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    Para esta implementação deverá ser usada uma máquina virtual com sistema operacional Linux (FEDORA), em sua última versão, que seja capaz de instalar pacotes de aplicativos atualizados. Será necessária para esta implementação a instalação dos serviços do DNS, HTTP e OpenSSL. Para que esta configuração funcione, o servidor implementado na máquina virtual deverá possuir IP fixo, pois, constitui pré-requisito para o serviço de DNS. É necessário gravar um vídeo demonstrando a implementação do serviço DNS e HTTPS conforme detalhamento a seguir: 1. Deverá ser configurado um servidor de DNS com 2...

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    Preciso de um profissional que consiga o FMS do sistema MODENACAM<br />encontrei poucos na internet que dispõe do mesmo, mas ninguém responde meus contatos<br />eu tenho o sistema sem licença, então não me peçam para pegar direto com a empresa desenvolvedora.<br />Para quem não sabe o FMS é responsavel pela integração do streaming das câmeras no site.<br />Preciso disso até amanhã ou seja 16-07<br /><br />Dúvidas me avisem

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    implantar: -Domínio protect ao criar um stream (php e FMS) -HDS http Progressive Streaming) tornar compatível com dispositivos moveis (FMS) -Alterar o Player padrão do portal, para jwplayer e proteger os stream (flash) -Remover a necessidade confirmar email ao se registrar (php) -remover a limitação de um usuário por ip para assistir o video ao vivo (numa rede domestica todos poderem assistir) -remover a opção de eventos pagos( do admin e do home) -

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    fedora server have postfix mail server which uses mail relay server to send email but Gmail are not going . Need expert who can deliver it . [Removed by Administration; Terms and Conditions : 13. Communication With Other Users]

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    Simple pencil profile drawing of man wearing a fishing vest (with trout net hanging from back of vest), a fedora style hat, and hip waders. Carrying a fly rod. Walking by or through a small group of trees.

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    Hello, I'm a IT business consultant looking for a talented designer to create a concept drawing or illustration that conveys the type of work I do and how I do it. I am looking for a realistic style illustration that does not have any color preferences as I trust the designer's judgement regarding which colors to use. The concept should include people or characters who are engaging in some...acknowledged and appreciated by those who hire me, but unknown to everyone else. The "illustration" should be of a team of professionals celebrating completion of a large IT project, with the person who hires me, looking back at me, as I'm in the shadows, tipping my hat, walking away. I should be dressed in the typical detective attire (suit and tie, trench coat), face in the s...

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    Project Title: Linux DNS and SMTP server rebuild Description: - I am looking for a skilled Linux administrator to rebuild my current DNS and SMTP server - The current server is running on Centos7 and needs to be migrated to Fedora

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    NeXTcloud need to install on Linux . The os is fedora and already we have one server where its installed .

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    Movie poster Encerrado left

    I am looking for a movie poster with a religious vampire theme. I ha...machete on his back. The priest is dressed in a black suit, priest collar and a fedora hat. my graphic has a watch/clock the Priest trapped inside and is trying to push his way out of the clock, (the clock represents him trapped in a time loop). An ancient crucifix runs through the clock and has a drop of blood at the point the watch is being hugged by a vampire bat to represent the vampires. The title runs across the cross horizontal and also at the bottom. I plan to use this poster for possible crowd funding. Included is a hand sketch of the idea. The Antagonist Monk is Asian he has two 9mm hand guns and a machete strapped to his back. The Protagonist is a Vatican Priest. Black suit. Priest collar. Black ...

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    Trophy icon OC character sheet 2 - Anime style Encerrado left

    Hello. I need an artist to draw a quick character sheet of my character. I need it done in anime style. Its a minor character in my story. The character is a black teenage male. He is wearing a fedora on his head. He wears a dress shirt and tie (doesn't matter what colors). He wears glasses as well. He wears black dress pants and winter shoes. His eye color is brown. He is well built and likes to adventure. He is a good friend and helps wherever he can.

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    Hi there! We're currently in the process of developing the UI for three different web and mobile apps on different platforms, using Flutterflow. We're now looking for a freelancer who can help us connect the frontend to the back end which will be developed by freelancer and deploy the project to our servers. The three platforms we're working on include a B2B store mobile app and web dashboard, an FMS web-based franchise management system, and a VMS (Vendor Management System). We're excited about the progress we've made so far and can't wait to see the final product!

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    I'm looking for an artist to create a small cartoon sticker of me as the pilot of a Cessna Skyhawk. The size I'm going for is 2-3 inches, and I'd like it in color - no preference on style. I'm open to hearing...pilot of a Cessna Skyhawk. The size I'm going for is 2-3 inches, and I'd like it in color - no preference on style. I'm open to hearing your ideas on how to make this sticker stand out with a creative twist! Whether it's realistic or abstract, show me what you have to offer and let's create something memorable together. The 2 pictures are the plane and the venmo pic which i like because of the fedora and i do wear glasses. I would like the sticker to show a side profile of the plane, tail number, if you can show myself flying it ...

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    34 ofertas me with a project that involves converting rtsp files to MP4 format and rotating them every 5 minutes. Here are the project requirements: Output Format: The desired output format for the files is MP4, but is not as important as being able to be viewed using Chrome and/or VLC. So any format that can be streamed to Chrome or VLC is acceptable. Software/Tool: Other than it working on Linux (Fedora/RHEL preferred), I do not have a specific software or tool in mind, I am open to discussing options with the freelancer. I am open to suggestions and recommendations. File Size: The file size is not important for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with rtsp file conversion and manipulation - Proficiency in working with MP4 files - Knowledge of software/tools...

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    $250 - $750
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    ...DESCRIPTION BELOW. ANY ENTRIES NOT FOLLOWING THE DESCRIPTION WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DELETED. REPEAT: I WILL REJECT ALL ENTRIES THAT DO NOT FOLLOW THE DESCRIPTION BELOW. I require a cartoon image for marketing purposes, 1080 x 1080. THE IMAGE IS A QUIZ SHOW. THE IMAGE NEEDS TO SHOW THE NAME OF THE SHOW - "QUEER AS CUSTARD" The characters include an older lady in a pinstripe suit, large kipper tie, and fedora hat and a young man with a beard wearing a similar outfit. The 2 characters are having a battle throwing custard pies and hitting each other with huge inflatable hammers. VERY IMPORTANT - The name of the performance needs to appear on the image - "Queer as Custard" The image also shows a quiz taking place hosted by an older character in a bright red blaze...

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    ...Remote (Anywhere from US) Employment Type: Part-time/freelance (no hour's commitment) Responsibilities: 1. We are looking for part-time/freelancing Business Development Manager on a revenue sharing model. 2. We are looking someone who has strong expertise on Business Development with 5+ years of experience, who can bring companies/clients from US, CANADA & UAE on board for IT Projects like FMS Service, IT Infrastructure Support, etc. which will be delivered from India. 3. Should prepare documentations for client onboarding, presentation, proposals, agreements, NDA's and all related sales documentation. 4. Must be aware about portals/platforms how can we maximize our outreach to reach to max clients and bring them onboard (either may be by Call/text messages...

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    RDisJ4ALL! Encerrado left

    ...features in a cartoony style - Creativity and imagination to bring the character to life The caricature should be in a digital format, allowing for easy sharing and printing. It should have a playful and humorous vibe, while MUST maintaining a recognizable likeness to the person being depicted. he must have a red and white shirt on , jeans bright red high top shoes. a large Gucci belt buckle fedora hat. he is a superman and he must have a cape. id like to see him ripping his shirt open with J4A on his chest shirt. ron our cherature is a lawyer/super hero fighting against injustice. he fights for the people of the marijuana industry. having a flag with a pot leaf crying dollar bill tears while charging the capital building!!! RDisJ4ALL! If you have a knack for creating vibran...

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    $15 - $20 / hr
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    A Brief project overview This is a home server IT security setup for Fedora for home media entertainment and file sharing. Purpose is to have correct security setup, SSL certification, fail2ban etc for a SAMBA share, jellyfin server etc and to ensure the home wifi network is configured for privacy. I would like to find a Linux expert ideally familiar with Fedora, but knowledge of Redhat or Centos will align. More details of project request can be given once a suitable consultant is identified.

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    Service 1 DNS server (at least four domains must be configured). Service 2 Web Server (a web site must be installed for each of the four domains configured in the DNS. The quality of the site page does not matter, it can be a site that only displays a message with the name of the domain to which it corresponds). Service 3 E-mail Server (each domain must have its respective e-mail service configured, with at least one respective e-mail service, with at least three e-mail accounts). Service 4 Volp Server (one will be enough in each domain). Service 5 Streaming Server (only one in each domain). Server 6 Game server to play online with two or more players. Everything must be done via remote desktop and I need it to be finished by Tuesday night.

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    A Fedora install script with the source packages for python and other tools and libraries including libc to make a chroot with Stable Diffusion the image generator. Fedora tools can be used by the script but the result needs to be 100% from source code packages that the developer includes with the script. It doesn't have to be a Linux distribution that can boot but it needs to open a port with the Stable Diffusion webui and also support the command in the chroot to make an image folder into a model file. The completed script runs in Fedora with the source files in the same folder, extracts them in subdirectories of the folder with the script, compiles them, "installs" the compiled binaries to a folder in the script folder like "output" and cop...

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    Mycroft Skill Encerrado left

    I am a user of the Mycroft () artificial intelligence environment, on a laptop running Fedora 38 () Linux. I have added the Desktop Control skill () to Control the mouse and keyboard by voice. Some examples include: • "type Mycroft is awesome" • "press the enter key" • "move mouse to 400 and 100" • "scroll up a bit" • "scroll down a bit" • "scroll down some" • "scroll down a lot" • "hold space key" • "release space key" • "screen resolution" • "select all" • "select all and copy" I have installed the Diction skill () for writing indication with LibreOffice ...

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    We are looking for logo detection software that will run on Fedora. The software will look at an image that contains a logo and then scan all images in a directory to see if the submistted logo is in those images. The software must be able to detect the logo regardless of size or color. We do not mind if open source software is used to build this application. The final solution much be stable and must accurately detect the logo in all images. The output from the software will display a newline separated list of all filenames of the images that were found to contain the matching logo. The software can be created in any language but must install and run on Fedora We will consider receiving a VM that is running Fedora with the software already installed.

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    (Do not use man on cafe racer with hat)instead make a hat but use the words to make the shape of the hat like the picture of biggie smalls .I make fedora,cowboy,& Panama straw hats and I have an instagram page named BEARDSBABESBRIMS where I post pics of people wearing hats .So I'd like a HAT made using the WORDS BEARDSBABESBRIMS,BLKJESSEJAMES HATS,WEAR YOUR HAT WITH CONFIDENCE,NEW YORK,Brooklyn,QUEENS,MANHATTAN,BRONX,ATLANTA, LOS ANGELES,CHITOWN ,&TEXAS.I want to see a day of the dead woman and a black woman with an Afro and a guy with a beard wearing a fedora somewhere inside the pic of the HAT like photo of biggie smalls in the picture I uploaded but I want it to look dope just add anything else you think that is related to hats

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    Prepare Google Drive delegation sheets ,DWM, FMS. Using automated tools to extract data from primary and secondary sources. Removing corrupted data and fixing coding errors and related problems Developing and maintaining databases, and data systems – reorganizing data in a readable format Performing analysis to assess the quality and meaning of data Filter Data by reviewing reports and performance indicators to identify and correct code problems Using statistical tools to identify, analyze, and interpret patterns and trends in complex data sets could be helpful for the diagnosis and prediction Assigning numerical value to essential business functions so that business performance can be assessed and compared over periods of time. Analyzing local, national, and global trends tha...

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    Develop a character named Yowie Howie - a friendly, wise cryptid that is a cousin to Bigfoot. - Howie is smiling, has a gold tooth - thumbs up - light grey fur - green eyes - healthy build but not too muscular - has a walking stick - wears a fedora - Maybe winking - full body view Production time frame is two weeks from accepting the job

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    About FreeWorld Mafia: Non profit organization that involves convict driven rehabilitation. Thinking a fist showing the 4 fingers with thumb across - freedom symbol.. with shackle on the wrist and the outline of the world as chain links, broken near the wri...2ahUKEwia6eX_9K79AhWVCFkFHQnBC9YQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=mafia+skull+logo&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQAzIFCAAQgAQyBggAEAgQHjoECCMQJzoECAAQQzoFCCEQqwJQkwlY7hBgzhhoAHAAeACAAc8BiAG_CJIBBTAuNS4xmAEAoAEBwAEB&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-img&ei=2xL5Y9qPDZWR5NoPiYKvsA0&bih=780&biw=412&client=ms-android-tracfone-us-rvc3&prmd=isvn&hl=en#imgrc=gKOuLAj-J9YApM X everything but the chain, skull, and wings. Add a fedora to the skull, and a fist in the circle of chains with shackle on wrist and broken chain link...

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    Trophy icon Andora hats Encerrado left

    Project Description: We need a logo for our new hat brand that specializes in selling stylish wool fedora hats, straw fedora hats and straw bucket hats. The brand is targeted towards women between 20 and 40 who love to look iconic by a touch of cowboy style combined with a bit of beach and hippie vibes. It is focussed on Western-Europe with potential expansion towards the United States. It is a modern brand, with vintage vibes that offers high-quality hats. Later on, we will be making more exclusive designs for limited drops and maybe customize hats in a certain way. Design Guidelines: The logo should be creative but not too over the top. It might have a vintage touch and should be memorable. It should capture the essence of our brand, which is a mix of cowboy style with...

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    Trophy icon Fedora wearing Zaku II Encerrado left

    This is not for commercial use, its for a birthday present. I am looking to combine the famous zaku with the look of a film noir detective. Bascially a zaku wearing a trench coat and a fedora. Can also simply be the zaku head wearing a fedora. No words needed, image can be in black and white or in color.

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    Draw me an anime character which is a silhouette. So their body is entirely black. However you can still make our features like their eyes and mouth. I want them to wear round clear circle glasses. They will be wearing the typical clothing worn by a stranger, a trenchcoat, shirt and a fedora. The trick is going to be trying to make the character look friendly. I do not want them to look scary or ominous. Please see reference picture for a very basic ideaas to what im looking for. Obviously design with more effort and add detail to be able to distinguish different feature such as clothing to help distinguish what is what. Try to produce a picture where their full body head to toe can be seen. Try to provide different poses and angles

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    DO178C, Programming Language: C++/Ada, Data Structure:, Embedded Protocol: ARINC, TFTP Avionics: DO178B/C, S2O, SOI, SCA, FMS Knowledge is preferable Develop Software requirements from Systems Requirement Have a good knowledge in Programming Language: C++/Ada, Data Structure: 25% Development of any of the following: RTOS, Linux Involvement in SDLC/SW Engineering: Design, Development, Verification Perform S2O Analysis, SOI, SCA Understanding of DO-178C Checklists and fill them while performing peer reviews Programming Language: C++, Data Structure Embedded: RTOS, Linux SDLC/SW Engineering: Design, Development, Verification

    $25 - $50 / hr
    Local Secreto ADC
    $25 - $50 / hr
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    Trophy icon Make me an anime character Encerrado left

    Im looking to commision a simple concept character. I want someone to design a character that looks like the stereotypical stranger with a fedora and a trench coat. But to make the character look friendly and have then wear glasses. And their face to be hidden. A quick project for £15.00

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    Trophy icon FEDORA STYLE HAT LOGO ICON Encerrado left

    Im looking for a designer who can design me a 'FEDORA HAT LOGO" for a brand called Crown Heavy. Logo needs to be a Line Art/Sketch type of logo with a WIDE BRIM FEDORA style hat somehow mixed with some type of crown. This can be a black silhouette type of icon logo, but most importantly the logo MUST HAVE a fedora style hat icon somehow mixed with a crown. If this is too much to accomplish please just do your best efforts to have the best and most unique line art/sketch of a wide brim fedora hat icon. In addition, The icon style can also be with a man head silhouette looking down. MUST BE VECTOR ART. INSPIRATION EXAMPLES ARE ATTACHED.

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    Create 10 blog post articles about releases of technologies about: -Linux RedHat -Linux Fedora -Linux Ubuntu -Linux Manjaro -Core of Linux -MySQL -Kotlin -GO -Switft -Rust Each article MUST: -contain 1_000 words, -contain introduction of technology, -describe releases cycle, -describe which versions where releases when, -which and when version do we expect next.

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    Hello, I will provide server on anydesk and you have to run execute the ELF file on my fedora linux server.

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    ...product they want to build is a platform that will allow subscribing users to set up and configure VMs (Virtual Machines) on their own computers. The core features of the platform are: - Compatible with QEMU/KVM machine emulator and virtualizer - Client - - CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) VMs according to user specifications - - - VM OSs - - - - Windows 10 - - - - Windows 11 - - - - Fedora - - - - Ubuntu - - - VM Disks - - - - Create, Destroy, Assign to VM - - - VM GPUs - - - - Show list of GPUs - - - - Assign GPUs to VMs - - Start, Suspend, Stop, Halt VM operations - - Upload ISOs to VM - - VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) - Admin - - Client VM Resource Management Panel - - - Pool Management Challenges and Considerations for the Ideal Candidate - U...

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    I would like all variations of my website redirect to my domain name with "https://www.". Linux web server with PHP in AWS with the following: NAME="Amazon Linux" VERSION="2" ID="amzn" ID_LIKE="centos rhel fedora" VERSION_ID="2" PRETTY_NAME="Amazon Linux 2" ANSI_COLOR="0;33" CPE_NAME="cpe:2.3:o:amazon:amazon_linux:2" HOME_URL="" It has Certbot installed and working with the version "https://www." but version with "https://" is giving a "connection is not private" error. I've already executed the Certbot renewal command. I would need also to configure an automated (e.g. cron) certbot certificate renewal.

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    This FMS layout consists of five flexible machines(M) with input and output buffers. The system also consists of one load station (L) and one unloading station (UL). The system also has AGVs as material handling systems that are part of the transportation. Use Siemens Tecnomatix for simulation. I will give more details.

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    ...language of c, c++, java (other require prior clearance) requires to work on: - x11 & xorg - wayland delivery in milestones MS1: - works on - Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 - gnome - kde - unity MS2: - works on debian 11+ - on all available desktops MS3: - works on fedora 35, 36 - on all available desktops MS4: - works on openSuSE Leap 15.4, 15.5 and newer - on all available desktops MS5: needs to work on all major distributions (first 15 of 12 months)

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    we require a Linux pro, who is able to create a script to identify: - is screen locked? - is screensaver active? delivery in milestones: MS1: - works on - Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 - gnome - kde - unity MS2: - works on debian 11+ - on all available desktops MS3: - works on fedora 35, 36 - on all available desktops MS4: - works on openSuSE Leap 15.4, 15.5 and newer - on all available desktops MS5: needs to work on all major distributions (first 15 of 12 months) for this job we will discuss about MS1 and MS2 MS3 is

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    Trophy icon man on cafe racer with hat Encerrado left

    id like to see a guy on a cafe racer (motorcycle) wearing a fedora and put BlkjessejamesHats at the top and racing at the bottom and est.2020 I want it to look super cool

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    Linux pro needed to virtualise old Fedora 11 phisical server to hyperV virtual machine.

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    Trophy icon t-shirt logo Encerrado left

    I need 3 words written in 70s style font with at fedora somewhere in the word or in the background with the words I want something dope that people who wear hats will say I want that tshiert AND I WANT TO SEE THE WORDS INDIVIDUALLY HATITUDE HATTASTIC HATUATION

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    I need to test taht from a programm made in C, I can send a message and an image to a contact in my telegram list, whenever I want. The target contact could be different in any message. And tell us how to install all libraries in our computers. The testing platform is linux (Mint and Fedora).

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    We have a FileMaker Server on IP1 and 2 instances of FileMaker Pro on IP2 and IP3 interconnected. On one instance are the emails with the automatic import script and on ...On one instance are the emails with the automatic import script and on the other instance are the reservations with automatic import from the database. To fix the following issues: * instance 1 or instance 2 (.fmp files) remains blocked without any replication behavior, requiring the Recover action which takes a long time; It can no longer be stopped from the FMS Dashboard, it is necessary to restart the virtual machine on which FMS is installed. * once we reached a certain request number, it stopped importing the emails automatically !! We are looking for someone to solve remote problems, through anyd...

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    Hi, We are a IT systems integrator company based out of bangalore , we are looking for freelance sales professionals to partner with us for mutual benefit, We want freelance sales professionals to help us with IT FMS services sales

    $1840 - $3067
    $1840 - $3067
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    We have a Fedora 32 Server Edition with the Apache web server installed, and want you to set it up so it will be easy for us to install new sites. The Setup Config Apache Install DB (SQL) Install FTP (For Upload new websites) Install PHP Config Firewall Site DNS will be with Cloudflare for SSL.

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    Objective: Using Qubes OS, create a Qube that contains the Suite CRM software and all requirements I am working in Qubes OS, and I am looking to run a local version of Suite CRM inside of a Qube, using the Fedora 35 template as a base. The base version - and all pre-reqs - would be a template in Qubes to allow it run locally. Then, I am looking for some AppVM based on that template, for SuiteCRM in various languages. These would be the app with the language files only. I am looking for VMs for the following languages: - Arabic, Saudi Arabia - Chinese Simplified - Filipinio - Hebrew - Nigerian Pidgin - Portuguese, Brazilian - Russian - Spanish, Mexico - Thai - Turkish - Vietnamese I would like packaged so I can import them as backups and run them. The translation files can b...

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    Hi, I am looking for professional services for designing the brochure for our company with mature content reflecting our core values & services in ord...professional services for designing the brochure for our company with mature content reflecting our core values & services in order to accelerate our market presence. Our specialization is in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) projects and Fire Protection Works including Facility Management Services (FMS) vis., Security, Housekeeping, Integrated Building Management Services etc. We invite experienced professionals having excellent command in English alongwith decent knowledge of Projects & FMS as well as Brochure designing with appropriate image placing. I am enclosing sample brochure that I drafted fo...

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    I would love it if a logo could be created for our farming business. It would be put onto work shirts and signage. We are looking to create a logo of a sheep, preferably a ram with horns that is wearing a fedora hat with text below it saying “M’lady” Our property is called Fedora and we thought it would be great for a light hearted but professional looking logo with the words Fedora Pastoral Co. Preferably the sheep would be looking off at a bit of an angle. It would be best if it was a vector or stencil so it could be easily stitched onto work shirts. I have attached some images of sheep wearing fedora’s to get the idea as well as some stencils of sheep that I like the design of. Let me know what you think!

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