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    procura de serviços Encerrado left

    Pretendo um site em que as pessoas acessem para procurar algum serviço que desejam (pintor, ladrilhador, canalizador, arquiteto, reparação de computadores, etc) O site [fazer login para ver a URL] é um bom exemplo do que quero, só que pretendo que numa fase inicial seja muito simples. Apenas com os serviços básico que o [fazer login para ver a URL] ...

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    A cada dez visitantes o decimo ganha 1Mt O botão ‘TENTAR DE NOVO’ e’ tipo um reload da pagina, quem o clica deve gerar mais uma page view em qualquer contador disponível por ai’. Quando o visitante não ganha aparece: ‘Não foi desta, tente de novo’; quando ganha aparece: Ganhaste 1Mt Existem 3 rectângulos por baixo do bo...

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    I am building a brand called 'MOONBOY'. It will be a high-end streetwear/designer brand and we will sell anything from designer shoes, sneakers, bags and clothing (jackets, shirts etc). We are looking for a LOGO to be designed that is moreso an Icon/symbol/picture, NOT the text "MOONBOY". Some brands for reference could be: - Bape - Billionaire Boys Club - Louie Vuitton ...

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    Hello We are [fazer login para ver a URL] We would like to have our brand made fresh up to date, the labels product images were last done 8 years ago, we have a theme we use 12 colours then repeat and mix up the colours over all the different products. We print in house and last time we had design done we kept the brand white, as you need a trimmer to add on to the label printer these are ve...

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    hi the ready made project I found is good and not expensive but I wish to have my own version of it which programmed for my company. I am looking for a website with iso and android app. i have you can read more about it below but if you have better idea I am flexible and happy to take it, specification attached in word doc. file

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    Product Design Engineer 5 dias left

    Need an engineer for a design change and prototype of a cylinder shower filtration device of 3x5 inches. The current problem is most water filtration devices require you to change a cartridge. To do so requires removal of shower head where one could strip the threads or create a leak without use of plumbers tape. The prototype requested would allow direct entry of filtration material into the uni...

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    Google Ads & SEO 5 dias left

    Hello! We have a real estate luxury brand: [fazer login para ver a URL] - we sell expensive and high quality apartments in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova Our customers speak Romanian and Russian Language We need to start a Google Ad campaign for adwords and adsense Also need to optimize around 10 keywords and improve SEO

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    Hi guys, I need someone who creates me something like this [fazer login para ver a URL] It can be much more simple. A macro for MS Excel would be enough. The tool in the video costs 80€ per year. I need it to extract the data from [fazer login para ver a URL] only once a year so that this price is too expensive. Thank you for your offers!

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    Hey i need just one page to be converted in react material ui OR vuetify no reactstrap no bootstrap-react no bootstrap-vue etc. and css / styled components dashboard type layout customised chatbox tri sliced banner with a hover and expand effect video player collapsible sidebar easy toggle menu customise thinner rectangular scroll bar NO BACKEND API NO RENDERING IS NEEDED U WILL PRO...

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    web developer 4 dias left

    must master w3school. if then, will welcome new freelancer as welll as expert. have three project that require skills like html,bootstrap,javapscript,php, and framework(angular,laravel). i am planing to hire two or three people, if those project is big for one [fazer login para ver a URL] not expensive.

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    Home Doctor Services 3 dias left

    The following case must be analyzed using excel: Home Doctor Services: Arnau’s brother who lives in the states works at a hospital that just shutdown. Due to his age, he can’t find a regular job. On his way home he finds out that his wife’s neighbour was sick. He decided to attend him at his own house. Later, Arnau gave him a call about how he is coping with not having a job at ...

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    I'm looking for external design for my current villa and design of the landscape, which is 15 years old, I have some ideas for how I want it to be look [fazer login para ver a URL] here is the floor plan and some pictures and videos of the current state. [fazer login para ver a URL] Please note that I'm looking for better look but without going too expensive !! Dimensions file is ne...

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    I am currently looking to have 2 pages designed + registration and login functions. After user registers and login in they will go to the page (attached) which will need to be designed and developed (Code). The main page [fazer login para ver a URL] will have the nav bar as shown and a welcome message and a section below that I can periodically leave a message for customers. I will also need a ...

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    Hello guys, looking for a few projects actually, but all with the same idea, so I might hire a few freelancers to work on them separately. The main project's idea of the site is that it would be a Game currency store, so it would have to support various payment methods (such as PayPal, BTC, Skrill, credit card, etc...). Simple to use CMS (I'm a little experienced with WordPress, but no...

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    I developed a heuristic optimization algorithm to estimate a set of parameters from a simulation model. The fitness landscape is quite complex, not only because it is rough, but also because its shape may change with the parameters. Traditional non-linear optimization procedures do not work, and even genetic algorithms and other heuristic methods seem to fail. My algorithm is computationally expen...

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    Looking for someone who can go through some legal paperwork for me and anotate everything of importance in a PDF They need some kind of background in law, and able to spell out the details of what is going on I can state the details upon interviews Not Necessarily looking for an expensive lawyer, just someone to deal with some paperwork from a legal standpoint

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    It is a computational tool to help governments establishing policy priorities. It is based on an agent-based model in Python, which is calibrated with data on development indicators. The calibration procedure is computationally expensive, so I am looking for someone with experience in copmutatioal optimization to efficientize the code and to prepare an R package.

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    I need to use my private phone number to send SMS - Our goal is to send SMS via your SIM card which is inserted in an android device - We will use an Aapache server. - We will create 2 parts. - 1 is the server and 2 is the android app. - server will hold the SMS text and numbers. - The mobile app will read data from the server and send it serially. I have already used a virtual phone number on [...

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    I need to use my private phone number to send SMS - Our goal is to send SMS via your SIM card which is inserted in an android device - We will use an Aapache server. - We will create 2 parts. - 1 is the server and 2 is the android app. - server will hold the SMS text and numbers. - The mobile app will read data from the server and send it serially. I have already used a virtual phone number on [...

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    1. users click order button on linux erver 2. linux server will send http request on android server like palapa web server 3. android server will send sms to restaurant I need to use my private phone number to send SMS to my customers I have already used a virtual phone number on [fazer login para ver a URL] before, but they are too expensive (10 cent / SMS) My private sim card costs me only ...

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    POS Zcoin fork 1 dia left

    Can pay $1000-2500 We want to fork Zcoin ([fazer login para ver a URL]) -Remove POW and masternodes, change to pure POS 3.0 or LPOS (lease proof of stake [fazer login para ver a URL]) -change block rewards and set up treasury addresses -Launch mainnet, make sure all is functional after launch (like a week max). -premine a % of the coins to treasury address. -develop Windows and Linux wallets (an...

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    Brick manufacturing company needs a custom cost calculator integrated into their WordPress website. Buyers should be able to select various products and quantities per product to determine overall cost. products should be visual with thumbnails. Needs to give buyers a rough estimate based on: • the type of product(s) selected • colour and sub type of product selected • quantity ent...

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    I need assistance with the statistical part of a paper. The statistical part has three sets of data for N = 115 individuals (i.e., very small set of data). I have conducted within-group repeated measures ANOVA using SPSS and created the below appended tables and diagrams. I would like a statistician to review interpretations (I will send the interpretations in a separate email, if I get an idea o...

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    We would like to try orange color, - and green to compare the 2 colors, and possibly maybe both colors in the logo ( but not necessary) The name should be BlinkMaps as 1 word Possibly the B of Blink can be part of logo in an abstract way, but we are not sure on this or clear if it is the direction we would like, so its not a must at all The icon mark should be on the left of the company name ...

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    Southern Glove Sells through Manufacturer’s representatives. Each Store (Ship-To) location is assigned a manufacturer representative. Manufacturer representatives are assigned specific territories. We use an ERP system called Exenta in-house where we have some contact information and we also use Salesforce for contact information. The two databases are not connected in any way. Data ret...

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    Beach.Properties 13 horas left

    Beach/Coast logo, branding and marketing for new real estate agent. I farm from Del Mar to La Jolla to Imperial Beach. The area is known as the Gold Coast, most expensive land in the world so it attracts well-educated, sophisticated high-end buyers.

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    English article writing 4 horas left

    I'm looking for an inexpensive high-quality English articles writer (original articles). (Please if you feel that your English writing isn't great, do not apply) I want to build a long-lasting working relationship, so I'm looking for a long term worker (if you want only one or two projects, please do not apply). hopefully, if the results are good and not expensive there are many po...

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    I've built an webApp in asp.Net, JavaScript, SQL DB. I am running into some hurdles and I need someone to help me and should be not expensive.

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    kitchen visualizer Encerrado left

    Hi Everyone !! i would like to make a kitchen visualizer for the company that im working on. The idea is to make a static 2d image wich show diferent options of tops, doors, and equipment for it. But at the same time show the diferent prices that it would cost. Ive seen many of this like ikea kitchen visualizer, but i dont really know how to make it by myself. would love to heard from you all you...

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    I need more traffic that leads to sales on my website. Google Ads is quite expensive and my ROI is very minimal. Can I get more organic traffic that will lead to sales without paying for ads?

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    Logo design Encerrado left

    I’m looking for a CLEVER logo for my construction company “Ambition Living” based on this sketch my daughter did or something else clever. Specifically, I’d like the logo to play off the name “Ambition” by incorporating it into the design itself. In other words, I do NOT want just a picture of a house and the company name attached because I do NOT want the logo...

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    I'm looking for a similar logo (or better). I made this myself but it's way too expensive. Additional info; - Logo with text "CTN BAGS" with the "CB" icon above text, just like the attached picture "White Basic". - "CB" icon in a separated picture. - 100% ownership - Multiple color variations - Transparent as well as PNG format pictures of t...

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    Design our packaging Encerrado left

    Hi, we need a sachet designed for our company. The dimensions at 70mm x 100mm. We are looking for a simple yet elegant design that looks fancy and expensive. The name of the company is "The Hangover Company" and the sachet will need to say "4 x Anti Hangover Gummy Bears" I have attached information that needs to be included on the back of the sachet.

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    Looking for an estimate to build a backend Shopify app/plugin for all Shopify stores. This app will be sold on the Shopify app partner store. This app when downloaded in any store will automatically suggest up-sells,cross sells and related products, from any stores existing products catalog. If the use of A.I can be implemented to make the app work better it is a bonus, and that is what we are aim...

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    Hi RkbCreation, I am a coaching student with Krista Mashore coaching and your name is one of a select few editors with Freelancer who do good work for a decent price. I will be producing dozens of short promotional videos over the next few weeks and would like to see what you can do. I have a couple of green screen recordings that are between 1-2 minutes. Up until recently, I have been doing my ...

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    1) Need help identify/develop a protectant film material which can be applied to and removed from high-fashion (expensive) leather and rubber goods 2) Source identified protectant film material 3) Assist in identifying manufacturing requirements for end product 4) Potentially sourcing manufacturing partners

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    Looking for a developer/designer that preferably uses the Shopify platform. I am creating an online store for customers to select a product (apparel) in a simplistic format. The main page of the site will start with four product categories and customers will click their selection to find their product in the category. Pricing will depend on quantity ordered. The more items ordered for a specific p...

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    need no expensive web developer, but must be prospective and know english. also can have video call anytime. prefer as a employee who lived in Europe and latin america waiting for biding of everybody who interested in this project

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    I will provide you with 100 short articles (300 words) that are on our webpage that you should translate into Finnish. When you are done just copy and paste the translated text into our system online. You are bidding on the opportunity to translate 100 review summaries of consumer electronic products in the category of; cameras, camcorders, mp3-players, cell phones and TVs. You have to be a ...

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    I need a rich, sleek, expensive looking logo! I have a Private Chef business and would like to get a sleek, sophisticated, logo for. I want the logo to include my business name Chef Shanel & Co LLC, I want to attract the attention of high end clientele. I offer Private Chef services that include Romantic Dinners, Cooking Demonstrations, and Private events Please do not inclu...

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    Please follow these steps: - Read the attached specification carefully and also have a look at the attached Excel file. - Please ask if anything is unclear / not feasible. - Make a proposal with the end prize. Don't tell me later that it will be more expensive. - Make a proposal with a feasible deadline. I will send you a tested PCB for this project. The shipping time doesn't count and i...

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    hi how are you?i want to start a great buisiness with some food of my country... my Spices is the most expensive in the world like: Saffron and something eles like: Barberry Pistachio Dried berries price saffron is:super negin is 2€ ican send you for a once free because i want to trust me and start quickly this buisiness... and you can tell me your offer about price... thake you alot...

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    Hey i need just one page to be converted in react material ui OR vuetify no reactstrap no bootstrap-react no bootstrap-vue etc. and css / styled components dashboard type layout customised chatbox tri sliced banner with a hover and expand effect video player collapsible sidebar easy toggle menu customise thinner rectangular scroll bar NO BACKEND API NO RENDERING IS NEEDED U WILL PRO...

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    Adwords campaign Encerrado left

    need to set a not expensive adwords campaign

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    Databanks Plug-in Encerrado left

    I sell data. I have multiple Excel files with names and phone numbers of business owners who applied for business loan. I wish to upload all my files into one consolidated database, and allow potential customers to come to my website and search this database to see availability of records they want based on certain filters selection. I then want them to be able to purchase and download that data...

    $30 - $250
    Urgente Secreto
    $30 - $250
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    hi to all i have 2 website [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] i need a BIG EXPERT NO UNPREOFESSIONALES THAT ALLOW ME TO OPEN A alibaba account similar to this my competitor [fazer login para ver a URL] using our web [fazer login para ver a URL] (in fact this website it's to wholesales) instead using my individual clientes website [fazer login para ver a URL] i n...

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    In Search of Video Encerrado left

    Hello ! I'm Duong, Marketing executive of Phu Quoc Theatre About our company you can read at Sales Kit, our brief here is a link: [fazer login para ver a URL] We are the only enterprise with traditional, art entertainment in Phu Quoc. And we want to bring people experience, the history of northern folklore in the form of the art of a water puppet show We are looking f...

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    This project to do interior design for a privet villa( 2D, 3D, execution drawing); total building area is around 600 sqm, - Design should be modern - Creative design - Non-expensive for execution Project duration 2 weeks Will send the Autocad file for nominated designer. Please start your proposal by write this code 2205.

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    I am looking for someone who could make me a new cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency would be like a portfolio of 10 assets that rebalance themselves every h. It would consist of 8 cryptocurrencies and 2 fiat currencies like USD and YEN. Each asset would be allocated with 10% of the total value of portfolio and when something gets more expensive the script would sell that asset and rebalance the ...

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    We are a physiotherapy clinic in Australia looking to increase our search engine ranking in our local area. We have previously done SEO with another company however found that it wasn't working too well and was also expensive. Would like to hire a SEO expert that does only WHITE HAT SEO.

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