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    ...then forward individual line item,plus capture a ship to address for line item to specific vendor. The information can be either forwarded to a designated email address or a file within website;then automatically generate an email to specific vendor directing vendor to download the orders from website. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...number and hosting named virtual hosts, both with WebMin installed. Box A is a Raq4 and also has a Cobalt System Interface. It is running Cobalt Linux 6.0 and Apache 1.3.12. It currently has 2 active virtual hosts, with more coming on line. Box B is running Redhat Linux 7.2 and Apache 1.3.20. What is needed: 1.) Apache configuration file on Box B to

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    ...and prompt payment history, I will pay for the project once it has been uploaded to a hosting provider, and has been successfully tested for a period of 24 hours. I WILL NOT BE USING A DEDICATED HOST, SO PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SCRIPT SHOULD WORK ON A REGULAR WEB HOSTING PROVIDER. In addition, please place a bid based on 90 days of priority support should

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    Web site Database Encerrado left

    ...User registration system* (may be used in future for log on) a. New user set up b. User name, Email address and Location i. Data collection via email 5. Web site design and hosting and loading 6. Web Form Design for Database Inquiry by user (type, season, cost, etc) a. Form will be on-line for use in searching available tours online 7. Program design

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    Data Transfer Encerrado left

    ...with my web-hosting comapny which I use to store the data from my web site guest-book, mail-list, etc. I have another copy of the database on my local PC. Up until now to get any new entries from the online version to the offline version, I have been emailing myself a copy of the database using FileSystemObjects then saving the emailed file to my hard-drive

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    Web Stationery Encerrado left

    ...for an DLL file registered with IIS allowing to do the following : 1. Read uploaded quarkexpress/Illustrator files. 2. Render the contents of the file as HTML Output. 3. The HTML output would be a form type of display where user who uploaded the file can make textual changes to it. 4. The file is saved back as quarkexpress/Illustrator file. In brief

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    ...mass e-zine sending server) for my opt-in list for my teen website. I need access to use probably around 150,000 email addresses, with e-mails 3-times weekly with an individual file size of around 2-6k per email. But this amount of subscribers will grow to hopefully over 250,000 in a short while. Please respond along with your bid with the following information:

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    E-Book Creator Encerrado left

    Need application and database developed that would create an e-book from a text file or word document. Then create an e-book cover from a set of templates or allow user to add their own. Must also allow users to add their own graphics to the ebook. Must allow user options to have run in system tray on start up, or not run on start up. Product website

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    customer panel Encerrado left

    ...Provide Users with the ability to configure various hardware/services, and 2) Configure Users and the privileges for each User of the site. The Customer Portal permits Web Hosting Companies as well as Web Site Owners to add their Web Sites to the system, automating the collection of information from their servers. Using a reseller model, the Portal is

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    I'd like a script written in Perl similar in functionality to [login to view URL], only it will be for webmasters, not hosting providers. It will be for potential clients to confidentially interact with webmasters and designers. There will be two sections: one for webmasters to sign up and one for new clients to sign up. The section for webmasters

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    I am in need of a coder whom can do the following: Implement netmeeting into a visual basic application, and create a hosting client that will accept incoming connections, plus a connecting client. The hosting client will store the IP address and names of users connecting. Here is how the project is to work: Once a user launches the application, the

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    ...script in the resident directory of the player. Because flash will not pull data across domains, we call this resident asp file, which in turn gets the xml from the correct remote source. This is fine as long as the site hosting the flash player is asp aware. We want a cross platform solution to accomplish this without having to rely on asp. We seem

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    ...for Windows a Quicktime Progressive download file, at about 250 kps total, and another at about 340kps total. The original video is an .avi file, 720x480, so I want the screen aspect ratio to be correct. I was able to take the Cleaner "Big Prog" preset and resize it at 360x240, and create a working file at the Cleaner preset (about 485kps). This is

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    Text Alert Program 1 Encerrado left

    ...DEPTH ABOUT THIS PROGRAM AND ITS FEATURES IT SHOULD HAVE: ************************* (1) This program should use minimal bandwidth on our shared host server (our current shared hosting provider gives us 20GB/month of transfer). If we have 500 people using the client program, we would like a way to post a string of text (an alert message) to our users quickly

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    ...has the following functions. View file, open directory/ create directory, Edit file, rename file, move file between directories, duplicate file and delete It also has a create a file and directory I'm not a web host company if they want to host tests which are generated by my software then fine, but I'm not hosting personal pages. THE M...

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    911 Emergency Help! Encerrado left

    ...two so that we can get the site live. I can pay you by credit card, check or paypal once you have corrected the problem. Hosting company wont help me and told me I need to change the first line in the code of the [login to view URL] file. I couldn't fiure it out. Please help... ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    ...code AND help in uploading it -- i.e. how do I upload a cgi file on Earthlink using front page 2000, where does it go on the site, etc. The re-route code (I am told) is very basic. What I need above that is help in uploading it. ## Platform Windows NW -- I believe (Earthlink web hosting) ## Deadline information The biggest issue is helping me

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    ...NOT VERY SECURE AT ALL. But I must admit I haven't had too much problem with this. I have recently tried to incorporate a credits system where the customer buys credits (per file). I have a dll which allows me to place the purchasable files into a non public folder. This also recognises the extension (.mid, .mp3). The client can then download until credits

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    ...ministry web site has an old personality test script(s) that need updating. Currently there are two functional scripts, one which reads from and displays questions from a .txt file, and another which scores the results from a button on the created form. It's been a while since we used the scripts - and one function needs to be fixed - when a personality

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    Paypal PHP Program Encerrado left

    ...IPN system (I have an outline on how it works) to verify the payment, and then create a hosting account on my machine. This should be very simple. It simply needs to check that its a valid payment, and that the payment is completed, logs the transaction to a file, then executes a command line program using options to specify different needs based on

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    Synopsis: A community site with a message board, IRC based chat, user profiles, file storage, database, and utilize a tiered access system. Controls and privileges should affect all these areas. - The core of the project is basically a highly customized, subscription based version of Yahoo! Groups. You should be extensively familiar with all of the

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    ...customers can specify a username and a password, and then be taken to a page (good-looking, again with an intro blurb) where they can click on a list of files to download. Each file shall be listed with a filename (link), date+time, plus a descriptive one-line text. The top of the page shall explain what to do. There shall be a link back to the home-page

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    ...receive special offers from advertisers and get bonus points for doing so. I need it to save email addresses so that I can submit a newsletter or advertisement to the emails on file. 3) Members can pay money for more points ($10/1000) through Clickbank if they choose to acquire more points faster in addition to rating the pictures. I currently have a

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    ...seeking the services of a programmer for the creation of an automated account provisioning system for my streaming media company. We offer several different streaming media hosting packages and I want to create an easy to use account provisioning and linking system that gives the end-user control over their account. I have a good idea of what I’d like

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    83909 file upload Encerrado left

    I would like a quote for a file upload interface via web browser. The script also has to insert a link to the uploaded file into an HTML page. I basically want the client to be able to update his web site via the web. He needs to upload new images and have links to them so that people can download these images. This should also be password protected

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    ...for look and feel of the client 5. feature to have plugins added for addition feature set 6. client must have text message, text chat (irc style for multiuser), url sending, file send, mini-fileserver, mini-web server. 7. plugin to be added will be a gaming client plugin using common api plugin interfact described as follows a. person to person voice

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    34 ofertas a fully functional e-commerce website that is capable of allowing users to sign in to view there account, users are able to upload multi-media files, remove multi-media file. The website must have a form that can be printed and mail to obtain certain services, and must be able to accept credit cards, and payment by check. All members must agree

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    19 ofertas monitor and control various aspects of their hosting account. The frontend UI for the overall CP is complete but we need the following utilities written and connected to that UI: * Process Usage (Display Process Usage Log) * Memory Usage (Display Memory Usage) * Log File Download * Log File Viewer * Process Manager (Live usage statistics

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    A Web hosting company needs to have a script or exe that you can add a log file location and it automatically (Unattended) runs once a day and will delete the day before's web log file or a perdetermined number of days for an unlimited amount of Websites. ## Deliverables Need to be able to add the logfile location and determin which log file was "yeasterday...

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    Hi I have a matchmaker script (perl) need tobe installed fast in my server. My hosting account support perl/cgi, mysql already installed. All you need to do just install the script correctly (readme and config file available) and i will do the design myself. As usual will give a good review if installed fast and no error. Money will be deposited

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    ...looking for a creative logo design and graphics for a hosting company. In terms of the graphics, I am looking for something like [login to view URL]'s large graphics and the smaller ones that say the hosting plans. Of course, I don't want it exactly like their site. I need the graphics to be in a PSD file format so that I may change the text of the graphics

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    ...Server: I need the latest version of Apache, and FTP setup so my dial in customer can setup personal webpages. Also need to be able to host additional domains like Virtual hosting. I need Apache to be able to handle ASP. I am told there is a RPM that will allow Linux Web Servers to do ASP as well as PHP etc. Has to be where users cannot FTP to the root

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    6 ofertas PERL) and should have to do as little as possible. The UNIX server should be able to be a normal virtual server (Hosted at a web hosting company and not in house). The features should include but are not limited to file transfer, chat, away, invisible, do not disturb, buddy list, sounds, search for other users by username etc. User registration should

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    This script is for admin of hosting company to manage the linux server (web, mail, and ftp) and for user/client to manage their account. This script is now is being used in many hosting company. With this script the admin can create an account just by inputing the domain-name of the user. It automatically add the user account in the configuration

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