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    When you got to [fazer login para ver a URL], you can search for anything and view the prices for completed items. I want a program that averages all of these prices that are displayed. I understand that the more specific your search query is the better the more exact average will be. There should also be a way to search only in a particular category. I want the program that you can enter a e...

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    Flash animator Encerrado left

    Flash MX animator needed for this weekend. Only excellent and highest quality animator needed! You will be this weekend. Project will need to be completed Sunday afternoon (you might have to work some Saturday night) - in total about 20 hours. To bid, you must provide sample URLs of your animations and your price for the weekend. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working p...

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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    In osCommerce, I am currently using integrated labels, which allow me to print a customers invoice and shipping label on the same sheet. I had to custom change the [fazer login para ver a URL] file so the layout would fit on the integrated labels sheet properly. I installed a contribution the other day that takes multiple invoices, and creates a .PDF of all the invoices so I can print multiple in...

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    vb simple! Encerrado left

    Hi, I need a very simple form with the following controls. A timer, a button and two labels and a text input field. What I want is that the user enters a number in the text field say 15 which means 15 minutes. Now every 15 minutes the timer should act and press the button which will print something on the label. The user should be able to change the text in the timer, so that if they want it to ac...

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    A small timecard entry system was created by a designer who is no longer willing to provide support for my customer. The timecard apparently calculates rows and columns, formats an email and sends it to a specified address. The system originally worked on a Windows platform with blat.exe. We would like a freelancer who is capable of working with these two existing files (one is html using...

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    We are looking for an offline, Windows-based order and product management program to be used with our dvd rental site. The program should be open source, MS Access or VB-based. System must support barcode scanning and printing. The program should: 1) Batch upload product/inventory information, batch download customer and transaction information 2) Print disc jacket labels with barcodes on Eltron...

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    Bottle Label Design Encerrado left

    We need a label design for BBQ sauce. We want a "homey" feel for a line of "Farmhouse" Barbecue sauces. This will be printed professionally, so please use Pantone or some such color palette, and no more than 4 colors for each label. Attached is a sketch of what we'd like. This picture has a peach in a bowl; I'd like the peach to be colored in. We want 4-color graphic...

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    Bank Account Project Encerrado left

    The project is a simple one, I just am new and can't get it. Upper left hand corner should have a label with the text "Account Number:" Next to this label should be a text box in which the user enters a random account number which should be stored and saved in notepad i.e. "John, Doe" "12345" When the account number "12345" is typed in this text box a s...

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    The project at hand is a stockphoto site similar to [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1]. I am almost looking to clone the site in a way. The overall functionality of this site will be a system which is based on credits. Users have the option to pay for credits to download stockphotos which are currently on the site and artists have the ability to submit their art work to the site. If the artists...

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    Keyboard program Encerrado left

    I need it within 3 days after accepting your bid lowest bid with highest rating will consider first, and for new RAC if they provide me confidance then I can go for them also thanx ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-...

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    Seeking quotes on development of an Event Photo Print purchase site for integration into existing web site or as stand alone operation (site). Reference: [fazer login para ver a URL] The reference site does much of what we need, however there is no need to sell or market the process, this is strictly for us. There is also poor image security for images and we cannot have that on this design. We ...

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    The serious SEO Challenge - please leave message let us know what you can do for us! The Challenge Part I We are seeking to become one of the highest ranked and visited HEAVY sports portals on the Net. We operate a large BRAND NAME bodybuilding fitness and supplement estore domains. We wish to become the number one meeting place for all fitness enthusiasts. Our goal is to organize our sites t...

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    Purpose: The purpose of this project is to create a database-driven solution that will be tailored to specific needs and will provide the organization with easy-to-use tools for membership and dues tracking, fundraising and contributions management, inventory control and order fulfillment, contact management and basic A/P functions. Requirements Overview: The database solution will be built...

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    ****************************** RAC note: This a bulletin board auction in which full contact with the buyer is allowed and encouraged ****************************** Hi I have developed a new site for showcasing software produced by individual developers and small companies. [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1] Eventually, as the site becomes known and grows bigger, the site ...

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    Hello, I would like a programmer to answer these 5 simple questions. It must be done within 5 hours. I will pay well and deposit the money in Escrow in advance. Thanks. BTW, you're answers must be right :-) 1. Produce a Table Notation for each entity based on the following: Given that a customer can place many orders, but each order can only be placed by one customer and each order has man...

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    The complete specification can be provided once we recieve OO code and art samples. *General Description* Rings of Power is fantasy chess game where two or four races vie to capture their opponent&'s powerful, magic ring. Each side takes turns strategizing on which piece to move against an unknown enemy. As the opponent&'s army is revealed, so to is the location of the ring...

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    Rings of Power?"? Copyright Playful Minds 2004 Version 1.0 2/26/04 To receive the entire document, please send me an email darrin@[fazer login para ver a URL] the code samples, art samples/links, and scanned NDA. AIM: playfulmin *General Description* Rings of Power is fantasy chess game where two or four races vie to capture their opponent’s powerful, magic ring. Each side takes...

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
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    Team Roster Encerrado left

    [fazer login para ver a URL] and [fazer login para ver a URL] are both now working. [fazer login para ver a URL] I am editing the project for that reason but do still need two things if possible #1. Admin Control panel - This needs to include the following options. Add Member Edit Member Delete Member And also needs to be able to allow me to set users with rights to t...

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    SearchVBnet Encerrado left

    In [fazer login para ver a URL] (Windows Forms) I need to be able to search a DataSet by typing a few letters in a textbox. The project will need a textbox, a DataGrid, 3 labels. When the user type the first few letters of the name they are searching for, the DataGrid will go to that record in the DataSet just as if the user had clicked the DataGrid itself. The labels are just DataBound to the...

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    This is a very simple graphic design project for any designer who knows what they are doing. What I need is a high quality CD label designed. I will accept bids based SOLELY on CD labels you have already designed. So please post your portfolio of CD labels. I would like the CD label to be submitted to me using the following guidelines: <[fazer login para ver a URL]> ...

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    I have a simple Who's Online script that I'm very happy with, but I would like to add one small further detail, the ability to keep track of the highest number of unique IP addresses to have visited in any one day. The day period should be from midnight to midnight, and not just any random 24 hour period. This project relates to the following project ... [fazer login para ver a URL] ....

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    I require a sane driver for the scanshell 800 & 1000 scanners (usb devices, manufactured by SyScan, with a travelscan 660 chipset), that will enable communication with those scanners through WINE, on a linux machine. windows drivers and hardware specification can be obtained at: [fazer login para ver a URL] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable fo...

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    The project will invlove creating a search engine for a pre-compiled list of auction sites which will be located at <[fazer login para ver a URL]>. When a user uses the search engine to search for a given auction item, the search engine will need to parse information from the auction sites and return that information in a professional manner back to indoob.com. Certain sites as [fazer login ...

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    Hi there, I need phpnuke 7.1 installed I do not have the script as my account has not been registered yet. Basically, I am trying to set up a website. Users can signup for free. No issues there. I need this set up so that a user can upload a small movie clip. It will appear as "News" on the front page. Other users can comment and rate the video. I want to run a competition that the...

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    When you got to [fazer login para ver a URL], you can search for anything and view the prices for completed items. I want a program that averages all of these prices that are displayed. I understand that the more specific your search query is the better the more exact average will be. There should also be a way to search only in a particular category. I want the program that you can enter a e...

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    | We are a small sign company looking for a database program to use to keep our customer records. We are currectly using Elibrium's Database Professional [fazer login para ver a URL] It would work for us, except that the program takes too long to load and bring up the database. We have 3-5 users that need to access the information, and one user will need to print address labels one at a time ...

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    This program will have to take a text document with thousands of domains in it and do the following: a) display domains with 3 characters or less b) display domains that have highest number of search results, this would be taken by searching google. For example, if you search "[fazer login para ver a URL]", you get 107,000 results. See attached file for input example. Up...

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    This program will have to take a text document with thousands of domains in it and do the following: a) display domains with 3 characters or less b) display domains that have highest number of search results, this would be taken by searching google. For example, if you search "[fazer login para ver a URL]", you get 107,000 results. See attached file for input example. ## De...

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    Our company owns patents and copyrights on software that measures bone density loss from the examination of DICOM files (images) produced on CT machines. The core software -- which measures bone density loss from an image of a single vertebrae -- was developed almost 15 years ago and has had few changes or enhancements since then. This project is a major reworking of the software and its oper...

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    Hallo Ladies and Gents, We require the build of a web based platform that will allow online visitors to purchase single or multiple song tracks from an online store. There may be more than one store that integrate with the same database ??" these are called Shop Fronts. In addition each song track has a record label associated with it, these record labels wish to track the sales performance ...

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    I need a IE Toolbar written in VisualC++ needed to be modified . Modification is very simple. Just delete all the labels, edit boxes and buttons. **All You have to do is Add a VB activeX control over it.** I will provide an example activex control and Toolbar source to modify. I must be able to chage it to another control easily. (Comment this section well) The toolbar while resizing , will...

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    My project is fairly simple Java code for: 1. Yearly income for each year 2. Average Monthly income for each month 3. The month and year for which the income was the highest. I have more details is my attached file. Please review it beriefly. Place your best bid if you can do this before deadline. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable for...

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    Hi, I require an application in VB.NET (must). It's a math program with a calculator for kids 9-12 years. Im very strict about the content, so please only bid if you are sure you will do it EXACTLY as specified. Every module must be in a dll, the frame must be a medium sized window 3/4 of the full screen. Nothing too fency, some text box, some labels, a light green background, some qu...

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    VB.Net HomeWork Encerrado left

    Run the executable file ToBeProvided.exe. Set the drive designator as necessary. Note that for the solution to run, the database named [fazer login para ver a URL] must reside in the same folder as the executable file. Add a new record, and then enter the input values shown in the Figure. Update the record you just added. Locate that record, and then delete it. Exit the solution. • Start VB...

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    I have developed a small presentation application. It is designed for displaying text on a video screen at trade shows or other displays. It is like Powerpoint but much simpler. I want to publish this program commercially. I need someone to review it and give feedback. I need someone who has experience in software quality control or who is successful in publishing their own software. You would nee...

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    VB,net Encerrado left

    Overview: This program prompts the user for his or her full name (First Last) delimited with one or more spaces. When the user clicks the calculate button, the name is parsed, capitalised and spaced correctly (Fred Bloggs, not fred bLoggs for example), the gross pay is calculated, and the results are displayed in textboxes. The user may then dismiss the application by clicking the exit button. Thi...

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    ***Phase 1*** You are to implement an online auction as a client-server application (**not** Web-based). For simplicity's sake, the auction should involve just **two** items for which people may bid. At the start of the application, the server will expect to be told the final bidding time for each of the two items, using the 24-hour clock. Clients may then connect to the server at any time a...

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    We require a developer who has win32 driver/kernel level and wine experience, to work on improving the completeness of the GDI and networking component functionality in Reactos. Reactos is an opensource project attempting to develop a Windows NT Compatible OS. (ref [fazer login para ver a URL]) This project will be completed in small stages, with the winning bidder to submit a break...

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    10 Category Images 57X40 pixels 77 Sub-category Images 100 X 57 pixels Colors must correspond with the theme of the website This should be an easy task for someone efficient in Photoshop or Paintshop Pro Go to <[fazer login para ver a URL]> to see all the category and sub category titles ## Deliverables Images should be seperated into a folder that corresponds with the category. ...

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    A place for Dogs Encerrado left

    We would like to create a website that would have function and look similar to: [fazer login para ver a URL] the site is not for wine but this is the closer outline of what we would like to do Function: -We need a few forms to be able to update the database when adding or removing products We need to see a link to similar project you did

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    This should be a simple implementation of the .NET graphics class. I need the ASPX file to import a background image (size of image is driven from a database) and draw semi-transparent circles overlaid on top of the background. The circles properties; location, size (diameter), and color will be driven from an Access database.T he circles should also have an outlined box that labels the circl...

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    This project calls for the development of a robust client-side encryption solution written entirely in Javascript. This is a great challenge for true programmers, especially those interested in cryptography. There are some potential starting points, including some freely available code at the following site: [fazer login para ver a URL] Essentially, we're looking for an even more robust so...

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    design Encerrado left

    I want a professional quality XP-theme entry-page template for a dating site. I have designed and attached a very rough and simple template which I now need to be re-designed as follows 1) Re-design template to professional standard. Use a simple colour palette ??" only 3 shades per page + black (e.g. [fazer login para ver a URL]) ??" Red may only be used for the main offer 2) Very cle...

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    Redesign website. ([[fazer login para ver a URL]][1]) This is a corporate aircraft sales company. I need to have the ability to update content freely. I need to update inventory page. The pictures and spec sheets will have to changed often. The specs also need to have a downlable PDF. Needs great graphics and pictures of aircraft from stock picture sites. I have list of pictures that I would like ...

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    "Head-to-Head Wrestling" (H2H) is a text-based wrestling promotion simulator written in Visual Basic. The current team of coders and researchers have been working on the project for around two years on a part-time basis, but have now reached the stage where lack of time and motivation has meant that progress has ground to a halt. We are now looking to hire a coder to finish the project f...

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    Summary: Customers can have unlimited keywords added to their account and pay click rate that is controlled in a "Executive Admin" area of the system. If the client puts our search engine logo on their home page, their cost per click is lowered. Our search engine requires the following features: Data importation: Must be able to import xml, text, etc. of farmed data. Each record must con...

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    VB.Net Dice HW Encerrado left

    I need this homework to be done due 02/08/2003 morning. I need communicative person. You must report about proccess of working. for complete assignment see [fazer login para ver a URL] Need extra credit to Detailed specifications: 1. **Interface** Two separate labels are used to hold the numbers. Name these labels: **lblLeftDie** and **lblRightDie** which have the numbers 6 and 2 in t...

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    We require a number of web based games built using Java or Shockwave. Initially we need; Backgammon Chess Checkers Swap It Mah Jong Solitaire Pool Some Puzzle games(e.g. Dynomite, Collapse, Gems, Alchemy) Please send a quote per game, for the game including the source code. Some of the games will need to be made into mulitplayer games, which will involve integratin...

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    I am looking for someone whom can create very very very high quality website templates. These should be of the quality of [fazer login para ver a URL] or even better! Each design should consist of: Home Page - This page should include a nice flash intro header at the top that is animated with music. The text within the flash intro music be able to be edited by using a text document. This...

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    Enclosed is the dll that was started that needs to be completed. It has all the functions and methods to use. The only one to add is for the collection for the bidding history. What is needed is to be able to log into ebay automatically, then either obtain bidding history (including the highest bid placed), do a bidder alert, do a ebay warning, edit or add to item description, or get the transacti...

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