thinking about volunteering for YOU. The poster you create must be both informationa...

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    I am after a number of avatars (2 male professional, 2 female professional, 2 couples, 1 male casual & 1 female casual. Similar to the attached file (from shutterstock). Filesize 200x200 each. transparent background

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    Hello we search for a designer there have time for us! You are a good designer in Photoshop and Illustrator and have time for us than we need you! For the first time we need follow: - You get flatphotos from a shoe (high converse chuck) - You must make Layers (BACKGROUND, MASK with shadows, all LACESCOLORS) (Show the TESTFILE what we have attached) - You must make all VIEWS in a canvas from 1050...

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    Good day all - I have a C# console application that connects via [fazer login para ver a URL] to a Unix server and downloads the files from the Unix Server. The issue I face is that when the directory on the Unix Server contains a folder, my code errors out. What I want... I need the below code to be updated to download 1) All files in the parent directory (already does this) 2) All folders an...

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    For linux porteus distribution i need a server module. There are somewhere on the internet but i cannot find it. I wish Porteus OS, awailable [fazer login para ver a URL] I have a computer HP stream intel celeron cpu n3060 at 1.6oGHz 4GB RAM, 64bit REQUIREMENTS that all must fulfill: 1) i need a server module .xzm file for porteus linux. 2) it should be apache, with my sql and PHP, latest versio...

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    This is my university project and i need this project done exactly according to the instructions provided. This project will follow another project, so whoever will do this project for me, will be handed over second part of this project as well. This project will involve implementing basic Android programming skills with the emphasis on UI development by implementing activity, intent, option me...

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    first i have final cut i can add luts and i have ton of them but i need very skilled expert to color grade video clip professionally in short time ( 3-4 hours ) clip has some arial shots that need to color matched professionaly to the other sony camera colors then to color grade it you need to send me some samples that i choose what colors i like video lenght is 4:25 minutes and you need to give ...

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    I have an irssi bot that saves me the images in mysql database but before saving them I would like to make a resize maintaining the quality, the images have all different resolutions. the code to which I must add the resize is this sub saveJpg { my ($text, $server, $channel, $nick) = @_; my $time = time(); my ($pre, $url, $jpgname, $checksum) = split(" ", $text); ...

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    I need python scripts for GIMP (graphic maniulation software, freeware). Py scripts are just added where other python scripts are and hen when we start Gimp, new python scripts are loaded. FOR WHO IS THIS SIMPLE PROJECT? - programmers - it must be .py script. Not acceptable any other programming language - before applying for this project be sure that you fully understand simple project. If you ...

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    I need python scripts for GIMP (graphic maniulation software, freeware). Py scripts are just added where other python scripts are and hen when we start Gimp, new python scripts are loaded. FOR WHO IS THIS SIMPLE PROJECT? - programmers - it must be .py script. Not acceptable any other programming language - before applying for this project be sure that you fully understand simple project. If you ...

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