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    (**Update from Buyer: At this point, I have several bids that have enclosed samples that lead me to believe that they have the answers that I need. So while I have not picked a coder yet, If you have not already bid you might save yourself some time. Also, many of you included hints on forcing a window to pop to top, the bid is to do that as well as force it to STAY on top. Thank you ) ** ...

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    We have a very small VB6 utility application that clicks on the "Yes" button when the Outlook Security Guard pops up whilst doing a mail-merge, etc. However the functionality is slightly impaired! It is *extremely* similar to: [fazer login para ver a URL] However there are two issues that need fixing: (a) The program does not always click on the "Yes" button... sometimes ...

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    Outlook add-in Encerrado left

    I need someone to write an add-in for Outlook 2003 that will allow me to do the following things: 1. Run the rules wizard on my inbox automatically every minute, and scan all messages not just unread ones or new ones. 2. Automatically publish my calendar as an HTML page (there is an option to save calendar as HTML but you cannot automate it) every hour. 3. Popup my reminders set in ...

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    $30 - $100
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    Logo for School Encerrado left

    We are looking for a new created logo for our customer "**Schule für F. M. Alexander-Technik SVLAT". **We have a rough draft idea of the customer. You have to keep the idea of this rough draft. Following text have to be integrated: **Schule für F. M. Alexander-Technik SVLAT Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerausbildung Kathrin von Schroeder Buess ** If you do a good...

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    This project requires an experienced Windows Application interface designer/developer. The developer must have experience with creative interface design, ability to create or have access to custom ActiveX controls, and extensive experience with a graphic tool such as Photoshop, etc. The developer must be willing to work closely with the lead developer to complete the project on a short deadline....

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    Mortgage Calculators Encerrado left

    Mortgage calculators for a site. You may use the following site for a clone: <[fazer login para ver a URL]> Only interested in the calculators that are for the real estate market only: 1. Mortgage Calculator 2. Rent or Buy Calculator 3. Refinance Calculator 4. Biweekly Mortgage Calculator 5. Pay More Points Calculator 6. Affordability Calculator 7. Fixed vs. Adjustable Calcula...

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    This is an ASP project using Javascript I want to click on an image next to a text field that will display a popup help window to guide the user about information to be input in the associated text box. Subsequent text boxes will have help images as well. When the Popup is displayed, it will load the appropriate help text from an Access database. When the user clicks on the Help image, a...

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    I want a program to allow a user to enter a bunch of keywords (as many as possible) and then begin searching google (probably through popup windows) The idea is to find the Google Pagerank for all of the sites in the search results with the intention of finding quality link partners. The user may need to have the google toolbar installed on their PC and use Internet Explorer unless another method ...

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    What we need is relatively simple. I sell advertising popunders. I purchase web traffic from other webmasters. In other words, I pay for the right to display my popunders on their sites. Now, what I need to start, is a relatively simple system, to generate a code, for them to place on their site, that will display these popunders. Now, I could use ace popup for this, but the trick is this: I ...

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    Another programmer researched this for a week and couldn't do what I required. A complete software application will be developed for blocking the following. 1. Traditional Popups. 2. Unblockable Popups. 3. Flash banners. 4. Graphics. 5. JavaScript advertising. 6. Fly in Ads 7. Cookies. 8. Spy ware advertising 9. Prevents Known Spy Ware from being downloaded. 10. Preve...

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    IP Address and BHO Encerrado left

    Hi all, I have my BHO popup blocker project that was done on Borland C++ Builder 5 and I need to add a new feature to it. This feature is to be able to control the user IP address just like the program in this web page [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1] The only diffrence that will be between my project and the program in the URL provided above, is that my project control the BHO dl...

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    71989 Login Script Encerrado left

    I need a custom login php or perl login script. I need the script to log people in through an html box, not a popup box, a signup form with just 4 fields, username, pass, verify pass, and name. When they login i would like for them to be brought to a page where is says "welcome username" and i would like them to be able to view all of the members profiles. I would also like an admin pag...

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    Hello, I own and run [fazer login para ver a URL], a very interactive, dynamic website for men and women wanting weight control and better health. There is much that javascript can do and there are becoming more and more times when I need javascript to be available for a particular function to continue to make the site even more dynamic. What I'm looking for is a company (a person) I ca...

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    I need an asp / access database driven application that runs on my dad's server that does the following: 1. At the top of this form - Date - like a javascript popup calendar or something similiar 2. I need the field to populate automatically like a Auto number 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.. 3. Order# - as defined by myself not automatic 4. First Name 5. Last Name 6. Due Date - like a javasc...

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    Currency converter needed for website, must use worldpays exchange rates and update daily. example of what is required: [fazer login para ver a URL] Worldpays exchange rates can be download and look like this: #Exchange rates for installation xxxxx #Fri Apr 09 22:21:56 GMT+00:00 2004 GBP_USD=1.8961820627803705 rateDateString=2004-04-09 allRatesCurrent=true rateDateMillis=1081468800000 GBP_GBP=1...

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    I want a clone of any of the following sites: [fazer login para ver a URL], [fazer login para ver a URL], [fazer login para ver a URL], or personals.modernhumorist.com. The script should have most of the features of the sites mentioned above most importantly, popup buddy/messenger, chat rooms, and the ability to go invisible. I prefer [fazer login para ver a URL]'s neat navigation and filte...

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    Software, Software, Software….in VB5/6 programming ONLY!!!! This is a generalized request for software programs you have available for purchase, either already made or will be completed in 2-6 weeks time of this posting. Programs should be targeted towards Internet Users, Desktop Applications or Desktop Utilities. This would include small or large utilities, HTML programs, Find/Replace pr...

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    I am in need of a javascript treeview that allows for multiple columns for each of the items, collape/expandability? and the ability to dynamically add/insert/remove(popup menu)? items without having the whole page refreshing. Something along the lines of how? MS Project works-I have attached an example? MS Project? file and print screen image? to get an idea of what i'm talking about. I don&...

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    Windows pop blocker for IE - Internet Explorer. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables): a) For web sites or other server-side deliverables intended to only ever exist in one place in th...

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    We are looking for a fresh, robust and flexible Popup Blocker .net component which can be used in our existing c# program. If you have had no previous experience designing or working with a Pop-up engine please do NOT bid. The engine must be flexible and must have clever artificial intelligence so that it only blocks pop-ups that 100% certainly contain ads, thus allowing non suspicious popups to ...

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    We are looking for a fresh, robust and flexible Popup Blocker .net component which can be used in our existing c# program. The component must already be made; all rights and source code must be handed over to us after payment. We are open to all bids, however we do have a budget that we plan NOT to go above so only realistic bids will be considered. The engine must be flexible and must have the ab...

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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    Picture scroll & click script (templated format): Clone of [fazer login para ver a URL] >>> picture scroll bar & clickable featured properties flash sequence: Pictures scrolls, pointer touch, picture stops scrolling, a comment shows up, click brings to URL. I already have the digital photos & will provide URL links. I would like to use it inside Flash/ Html (not as a popup...

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    There are many new affiliate programs which pay based on install. Some examples are listed below: [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] We need to know how this kind of affiliate system earns money. I know that software is installed on the computers, after the user clicks "Yes" to install the software on the sites the program is implemen...

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    I need to develop a pop up blocker that eliminates pop ups mainly for the P2P programs such as Imesh and Kazaa. If you can do this, please bid on my project. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deli...

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    I need a forum instant messenger developed for the new version of vbulletin 3.0 so that members can talk to each other without the function of having to use private messages. The script will be fully developed, tested, and detailed installation instructions must be made that are easy to follow. A software installation package that will install the software in ready-to-run condition on the platform...

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    .NET Draw Encerrado left

    I am looking for a WindowsForm control written in C# (with all source code) representing a simple Draw program. The control should be capable of being embedded into a C# application (like a textbox). The deliverable should be an application with some reasonable GUI (buttons, menus, etc) that demonstrates the required functionality of the control, as explained below. An additional, minor, deliverab...

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    Need a server side application done in PHP that will generate Java or DHTML popup ads. These ads cannot be blocked by pop up blocking software. Must be extremely user friendly with a nice looking graphical interface and I will need built in step-by-step help files with screen shots Please see attached .zip for more information ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program ...

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    Option a) A global hook dll written c++ and sample c# code that implements the dll, that translates all keyboard strokes to a c# event when the calling program is running. OR Option b) A global hook c# component/assembly that translates all keyboard strokes to a c# event when the calling program is running. Both options must consider the following: ALL key strokes must be f...

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    I would like the same functionality of the calculators found on the following website: <[fazer login para ver a URL]> In particular I would like the: [Mortgage Calculator][1] [Rent or Buy Calculator][2] [Fixed vs. Adjustable Calculator][3] Other calculators are a plus+ [Refinance Calculator][4] [Affordability Calculator][5] [Pay More Down Calculator][6] I don&...

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    This is a simple job for anyone who knows what they are doing. 1. Create, on a single Web page, a form that let's the user: Enter the name (and/or Web address) of a .txt file. 2. After name/location of .txt file is entered, script must write a "notepad popup" as described in [fazer login para ver a URL] Essentially letting the user cut and paste the 'created' popup ...

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    MAC PHP solution Encerrado left

    The following project requires the attached Window XP Javascript code to work on a MAC PC with the following requirements: Mac OS 9.2.2 most 333 mhz processors min 64 megs ram most 128 Model IMacs Explorer 5.1 There are 2 htm files attached with the Javascript code. Download the zipped file to launch the htm files. Once the Macromedia Flash has been completed the javascript code doe...

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    I am looking for a popup script which opens several popups in a specified time , after the user has typed in a new url. Example: Open the following url ( [fazer login para ver a URL]), in the same browser type in an new url (f.e. [fazer login para ver a URL]) after a while a popup appears. Importent: I don´t want a popup to open other popups. I know the scripts that open a popup/browser win...

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    Hi, I have oscommerce installed but I'am not satisfied with the emailfunctionality. I have oscommerce ms2 with sts and OSaffiliate. I want to handle all newsletter email thru sendstudio ([fazer login para ver a URL]) wich is a php script I bought. Its a php script to handle double opt in email and autoresponders. A coder already implemented this in the newsletter subscribtion file an t...

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    We have a Java applet chatroom. The host, who we can't reach since it's Sunday, has an example of how to put a banner rotator *right on top of the applet*. The page is delivered by clicking a button. The button opens a popup with the chat inside. The popup is infinitely resizeable. You can make it as small as you want. Each time we tried to add a banner on top of the chat, it's...

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    Debug DHTML Program Encerrado left

    This is a project that should be bid upon based upon a max of 2 hours work. If it takes more than that then the coder obviously does not have the skills. An expert DHTML programmer may be able to fix it in 5 minutes. Here is a synopsis of the problem: I am using a dhtml image scroller to display images with a horizontal scrolling action. The scrolling is paused on a mouseover and a pop up mes...

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    We need design of a website. The website will be an interactive "support" website for end users and will feature a (moderated) forum, live support via chat, links, information articles, and links to software downloads. Access to the site will be restricted to "members only", and membership is purchased via an order page integrated with payment processor [fazer login para ver a ...

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    Url Monitor Encerrado left

    This is a simple System Tray Application. I want to be able to monitor certain websites (URLs). It should checks URL's if they are updated (by size in bytes). If they are updated the icon should change colour or start blinking, it also popups a window - This popup window will display the title of the page as a clickable link to to go to the website. The icon should stop blinking only when all...

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    C# Paint Program Encerrado left

    Please develop a C# program that acts as a simple graffiti application that enables users to paint pictures using the mouse. The program has to be submitted by Thursday, March 25th 5:00 PM. User required features are: * painting using a paintbrush tool (by click-and-drag on the painting canvas). * controlling the color of the paint for the paintbrush; multiple colors can be used in a sin...

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    custom ie toolbar Encerrado left

    I need a custom ie toolbar with the follow features: Unlimited buttons and menus, Search engine & links integration , Highlight keyword , a really working Popup killer , 404 redirection***, Watch URL option.., Adult content filter, Menu icons , Provides user customization, Multiple search fields , DNS redirection***, Launch external applications, Control IE Search pan...

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    Modify simple PHP content management system CMS (no database) * * *The modifications I want to make are: **1. Integrate htmlArea v3** for cross-browser WYSIWYG editing. At the moment it uses a simple preg replace eg [heading: your text here] inserts <.h1>your text here<./h1>. Other details: * The htmlArea integration must have 2 "content areas" - 1 with full HTML ...

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    see attached sip file and view test.htm. Please suggest how to keep the flash file from blocking the popup sub menu. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables): a) For web sites or othe...

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    I am looking for an experienced developer to develop a small "generator or wizard" program for producing a DHTML layer on any existing web page. This layer will serve the function of the common pop-up window, but as a DHTML layer is not stoppable by pop-up blockers. **Please read entire project details, including attached .zip BEFORE you bid! ** ## Deliverables 1) Complete and full...

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    **Validation for Popover Popups **I'd like a validation that checks if these fields are valid in a Popover Popup: Firstname Lastname Email It must work with Popovers that get generated with Popover Generator and Popupmaster software. At best it could also valid additional fields. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form...

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    Toolbar + spyware creator Hello everyone, I'm looking for a programmer or team of programmers which are able to create a program which can create toolbars for IE and which can also include spyware in it. I would like you, the programmer(s), to make a toolbar creator with a lot of options so my clients can make toolbars of their choice and taste. Everything in it must be adjustable ... let m...

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    I would like an app in vb 6 that will allow the creation of custom functions by writing code in a script editor, just like a user writes code inside a code module in vb6 and then calls this function from another procedure. The syntax user will use should be similar to vb 6. The features of this app will be as follows : [fazer login para ver a URL] user will be able to create new functions by provi...

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    Favorite song alert Encerrado left

    We need a window based application that can fulfill following functions: 1. Account verification. [fazer login para ver a URL] is forums talking about XM Satellite Radio. Account verification is needed done once for using forum user login username and password. 2. Application interface for users to setup their own favorite song lists at will. 3. Application get all real time playing list...

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    I have several custom software .exe's and acrobat .pdf ‘s that I would like to repackage using a software tool that will do the following… 1. Allow me to select any exe or pdf on my computer then… 2. Allow me to select any html file or URL as my popup 3. Compile the exe/pdf and the selected html file or URL into a new exe file so that when this new exe file is opened up...

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    HTML website Encerrado left

    The subject For the final project you will put together a complete and meaningful website utilizing the techniques discussed during the quarter. Pick one of the following topics for your website: * A fictional museum. The type of exhibit is up to you. It can be modern art, architecture, photography, hall of fame museum, or other topics you are interested in. * a website for a student group o...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    Hi, i am in need of a flash game like [fazer login para ver a URL] when u r on above link there will be a link " PLAY THIS GAME!!! ". once you click it popup opens with a game. i need the clone of that game. So if ur 100% sure that u can develope the same than let me know. there will be other character insted of that lady. I NEED IT ASAP. BUDGET IS TIGHT.. !!

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    We are developing a content management system (CMS) for a customer and one of the modules has a visual html editor based on the Midas engine included on Mozilla 1.3. We need a proficient JavaScript developer to extend this editor in order to include three new features: -Add and modify an image: clicking on a button a popup window will open allowing to specify the basic image properties (src, width...

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