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    ...currently developing a web-site called It is a large archive of electrocardiograms. I an attempt to cut down on my workload I am in need of code that will interface with an electrocardiogram database. This database will include a number of variables that must be imported into a web-page template when a web-site visitor cl...

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    Project Summary This is a small project to modify the UC Davis SNMP agent (ucd-snmtop-4.2.6) to support a MIB with our company OID (IX) and product OID (CGS). Bidders for this project should either have experience with the UCD SNMP package, or should have prior experience developing SNMP agent MIBs. More information and downloads for the

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    i tried to access memory addresses for example (FCE71) address to read it's contents , i succeeded under win98 using various API functions , but i failed to access it under win2k , so please any one can help me??? ## Deliverables i can understand VB codes and VC++ codes ## Platform win95,win98,win me,winnt,win2k,winxp

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    QUEUES Encerrado left

    1)Write documentation, prototype, and definition for a member function size() for the Queue class that returns the number of the elements in the queue. 2)Write a program that reads a string of characters, pushing each character onto a stack as it read and simultaneously adding it to the queue. When the end of the string is encountered, the program

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    Drink Machine Code Encerrado left

    Turn in a cover sheet, a hardcopy of any files you create, and all .cpp and .h files needed to run your program in a folder. Documentation, design, efficiency and adherence to the object-oriented paradigm will all be evaluated. Write a program that will simulate a soft drink machine that dispenses several types of soft drinks. The program will

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    TIF/JPG to PDF Encerrado left

    TIFF/JPG to PDF References: [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL]~ghost/aladdin/doc/[fazer login para ver a URL] "The PDFlib source code package contains C source code, support files for all language bindings except .NET and COM, the PDFlib reference manual and other documentation, as well as samples for all

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    I'm looking for someone to do a clone of lotto script. Please check out this site for more detail. [fazer login para ver a URL] * lifetime support - if there's a bug, you fix it. * basic site design + installation * full copyright * detail documentation on how to install on additional site I may need help with design...

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    * looking for any coders in London,UK. * need help on a java assignment. This is a very simple project that involves creating a graphical analogue Java clock with a GUI. User will be able to enter the time via keypresses or a drop down menu and show the selected time on the clock. Would also like to implement some chime/sound. Further details

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    I'm a programmer and I started this job but I've got another gig that's taking all my time. I want to get this project done as I owe to the guy who started plus I think it's a good idea. It was called an autoresponder and I bid on that. Well I'm from the vacation script days and I thought I knew what an autoresponder was. It's really an electronic

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    Network Projects Encerrado left

    ...Networs 5. Lanaguage Converter (VC to VB, Foxpro to Oracle) 6. Circuit Design to Control Home Appliance 7. Napster 8. Graphical SQL Envoirment (TOAD) I need complete project (source code with documentation, if possible) I want good proposal and new project for my MS Degree. Must be developed in Visual Basic. ## Deliverable...

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    I am looking to create a stand alone e-card, gallery program written in both, PHP and PERL. The reason I wish for it to be written in both of the above is that I want to be able to integrate the program into existing sites, one of which is PHP-NUKE 6, the second is WebAPP 9.7(WebApp is written in PERL and does not use MYSQL data base, so two differe...

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    Age-O-Meter Encerrado left

    Write an interactive program prompts the user to enter their age and then tells them how they fit on the CSC100/CIS162 Age-O-Meter. If a negative age is entered, then print an error message to the standard error stream and exit the program using EXIT_FAILURE. The CSC100/CIS162 Age-O-Meter is scaled as follows: 0..2 baby 3..12 kid

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    Perl Modifications Encerrado left

    A few simple Modifications to an existing Perl/SQL PPC search engine. The existing script admin demo can be found at: [fazer login para ver a URL] Your should review this site befor bidding. 1) Add a create a page funtion. This will be as simple as adding a table with two fields link ID and a memo field and some input form pages

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    ...that is capable of connecting to other networks. This program should be created using Microsoft VB 6.0 or C++, although VB is more preferrable. Code commenting is required but software documentation is not needed. Emphasis is placed on the stability and speed of the client. The client, if possible, should include a built-in media player like Kazaa. More

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    ...model/language pattern for Dreamweaver MX. Shorthand is similar to ASP in many respects, with the smallest of a learning curve for experienced developers. Complete documentation of the language is available in windows help file format and attached to this RFP. What I'm looking for is something similar to the Phakt model, but not as complex....

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    The purpose of this project is to give students of .NET a 'Hello World' like introduction to OOP, Classes, and Objects. The project should be as simple as possible, with only enough files and code to introduce OOP, Classes, and Objects. It should demonstrate the use of 5-8 user defined classes. It should introduce 6-10 of the most important concepts

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    IE Dynamic Toolbar Encerrado left

    ...project at: [fazer login para ver a URL] The tool bar must come with an installer and uninstall program (or be completely uninstallable via Windows Control Panel) I require the source code and documentation. I would like to distribute this toolbar through my affiliate base, so I need the ability to append an identifying string onto the end of the search URL

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    i want to enlarge a rental bookshop to solve all possible problems and look powerful. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request

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    The goals of this assignment are to learn how to: write pseudo code and create a flowchart; use 2-dimensional arrays; get keyboard input; write your own methods and call them. overview. You have a robot that is roaming around an enclosed soccer field. You can send it commands (up, down, left, right) to get it to move up, down, left or right. The soccer

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    ...billing. We have a current system that used to work however since there is no good documentation we need a quick coder who can figure out the new system and provide us with a Piece of code that we can plug back into our system. ## Deliverables We are providing the portion of our billing application page with how we had it setup before. We basically need

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    BE WARNED: I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to go ahead with this. I might purchase a commercial package if I find one to suit my full needs. Hi, I’ve started my own hosting company on redhat 7.2 Servers. We are currently running ensim applicance 3.1 ([fazer login para ver a URL]) Ensim has many restrictions Such as: Subdomains Email forwarding And I also don&r...

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    ...something like that in the past I would like to contact me and tell me what the program does and the cost , I would also like to have the full source code and a documentation of what the program does. The program has to be bug free. And ready to work. The source code will be in VB 6.0 as front end and ms-access back end, the set up program has

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    ...I have coded in VB.NET. It has a few bugs and the code is really not to my taste. I would like to have all the code redone (not the interface, though). The code you provide should be fully commented, clean and following OO coding standards. The form is part of an application for summer camps. It basically takes IDs from other tables in my database (SQL

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    Like [fazer login para ver a URL] but for windows or teach me how to use it. Client server application that mimics Thwate, Geothrust or Verisign, Issues it's own secure certificate and verifies it when somebody browers on the site where the certificate is installed, enabling smooth https:// use. At worse I need a tool for creating valid (time wise), nonverifyable

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    Object Oriented Design (C++) Title: Banking account system You have been asked to design a banking system which will hold the details of a current account. The system consists of two demonstration programs that provide two types of access to an account entry. 1. An internal banking system that will allow bank staff full access to account details e.g

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    I need someone to write a Java Applet for viewing Windows MetaFiles ( WMF) and Enhanced MetaFiles. This should support * specification of the WMF file using a URL, * Scrolling and Zooming using JavaScript as well as end-user control using the mouse * Printing via JavaScript If this project works out there will be follow on projects including writing

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    ...hotel booking project in Servlets onm Windows 95-98/NT/2000, preferably using JRun, which basically includes the functionality for Hotel Booking,Cancellation and Booking extension,Login/Logout The code must be more than 500 lines More Importantly with All the documentation/Flowchart,DFDs and ERD with inline code documentation Any other functionalitie...

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    I've had to cancel the project. It turns out that there is no port control in JavaSound (even though it is discussed in the examples and the JavaDoc for JavaSound) in 1.4. JMF does not recognize the audio as a native audio type, it will take abit of work to wrap the MOTU drivers so that JMF will recognize it ADC. I'm going to repost the...

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    Help Desk Encerrado left

    ...[fazer login para ver a URL] and [fazer login para ver a URL] linked to a database, tech support guys have to log in, customers do not have to log in. Email answers sent directly directly to customers from the [fazer login para ver a URL] page. For detail specs see attached file ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working prog...

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    How make ? ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased

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    ...and semaphores that are present in UNIX systems. See the attached requirements for implementation details and some example codes that may be used in the program. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Documentation (man pages and technical) 3) Complete

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    ...code to be completed is an API to a database. It needs UNICODE interface to complete it. The API is written in Microsoft Visual C++ and so you will need to use that compiler. Both UTF-8 and UTF-16 functions need to be coded. The incomplete database API calls the UTF8Convert object. When you get the API you will be able to see how and where...

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    Recruitment Script Encerrado left

    A general recuitment site similar to many others - [fazer login para ver a URL] for a good eaxample. It should contain all functions of this type of this site plus it should allow those creating job descriptions to optionally enter up to 5 questions which need to be answered before the job seeker can apply. For example a Programmer job might throw up a num...

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    Determine the file format and write some C++ classes that will contain methods to extract the data from files created by an application that can be downloaded here: [fazer login para ver a URL] then choose the 1040 product. If you need a customer no. to install, email me. The classes will include objects and methods for extracting specific data

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    Parsing Hotmail Encerrado left

    The program will log to Hotmail using VB/Internet Explorer and extract/parse email messages then save them to one text file [fazer login para ver a URL], then log out. I will need a multiple account feature so the program will check several accounts. The accounts will be listed in a text file like this: account1#[fazer login para ver a URL] account2#[fazer login para ver a URL...

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    Acct Reports Encerrado left

    ...application written in C# and SQL for a retail client based in India. We need to create reports for the client. There are a total of 30 reports, Balance Sheet, P&L etc. We need someone to code all these reports including the GUIs and the SPs etc. There is already an application existing in Powerbuilder which has been migrated to .NET. We would need

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    We have an application written in VB3 that needs to be converted to VB6. There are in all 88 screens. You are free to use any convertor program that you like. Please give an estimate on this project. Thanks for your time ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    AOL email parser Encerrado left

    ...program will log to AOL using VB/Internet Explorer and extract/parse email messages then save them to one text file [fazer login para ver a URL], then log out. If you have a better solution then IE pls let me know. New: The program will then delete the paresd messages from the server. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    MS Exchange Filter Encerrado left

    Read incoming emails to the MS Exchange 5.5 server and save all bounced emails that have the words "undeliverable" "error" or "failure" in the subject into a text file [fazer login para ver a URL] for further processing. Must be written in VB6 or ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable fo...

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    ...time. emails in a text file, one email per line. Multi-threaded with a text box for the amount of threads. The [fazer login para ver a URL] control has a sample that does send mail one at a time on one thread. ## Deliverables 1) complete source code of all work done. 2) Code documentation, so that variables, modules and algoritms are explained in plain language

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    ...format) In the options field, options which are more than one word need to be enclosed in quotes (e.g. White is white but dark purple is “dark purple??) The format is to be used on our yahoo store. There is some documentation located here about the format: [fazer login para ver a URL] Also download the images into a separate folder with each image

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    ...NET) web module to encapsulate the openSRS API for communications to the OpenSRS system. This module is to be stand alone (not reliant upon the Perl scripts that are available). All of the API must be wrapped - I must be able to utilize every feature available in the current API. I would utilize this control for developing a custom interface to O...

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    This suite of ASP web-based tools is intended to allow ISP clients to administer their hosted sites. End-User IIS Admin Tool Requirements: Global/Anonymous tool(s): -Account signup tool w/data entry to SQL or MySQL DB. -See [fazer login para ver a URL] for account request example -Requires extensive 'dummy-checking'

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    For my postnuke website I need to have my newsletter module updated. The newsletter module gives subscribers several options. For exmaple: - Subscribe txt or html - Subscribe to more than one newsletter - The newsletter generates some content automatically and each subscriber can set the number of automated stories, weblinks, downloads, books, etc.

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    The job is to create a software in Visual Basic that makes the same job than PcAnywhere or Laplink file transfer utility. Those programs use a tecnology called smartsync or something like that and makes possible to transfer only the portion of the file that have changed. For instance, if you have a file: 10 20 30 The first time you send the file, all

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    alacarte Encerrado left

    ...application that is in 3 parts. One, a GUI that will allow a user to build and "wire" a flowchart type graphic that will create a list of controls selected and connected and pass that list to second part. This part will be essentially a notepad type program and open a set of text files or create a new text file as directed by the user to create a master

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    Small assignment Encerrado left

    ...classes and exceptions Practice programming in Java and implementation of ADT Description (Part 1) Programming Download the files which contain C implementation of the abstract data type Stack along with a sample application which uses the Stack. Your task is to re-implement the same ADT and the application in Java while observing the following instructions:

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    ...frameset needs javascript print function. Function to be triggered from menu frame to print contents of main frame. Their is a catch! The main frame may contain an embedded (using the embed tag) pdf file or an embedded (using iframe) excel file as well as regular htm(l) files. Script must be able to detect and print these files. ## Deliverables 1)

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    Dispatching Trucks Encerrado left

    Small Database program built for multiple users- Must consist of data entry, Access 2000 back end, with output consisting of reports and quickly find data. Purpose is to store trucking dispatch information, pull from that database when the truck calls in and quickly retreive that information for dispatch. Program is 50% finished, all screens and database

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    IP Telephony Encerrado left

    ...Lanaguage Converter (VC to VB, Foxpro to Oracle) 6. Circuit Design to Control Home Appliance 7. Napster 8. Graphical SQL Envoirment (TOAD) I need complete project (source code with documentation, if possible) Must be developed in Visual Basic. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in exe...

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