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    ...least) gif and jpeg. 5) Ability to zoom in and out and to pan (move) the image. Kind of like google maps work. Ideally, the buttons would be floating on top of the image (upper left corner). 6) Support for html hotspots (maps): a normal html image map could be embedded in the html file, and the image should be clickable according to the assigned

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    Greetings, it is javascript project. I need two javascript functions. When mouse pointer comes over specific word in text, one DIV should be visible. It is needed to stay visible while mouse pointer is over that word or over that DIV area. If mouse pointer go out of wanted word area or DIV area, then DIV area visible state should be a false and

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    Web site design Encerrado left

    ...will have to be different for copyright issues but we can use that site as a base layout. We will have the following elements Top menu, with entries done as images AND NO JAVASCRIPT DROP-DOWN MENU The bar with logo & slogan (we will give logo) A stripe with images (maybe slightly smaller, we will give images) Under the stripe with images I want a bread-crumbs

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    ...problem it's not user friendly so we drafted an idea of how we wanted the interface to look like, the attachment is an image outlining that. You must be very good with html/javascript for rollovers, good concept of colors, should be able to from Photoshop document to a fully functional HTML document, with rollovers, etc... (actually, HTML or XHTML + CSS

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    ...problem it's not user friendly so we drafted an idea of how we wanted the interface to look like, the attachment is an image outlining that. You must be very good with html/javascript for rollovers, good concept of colors, should be able to from Photoshop document to a fully functional HTML document, with rollovers, etc... (actually, HTML or XHTML + CSS

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    12 ofertas letters from the keyboard and display the equivalent UPPER case letters. <!-- --> 1. Modify your program in 1 above so the input string can contain a combination of both UPPER and LOWER case letters. <!-- --> 1. Modify your program in 2 above so the input string can contain both UPPER and LOWER case letters and the space character.

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    ...appear either as a question mark, or as unicode. We need a modification in the script to convert any upper ascii character to a lower ascii one, so that é would become e, ß would become ss, ç would become c , etc. (We actually do not need to handle all upper ascii -- only about 30 different letters, so a table can be provided if necessary). Existing bookmarklet...

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    3 ofertas us stop wasting time. I need all articles within 2 weeks. Title of each article (I have written the Subject Category in UPPER CASE) are as follows: WEBSITE DESIGN ARTICLES Flash, DHTML, javascript ??" why you should keep it to a minimum Simple tables ??" why you should keep your web design simple. Text navigation, an often overlooked

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    Flash Slideshow Encerrado left

    ...when the mouse is over a hot spot in the upper right hand corner. Menu options should include: Play/Pause, Previous Slide, Next Slide, Mute, and Close. Background color will be black. The transition from slide to slide must be "Fade". This project has been completed without Flash utilizing javascript, but only works in IE. The Overall

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    22 ofertas Excel does it is attached. Data will be passed in 4 arrays, one for each frame, and will need to be populated by the routine. The array for the upper left has 2 values (headers). The array for the upper right has “n?? values (1-400), one for each column. The array for the lower left has two dimensions (“y,2??) where “y?? has 1-100 values, the first

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    ...consistent multi-page layout and composition. 2) Javascript ??" implementing Implement into a HTML page with a form (it is suggested you use your guestbook from assignment one) two input validation scripts using javascript: a) Email input validation b) Numeric input validation e.g. age that will require upper and lower limits.3) Report Using

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    Fixer Upper Encerrado left

    Hi all, I have just enetered the wonderful world of database driven websites. I use MS SQL2000 and Enterprise Manager. So far, through the help of tutorials online, a few cut and pastes, and a little luck, I have created a member login function using cookies and session ids. What I am looking for is someone to take a peek at my coding and make it bulletproof and bug free. Maybe you ...

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    ...of the features of the draft (available players; player queue; players selected; player selection; and chat). The LDA will be an active server page that will also employ JavaScript to execute many of the functions. Each function will have its own frame: * Draft Status * Available players * Selected players * Queued players * Chat There is

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    Javascript table drawn in a new window: Script 1: - Must include a script in home page to open a new window to draw this table when home page is loaded Script 2: - Child window * Divided into 2 portion: upper half for table, the lower portion is some other page. when the table is redrawn (requested by user), the lower portion is also refresh.

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    Page Turner Encerrado left

    ...Philippine entrepreneurs. We have a short story that will use about 30 HTML pages. We want to use a two-frame display with the text on the upper frame and a navigation frame on the bottom. The need is to find a set of Javascript functions that will save the cookie(s) needed to make a NEXT and PREVIOUS button keep track of the current frame displayed in the

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    ...have been working on redesigning a site in flash, see: [fazer login para ver a URL] . I just need a flash pop up menu to use in the upper left hand corner of my flash movie to replace the javascript scroll bar that I have on the lower right of my HTML page. I saw something similar at [fazer login para ver a URL] but I couldn't figure out how

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    Basically I need to do the same things I do with an APRS map, but I dont´t want javascript nor applets and I´d like it to be visually nicer. If you don´t know what I´m taking about let´s say I need a dinamic map where I can display mobile objects on it going throuh a path. It is needed for tracking an expedition race on south america. I need a flash

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    I need to get ready made script + SQL database to be modificated and installed to ClubX. Ol...ClubX. Old [fazer login para ver a URL] New site: [fazer login para ver a URL] Banner and featured links are fitted to the clubx and javascript category is removed. Featured links go on ClubX where reads "banner" and banner either to upper or lower part of all pages.

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    ...[fazer login para ver a URL] And new background at [fazer login para ver a URL] We are not even sure for the new background if its ok. So we need that worked on. So new upper and bottom graphics on any new background that looks good and that fits the rest of the site. ## Deliverables Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased

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    PopUnder that works! Encerrado left

    This project is for a javascript popunder. Needs to be 800 pixels wide by 800 pixels high. It has to self close in 12 seconds. It also needs to be a frameless popunder window without the title bar. No red X in the upper right of the browser in other words. A link to a self closing window: [fazer login para ver a URL]

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    ...example where I saw this.... [fazer login para ver a URL] (notice it in the upper right, and it stays on top even when you scroll down.) My web site is [fazer login para ver a URL] Can you do it. Notice my live chat icon is generated in the HTML by javascript now with PHP. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    See example form in Deliverables Section. You will provide the appropriate javascript that will execute as the onEvent=theFunction" occurs for the various fields. Need to loop through a group of form fields making calculations based upon the info users type into the forms as well as upon strings held in hidden fields. Some free form calulations involved

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    I have a VB/MSGraph application that was written by someone who ran out of gas just before the finish line. It reads data from an Excel Workbook and creates an MS Graph. The only thing that doesn't work is that it doesn't print the chart correctly. The program runs on a network and will be used by several people. It needs to be cleaned up so that it will print correctly (from CTL-P), bot...

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