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    ...Ebay but cannot make it work. It requires a cronjob. I have made sure the hosting company supports ([login to view URL]) this. The readme file says it would just take 5 minutes to set it up. But I have no experience in Perl/CGI . You would be paid by PayPal . The complete zip-file is included with the [login to view URL] where everything is explained in detail

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    Online Movies Encerrado left them. We would know what the bandwidth issues here are, how the movies can be uploaded ans also need a hosting company with some better deals I know this site will need a lot of bandwidth. PLEASE DO NOT BID WITHOUT READING THE ATTACHED FILE AND UDERSTANDING OUR REQUIREMENTS. WE WILL DELETE YOUR BID IF THIS IS THE CASE. We welcome all your suggestions

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    Site builder will enable our hosting clients to build personal and small business websites without knowing HTML. This tool should be an online tool running on our servers so that customers need not to download or install any software to utilize this tool. Here are the initial requirements. In the future we are interested to expand this project to include

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    Hi, I have the problem that often users upload unwanted files (e.g. videos, mp3 etc.) to their free hosting accounts and hotlink to them which makes my traffic increase. What I need is a software which could read the file and detect the file type. If it were an archive, then it would extract the archive and search through the files in it to detect their

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    Napster Clone Encerrado left

    ...the client should be able to search by username, city and state of the file. It should be able to handle a large number of users, just like Napster. The program will also need to support instant messenger between the person seeking the text file and the person hosting the text file as well as chat room and voice chat. I need thorough commenting of the

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    ...write it in a few mins. I just do not have the time. Basically, I have my hosting account. I host all my clients sites on directories and subdomains on that account. Each site has its own domain, hosted on another server. I want a script or a redirect to point to the index file on MY server while maintaining the domain name in the address bar, not my

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    I am looking for a .asp script that will handle the contents of 2 different forms, store them in a text file and then send me the contents to an e-mail address. My hosting is using a sendmail component. When I send an e-mail, it shows as Qmail also. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as

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    5 ofertas't confirmed to attend and how many places are left based on who has paid. I have attached a file of [login to view URL]'s previous module which doesn't work on the current version of Postnuke. It should contain all options of that module. I can provide hosting to test on if required. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in

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    I require a site whereby users can sign up for a free hosting account for use in their ebay listings for auctions. The space (5Mb) will be allocated on the server, but then all files deleted after 14 days. The files would then be linked to like this - [login to view URL] Features :- Refuse images/files over 100Kb Ability to

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    I want to develop a nice portal/sale site much like [login to view URL] but not exactly. All the designs will be provided by me. I mean u will be provided with a huge picture file and u have to do is just cut n paste then into a table. Thats it...n all done. Well, I have some softwares to put up. And will love to if ur interested to put up some. Regards. Shivam

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    ...without referring to me all the time, i will provide the hosting details and access, any databases or needing to know paths etc you will have to attain via the hosting. The whole idea of this project is that i send a zipped file over with all info and you complete the site and set it up on the hosting, in better words you present me with a completed project

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    website application Encerrado left

    ...interface with 2 - 4 free web host companies that performs these functions: signs up for hosting. uploads files from a directory to the site using ftp. the data to be used during can be used any way other than manual entry. the domain names should be pulled from a text file. please dont bid unless you have done previous projects like this. looking for serious

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    This program basically takes a text file that has multiple choice questions and answers in a specific format and puts them into a web based multiple choice test. It requires no manual entering of data, just a text file in a specific format and the code does the rest. I need it to be cusomizable for my website, perhaps with a control panel for configuring

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    ...delete functions, as defined in the attachment “File Deletion Standards??. The goal is to be achieved using Visual C++ 6.0, with no external dependencies, whilst maintaining ‘ready to compile’ compatibility with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. The control must be multitask enabled, allowing the control and the hosting application to function at the same time. The

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    I am having trouble with my website code. I recently moved the site to a new hosting provider. The site worked perfectly before moving it, but now it will not log in users or the admin section. I have attached the files from the site below. When a user tries to log into [login to view URL] they get an error generated from the members/[login to view URL]

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    Email marketing Encerrado left

    ...The customer would be able to set up a Email templates then upload the addresses as well as names through a excel or a csv file, test what the email would look like and then send the Email. Would also need a Respectable Hosting service that could handle the workload ot the emails sent. I would also like examples of work carried out with other sites

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    ...articles (we have a template for it) and send it to us for broadcast. The sites are all technology magazines/web sites for Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Hosting Service Providers, Application Service Providers etc., and the articles must be related to our industry. They can be from press releases from companies about their products

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    ...days) 10. The customer also has the opportunity to download the pages to a zip file. 11. I don't want to provide 30 days free account like [login to view URL] BUT I want the customers see a demo script without the opportunity to save the pages. 12. The script will be hosting the code on Linux server and use mysql database. [login to view URL] customer finish their

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    ...similar(clone) to [login to view URL] - please download the software and evaluate. Specs for client/server: Unlimited users Real Time FLASH chat PEER2PEER Real Time ALERT Peer 2 Peer file transfer Webcam broadcasting LIVE P2P Chat's history Copy/Paste features in client/server chat Custom look interface Includes your OWN photo features Push page technology Help

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    ...version of the script found at [login to view URL] that has limits bandwidth usage. Well currently how the script is setup you link to the file [login to view URL] you posting file on messageboard or hosting a file for someone on another site it will not [login to view URL] I want someone to modify the script so that it can support link to [login to view URL] the cu...

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    ...backend database to interact with a website. Here is how it should work. Person A signs up with website, uploads a few file and there info. Person B is is able to view the file and basic info of person A. If person B likes person's A file, they have an option to pay to see more of his/her files. Finally person A gets a spin-off amount of whatever person

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    File Upload manager Encerrado left

    ...large file to the server- At this point, an email would be sent to the administrator that user #- has uploaded their file and it is ready to be downloaded. The administrator would then log in - he would be able to view all accounts - and download and upload files to client folders- The panel would display the last modified date next to each file in the

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    IIS AUTOMATION Encerrado left

    I am looking into setting up a website that will let someone sign up for a hosting account with me. It would have to make them a username on a win2000 advanced computer. it would have to setup a website for them with a domain header file make the directorys and make there email. I know you can do this with adsi but i cant find much information it. Any

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    ...back up of all my users from my websites well the file has become quit large what i am looking for is a program that will download a file that will contain 50 million users it must list them as user1 user2 user3 not user1 user2 user3 use vb connect via winsock to my hosting and download the .txt file save it in the path i put in the text box i tryed

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    Looking for a clone of a printing site that will show clients services and able to get instant quotes for these...this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Unix hosting account ## Deadline information Must see demo of quote script and design of website layout either shell or psd file

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    ...for a username/password and then automatically surf the weg site and download the albums into folders on locally, saving each jpeg file as it goes. I don't care if it's windows to my local machine or linux to a web hosting box - just want it to work. ;) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as

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    ...a PHP solution with a MySQL database. The CGI scripts that I am using, are consuming too much of my server's resources. I have been told to convert them into PHP by my hosting service ... The scripts are very simple. They operate in a simple fashion. I have an affiliate program, that simply pays affiliates, by making two 50% payments. The first

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    List View Help Encerrado left

    ...enables them to share the files that they have placed in there shared folder. When you click on the user in the treeviewlist it shows you all of there files that they are hosting. At present I have the applcation at a point where user can connect to user and download from them. But it does not show me when another user has connected (i.e. Update treeview

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    AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I Need online websitecreator for dummies(PREFER NOT CGI!!) At no cost to my hosting clients Sitebuilder-pro type clone okay geocities clone okay I LOVE FREE [login to view URL] [login to view URL] (USER=MISTER PASS=FREEHOSTING-but remember to delete files you create before leaving or others cannot view template selection!)builder

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    ...under https. The templates stored in the cart can be flat file based. The pages displaying the items will show a thumnail and up to 2 large images when the thumbnail is clicked. Additional info about the thums should also be shown along with the price. This can all be stoed in the flat file database. Want the thumbneils to be sorted by newest to oldest

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    I am currently looking for a designer who can create 3 different designs for a hosting website. Basic requirements are as follow: Must be created in Macromedia Fireworks and transfered in Fireworks format for editing purposes Each design must be unique layout and not a different color scheme or virtual clone of one another Template must include the

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    Dating site Encerrado left

    ...SIGNUP button, login of course, and cookies should be activated so that if they choose so, they will not have to login every time they visit the site. More details are in ZIP file. Please submit example URL of your previous work, screenshots or any other information that can show your potential. Input from you is very encouraged. You should be fast in

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    32 ofertas , intro's etc . Templates must be made with royalty free pictures and music and business related or other topics like sports, deejay , real estate, hosting, furniture ,etc . Provided with .zip file with all source files . More then 1 person can and will be accepted for this job . Dieter ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    Since January 1998, the Democracies Online Newswire [login to view URL] has shared e-mail announcements related to the Internet and democracy, politi...this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform LAMP webhosted environment using CPanel - See attached file for details on hosting services.

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    I am changing hosting companies and need to move my entire web statistic site to a new server. All current members and all related files must be moved and databases set up. I need to leave the current server and site up and running until the name servers change over. I would like the new site set up on my new ip address and server so i can test it

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    URL Rotator Encerrado left

    ...on my own domain. I want this script to be a URL rotator, and it MUST rotate in a sequential order. It would be preferable if the script read the required URL's from a data file. This is for a co-op advertising project, so the script will need to be flexable in the number of url's it can handle. some months it may only need to have 10 URL's, other months

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    IP Emailer Encerrado left

    ...text file on drive C: This is the name and path of that text file. C:[login to view URL] What I need is a program that will email that text file to myself every 12 hours. I need a good method of sending the email, possibly without having to input a specified smtp server. The program needs to run on the computer hosting the text file and delete the text fil...

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    ...programmer did not see anything wrong and thought it was a problem with my hosting account. I contacted my hosting and they said all was fine (go figure). So, I am wanting a second opinion. The portion of the script that might have a problem is fairly simple. It should only be one file called [login to view URL] I have around 70 subscrbers when it started screwing

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    80500 Image Hosting Encerrado left

    I am looking for is a that will allow me to run an Image Upload Hosting Site to be used primarily for auction images. The Script must be coded cleanly and optimized for Security, Stability, Speed. Flexibility, as well as easy integration into a website are musts! I'm leaning towards PHP script utilizing a Mysql Database, but I am open to suggestions

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    ...require a hosting back end created to manage our clients and automatic invoicing. We already have some of this in place, but we require a tight rewrite based on provided html files. All the coding must be in PHP. Preference will go to people who have done this before, who can demonstrate it. A more detailed specification is provided as a MS Word file. ##

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    I am currently looking for a designer who can create 3 different designs for a hosting website. Basic requirements are as follow: Must be created in Macromedia Fireworks and transfered in Fireworks format for editing purposes Each design must be unique layout and not a different color scheme or virtual clone of one another Template must include the

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    1 ofertas to sign up for our mailing list, if they select yes I would like their email to be put in a txt document for later retreivel, if possible. This program is using a flat-file database, I would LOVE to convert it to using MySQL if possible. One more thing, I a have an admin script to this program that allows me to change templates and manage members

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    ...customer also has the opportunity to don’t use our server for hosting and only download the pages to a zip file. 12. I don’t want to provide 30 days free account like [login to view URL] BUT I want the customers see a demo script without the opportunity to save the pages. 13. The script will be hosting the code on Linux server and can use mysql database. 14

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    ...the site pages. [login to view URL] customer finish their site they must be able to download their ready web site. [login to view URL] web site must be created in .html file and ready to upload to their server. i will be hosting the code on linux server and can use mysql database. please look at [login to view URL] i would like to have something like that but simple.

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    ...the script have to create a new record in the MySql table for each attachment. Well that was the fun part :-) now to what you got to work with. My server is hosted by a "hosting company" so i can't install any new moduls on the server. These modules are installed, and I think they can help: NET::POP3 Gimp::Fu But I'm no expert on modules so take

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    Inventory_Software Encerrado left

    This project will need to be done in PHP+MYSQL. please read the attached file. It will be a software solution that we will sell or host for web hosting companies. It is basically a bunch of forms, query's and databases. It's simple - Please quote me on the price of the project. You will be required to service it for 6 months with any bug fixes, etc

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    5 ofertas must know the exact path to the perl interpreter installed on your server. The default on the scripts is /usr/bin/perl. If your path is different from this (ask to your hosting provider, if you don't know it), open [login to view URL], [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] in a text editor and replace the first line with #!YourServerPerlPath. Do not put any spaces at the l...

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    1 ofertas

    ...debugged/fixed according to the problems listed in the attached text file. After that you will completely troubleshoot the store to make sure no other problems remain with browsing, selecting items, checking out and receiving orders. You will then move the fixed script to a new server (the hosting company is upgrading it's servers, so I will need to move the

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    ...have the passwords) unzip the files (1 file is text file, other is a folder of pictures) import the text file into an access database (text file has no column headers) upload the updated database to my website take the pictures and upload them to a directory on my website. delete the pictures from the computer hosting this script to save hard drive space

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    ...responsible for the WMS module only, and the cgi link must be variable (we must be able to change the host that is checked for authentication) by a plain text configuration file. 5) If communications fail, it must deny all users. The more communication (explanation of how you propose to do it, etc) before we make a decision, the better. Those who

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    1 ofertas