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    ...TXT com aproximadamente 9.000.000 registros e em seguida monitora site remoto (via FTP/SFTP ou VPN). A cada vez que um arquivo aparece no diretório remoto (txt comprimido em gz), este arquivo é puxado e em seguida importado, alterando o banco de dados com atualizações, adições e deleções de registros. Características do banc...

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    Rebuild my web site Encerrado left

    I have a small business archiving and restoring photos and oth...raised the fees to a level that I cannot stay with them. This departure is amicable and they have provided me with a backup of the web site ([login to view URL]) in a gz file so I can copy it and move it to another hosting organisation. I need a price for someone to do this work

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    BigQuery and Reports Encerrado left

    I would like you to write a script that takes a folder of files from my google drive. These files are CSV files compressed as gz files. I would like them to be merged together, and then I want to conduct a SQL query of them which is the appended to the original tables.

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    ...meaning after it detects more than say 10% deviation - it exists that comparison. Here it is a character by character comparison. The app should communicate with a folder of .gz files that contain the text and it could use a text boundary to distinguish each sentence. The output would need to be a new text file that sorts every sentence into groups of

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    ...that the old website had three Unity 3D games/worlds that I now need to transfer to my new website (which is edited using Word Press). I have a backup of the old website on a GZ file (.[login to view URL]) and require a freelancer to first extract the Unity 3D games/worlds from this file (if possible) and then upload them to my new website. Access to the new website

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    I have a program that opens / closes 100s of files searching for key information. The problem is that they are 'gz' files zipped so i have to manually transfer all the files in my R: (zipped files) to my C: (unzipped), i would like someone to look at my VBA to see if there is a way to incorporate in a unzip function as it is opening a file.

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    ...manufacturers_id=p.manufacturers_id) left join specials s on p.products_id = s.products_id left join tax_rates tr on p.products_tax_class_id = tr.tax_class_id left join zones_to_geo_zones gz on tr.tax_zone_id = gz.geo_zone_id and (gz.zone_country_id is null or gz.zone_country_id = '0' or gz.zone_country_id = '30') and (gz.zone_id is null or gz.zone_id = '0' ...

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    ...meaning after it detects more than say 10% deviation - it exists that comparison. Here it is a character by character comparison. The app should communicate with a folder of .gz files that contain the text and it could use a text boundary to distinguish each sentence. The output would need to be a new text file that sorts every sentence into groups of

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    ...script written that will accept two input files and generate a third file as an output. What the script needs to do is the following: Read a compressed “.gz” file and put the contents into memory. The .gz file will contain a spreadsheet containing many rows and columns of data. What we are interested in is Column K labeled “CLIENT_IP_ADDRESS”. This column

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    Hello. Im trying to fix my htaccess. I have a Laravel app that I first and foremost want RewriteCond %{HTTP:X-Forwarded-Proto} !https RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}%/$1 [R=301,L] <IfModule mod_headers.c> <FilesMatch ".(js|css|xml|gz|svg)$"> Header append Vary: Accept-Encoding </FilesMatch> </IfModule>

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    10 ofertas RewriteCond %{HTTP:X-Forwarded-Proto} !https RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}/$1 [R=301,L] <IfModule mod_headers.c> <FilesMatch ".(js|css|xml|gz|svg)$"> Header append Vary: Accept-Encoding </FilesMatch> </IfModule> And it works with the HTTP redirect to HTTPS, but I cant figure out how to point it to /public/

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    ...editing And we required you to be creative in your design that product upload for our listing. 2) it's listing of furniture products. So I think it's easy for you to load as GZ is one of the largest factories city. 3) listing is in English language 4) the creative must be there.. that product listing can be creative like those you saw on taobao listing

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    Hi, I need custom EPG with .xml format or .gz with fix data. Thank you

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    I have an online jewellery store named as "beadiful thingz". I need to have a creative logo des...dimensions. I have a design idea in which 'b' and 'l' in "beautiful" can be used a string of a necklace and the alphabets in the between can have impression of beads. Or "gz" in the "thingz" can be designed like earrings. Ideas fr...

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    ...disk initially, then you give me script that updates all the daily changes via a cron job with rsync, that will be OK. I don't want anything that backs up to an ISO, ZIP, TAR, GZ or any other type of bundle that would need to be restored. The task must result in a BOOTABLE USB drive that will run if my laptop fails. The program Super Duper is a good

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    M3U and XSPF playlists support Grid or list view of TV channels EPG support in JTV (zip) or XMLTV (xml, gz) formats Single playlist is used, users can't add custom playlists No UDP proxy settings

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    I have an online jewellery store named as "beadiful thingz". I need to have a creative logo des...dimensions. I have a design idea in which 'b' and 'l' in "beautiful" can be used a string of a necklace and the alphabets in the between can have impression of beads. Or "gz" in the "thingz" can be designed like earrings. Ideas fr...

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    ...a .GZ Archive File. Open a program to Extract the .csv file from the .GZ file. Rename and replace/overwrite the .csv file in the same folder. I would like to get this automated, I have similar scripts that already do this on other files using a BAT file and windows task scheduler so would like the following to occur:- 1. Auto Download GZ File

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    I need the attached Scanned business cards details input into a spreadsheet with the below Columns filled out. Company Name English Company...First Name English Contact Surname English Contact First Name Chinese Contact Surname name Chinese Email Wechat id Mobile Office Phone Number Address City Database Gz Expo List or 1st Trip

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    select a folder with 2000 .gz for each gz extract it search for a special character log this line with filename to a log delete this line make a .gz again

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    I need to download files from several websites. Every website contain links to alot of files( it could be for example: .gz/.txt/.zip). finally every website has its own folder with all the files he contained. I need it to be on C#, and work on windows 10.

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    ...workflow: We have apache servers that has more then 300 millions request each month. After an hour, the apache server archive the log files into .gz file. So I need a python script that: - Unzip the .gz file - Read all the files content - Parsing the files into: IP, date, query, target, id (Example of the log: [login to view URL] - - [28/Aug/2017:14:38:47

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    ...icons shud be displayed as : 1) folder icon for folders 2) music icon for mp3, wav, 3gp formats 3) video icon for mp4, etc for video 4) compressed icon for zip, rar, tar , gz filees etc 5) there should be upload/download/delete icon to make this order on any location on any folder-icon and if its a folder , it shud have

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    5 ofertas this website and go into the latest YEAR link -> then go into the latest MONTH link -> then go through each folder and get the latest .gz file example that is applicable for today: [login to view URL] * then will go to "2017" ([login to view URL]

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    I need a script to automate parsing certain phrases in .gz files. More details in chat. Please note that the python I am using is 2.6.9 (dont have a choice to update)

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    I've got a server I want to shut down - but first I need all 16 sites left on there to be [login to view URL] compressed and downloaded as well as all their associated MySQL databases. These should then be send to me via wetransfer one by one or similar. I don't have time to do it - shouldn't take more than an hour or two.

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    Write some Software Encerrado left

    Need a PHPBB expert to optimize a french forum specialized in golf. Members are complaining about the performace of the forum ( phones. Need an expert who can carry out necessary speed tests and eventually advise on new host if the host is the problem. Database is 1.5Gb and can be exported in .GZ. If new host, we will need migration services.

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    ...2.- variables for the MySQL connection (user, password, host, databse(s) name(s) 3.- variable for dating the backup for example the dump of mysql can be "mysqldump-20170402.gz" 4.- variable for dating the backup of the folder "uploads" can be [login to view URL] 5.- little section with phpmailer for send me an email if the backup cannot be done

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    ...[login to view URL] from install of [login to view URL] conflicts with file from package [login to view URL] file /usr/share/man/man1/lsb_release.1.gz from install of [login to view URL] conflicts with file from package [login to view URL] I want someone to fix these conflicts and install gnome

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    Install WAMP server on my Windows 10 Desktop, make it Localhost so it can show a php website content on a local PC. I will provide a backup tar gz file for a php website to be restored on the PC. Also show how to use the WAMP to edit mysql tables inside on the local PC's drive, means delete rows, edit rows, etc. Do it all through Teamviewer.

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    Build a Website Encerrado left

    ...looking for technical assistance to move Django files (.gz files) of a website to a new hosting provider as the existing hosting provider has expired. I had tried to move to local new hosting provider but failed to do so as there is some files unable to be located by the public_html. I had the the .gz files on hand now and would like look for some experts

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    I have a JVC GZ-HD40E Everio camcorder, and I want to use it for an artwork. It has to stream onto a TV using its AV (RCA) output, for hours. Just like a security camera. I do not like the quality of the CCTV cameras, that is why I am using this one. I have two problems that need to be solved. I want a programmer to help me hack the firmware (or provide

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    ...the previous hosting. Now it gives a server error. The website is [login to view URL] I'll send you: - the full website downloaded by FTP - the database - the backup file (.gz) that you can use alternatevely to the full website downloaded by FTP - my GoDaddy codes For more info you can ask here or on my skype account [login to view URL] Best, elvio

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    I have data files ranging from 1989 to 2015 that are in a .gz format. I need them to be converted into a .csv format.

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    Get a Website Built Encerrado left

    Australian real estate wordpress website. I have a 50 mg GZ file backup of wordpress website that was built from a template purchased last year, but the website is no longer being hosted.I want the website to be up and running again. It is a real estate website in Australia , so you need to have experience with how real estate websites work in Australia(especially

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    Write some Software Encerrado left

    ...combined data from the two different files given below. http://gumgumshare. [login to view URL] 00_domU12313901A134. gz http://gumgumshare. [login to view URL] 20140120_ 00_domU12313901A134. gz The file starting with assets_ contains asset (image) impressions. Each line represents 1 asset impression. The file starting adevents_

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    ...task is very simple: - I have an website with the hosting account closed. The hosting company have sent me files in gz format. I need the site active again and hence to upload it on a new hosting account & new domain. The to open GZ files - i also need help putting an url link on the phpBB forum home page that links to the newly installed website

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    I need a script that can scan a large number of .gz files as fast as possible and extract certain data from them. I need the script to be able to do this without having to decompress all the files (there are over 40000 of them!) Speed is critical and I would prefer a solution in python but am not closed to the idea of using other languages especially

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    Ip List Firewall Encerrado left

    I need a linux ...create iplist from a file in this format the list should work like this ip_list_grab [login to view URL] list_name the first parameter is the url the second is the list name , after you are done, you should save and reload the firewall so it is up to date.

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    Build a Website Encerrado left

    I have recently developed a website with Wordpress. I would like assistance transferring this site to a bluehost server. The site is also to a bluehost server. The site is also very slow to load particularly on Safari, so I would also like help optimizing and speeding up the site. This will include enabling gz compression among other tasks.

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    Trophy icon GZ initial needed Encerrado left

    Hi all, i need GZ initials... No color, just black and white... Please do not use 3d mock ups, just black and white background... Need adobe ilustrator file Atached are some examples... Thank you

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    ...color and a slotted only style as SR-BZ 62059 for $100.00. Listing #2 for the same rotor that fits the same vehicle, but with a gold color and drilled only style would be CD-GZ 62059 for $120.00. #3 with no color and a drilled and slotted style would be SS 62059 for $90.00 and so on. In these examples, the basic part number and vehicle fitment for that

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    Create batch Encerrado left

    ...for Sitemap entries in the [login to view URL] and parses those files Sitemap can be 1. XML containing list of urls 2. XML containing list of sitemaps 3. GZ compressed file containing list of sitemaps (xml or gz) input: file containing domain urls output: files categorized by domain containing list of urls so far here is what i have done, this ain't

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    ...interfaces<br />• Experience and knowledge of GSM/Packet core network, routing and all type of signaling and GPRS call flow concept with all PS core nodes like Gb, Gr, Gn, Gi, Gx, Gy,Gz interfaces.<br />•Packet Core NPO Experience is a must. IP networks knowledge needed.<br />• KPIs knowledge<br />• Deep knowledge of mobile packet core networks...

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    Dear bider This project is about immigration of a sql/gz database from the osclass cms to the geo framework. the database hold about 8000 ads from the auto category. only skilled and qualified freelance set their bid please. your sincerely lta mart

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    Hi All, Thanks for taking time to bid on the project. I have large amount of log file data that I need to analyse. This data is stored on AWS S3 in .gz txt files that are tab delimited . It contains the following fields (some optional) TIMESTAMP UID GEO URL CATEGORIES USERAGENT META_KEYWORDS KEY_TERMS ENTITIES Sample file is

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    Write some Software Encerrado left

    I have a directory of .gz files that contain raw boomerang beacon data. I need those files enumerated, extract the single text file from each .gz file. Read each JSON object from that file, could be one or more JSON objects per file and rehydrate the resource timing part of the file to be the uncompressed boomerang resource timing data. I need all of

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    ...format that allows me to edit as people change so I don't have to ask for outside assistance. Please use the pictures at this link [login to view URL] for your entry and understand that I may need to add or delete some images so be sure to consider that in your entry. I'll need this to be part of your

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    .gz and .zip support (split into 2 milestones)

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    Trophy icon Roll up design for exhibition Encerrado left

    ...Networking Card Example rollup attached (design not mandatory, just example!) Product picture attached Company Logo attached Text describing the product: Altera Arria V GZ FPGA 4x SFP+ at 10Gbps each 1x QSFP+ at 40Gbps each PCIe Gen3 x8 lanes Up to 144 Gb DDR3 memory The contest must be finished by Sunday! The payment will be released

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