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    Vis. Basic Prog. Encerrado left

    ...message box with the stud. id # and the stud. average grade(2 digits to the right of the decimal). The DISP. STAT. but. displays CLASS STAT. form that contains current course grading statistics. The CLASS STAT. form displays calc. data only - the user can't enter data on this form. When the CLASS STAT. form is displ., it will show the course # and total

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    i want a clone of [fazer login para ver a URL] the user will only rate the pictures, grading from 1 to 10. No sign ups no women or men option. the user will have as an only option to view the top rated 10 photos, bottom 10 rated photos and newest photos. after rating one picture a thub picture will appear on the right of the screen. just

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    ...There may be multiple in_stock data available about the same item with different counts and prices Types of Orders: (specific list of orders will be provided by me during grading - do not include them in your file, except for testing!) • shipment( Item, price(Price), count(Count) ) [ count and price are required ] A new shipment of Count of these Items

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    ...answers as a comparison. Finally, the student saves the test to the local hard drive or diskette with an option to print it out. Later, I access the student's test file for grading/discussion. This is geared towards elementary school students and a user-friendly interface is a must. For examples of user interface, please take a look at the software from

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    RSA Project in C Encerrado left

    ...question. ( is it possible to break the cipher and how much time will it take? ) 6) Then I am looking for the following documentation on which the grading depends on. Please read the following requirements and grading topics from the professor ## Deliverables Requirements Implement RSA using C/C++. You will need to find two large (at least 100-digit) prime

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    quiz Encerrado left

    ...need to be implemented: After the user has pressed the 'grade' button, lock the text boxes so that the answers cannot be changed. When grading the test, change the text color of any incorrect answers to red. When grading the test, if an answer is wrong, join the correct answer (in brackets) to the end of the user's answer, so that both are now visible

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    ...If this menu option is chosen, a list of edges in the spanning tree will be generated with respective connecting cable lengths, clearly annotated. To make things easier for grading, encode the graph above into a file and turn it in with your assignment. It is expected that you will test your algorithms/code on multiple graphs with differing properties

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    RSA Project in C/C++ Encerrado left

    ...RSA encrypt on it § Decrypt - Take a ciphertext and perform RSA decrypt on it § Factor - Implements a factoring heuristic to factor large (in excess of 50-digit) numbers. Grading A perfect score depends on if you adequately implement the following: 1) Finding and multiplying two hundred-digit prime numbers to generate a 200-digit RSA public key and

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    82875 Test Grading Encerrado left

    We sell continuing education and offer online courses. The test is taken online and the results are submitted to us. We manually grade the test, notify the customer of the results, and send completion certificates upon passing the test. We would like to automate as much of the process as possible. See the file for details.

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    Arrays(grading) Encerrado left

    In visual C++ I need to write a program that grades a 20 multiple choice questions. 1.B, 2.D, 3.A, 4.A, 5.C, 6.A, 7.B, 8.A, 9.C, 10.D, 11.B, 12.C, 13.D, 14.A, 15.D, 16.C, 17.C, 18.B, 19.D, 20.A It should store the correct answers and ask user to enter the student's answers for 20 questions which should be stored in another array. After the students answers have been entered, it should display...

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    1 ofertas enter this. You come to a bid screen which contains the following headings Grade Sheet, STUDENT, ATTENDANCE, grading method and so on I need a clone of the student and attendance sections ONLY. I do not need a clone of Grade sheet,grading method at this time. I do not need programming for hand held Palm Pilot like portable computers at this time. I

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    ...They can still submit the entire course History of Europe for evaluation and grading. If they got a 100% on Chapter 1 and 60% on Chapter 3 they will still pass with over 75%. It only needs to generate True/ False and Muliple Choice Questions No Essay Questions The Grading options. Discovery School offers four types. The student generated tests need

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    Program Encerrado left

    ...number for printing. You will have to create all of the documentation (description, inputs/outputs, constants, formulas, assumptions, and sample test cases) and the program. Grading: Use constants where appropriate. The problem must be broken into sub-problems as necessary. (i.e., you MUST have functions) Your program should allow for any number of operations

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    A banking project Encerrado left

    ...not a check) *tab* description *tab* debit/credit *tab* amount *tab* date *tab* balance Continues until no more entries are present... The following file will be used during grading, so make sure that it works with your code. [fazer login para ver a URL] Savings Data File The savings data file is a tab-delimited file of the following format: description *tab* debit/credit

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    This is a very simple program. What this program needs to be designed to do is basically the same function as this web site hosted by the Discovery Channel does. [fazer login para ver a URL] I need to know which teacher they came from, who the student is and whether they have know there student password. I need a template in which I can create tests which are automatically graded and submitted by ...

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    E Book Encerrado left

    ...course to anyone who downloads them and receives money once they complete the course that I can make their courses better and I can save them money or time by automatically grading the post tests. So they receive an Email stating John Student received 86% of the questions correct on the continuing education course Nutrition for the Geratric Patient. So

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    cache simulator Encerrado left

    ...that simulates the behavior of a data cache. The program will read a trace of references from standard input and produce statistics about the trace to standard output. The grading process will include applying your simulator to multiple reference traces. The cache simulator should first determine the configuration of the data cache. This is accomplished

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    Create a distributed Grade Inquiry and Submission System so that students can view their grades residing in a server and professors can submit grades to the server. The server side stores information of students, professors and courses (in a file). A client can be a student or a professor interacting with a GUI. In order to view grades or entering grades, the client (either a student or a professo...

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    ...textbox. The only way to format this nicely is to use a "typewriter" font e.g. Courier For eachtype of sale, print the total to a label, e.g., "Children's Total: $317.83" Grading: The program will be graded on efficiency,elegance,format,documentation, and how well it works. The project must be named Assgn4 and it must have a close button. Other: This

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    ...=10%. Pogram should ask or the loan amount and the number of years they would like to pay it off. Output should include initial loan and what they will pay in total interest. Grading cosists of this: create all forms and write the navigation code. Efficiency,elegance,format and documentation counts a lot. The program must run with all options. Procedure

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    ...line argument, etc.---this will make things much easier on you during testing.) Make sure your binder and servers can deal with multiple simultaneous requests from clients. Grading You will be graded according to the following criteria: (1) [40%] Does it work?: Does your solution implement the basic functionality required. We will provide a test case

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    Visual Basic Project Encerrado left

    ...documentation (notation within code for clarification (10%)  design interface (layout, object names, formatting, etc?) (20%) The following shall be supplied as the project for grading:  Project planning document (pseudocode or flowchart)  Printout of your code (should match what is on disk)  The source code (*.frm and *.vbp files)

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    Grading Program Encerrado left

    Write a C++ program to calculate the final grade of a student Input: Student's grades for test1, test2, final test, and assignments 1 through 6, and quizzes 1 and 2 each an integer value between 1 and 100. Output: Student's final course score and final grade (A, B, C, D, or F), and may be, if you like, additional comments ("Hurrahs" for A, "Boos" for F, etc.). Formula...

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    self training Encerrado left

    ...program to find greatest common divisor for any two given [fazer login para ver a URL] from user 3. Write a C++ program to calculate the final grade of a student taking CSC2311 using the new grading policy. Input: Student's grades for test1, test2, final test, and assignments 1 through 6, and quizzes 1 and 2 each an integer value between 1 and 100. Output: Student's final

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    noah Encerrado left

    ...without mates. · The user should set capacity at the beginning of the program! This is for ease of grading. · Once the total number of animals reaches 2 less than capacity, a warning to Noah indicating that the ark is nearing capacity. This is for ease of grading. Your variables should be flexible enough to account for 10 animals, or 10000! · Print out a

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    Testing Software Encerrado left

    ...number of question or answer, and to control the test generation process such as the total number of questions of each type,and the associated weight of each type of questions (grading policy) 4. The test database should be implemented as a flat text file(like notepad) . These are the minimum requirements in your release 1 product. Your design must be Flexible

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