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    Hi Everyone, I need a clone of the wedding planning software found at fivestarsoftware(dot)com , smartwedding(dot)com and weddingsoft(dot)com. It must include all the features (including backup) found on all pieces of software combined and be made into a new app which will be named later. The software must be totally bug free and conduct the calculations and run the countdowns precisely. A lot o...

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    ASP.NET Development Encerrado left

    ------------------ Added 22/12: File Transfer functionality required for moderator and user #2. Remember that authentication is checked against Active Directory. FTP most likely. Ability for Administrator to enable/disable certain functionalities. ------------------ This is a Web Application. Therefore the main application will be installed on the main server, and users login via their Web Browser...

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    Discrete Graphs Encerrado left

    1. Build a Labeled Directed Graph for the included adjacency matrix. 2. Find an Euler Path for the included graph. ## Deliverables 1) Complete solutions for the listed problems. ## Platform NA

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    I need to automate updating of Charts in a PowerPoint presentation. These graphs will always be the same format requiring only update of the underlying data contained in the Chart Datasheet. Requirement: Through use of a VB6 program, automate the transfer of data contained in an external Excel Workbook into the pre-existing PowerPoint Graph. Example Situation (see attached PP file): ...

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    What I need: I need a executable program -- with resell rights. Develop a stand-alone application that will automatically log into a Google Adsense account and download available Impression, Clicks and Earnings data (the application should be able to emulate a user clicking on the "all time" report option i.e. should be able to collect all data since the user first began using the adsens...

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    This is a Graduate / Post-Graduate level Advanced Algorithms question. You must be ***_very_*** conversant and good with writing algorithms and solving graphs to be able to solve these problems. If you know of anyone who is good at these, please let him/her know. The questions are in the attachment. If you have ever read the popular "Introduction to Algorithms" by Thomas H. Cormen, Charl...

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    I need a parameterized php class that wraps the gd lib and produces horizontal 3-D bars like the sample. I will pass either a % or a raw number to get relationally correct graphs. I have php 4.3.2 and gd 2.0.12 installed.

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    This is basically a rework of an app that I wrote in VB a few years ago, and now needs upgrade for using through a web-browser interface. I have already a website running PHP/MySQL under Linux, so those are part of the requirements. There will be three kinds of people using the PHP script: Admin, supervisors, and candidates. Admin use cases: (This will be me!) - Login. - Track supervisor usage /s...

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    Implementing Graphs Encerrado left

    Hi I want this program done in Java. 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, 3rd party components, etc. un...

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    java -graphs Encerrado left

    You will implement several operations on directed graphs 1. Return a new Directed Graph representing the complememt of the graph 2. Return a path object representing the shortest path for the source vertex 1 to the destination. 3. Return true if the graph contains any cycles. 4. return all existing paths from 1 sources to destination. Very easy, main methods, and others method are ava...

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    **[fazer login para ver a URL] / ASP type application_??** The purpose of this project is to create a single copy (per user/client) of a _predefined_ **Business Plan** where the user can make modifications and tailor it to THEIR specific circumstances. I provide the basic text/content and numbers/projections (always a NEW business project without sales history)...and this program would displa...

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    We are looking for a developer to create a new desktop application that will provide analytical tools to assist in the pricing of a product or service. Users will enter a small amount of data covering competitors, potential price points, expected customer reactions to potential prices, and costs. The application will analyze the input data to determine the prices that maximize profits, revenues, o...

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    This project is for a IT services company. I have developed some marketing material for this company which includes 2 word documents and one powerpoint presentation. I'm looking for someone to take the elements of these documents such as graphs/charts and bring a professional edge which will not only draw the visual interest but also makes the message clear and easy to read. The obj...

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    Hi, everyone, I need help on the following project which I provided with detail instructuion and pseudo codes. (1) Implement and test three different algorithms : Prim's, Kruskal's and Sollin's Algorithm for finding the minimum spanning tree of a graph. (2) To test the algorithms you will randomly generate graphs with a specified edge density and make sure that the graphs are co...

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    Hello My name is Anthony Gonzales I am the owner of a small photography company and we our looking to expand our online presence. I found this site while searching for a shopping cart for photographers. I was amazed that there was only two poorly designed programs. I saw a few designers who had already created a similar type of software for what I need, so im sure this project will be easy. Here...

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    Graph (C++) Encerrado left

    The purpose is to get familiar with Graph class and function for C++(visual C++ 6.0) please see complete project with included attachment/ if you can do the extra credit i will send in the bonus (if not it's fine) It will also give you some practice in using several of the STL containers. In this document, we use the term **Digraph** to refer to directed graphs and **Ugraph** to refer ...

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    To install and configure CACTI: <[fazer login para ver a URL]> and to ensure that it fully collects / graphs ethernet / cpu / memory / bind statistics. ## Deliverables 1) Fully install CACTI 2) Document the installation briefly. 3) Also ensure all the latest security updates for redhat9 are installed. 4) Optimise the kernel configuration for high udp requests (dns) if re...

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    Remote Ping Script Encerrado left

    hi, i need a script that will reside on a linux server which does the following: 1. send 4 ping requests an ip or domain every X minutes 2. store the results of the ping in a database database feilds for each record: ip / domain - ip or domain being pinged time - time-stamp of the ping requests results1 - 1 for response 0 for time out time1 - time in ms of response to first p...

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    This is what I want to do: I have an online brokerage account with Scottrade. which allows me to have access to live data while the markets are open. One of the things this gives me access to, is Time & Sales data for selected stocks. It tells me in a small Java Applet window the time a stock was bought or sold and how many shares were bought and sold. What I would like to do is somehow t...

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    Web Reporting System Encerrado left

    I need a web based reporting system developed. The main purpose of the system would be for a user to be capable via the web to enter information into a pre-defined form and when submitted for that information to go into a MySql DB. The system should have two sections to it, 1) an administration section where by all the forms get created in and users get assigned a user id and password. ...

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    i need two addon scripts for a personality test script. addon script one ---------------- i need a script to auto generate poll questions that users answer before taking one of my personality tests (which are written in perl, but that does not mean this has to be written in perl, php is good too). so the script needs to auto generate the questions from a text file. and save responses to those q...

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    Hi, First let me make it clear that I am NOT looking for finished code - this is a project I am expected to and want to do myself, but I could happily accept pointers and advice! The desired end result would be perhaps aimed at someone in an office who spends a lot of time with their computer's screensaver on. Instead of flying fish, it would be displaying 'usful' informat...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    Ebay Custom reports Encerrado left

    I need a program that will dynamically report information for open ebay auctions. Sales Report: Av Selling price, Price Comp Sold vs unsold; % listings sold successfully, Bids per auction pie chart, Monthly sales, # of listings sold, Av # of Bids per sold listings, feed back growth summary ( all data shown in graph for 6 months) Category Reports: Av # of bids, Av sellijng Price, % of listings sold...

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    Need a expert in who need to download information from a fixed URL from internet and fill in database. and based on that database need to display graphs/charts / information. and need to manage a small database entry information. This is urgent, if you can't start immidiately then don't bid on this. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working progr...

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    We have a Microsoft Access database which is complete apart from some reports. You must be good at creating reports and graphs that can be filtered by date range. Full details of the report are in the attached Word document. Please make suggestions if you think there is a better way of doing as suggested in the brief. The actual database will be provided once a coder has been c...

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    We are looking for a competent C++ or assembly language developer to work on a simple hard drive benchmark utility. Specifically, the program will measure the following, using native Win32 API read/write procedures: Buffered Read - MB/s Sequential Read - MB/s Random Read - MB/s Buffered Write - MB/s Sequential Write - Mb/s Random Write - kB/s Average Access Time - ms The...

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    Layout ===== We need a professional graphics layout, and logo worked up for an existing website. The website is a file and site hosting service, that provides all mechanisms to upload, download, managed, and view files stored on the site. We only need the layout and the associated HTML/DHTML. The layout will need to be capable of being broken into two separate include files. One for the ...

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    This is a simple requirement. I need an application written to run on Windows CE and PocketPC will will be able to read a particular serial datastream via the RS232 port or Virtual COM over USB. The application will need to display the datastream information (arranged in a series of 16 'channels') as a series of graphs (barchart). Some other basic configuration may also be required (aler...

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    what i need to implement is a mobile or pda application written in j2me , this application for taking student attendance in the class for schools or colleges or any university . every teach or professor will download this application in his protable device , so he can access to his profile in the server , and he can see the subjects he are teaching , classes , labs , and can view the list of stu...

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    Finance Encerrado left

    This project involves taking financial information from the reuters web site and placing it in a visual basic application. It involves putting share prices price paid profit quantity of shares etc. The programme should update the stock prices automatically. It involves ssaving this information to a database (access) via xml. IT also involves taking graphs and live streams from the reuters(uk)...

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    Traffic Trading Script * Can be written in any language(c/perl/cgi/php), but must work on unix/linux servers. * Needs to be fast and be gentle on the server resources. * Must be able to handle several 100.000's of hits per day. * Count and calculate traffic for the last 24 hours. Stats of all referring domains. * Must handle 3 trade types. "Raw in", "Uniques in" and ...

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    This bid is to develop the code ONLY for a secure web application. Users will login and be able to buy certain services so you will need to have some sort of transaction and shopping cart system and also interface with a credit card gateway. The shopping cart system must handle the sale and redemption of gift certificates and discounts (at the item and entire order level, similar to the [f...

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    I am looking for coders experienced in writing usage and report module for messaging oriented systems. You should be able to use your judgment to create a set of exhaustive Web based usage and statistical reports for message traffic stored in a database. First Pref. is for JSP, then for PHP but will consider other tools if they work both on Apache and IIS, and with SQL Server and mySQL. The bulk o...

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    Java Help Required Encerrado left

    I would rather discuss the contents of what is required by email to interested individuals due to confidential reasons however to give you a brief summary of what is required. This should be quite straight forward for a well versed java programmer. Contents of the assignment include: Creating a Simple parser to Parse files. Involving Graphs Finding Arcs ie. nodes, symetric...

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    We wish a 'clone' of the [fazer login para ver a URL] website. Important: This clone is in content not in style... we wish a backend writing that uses freely available monitoring tools under UNIX to track client sites / services. The clients can sign-up to varying service levels using Paysystems / Paypal / etc and be billed in a monthly / annual / etc cycle. We will be advised when a sit...

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    Simply install MRTG (the traffic monitor/graph software) on an existing server. I want it to show graphs for every user's domain in a very organized fashion. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platfor...

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    PHP web page Encerrado left

    there is a web page created in html and a link is needed to go to a php page showing some graphs and images of a company involved with the creation of doors, windows etc. after the completition of the first php page then there will be 5 more with the same content changing the images. the images that i have to put are not scanned at the moment but i will uploaded as soon as i can ## Del...

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    Complete Website Encerrado left

    We are looking for a complete website: website, database & graphics. This website's function is to accept rss(xml) feeds from sports and casino related sites and use that information to produce dynamically generated graphs and charts. ## Deliverables Track and graph all event's odds that come in through the feeds. Graphing should include a "major line(odds) change flag...

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    Laboratory Software Encerrado left

    ![][1] **Description: ** Need a windows based software program that will allow lab workers to input results of various tests performed on each sample. That information will be exported to Access Database. The database will later be querried to create a printable text report. Additional computers on the network contain results that will need to be attached as files to the main sample page an...

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    A Spreadsheet task using a very small interface Keerside Primary school has a weather recording project that is undertaken by the infant classes. At noon each day pupils record the rainfall for the last 24 hours and the temperature at noon. These two figures are entered into a spreadsheet and used to produce a graph showing both rainfall (as a bar chart) and temperature (as a line graph) for the ...

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    I need to create a professional looking powerpoint presentation to send to pontential investors. I need someone to create a set of Master Templates which I can work off of. Master Title Slide, Master Text Slide, Master Graphics slide for bar graphs and line graphs. I will provide company logo and wordmark. Company website is [fazer login para ver a URL] (just a teaser site is links.. but I...

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    I have a program written in C++ that generates some type of graphs. I would like the code to be modified such that the output result to be stored into file as an adjacency list. Also, some configuration parameters should get there values from a configuration file. All details are in the attached files. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as w...

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    I have a current program that requires 2 x new reports (data to be pulled from current DB) 2 x graphs (data to be pulled from same reports and displayed in either bar/pie/line charts) I am familiar with using MS Chart Control to achieve this graph result. The reports are very basic. (please read the XCEL file provided for examples) I will provide you with source code of current system that is to b...

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    The project is to create a web based system that will allow for work requests to be entered against equipements. These work requests will automatically be routed to a responsible person so that they can perform the work. The system will have to allow for equipment records to be created, user to be created, vendors to be [fazer login para ver a URL] system should allow for email to be used to send ...

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    Google API program Encerrado left

    I need a web application that uses the Google API to compile some reports for me. The program can be in any language you like. There will be data provide by me and data returned by Google and then reports will be generated by this data. I want the data to be entered in a form and have the option of importing a CSV file. I want the reports to be HTML files. The reports will not have any graphs just...

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    Programming help required to develop a user-friendly JAVA program, replacing an existing excel climate model. (between 1 to 3 months work). The model is a collection of interactive climate graphs. The challenge is to build a GUI that is government-delegate-friendly. This job is unpaid... but we invite you to present the results at the U.N. Climate Change conference in Milan this December. This...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    modify document Encerrado left

    section 2.0 through 2.3.3 need to be corrected and I would like to add 2 more graphs in that section the graph must represent the information found in that section. the things that you need to change is scaned in pdf file you will change where it's marked with ink and do the changes on the [fazer login para ver a URL]'t worry about the rest of document I only need the changes on section ...

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    Assignment: Part 1 Graph Representationl You will need the following classes and methods to represent the Graph. • class Node This class has the following private fields: int vertex, double weight and a reference Node next. In addition, you are to implement methods (including toString()) that you think you might need. Note, there should be no mutators for vertex and weight fields • class...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    This custom reporting system is already functional. Several additions/modifications are to be made to this ASP/IIS solution. Some brief program architecture advice is expected from the bid winner, and coding 3 or 4 additional reports which should be output as Graphs and/or Charts: possibly Excel. May consider a third party tool or solution, if it is affordable and does not involve high money expen...

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    Small Script needed Encerrado left

    Hello Coders. I need a script that can be added to any WEBPAGE. The function of the script would be 1) Note Down the IP address of the person visiting that particular Webpage. 2) Note down the previous URL from which he came from. 3) And create a Web Page of a text file or by any means store the data collected that can be extracted thru a BOT. Hopefully an array of the DATA will do the job. Sugges...

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