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    [Matlab] Interpolation 6 dias left

    Hello everyone, I need an electrical engineer to create a system in Matlab. You can use any libraries you want. Budget is $20 AUD . Analytical description in chat. See you!

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    Add animation using quaternion interpolation

    $14 - $15
    $14 - $15
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    learn how to code bicubic interpolation using fortran x=1,2,4,5,7,8,..etc y= 10,15,33,44,....etc what is y at x each 0.001 (x=1.001,1.002,1.003...etc ) ?

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    learn how to code bicubic interpolation using fortran x=1,2,4,5,7,8,..etc y= 10,15,33,44,....etc what is y at x each 0.001 (x=1.001,1.002,1.003...etc ) ?

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    data finting Encerrado left

    I have an array with 33 set of x and 15789 f(x); every f(x) is separated with five integer. i would like to fit all 15789 using natural cubic spline interpolation and write each fitted f(x) in a file with "[fazer login para ver a URL]" extension with 128 grid points. In 15789 f(x) i have the repeated data, i would to obtain in the second time only the nonrepeated data.

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    I need MATLAB expert Encerrado left

    I'm looking for someone who is expert and familiar with MATLAB 1- matlab basics: - built-in functions (e.g. sin, exp, round, abs) - M-files: scripts vs. functions, concept of scope -Anonymous functions/function handles -Accessing and assigning array variables -Colon notation, linspace/logspace functions -Boolean expressions: relational and logical operators -If... ElseIf... Else structures -...

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    [project description] Develope motion control algorithm library in accordance with the PLCopen standard for 6-axis industrial robot , and needs to have single axis and multi axis motion control functions. The main algorithms are as follows: 1. Joint / line / arc / free curve interpolation algorithm 2. High speed difference algorithm of continuous small line segment 3. State machine of mo...

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    Quality Engineering Encerrado left

    >Use Excel Linear Interpolation Method >Use and contrast both the Montgomery (Nearest Rank Method) and the Excel Linear Interpolation) >Normal Probability Plot diagram Should know the above to do the mini project

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    Numerical analysis task in Solutions of Equations in One Variable The Bisection Method Fixed- Point Iteraation Newton’s Method secant method Interpolation and Polynomial Approximation Interpolation and the Lagrange Polynomial Data Approximation and Neville’s Method

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    Matlab exam Encerrado left

    Functions Debugging and Advanced Plotting Regression & Fitting Probability, Statistics, and Interpolation Linear Algebraic Equations & Numerical Methods 3 hours exam (25 questions) if you finish one question then only the next question will be displayed

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    I have an exam tomorrow and i need help studying for it. I will be using the Bisection method, Interpolation(hermite, cubic spline), numerical integration, quadrature methods, Euler's method etc. Matlab knowledge is required but the above methods are more important to know. Please let me know if you can work with me tonight on this.

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    Create Volatility Interpolation model for Non linear Time series Trends using latest ML Techniques. Must have high level math & programming training. Concurrent projects. Requirements: Ph.D. in Quantitative discipline...Math, CS, Stats, Signal Processing Python, Financial Engineering, Deep/ Machine learning, AI,

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    • Create a header component and a footer component  Format both header and footer components (tags to be used; ex. h1 and h3) to the same formatting in regard to background and text colour plus any other formatting of your choice; You can format each .css for header and footer or use the [fazer login para ver a URL] to create global styles for your tags • Create a file in the app folde...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    • Create a header component and a footer component  Format both header and footer components (tags to be used; ex. h1 and h3) to the same formatting in regard to background and text colour plus any other formatting of your choice; You can format each .css for header and footer or use the [fazer login para ver a URL] to create global styles for your tags • Create a file in the app folde...

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    We looking for external / freelance trainer for the Java Trainer to train our client's employees in batches. The participants would ideally be Freshers . Find Below the Topics. We have batches that are coming up in the following week for online web training from tomorrow. Timings : 9.30am to 5.30pm Experience : 8+ years Date Days Course Name 31-07-2020 Fri ES6 03-08-2020 Mon Angul...

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    Pressure gauge Encerrado left

    Hi, Sensor: Piezo-resistive pressure sensor Excitation type: current 1. Create a circuit that excites the pressure sensor and do Signal conditioning, 24 bit ADC, micro-controller, Display and RS485/RS232 2. Select the components and create a BOM 3. Micro-controller programming 4. Circuit to operate with Battery operated (or) 24V DC. consider EMI/EMC Should aware of interpolation techniques to l...

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    Matlab project Encerrado left

    finding root - interpolation

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    10 ofertas

    I need help fixing a lag issue with a web-based image viewer. We are using ViewerJS, but this problem is not specific to this library; any CSS based zoom to an image element will trigger it. One can use the keyboard shortcuts on the image element (up/down keys). The lag is very obvious the first time zooming in on the image. After that, without switching the tab, everything works nicely and the in...

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    Need someone who can be able to solve numerical analysis exercices, Bid if you´re confortable with the following: 1. Theories of Errors 2. Non-linear equations 3. Interpolation polynomial 4. Systems of linear equations 5. Systems of non-linear equations 6. Approach 7. Numerical integration 8. Ordinary differential equations

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    I have an task which includes the following topic. I need to you to bid if you have expertise in the following [fazer login para ver a URL] Raphson method and fixed point iterative method for the system of non linear equation [fazer login para ver a URL] forward and backward interpolation formula [fazer login para ver a URL] divided difference formula [fazer login para ver a URL] interpolation ...

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    I have some small probleme in graphic interface and matrix in 2D 3D For exemple : Calculation by trilinary interpolation, the depth of the points Sl and Sr which are in the middle of the right and left segments. Calculation, by trilinary interpolation, the depth the depth of the point Sm which lie in the middle of the segment Sl Sr.

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    Using a single image, manually add blur. The process of adding blur is that the image is convoluted with a function (PSF), and two blurred images can be obtained after convolution with two point spread functions with different parameters. First, the input of the system is a 640 * 480 image. After convolution with two gc-psf functions with different parameters, two defocused images are obtained. Th...

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    more information in private messages

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    Numerical methods Encerrado left

    I have 3 questions need to be solved using different methods like (Gaussian, Adams-Bashforth, Newton formula, lagrange interpolation, trigonometric interpolation,.., etc). Plus, explanation of the solutions. My budget is 20$ -depending on how many questions you can solve-.

    $35 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi there! I have 130+ spreadhseets, which have multiple sheets, and some additional data, all in Excel that I would like to be: 1) transformed into a low latency database such as Cassandra. Latency is very very important. 2) I would like the database to be updated automatically, using APIs. I will provide the links. 3) I would also like some webscraping for at least 2 web pages, if not more. The...

    $306 (Avg Bid)
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    Solving a system of ODE's with the 4th order Runge-Kutta method composite trapezoid double derivative use of bisection method Polynomial interpolation

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    This project involves reading log files from Arducoptor dataflash recordings in binary or text format (text provided, binary available) and extracting the data from those log files based upon a datetime timestamp and log key paramters. The set of possible Type-key pairs are listed at the start of each log file. Three functions shall be written and delivered in python 3: The first function takes ...

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    Things I need:- 1) Plotting a cubic spline 2) Compare the prediction from the different interpolation methods (i.e. Cubic Spline, Newton's divided difference polynomial interpolation and Lagrange Interpolation) 3) Recursive relation

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    9 ofertas

    HI do you have experience dealing with landsat rest api. I"m trying to pull the data from this api: I can pull data from this api call but I don't know how to see what dates are available. [fazer login para ver a URL]

    $342 (Avg Bid)
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    8 ofertas

    Write a three-grid geometric multigrid method with a V-cycle for the second order accurate potential flow solver for the flow around a cylinder where again Rmax = 10, Rcyl = 0.5 and U∞ = 1 1. relaxation/smoothing via a few Gauss-Seidel (GS) iterations 2. restriction through full-weighting or simple injection 3. direct (exact) solve on coarsest mesh using GS with a convergence tolerance of &...

    $10 - $55
    $10 - $55
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    Project for Pavan M. Encerrado left

    1. Need a physical switch in Arduino to trigger function. 2. If after two moves we still get same value, we need to raise an alarm and terminate sequence. 3. In case of limit switches, Both call a same function. However if one limit is reached, we need a provision of moving in opposite direction. 4. This entire sequence to be implemented like a Python Library, which can be called from any program...

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    Numerical Analysis Encerrado left

    I need someone to help me with " Divided Differences ( Newton Interpolation ), Eulers Method, Higher Order Taylor Methods, Runge-Kutta Methods ".

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    I would like to add an algorithm which can do Real Time 720P Video Interpolation on smartphone with Snapdragon chipset.

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    Please refer to this StackOverFlow link: [fazer login para ver a URL]

    $32 (Avg Bid)
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    We are a team of individuals working on building a process for efficiently making vertical video from a horizontal video source. What we need done is to have an After Effects professional look over our projects for quality assurance using our in-house [fazer login para ver a URL] be proficient with bezier handles, keyframe/interpolation types, and be able to provide quick turnaround (24 hours).

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Add detailed descriptions for the code

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    Add detailed descriptions for the code

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    We need to develop an android and iOs app to support video chat between app users. The app should support face blurring, pixelation, or interpolation or other technics to obfuscate sensitive and personally identifiable information (face of the person in the chat)

    $2730 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm trying to modify some api's to style maps and read and view maps. Here are some examples: [fazer login para ver a URL],41.55148402515417,-93.76690350169676,41.54306905212648&bboxSR=4326&size=&imageSR=&time=&format=jpgpng&pixelType=UNKNOWN&noData=&noDataInterpretation=esriNoDataMatchAny&interpolation=+RSP_BilinearInterpolation&compression=&...

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    Need to create interpolation through loops in VBA excel.

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    interpolate php array to approximate a long time series with a finite amount of points. must use interpolation

    $43 (Avg Bid)
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    Introduction to audio an image processing exam. Quantization, DFT 2D, sampling 2D, interpolation and decimation, zet transform.

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    I have x, y, and z data sets. for example, x, y and z data are 1000 from one measurment. From five measurment, I have 5000 data points for each x, y and z. By using these points, I create the 3d surface. We know new x1 and y1, but dont know z1. to predict the z1 according to 3d surface, we use interpolation. this interpolation is thin-plate spline interpolation. I need help this mathematic concept...

    $119 (Avg Bid)
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    Need an algorithm to interpolate curves with a pointset

    $81 (Avg Bid)
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    8 ofertas

    URGENT!!!! I am looking for expert who can deliver this project in next 2 hours and has exceptional knowledge and understanding of data structures and algorithms and can write document on following topics. Should be good in English and at explaining concepts in document. Please refer to word doc attached with project. I will provide documents mentioned in the document. 1. Backtracking versus Br...

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    ColorChanger Encerrado left

    I need 2 features added to this open source project which are above my head... The first feature is the ability for the user to change the color of any given pixel in a loaded bitmap using a point and click interface directly on the pixelbox (a picturebox implementation that handles Interpolation more effectively). This change would then be able to be saved with the original loaded bitmap in a ne...

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    *** SUMMARY *** This project will require the creation of a spline function. The function will have 3 parameters: 1) The point coordinates (as X and Y) 2) A switch to turn on/off over/under-shooting 3) The known X value The function will return the Y value of the requested X in the parameter. *** DETAILS *** It is essential that the spline function can create the simplest possible curve to conne...

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    I am looking for professional who has very good knowledge and understanding of data structures and algorithms and can code in C#. I need help with following topics. 1. explain Document Backtracking versus Branch-and-Bound design approaches in writing. 2. Implement selection sort and insertion sort, document run time complexity. Binary Search versus Interpolation Search. Write code in C# 3. (Div...

    $128 (Avg Bid)
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