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    ...Development. Playful Minds would like to receive bids on the development of our new game Elemental Wars. It is a four player reversi game with a few extra features and network play. The development requires MSVC++ 6.0 on Windows and must use the Playful Minds Game Library (PMGL). PMGL currently supports Direct X 8.1 and requires 3D graphic cards. This

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    6 ofertas off other sites. I'd like it to use PHP and MySQL if possible, it could possibly be a standalone program to run under windows and use my broadband connection, its upto you. But I want to be able to edit the layout of the page and I know HTML so this is preferred option. Whatever is easiest! Java is also an option!!! I can write basic PHP

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    I have a dedicated server with Redhat ent 3 ES (Taroon) that has installed CPanel/Fantastico web admin software and is compatible with php, mysql and perl/cgi I have arranged with some radio stations, that i will make their web-sites. They also requested me to make for the sites a shoutcast player !!! (they will stream music live

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    ...Internet Explorer (perhaps this could be a toolbar solution?) The program needs to be installable and should play a sound from the local hard disk whenever a user-definable list of URLs are visited (ie, [login to view URL], [login to view URL], etc -- it should play the one sound) It's a program to help train the mind to NOT visit sites that are "bad" for ...

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    ...if this is possible, but its worth asking around. I am making a program and I want it to be able to play songs on another computer, via the internet. For example, i type in my friend's IP and I can access the songs on his computer and play them real time (without downloading the whole song). Please contact me if its possible! I need it in

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    ...rules). Users may play either against the computer or against other users. The server program will run on a computer (which I have) with ASP.NET 1.1 or higher, IIS 5.1 or higher, and the .NET Framework. Clients must need nothing but a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and a connection to the server in order to register on the site and play the game. THIS

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    I need a working (2003) program and the related source code that uses tapi 3.1 to: Automatically answer a phone call, play a message (wav file) thru the phone line to the caller, record a message (wav file) thru the phone line from the caller, and hang up. The program can not use any purchased components such as Exceletel's Teletools; it can

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    $30 - $35
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    I need music to play throught a site. The user will navigate within the site from one page to another and the music will continue from where it left off on the previous page. I need a working prototype delivered. Coder can NOT use a frameset to achieve this. Also, he can NOT use a popup. There are too many problems with these approaches. ## Deliverables

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    4 ofertas][1] For other ideas also see [login to view URL] which is a game directory. **REQUIREMENTS** Design: 3d Model Design (previous or examples of your work required) Programming: Java (previous or examples of your work required)Pets: 4 Monsters: 8 Worlds: 1 Deadline: 120 Days ??" this time can be extended. Character Designs: we are looking for something

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    ...information on the game and game play aspects. [[login to view URL]://[login to view URL]][1] ** i would like to see design work that shows ability in 3d modeling and if able to see previous java. ****Requirments** Java ??" Preffered. ??" would like to see previous java work. Flash ??" Considered ??" Must

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    ...dll only has to play DVD video VOB files direct from an external USB DVD drive regardless of the disc’s menu structure. However, there are some important issues regarding region coding and copy protection but VLC seems in part to take care of these when playing. Also, at present, VLC plays into a separate window ??" I need it to play within the host

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    I'm looking for any information online that will allow me to play a VOB file from within a C# application. I'm looking to do it with DirectShow; but that only seems to be working if there is DVD software installed on the computer like WinDVD or PowerDVD, which isn't an option since we can't require our customers to install third-party applications like

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    ... the lowest hand they were holding, would have to be a pair, to finish on. You can also play brag on your own which is called blind. **Payment System: **Paypal **Features: ****Virtual Bank: **Deposit / Withdraw / Buy [login to view URL] / Exchange [login to view URL] **Play: ****Create Game:** Host sets: Fun or Real or Blind / Maximum Bet / Maximum Users /

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    ...of a BBS). The dating script is already configured for this but we do not wish to use the original coders choice of plugin 3) Supports a free chat room of some sort - PHP/JAVA and again uses the login details of the users to do this. The dating script is already configured for this but we do not wish to use the original coders choice of plugin.

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    VoiceBoard Encerrado left

    ...webserver with Apache, PhP and MySQL. We want to make it possible for our visitors to be able to record spoken messages instead of only typing them. **_In the description of the 'delivrables' i have written what the application should be able to do._** The embedded application is preferably to be written in: - JAVA - FLASH / SHOCKWAVE - (after

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    Enable both Recording and Play Back of Television Programs to a PCs’ hard disc. Required is both the specification of the hardware required and delivery of software which will enable the display on a PAL TV screen of the instructions from a PC, key board and Mouse, to enable the recording of a TV program and play back of a selected program form the

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    I need to add the ability to play DVD Videos within my VB6 application. This should work in three ways: 1) when triggered, the video should be played conventionally (as it would for example when opening with PowerDVD) starting with the opening credits; 2) when the IFO file is selected, a menu is created whereby a scene can be selected and played; 3)

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    I'm running several old 'hacked' Epods devices for my home automation. These run WinCE 2.11 on a slow MIPS CPU. No options for SW/HW upgrades, unfortunately. I'm assuming that this will probably need to be written in eC++ or eVB, but any other 'common' language is acceptable. I will need fully commented code and the tools you used to create this. The goal here is...

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    I have a game writing in visual basic and need it to be set up for internet play. THE GAME is complete but needs undo button, save buton and small chat window Also would need web page were people could meet set up games and chat. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    **Overview** You are required to implement a GUI to play Tic Tac Toe using Java. A screen dump of the running program is available. This will give you an idea of the scope of the project. **Detail ** Your GUI should extend a JFrame and consists of two JPanels (one black, one pink). The black panel should have 9 yellow panels to support

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    I need music in my website as soon as it loads to start playing and when the visitor hit next start other song like: [login to view URL] (below photos is the player) I like very similar because the media playes is not opened in the user computer. Also i need an easy admin to change the name of the songs and the mp3 files. The band as well as the song name should display while the song is playin...

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    play list editor Encerrado left

    The [login to view URL] file is a example playlist for my background music player, it goes like this Drive:pathpathartistalbum|display artist|display album the 2 last directorys are always the artist and album namethen after the first | comes the displayed artist and then a "|" and the displayed album. i need a program that has reads the [login to view URL] file then...

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    ...user. The user can add many .wav files to a list of .wavs that it will play when triggered (only one of the files is played when it is triggered). The user can choose to have it cycle through the .wav in order, or randomly. They can also choose to have it take no action, and only play the .wav every "n" times the trigger occurs. If the user chooses to

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    ...examples- lotto, bingo, cards, casino, retro, quiz, word games, sports, puzzles, as long as it's draws people back to play again and looks professional Our requirements are as follows Formats - Flash, php, asp, java, JavaScript,Shockwave Features required - * real time multiplayer preferred but can by against the clock or results

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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    I am looking for VB6 code to access the windows API to control input and output volume and provide audio level meters. Need to access the left and right channels independantly. Don't want an ocx, unless provided with source. This application should be function calls for all mixer API calls. Should allow function calls similar to an OCX. Should be able to build up to a full mixer functiona...

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    ...programmer to join the team and help us spec out and then build the site using Java, Mysql, XML, Apache. The site back-end will need take the XML feed, extract and store the relevant information into a MySQL database. Users will then be able to register for an account and play a fantasy football league type game where they make predictions as to the results

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    ...The software will list all items meeting the search criteria, then by clicking on an item it will diplay the track details (stored on ID2 tags including an album image) and play the track using selected software such as Creative Media Player, Windows media player, Winamp etc. Files are stored as: <drive>:my musicmusic<artist><album title><track

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    ...**_need this project done! _** **_Name your price!_** - If $500 US is not enough for this project, throw some #'s my way! I need a program that will "auto play" Payday Freecell (java game) on [login to view URL] This must be written in Visual Basic 6. I need it to have a pause option, and for a icon to reside in the tasktray while playing.

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    Hi in a first step i am looking for a very simple form with: open file dialog play pause stop which could play mp3 OR ogg OR wma file on pocket pc ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. ## Platform Windows Mobile 2003 (pocket

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    We need a Multiplayer Yatzy site. See a description and rules of the game here: [login to view URL] We need it developed in PHP with a mySQL DB. Game room has to be developed in java. We also need a nice design on the site. Template based with the possibility to change language. (Swedish will be used on site initially) Features on the

    $416 (Avg Bid)
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    3 ofertas

    ...member selct from a lot of championships on what to participate etc. We ll have to discuss a bit before you start. [login to view URL] floor where people add money in their accounts and play for some bets. We also need the .com version [login to view URL] have the translations. This is a complicated [login to view URL] of the difficulty ,and because of the fact that you ll

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    ...balloon size, position and font characteristics should all be flexible. This part should also be viewed against the background of the greater text image. 3. Simultaneously play recorded messages, wave or any other format, to be heard simultaneously with the previous two effects. 4. Allow for background music. 5. Allow for multiple instances of (1

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    100% Java and perhaps xml Flash - I need One challenging Game Two men play (heads will be human heads i.e. my face and your face I will give you the two pic laters). The game will start and watched by one user who will not play he/she will only watch and answer configuration questions so if your review all the below VB games and pick ideas and come

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    I need help with making a QT movie embedded in an HTML document pause playback when the HTML doc it is embedded in goes to the background. I want the QT movie to resume play when the same page comes to the forefront. If this cannot be easily done, a secondary option would be to have the movie mute when in background. The QT player allows for this

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    13 picks lottery Encerrado left

    ...of a sponser that will open in a separate browser for 30 seconds before the player will get his ticket and move to the next pick lottary , and so on till he at the end will play pick 13 numbers. please see full description at the zip file attached. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    play ground Encerrado left

    ...environment using JAVA. The main intention of the simulation is to provide graphical animations of simple object/objects with relevant sound effects. Some examples of the object can include: * *A swing* * A see-saw* * Still pictures of animals animated using JAVA* *The aid needs to be available to all Internet users and must be written in JAVA in the form

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    ...simple VB program, that can loop mp3 files. The mp3 files will be embedded in the program. This is the work. Controls A combobox from which the user selects the mp3. A play button that will play the selected mp3 file and it will be looped for ever. More work awaiting the right coder. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in

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    ...willing to pay $100+ USD for a game..needing 10+ games....must be operating system independent......working order too......linux/mySQL/php/java prefered.......the client has to download a software to connect to the main server to play gambling games ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    R3DChess Server Encerrado left

    A simple java/php/cgi based web server application that works in tandem with a client side desktop application to manage online members playing chess against each other. (no chess move validation required!) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

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    ...tell you where you can get the song online (only one). You will do what is necessary to compress the song. You will also write the necessary code to make it play when the page loads. We will just play a 30 second clip...not the whole song. I never liked music on web pages, but this is what my customer is requesting. I've seen some pages where they

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    2 play function Encerrado left

    void playground (char name[], int *numlives, int * score, int round); execute a competion between two players in a mystery game. Before the game starts ask each player their name and set their score to 0 and their total number of lives to 5. After the game begins Allow player 1 to go first On a particular round if a player doesnt lose any lives then dont change the turn to the next player. In...

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    Blackjack Game Encerrado left

    I need a server, client java blackjack game(software and applet) where players can play against the server and other players at once. Basicaly I want a clone of the yahoo game [login to view URL] but with better graphics ([login to view URL]) This also interacts with a mysql db to store user info, scores and other details

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    ...selling team money to spend on new players. The value of players should increase/decrease depending on their performance. As mentioned in the title, the game will be Pay Per Play and will be required to use PayPal as the payment portal(pay a small fee per season played) The winning bidder will recieve a %age of all money collected for 12 months from

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    ...It seems that i have a lack of members just because sometimes there are 0 members online at their favourite game.I want to improve this thing by giving them the oportunity to play with [login to view URL] programmers are too busy to do that but i m sure they will not be too busy to at least integrate what you ll do in our [login to view URL] things been said i want to

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    ...using VB6 and DirectX 8.1. I want to play movie in Fullscreen mode using Direct Movie / Active movie. Can any body provide me the source code for it ? ## Deliverables Condition : Direct Draw, Full Screen Mode, 640 x 480, 16 bit Blitting bitmap on background while foreground playing movie. The movie should play in Full Screen Mode on Direct Draw

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    Cyberpool Encerrado left

    What i have is a java client, java server , poolhall, it is done in java 1 and some java 2 , what i am looking for is to make the games better to play and better looking, the web site is [login to view URL] to login just click the PLAY BUTTON on left hand side of main page. the games that i have now are 8ball 8ball call pockets and balls

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    5 ofertas

    We are looking for a Flash solution that will randomly pick one out of the six flash animations we have when our website is loaded and keep on playing it, as if it was only one flash animation. To see an example of what we mean, visit <[login to view URL]> and press refresh a few times. The coder will be provided with both swfs and flas of the existing flash animations and needs to deli...

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    22 ofertas

    ...example of what I want is [login to view URL] This site has an icon to play and an icon to download. Page formatting is not important, but I need suitable icons for users to click on. I can supply the files in RM, RA, MP3 and WAV format. My objective is to allow the user to either stream play or download the files. If they download they should be able to specify

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    Java Blackjack Game Encerrado left

    I need a server, client java blackjack game(software and applet) where players can play against the server and other players at once. Basicaly I want a clone of the yahoo game [login to view URL] but with better graphics ([login to view URL]) This also interacts with a mysql db to store user info, scores and other details

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    7 ofertas to **Play & Record**wav files using my modem device. To Play & record you must use mscomm and not tapi. Function should look like this: Play("com1","[login to view URL]) record("com1","[login to view URL]) VB,VC for win98,xp *Please remeber This is not a TAPI project. ## Deliverables Hi, ...

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