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    Ghostwrite a book Encerrado left

    The book will be based on the Owner of an Interior Designing Company It will include his journey of how he turned his small company to a Group of companies within a span of 8 years at an early age of 42. The book will include the owners' experience in achieving contracts, his difficulties along the way, how his business flourished and what his company

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    Trophy icon Children's book Encerrado left

    I would like to hire a freelance to illustrate my children's book. I want Zoey to look real to create the story around her little world. Like a few sample pictures I provided. The book is about over coming fear and how the long haired chihuahua Zoey climbs a mountain all on her own, as before she was so afraid of heights. The ...

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    Trophy icon Advance Directives in Dr. Seuss style Encerrado left

    I am currently the CEO of a Hospice and Palliative Care organization in Massachusetts. Last year I wrote my advance directives out in Dr. Seuss poetic form and performed it in front of a live audience of about 300 people (health care professionals and others) in the Boston area. It received a very positive response. In April of this year I performed

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    Hi there, for my new website, [fazer login para ver a URL], I need a short whiteboard explainer video, to illustrate to people how the concept works. Both 2D and 3D is fine. I also need a voiceover for this video. (Preferably male voice, US accent. If not possible, others are fine as well.) I have attached the script (226 words) and the logo (both png an...

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    I'm a middle-aged closeted writer looking to get my first project off the shelf! I am SO ready. Don't hate me for the slow start! I work full time, teach college business writing so spend large clots of time reading less-than-inspiring prose, and have myriad beloveds and causes. But 2018 is my year. I really mean this. If you can't help me, I'll find

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    I'd like someone to illustrate a joke, for a children's joke book. IMPORTANT: This competition is to draw ONE joke, but please only enter if you'd like to be considered for a long term Freelancer assignment to illustrate several joke books; approximate scope is 60 cartoons per book, and they would be paid at 5USD per cartoon,...

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    I am writing a book using only specific sounds, as a book to help my daughter learn to read. The book comprises one short sentence on each page, made up only of the most simple phonics sounds. I would like an illustrator to choose as many sentences as they like/can from a long list that I will provide. Some of the sentences are silly/nonsense s...

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    I am looking for an illustrator to illustrate my fashion children's book. I am looking for someone who has sense of styling and knows how to sketch teenager girls with attention to colorful textiles.

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    I'm looking to self-publish a book about product management, titled "As I learn: My Product Management Toolkit". My plan is to launch book chapters as soon as they're done; getting iterative feedback, using a tool like LeanPub. My aim with this book is to provide an easily digestible repository of tools and techniqu...

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    25 ofertas has a completed book that requires a logo. This project requires a hand-drawn illustration that will be turned into a logo for the series. It's a Christian-based novel to serve as a resource for self-help and serving others. We aim to find talented artists who are* in need of this job to survive a hardship. I have the design in my head, but I am no...

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    87 ofertas

    ...slide deck made that I can voice over and film for my members on changing habit. They are required to read The Power of Habit right before this presentation so using the information and skills in the book would be beneficial. The slides need to illustrate what a habit is, what a habit loop is and how to change a habit by replacing only the rout...

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    Hire a Ghostwriter Encerrado left

    I am writing a children book on etiquette and EQ. It's more of a lesson book than a story book where each page is a passage teaching a specific topic and is accompanied by a comic to illustrate it. There is then a parental supplement which follows along with the children's book but instead of the illustration...the parents get an explanation of...

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    Trophy icon Book Cover Encerrado left

    Hello, We are in need of a book cover whose size will be 5.5x8.5 inches. Title of the book is: STRANGER Author: Omair Tarique And the theme of the book is about the strangers we meet from our day to day life. For example, we meet strangers who help us in the darkest of our days or friends who become strangers. Also, people who can spend the rest

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    ...vector/scalable artworks these are to be reproduced initially at a size of approximately 1.75 x 2.5 inches so these are small images but should be detailed and of there subject matter. Each image is to illustrate a passage of biblical text, a psalm. So using the 23rd Psalm as a starting point, the expectation (in this case) would be to create an new colour illustrati...

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    I am looking for someone to illustrate my series of childrens books. The books are somewhat dark (for a kids book) and revolve around the theme of Fairies. Not the traditional winged nice fairies but the fairies of Irish folklore. . Where I live we are largely descended from Irish people. Our landscape is also visually similar as the stone walls, houses

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    Can I please get a quote on illustrating my children's book, targeted for children 4 - 7 years old? I am working on an 8-book series for a non-profit, and I will need the same illustrator for all 8 books. The first book that I would like to start with, and that I would like a quote for, is 19 pages of color pictures (at least one picture on each page)

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    Trophy icon Illustrate Something Encerrado left

    I would like images to illustrate the difference of actual fear and psychological fear to publish in my book. Below is the paragraph of my book where it will have the images to follow; Flight, fight or freeze is an auto response to danger, this danger is actual, actual fear. Actual fear is what helps you for things like stopping you...

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    Trophy icon Illustration or drawing of a Scene Encerrado left

    ...contest is to identify a good illustrator to work on my next project briefed below (Please note that granting the project to the winner after the contest is finished, will be subject to the agreement on the final budget, and timeline of execution.): I would like to hire an illustrator for my upcoming bookMy Best friend liv...

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    ...around 40 stories that are designed to teach kids how to read. You did such a good job illustrating my last book, Pronunciation Fun for ESL Students, and I'd like to hire you to illustrate these, too. I'd like to hire you for one story at a time. My first story, Can the Fat Cat Nap?, needs 11 (eleven) pictures. H...

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    Trophy icon Design me an App Mockup Encerrado left

    Introductions: Redesign part of my app. If I am satisfied, you will not only get 12,000 HKD, but you will finish the rest of my app's pages for another 10000-12,000 HKD after this contest. Quality, creativity and careful thinking of the logical steps potentially invovled in this design are the criterion for the competition. You will be redesigning

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    Trophy icon Tiny and Moose Encerrado left

    ...illustrator for a children's book I have written. The book is about a young boy named Tiny and his adventure buddy, Moose. He takes Moose everywhere. I am looking for a sketch that will show what you think Tiny and Moose should look like in this book. The first book is about how Tiny finds Moose under the fridge. My budget for illustrations...

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    Book Cover design - Illustrate a Print Cover / Amazon Kindle Book Cover I need a modern Book Cover for my new book. The theme of the book is how to lose weight using real strategies and never make a diet again. In fact the main title is (a translation from Spanish): Lose weight definitely with your virtuous circle, and the subtitle:...

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    Hi, I'm looking for an artist to illustrate a children's book for me. It consists of a total of 61 pages. I've attached the story, please check it out. Each story line represent a drawing for each page. However, I will send you a very rough/ sketchy outline for each page before you start to draw. Please check one of the attached photo for the outline

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    53 ofertas

    I'm looking to hire an Illustrator to Illustrate my book for me, this will be a close relationship as this book is personal to me and is based around a Journal of my lonesome during my last Coma, an adventure into my own mind, the book is Fantasy/Sci-Fi. I'm very particular and this book means a lot

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    ...The task of this freelancer will be to artistically draw and illustrate ADULT comic book images. These images must be drawn with an attractive oriented concept. The freelancer will receive the story and instructions on what and how. The freelancer MUST have previous work(s) done similar to what is requested to be considered for this job, if not you

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    21 ofertas

    ...children's book. Mainly illustrators who can create illustrations appealing for children and create two main characters and some side characters (such as parents, animals, and siblings) along with scenery. I have already wrote a series of 3 books that will take up 27-30 pages each book. I'll need majority of those pages illustrated. I've been trying to illust...

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    50 ofertas

    ...Hospitality, why are services encounters so important and how do you manage them? Describe why intangibility, inseparability and perishability are paramount in effectively delivering hospitality service as compared to selling a manufactured product. Discuss the four functions of management and illustrate examples from any of your workplaces that you have

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    Content Writing Encerrado left

    ...comic illustrations to cheer up a business book I am looking for a few one/two line jokes to go with the cartoon/comic like illustrations. The jokes will be a part of comic inserted into my book, which is quite serious right now – it is a business book about sales. Here is the outline of the book [fazer login para ver a URL]

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    Illustrate Something Encerrado left

    I need to produce a number of cartoon like illustrations for my book. My book is also business book or business self help. Here are the links to it on amazon and a few lines from table ...

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    Trophy icon The Adventures of SoSo & Kaia Encerrado left

    ...books about my daughters, Sofiah and Kaia. Some of them are short and rhyming while other books are longer and are for older readers. I am looking for an artist I can work with long term on these books. I am looking for the best sketches/animation versions of my girls to see how their likeness appears in the books. I want them to have an animated

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    Trophy icon Design a Book Cover Encerrado left

    You will illustrate a BOOK COVER. I am thinking a two or three color tone pattern to use for ALL my books in the future. So "Lockdown: abc" "Lockdown: xyz" . The goal of your artwork: Imagine yourself at the bookstore. You see this book. --Does the FRONT cover intrigue you to pick it up? --When you pick it up (without rea...

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    Hello, I have and idea for children's book that I want to make for a friend. I need someone to illustrate the book for me. I have an image of my mind of how I want each page to look. I will need to see examples before I commit. The style of drawing will need to be like the attached image. Thanks,

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    ADULT COMIC BOOK Encerrado left

    ...cartoonists The task of this freelancer will be to artistically draw and illustrate comic book images. These images must be drawn with an attractive oriented concept. The freelancer will receive the story and instructions on what and how. The freelancer MUST have previous work(s) done similar to what is requested to be considered for this job, if not...

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    Trophy icon Make new version of old cartoon Encerrado left

    I've got this amazing old cartoon. But I am unable to find the original source (I think it is from an old book), so I have no idea about the copyrights for the drawing. Anyway, the cartoon explains really well how voltage, current and resistance relate to one another – so I want to have my own version that I can be sure I can use freely witho...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    ...basic photo or a very plain sketch into something that would be presentable as illustrations for my book. As an example what would you do to illustrate the following: No matter how tight the sod was placed, in the fall of the year the field mice started to seek shelter from the coming winter and many found that shelter in the sod and carpet homes of

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    6 ofertas

    ... I need two drawings for my upcoming book and have made a draft with the text and a suggestion to draw three fases..(I can't draw:-). I need the illustrations back in high resolutions for print, and in black and white. Imagine the drawings and text is written on a big whiteboard in a classroom, because that's how I explain the reader I originally

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    36 ofertas

    ...MEANINGFUL book project to help create awareness for the beautiful HAPPY SCARFS hand-woven by illiterate and underprivileged women in Bhutan. I have created my own cartoon character, a girl called QQ and she will show the world, step by step how to wear a Bhutan scarf - 20 different styles. Need your help to illustrate QQ showing the steps to<...

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    13 ofertas

    I need a design made for my small fitness company. The design would be similar to what you would see on the front cover of a book. This design will be the front cover of a program that I have developed that helps athletes become faster, stronger and jump higher. The program targets high level athletes and will be called "SURGE". In the attached documents

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    Book Illustation Encerrado left

    ...a childrens book that has a main character (Pacapun ) His character is an Alpaca that brings his punnies with him on all his mini adventures. In every scene his puns are exchanged with all the other characters in order to make kids laugh and to teach kids how to play with words and have fun. I need someone who can organize & edit my 2 page mini

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    Attached to this project specification is the PDF version of a book cover mock up I created in Word. This is a very general idea as to what I am looking for. The key elements I want are: 1. A unique, bold and colourful funnel on the front cover. 2. A large title in the Verdana font like you see on the mock up. The funnel icon you see on the

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    Garantido Secreto
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    ...looking for someone to illustrate a children's story book for children in primary school. Ages 7 -10. Approx 12 illustrations. The illustrations should be simple enough for a 7 year old to view and should not be frightening in anyway. The story is being told by a young boy, approximately 8, 9 or 10 years old. This is my first attempt in contactin...

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    ...Power of Christian Will from my provided outline. The outline will detail the individual chapters, key points and highlights. Due date: 30 days Final book length: Seven (7) chapters (approx. 20,000 words) Each chapter will contain approx. 2800-3000 words each in order to reach 20,000 words total. Subject and tone: The book is being written as a Christian

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    ...Power of Christian Will from my provided outline. The outline will detail the individual chapters, key points and highlights. Due date: 30 days Final book length: Seven (7) chapters (approx. 20,000 words) Each chapter will contain approx. 2800-3000 words each in order to reach 20,000 words total. Subject and tone: The book is being written as a Christian

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    I have a book my father wrote that is about 40 pages. I need a front and back cover and various illustrations sprinkled throughout the book. The inside illustrations can be whatever you like as long as it's 'pretty' and colorful. My budget is not huge so we'd need to figure out how many hours you would need for this. I would like yo...

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    My boyfriend is an aspiring writer and he is currently in the middle of writing a book, which I will pay to have printed and also hire you to add some illustration to it. But I am hiring the illustrator to make a drawing of us from a photo saying 'Happy Valentines 2014' on it. I want to give this to him on valentines day. I have upl...

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    I need a cover design for The Lamp of Darkness, the first book in The Age of Prophecy Series. The book is a work of Biblical Fiction, set in the times of Elijah and Ahab. I myself am a Rabbi living in Israel, and this book, while fictional, is strongly rooted in the Jewish tradition. I believe that readers certainly do judge books by their covers

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    Trophy icon Preteen's Book Encerrado left

    ...listed on a children's book as the illustrator? As the contest name suggests, I'm writing a book for preteens. The subject of the book isn't necessary at this point. Right now I'm looking to create a character based on my specifications. Pretty easy, right? I think so too. My book is for preteens, it's an educa...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    I need an experienced ghost writer to write a book about Self publishing. This should be an exciting job for someone who has published a book before. I know there are thousands of books on self publishing, but I want this to be the most comprehensive self publishing guide ever!! YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO USE LIGHTNING SOURCE, CREATE SPACE, AMAZO...

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