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    Gostaria de criar uma logomarca para o aplicativo que estou desenvolvendo para ajudar a população em relação aos seus animais de estimação.<br /><br />A ideia seria varios animais na logo, com um border collie, ou um border collie.. De preferencia FLAT.<br /><br />Tenho pouco orçamento para o projeto, já que é para ajudar a população.. Então manerem no valor.. <br /><br />De preferencia me passem valor e portfólio... E qual seria a sua ideia para a logo ?

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    ...textos e imagens definidas via propriedades no Javascript Utilize o trecho de CSS abaixo para auxiliar na construção da página. Fonte: Arial Bold Body com background na cor #004400; #whiteBox { top:60px; left:0px; width:100%; border-color:#000000; border-width:1px; border-style:solid; } #orangeBarTop { right: 0px; left: 40px; top: -20px; border-color:#000000; border-width:1px; border-style:solid; } #orangeBarBottom { right: 40px; left: 0px; bottom: -20px; border-color:#000000; border-width:1px; border-style:solid; } A página será exibida somente em telas com resolução 800x600 ou 1024x768, na vertical e horizontal. Utilize ...

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    We need a website with admin panel where we can upload svg files and create different pictures on front end. Here a example: The svg files we need to save category wise in admin area.

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    ...task is to try to write a script to segment the cycling lane under different lighting conditions (including shadows) to use the segmented path to control the robot motor. The segmentation should be done by canny edge detection segmentation or colour segmentation. Another option would be using light CNN that can be implemented in the raspberry pi 4 to segment the lane. The script should be in python language. An example of the expected results is given below. The script should work on live streams and pre-recorded videos. An important point is to explain how the script is going to deal with conditions such as shadows and bright light. finally, explain what will be the plan or idea to control the motor based on the seg...

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    Require one Indicator on tradingview combining 10 different ema of different timeframe

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    So as we all know, Japan has 1 vending machine for every 23 people. That means you will have tons of different combinations of drinks available. What I want to do is train some AI to recognize the drinks in photos of the vending machine (example of image in attachments). All you have to do is do the recognition part, and label them at which position they are on the drink (left to right, top to bottom, 1-20/30, etc). So item 1 would be the first one in the top left, you can call it "Drink A" and I'll update the label later with the correct Japanese language/English. I prefer this to be built in Python, since it will be used on a website's framework

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    See file. I need syntax help please =COUNTIF('>Prep3'!B2:C2,">0")+ COUNTIFS('>Prep3'!N2:O2,">0",'>Prep3'!B2:O2,'>Prep3'!N2:O2='>Prep3'!B2:C2)+ COUNTIFS('>Prep3'!Z2:AA2,">0",'>Prep3'!B2:AA2,'>Prep3'!Z2:AA2='>Prep3'!N2:O2)

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    Hi Uzair M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hello, I need bidder for bidding on different portals. I need full time freelancer who have available daily 8 hours at night Thankyou

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    Trophy icon Zaza Brothers 1st collection logos 19 horas left

    Hi i appreciate everyone taking time to make submissions. Please take immense care with this project as it is very important to me and has to be perfect. I would like you to create 4 logos all saying ZAZA and i want 4 different fonts with completely different vibes. One should be Powder Blue with a white border ( going on cream colored shirts) One should be White with a red border or flipped ( Going on black shirts) One should be Purple with black border ( going on grey shirts) And the last one will be going on white shirts and you can pick the 2 color combination or whatever you feel but i would prefer 2 colors Please work at your pace i will give 2 days but select a winner before th...

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    Wyatt's project 4 dias left

    Template Design200$ I need a template designed for a sleek, modern, and simple photobook/magazine that requires 7 simple pages including a front cover,title page,table of contents, info page, single picture page, a 4 picture quadrant page, and a back cover page; which I provide rough mockups of but I leave you with a lot of creative freedom. The theme is almost like a luxury magazine but I want you to use fonts that do not need to be bought or licensed, (that come standard) . Id like the cover to have a background color of light grey, black text, I want it to be inspired by the Gulfstream G400 color scheme (blue,grey,light grey and black look it up on google images) and design maybe include a similar color...

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    I need someone who will post my website in the links I’ll provide. If you’re are interested let me know and we will discuss about it. Thanks

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    Need to display enrolled students in ag grid using angular name,student id ,class ,time Need to have following validation 1 Highlight the column border with red if data is empty for any columns. 2 name must be under 50 characters only 3 age must be number only and below 99

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    ...--- when I pull the user's data and it has a companyId attached to it, as it gets updated as companyId and the data loads, I want the client list select dropdown to default to that company name. I just made the default userMetadata ref's company object the 5th value in companyList (line 100-101 in ). Go ahead use that ref's company ID or name to default the select dropdown default value once the list is loaded. 3. Select arrow color: ---When the select value is not null (background is blue), the text is white, but the arrow should also change to white. Here is a potentially helpful resource: For this change, let me know what you add to the select fields to get it to work,

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    Looking for someone with good PR to publish articles about me in different magazines and websites to enhance my SEO and online presence.

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    I have 2 different data sheets for 2 different adc chips. I need to see what conflicts could arise if I changed my design to use the other. Currently, using AD7768-4, a 4 channel adc with 48 pins. want to know conflicts if changed to use MCP3564T-E/NC with 16 pins. obviously need to ignore pins on one that dont match a pin on the other. looking for pin to pin matching. if, for example the clocks in are different, can the MCP3564 be adjusted to match clocks? are the SPI pins compatible? etc. Basically, if the current inputs to the 7768 are provided on the matching input of the 3564, would there be a conflict or not.

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    Warthog Emblem 3 dias left

    Im wanting a badge/ emblem for my new truck bumper and also a new emblem for tailgate of my truck. I would like the front emblem to mimic the original outline but with a warthog in the middle so a raised border raised emblem everything else is lower. For the 2nd emblem probably just the Warthog itself with out a border. I'll send pics of what I have so far as measurements and shapes. For what ever reason the files are not uploading I need it in a File type ( DWG, DXF, STP) and in 3D format so this other company can print it or etch it out

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    It will display latest work in videos and images, with advertisement at the top, a left and right border that looks like a film reel

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    Character’s name is Jesse Collins and is a white and black border collie that always wares something purple (purple sweater and purple-ish shoes or a purple tang top) I would like the model to have mouth and jaw rigging, ear rigging, and tail rigging

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    I need a professional to create 4 different arts to be used in Google Adsense. Each of the arts must be developed in the following dimensions: - 970x90px; - 728x90px; - 336x280px; - 300x600px; - 160x600px; I will be promoting a website that offers ad network services.

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    Trophy icon Diamond Dogs Logo Encerrado left

    I need a logo for a group called the Diamond Dogs that features 1) a dog, 2) a diamond, and 3) the words diamond dogs. The diamond and the text can be whatever looks like a modern logo design. The dog should not be angry, fighting, biting, or too aggressive (not a bulldog, no spiked collar). The dog should also not be a tiny or cute dog (not big floppy ears). The dog should be strong, loyal, brave, and helpful. Maybe a shepherding dog, border collie, german shepard, or husky.

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    Data entry 2 dias left

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Purple Heart Rain</title> <style> * { box-sizing: border-box; } body { background: rebeccapurple; color: white; font-family: monospace; display : flex; align-items : center; justify-content : center; font-family : ; margin : 0; min-height: 100vh; } .heart { position: fixed; top: -1vh; font-size : 2rem; transform: translateY(0); animation: fall 2s linear forwards; } @keyframes fall { to { transform: translateY(105vh); } } </style> </head> <body> <script> function createHeart() { const heart = ("div"); ("heart"); = () * 90 + "vw"; = "...

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    ...for options or solutions to solve manually time consuming task that we have. We own numerous sites but category mapping is set to be different due to websites different target markets. Also some sites have different API etc so we must map to their cat mapping instead of our own. The solution we looking is below: Is to create solution that pulls all the categories from all our sites weekly to have update categories. Then has funcitonality for us to link them. Example would be on Site A we might have Bedroom>Beds>Single but on Site B we might have Home&Garden>Bedroom>Beds>Single etc. So what we want to do is somehow tell it if we upload new product file it return cat mapping to all si...

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    Need to design a prototype with report - design a game tool and bicycle for a disable child , design a plan for reshifting a building , design tools based on the specification

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    Hi, We are planning to create a website that lets user create a [login to view URL] using different isolated parts (i.e. eyes, nose, hair, face type, beard etc.) If you can create that, please let us know thanks.

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    Hi, We are planning to create a website that lets user create a using different isolated parts (i.e. eyes, nose, hair, face type, beard etc.) If you can create that, please let us know thanks.

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    39 products need to have 4 wooden grains applied to each - the original product and grain will not be changed and 3 additional grains need to be applied - (4 types of wooden gains are as follows: oak, walnut, cherry, maple). High resolution grains need to be used and each one must be a unique grain. So, 117 images need to be applied @ a generous estimate of 5 minutes per image = approx 10 hours of work. Please reply with your quote to include researching unique grains (easily found and free to use) and also a quote if I supply. Must be compatible with CS6.

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    Trophy icon 12 Banners of Different Sizes 1 dia left

    I need someone to design 12 Banners for the Website Price should include all the 12 Banners, one Banner of each size. Be creative, it is a 4G and 5G Mobile Proxy Servers webpage. Must Provide Banners in PNG and JPG, also the original editable file in PSD or other application you use Sizes in px are: Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600) Leaderboard (728 x 90) Halfpage (300 x 600) Large Leaderboard (970 x 90) Inline (medium) Rectangle (300 x 250) Small Square (200 x 200) Vertical Rectangle (240 x 400) Square (250 x 250) Triple Widescreen (250 x 360) Large Rectangle (336 x 280) Netboard (580 x 400)

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    Hello, Requirement is to write a code to compare data from 3 different excel reports and to present the result of the descrepancies between them. (If there are missing data / different data between of the 3 reports)

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    I am looking for a graphic designer who will create a pixel avatar in different positions.

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    We want to get 2 logos designed that are similar, one with Another Dream with the words stacked on each other and another one with Another Dream on one line and below it, it will have 3 colored dots and then the words Party Supplies & Favors. I created 2 different Example logos that are just snippets from other logos that had different aspects that we liked and put them together to make a sample. For the First image, we wanted it to have 2 words stacked on each other, Another Dream, with a large triangle that’s tilted in the background. It also has small bits of confetti like shapes and other shapes like triangles and circles which we like but if they could be done a bit better and around the rest of the images text as well. We like the...

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    I need the decorative border of the document retained without the script or official crests.

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    ...an experienced full-stack developer to collaborate especially with back-end web development. We'll start with the first project and if satisfaction is guaranteed, especially to the final client, we can then talk about long-term collaboration and other projects will be rewarded. More work details during our call interview. This is a repeated work and upon success, you will be invited to collaborate with several other projects from maintenance, to new website development and to slightly more complex web architectures such as e-commerce, CRM etc. The person we are looking for should have the following characteristics : - entrepreneurial mindset - resourceful - client-centric - reliable - very responsive - problem-solver - keen learner With your h...

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    ...vision AI to capture the web objects on a page. We will supply some images that are screen captures of web pages to use for testing the routine. Web objects to identify will include: • Standard input box with text already in it and without. • White button with a border • Blue button with a border • Dropdown • Checkbox • Radio button Step-by-step instructions on how to get the routine to identify other web objects as we need to do different objects in the future. All source code and copyrights will be transferred to me. Please include which AI you would be using in the bid proposal. All code must be written in C# .NET 6. If you plan to use another version of .NET ...

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    We are a creative agency developing GWP (Gift with purchase/ Give-Away Projects) for many clients in the luxury industry. We are looking for an excellent storyteller, that can underline each of the gift projects of an entire collection with the aim to create a holistic gifting line with storytelling for each and every item and also to link them in between each other with meaningful stories. As we are in a competition with several other agencies; we need very reactive work and input as the first deadline is by the end of June 2022. Briefing will be sent once our NDA is signed with the selected freelancer.

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    Hello, Requirement is to write a code to compare data from 3 different excel reports and to present the result of the descrepancies between them. (If there are missing data / different data between of the 3 reports)

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    Hi Im a life coach, and I currently use word documents to work with my clients. I would like to set up an instagram, and also do powerpoint presentations, and have them all on the same template. The design I require is quite simple, its essentially a border with my logo on it. Please [Removed by Freelancer.com] for more information.

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    Hello, Requirement is to write a code to compare data from 3 different excel reports and to present the result of the descrepancies between them. (If there are missing data / different data between of the 3 reports)

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    I have about 100 images that need to be scaled correctly and the brand written at the top of the border. The font must be Bodoni Z37. The images need to be clear when sent back for ecommerce use. An example of a finished image has been provided.

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    Hello Everyone, I wrote a code with GMSH API in python. I try to make a domain with some cycles in it with different physical groups. But unfortunately, the result shows that they are not connected! And the flow can not diffuse through the cycles. Please look at the images in the attachment. I want to connect the surfaces together? Please write a bid if you have experience in GMSH API! You can find the code in the attachment.

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    Hi there! We are looking to hire a few writers to write blogs about several topics like fashion, lifestyle, health, etc. This is long-term and you will be able to accept or decline coming projects. Newbies are welcome, but be ready to show samples. Payment: 1000 words $5 Deadline: usually 48-72 hours. To make sure you read the description and YOU AGREE with the payment, please start your bid with your favourite food. WHO SHOULDN'T APPLY: People who cannot be responsible and committed, people from India or Bangladesh, companies. Thanks and good luck!

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    There's a specific audience we wish to target, and we would like someone to reach that audience on our behalf to promote a book on Amazon (Paperback and Kindle). Thanks.

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    What is required? I require 10 nature sticker designs. 1x cactus 1x succulent 1x leaf 1x rainbow and clouds 1x planet earth 1x campfire 1x mountain tops 1x sunflower 1x acorn 1x cloud Each sticker should follow the criteria outlined below: Size: The sticker needs to fit into a box of 76.2mm x 76.2mm (3x3 inches) it can be slightly smaller depending on the design. File format: PNG Background: the background should be transparent Border: there should be a white border around the stickers as seen in the examples. A dotted cutting line is not required. Colours - whichever you think are best for each sticker design Style: Stickers in the kawaii style (cute/tiny with bold outlines) Resolution: High resolution 300 dpi/ppi Th...

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    Yes I would like for my desktop blog post featured image to be size 1200 X 626 -- and the mobile featured image size to be 1200 X 900. My Blog is the front page of my website to the featured image size is what you first see when you go to my website.

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    ...looking to get quick a solution from a CTrader expert developer who already did this in the past. Parameters: no of border touches to be considered a support/resistance (without beeing broken by the Market Structure, that is it, to not have the price bigger than the rsistance or smaller than support between these touches) maximum difference between touches in pips to be considered is about the same border minimum difference between touches in time to be considered is about different touches of the same border maximum difference between touches in time analized time (last N periods) It should return structures (for both support & resistance) containing: no of border(support/resistance) uninterrupted touches total...

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    I bought this flutter app, if I want to made some change on it, which developer can do the changes? the changes is: - change app fonts in kurdish language - remove some sections in home - increase images border radius - each line contain 3 items - create a slider - add how to use app and add video - add social media icons - add email and phone number - change the catigories from text to icons - add the teachers in home page and some other changes.

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    I have a dataset with responses from individuals who participated at different couple enhancement courses. Some participants have identified their partner while filling out the form, others have not. I must identify the couples and assign a unique couple ID to each couple. Several factors in the dataset may be used to identify the spouses, including the number of the course they took, their age, income, the number of children they have, and so on. 1. I want each respondent to be identified with their partner, however in certain situations, just one of a pair has responded, therefore they should not be "forced" to be in a relationship with someone with whom they have a low probability of being in a relationship. 2. I...

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    The objectives of this project is to design a broadband microstrip antenna to be used in 5G wireless communication systems. This project concentrates on the design of a broadband microstrip patch antenna for a 28 GHz system . In this , we going to evaluate the VSWR and Reflection coefficient (S11) parameters by comparing between circular and rectangular.

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